There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Tropical Splash Rap

On Saturday EBun did an indoor spin class.
A little late for the start but she didn't want to pass!
No gun raffle this weekend because of the snow in P-A.
If we'd gone we'd have been stuck till at least the next day!
SRab found a 1.5 mile road that had NO ice!
After 4 loops of that the cold air felt nice!
Then out with the dog for one more loop -
What's this about winter?! It's no big whoop!
Sunday Team Rabbit had success at the Tropical Splash meet-
EBun and SRab got the same color ribbons - isn't that sweet?
Carpooled there with Margie and Jim - 
Left a smaller carbon footprint - totally a win!
Everyone had fun and AUsome races!
And they gave awards for the first three places!! 
On such a cold day - it was perfect to have the tropical theme!
The  pink flamingos by the pool made us feel warm - you know what I mean?
The last event was the coconut relay
Swim 50 yards with one coconut or more - a piece of cake!
But where do you carry them while you race?
In your hands? Your suit? Not sure I wanna know the place!
So when will the next swim meet be?
Because Rabbits in the water is something you gotta see!
Tropical Bling!

Team Rabbit and Friends!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

AUsome Half Rap aka Reunion Rap

From DCA to ATL – Pat picked us up at the airport-
He drove us all the way back to Auburn - what a sport! 
Took us to Wal-Mart to get some supplies -
Then back to the hotel where we could close our eyes!

A little reunion with Holly Shoemaker
A chilly half marathon - any takers?
A 1.25 mile jog to the start
But 27 degrees didn't feel off the charts!

Team Rabbit and Holly!

Staying warm before the start with all the heat lamps
We know when we finish well feel like champs
We ran by Heisman winners Pat, Cam, and Bo
Man could those guys put on a show!
Going by all of Patrick's dorms
Seeing all these buildings became the norm!
Auburn is the loveliest village on the Plains  
The AuburnClassic Half Marathon was hilly but not really a pain!
A perfect training race for the CanLake50  
All in all it was pretty nifty!

AU Half - check!

Took in an Auburn men's basketball game;
We were hoping they’d put Florida to shame!
With a score of 33-32 at half time
Auburn came back from 12 behind!
In the end they lost but we had a blast
They'll move on to the next game and put this one in the past
The next day Holly and Jim had us over for brunch-
There was bacon, eggs, and yummy fruit to munch!
We met Wallace and Grommette their cool Bengal cats-
Walked them outside on a leash - how about that!?
Next up was practice with the Auburn Masters swim

The chance of using the competition pool was slim

The AUsome competition pool!

The instructional pool was the place to be
Where there was a lot of kicking involved you see!
The group was very welcoming and friendly to us
We can come back any time - a plus
We took Patrick to dinner and got Victory Fries

He said they'd be life changing and it wasn't a lie!
Bob’s VictoryGrille had lots of TVs  
NFL playoff game if you please?
So it's on to the Superbowl to the two home teams
We hope the game day weather won't be too extreme!

Aubie with Betty and Maddie!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Perfect Weather Rap

On Saturday SRab went to Masters Swim,
But EBun met with Melissa for an indoor spin!
Bikram Yoga certainly put the bunnies to a beneficial test!
Told the room was "only" 103 degrees but they still needed rest!
Sunday finally brought some gorgeous sun -
Perfect weather for a long training run!
This weekend the Auburn Half calls for a little reunion

With an old Z-mate and even E-Bun's son! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Rabbit Pose Rap, Part 2

On Saturday the Rabbits got their indoor spin on as planned.
Class at Bonzai with Coach Melissa is never bland! 
Ice in the back lot was scary and treacherous... 
But no bunny went down so there was no need to cuss!
At Bikram yoga the bunnies had the best teacher yet -
They'll try to go to her class again you can bet!
Getting much better at a pose called the RABBIT -
That's all due to making this a habit!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Rap - 2014 Edition

Happy New Year from Team Rabbit and friends!
The Eve was the first night of New Year's racing - the fun never ends!!
We started out with the four miler in Fairfax!

It was certainly cold - thats a fact!
In the crowd we saw some familiar faces;
Team Rabbit got some shouts out as we ran our paces
Everyone was happy with their finish times...
Then a slice of pizza when you stand in line!
Next up was a New Years photo op!
Then back to the car these rabbits did hop...
Then hey, hey what do you say?

On New Year's Day wanna run a 10k?
While waiting for the race to start we mentioned how it's hard not to rhyme!
Then Kathy said, "Yes that would be a crime!"
We ran into Rabbittear STUK such a surprise!
She decided to run a New Year's Day 5k – very, very wise!
The weather was perfect but the course a little muddy
Thankfully we didn't fall and take down a buddy!
The hills were relentless, just like in the past.
But EBun ran them all from the first to the last!
EBun also had two newbie runner Garmin fails;
She kept on with her races and wasn't derailed.
Team Rabbit loves the back-to-back New Years races tradition.
It's motivating and helps keep us in top condition!
Pacers does it up right on New Year's Eve!
And the Leesburg Rotary Club leaves us with no pet peeves!