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Monday, February 24, 2014

Love Rox Rap 2

Team Rabbit went down to Richmond to do Love Rox again-
And we even ran into some of their friends!
A photo op before we got started – it’s all the rage
We even made it onto the race Facbook page!

Thanks, Love Rox!
The weather was quite different from last year
No snow, sleet, or freezing rain pelted our ears!
EBun did the 10k, SRab did the half;
Through a tight  hammy and jet lag we both had to laugh!
So the half got started on the dot at 10:00 -
Right after a nice version of the National Anthem!
The 10k then started at 10:15...
Walk 4 blocks to the start - what do you mean?!
Parts of the course were the same as before -
No stairs or really steep brick downhill - SCORE!!
At the outdoor finish area there was some fun food -
Chips Ahoy cookies put EBun in a good mood!
We caught up with our friends back at Exhibit Hall D
They were going to the wine festival as we were headed to leave.
As always it was fun to do a race as a Rabbit
Richmond Multisports helped make it a habit! 

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