There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Two Halfs Make a Whole Pie Rap

On Saturday STUR did something on kind of a lark -
She ran 13.1 miles but don’t worry she didn’t start in the dark!
Her jaunt from home to the trail was nice and sunny -
No medal at the finish but that’s alright with this bunny!
STUR killed her half marathon!

Later she may have seen some friends and eaten some peanut butter pie -
It was sinfully delicious - my, oh my!
This Peanut Butter looks FAB!

CBun and HRab went on an awesome hike
The views from Half Moon in WV were outta sight!
Check out the scenery?

Meanwhile PBun got started on IMVR8
Oly distance this time for goodness sake
Afterwards she worked in her yard for quite a while
After five hours even Riley was ready to be inside
Sunday morning she was up before the crack
She had more virtual racing to do, that's a fact!
It was a broken half marathon made up of the following:
A 6k, a 10k, and the balance to make the 13.1
Collecting badges is the most fun!

This got her badges in the IMVR8 and Remix RNRVR5
And the half was for the Social Distancing Run, no jive!
PBun admits, she did it for the medal!

There might have been a rogue gathering on Sunday night
Where OG and apple pie is out of sight
The Beast did beastly things, having fun in Watopia land
She is killing her KICKR workouts, understand?
That's why she's called the Beast!

KBun is also getting into the KICKR scene
She likes it much better than the dumb trainer if you know what that means!
Go KBun, GO!

BLUR got her biking on at Fort Ward Park
She heard about it from STUR from a Facebook remark!
Memorial Day brought a short WOD and a mini Murph -
All done in PBun’s garage gym and home turf!
PBun gave STUR some of her extra workout floor -
Good for burpees and Lazlo sniffing, score!
Puzzle floor rocks!

PBun did clean up work in her yard again
Now the failed garden is finally gone - Amen!
For dinner she did some grilling outside
It was a perfect day, what a nice surprise!
It really was a perfect day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

10s and 100s Rap

Saturday morning felt like a warm summer day -
So out into the sun STUR made her way!
From her house and toward Mount Vernon — what the heck!
In the end she accomplished a 10 mile sweaty trek.

Later on STUR had some people over - a pretty rare event...
With some yummy chocolate cake, CrossFit Kingstowne they did represent!

Meanwhile, PBun got in another run / bike brick for IMVR7
Then a break to do some community art, she was in heaven

Followed that up with another 30 minutes of Trixie trainer
Then it was study time on the computer
She might have also colored in another serial killer
Gary Ridgway known from around the Green River...

Sunday morning she was up before her alarm
That was a good thing -- definitely no harm
She got in a broken 10 mile run
Then she got ready for a little WOD fun
For STUR after a Lazlo walk it was time for some lifting in Gina’s Garage -
After 100 hang cleans, push-ups, and goblet squats, she may need a massage!

Monday, May 11, 2020

But it's Tradition Rap

It was Mother's Day weekend but Team Rabbit was SOL
There's no 100 100s this year? Aww hell!!
You see it has become an annual tradition
Swimming followed by a late lunch at Chipotle is their typical mission!
Friday PBun did the 14 days of quarantine WOD
She thought it was kind of fun but towards the end it got hard
Happy that STUR passed the workout along
She does miss CrossFit and hopes these workouts make her strong
WOD for the win!
PBun hopped on the IMVR train again
Oly distance du? Sounds like a good plan!
A reverse run bike trainer brick on Saturday
After 3k and 40k she felt...OK!
She bundled up for the run as it was chilly out
At least it wasn't snowing, no doubt

Masks R Us! 
Sunday morning she made a quick trip to Home Depot
The dude behind her was not social distanced. Way to go, bro!
After that was her 10k run
It went well and she actually had fun
No mask needed!
Got in her designated speed work towards the end
And ran by a broken down bike - what the heck happened?
It won't be long before Velociraptors can hid in this grass!
The Goodmanator helped her with some backyard clean up stuff
While PGoodz sent her a fun coloring book sure enough
This coloring book is rad!
CBun went for a hike along the Fairfax County connector trail
Passed Difficult Run on the way to Great Falls Park without fail!
What a lovely view!
KBun was on the C&O Canal Towpath again
Saw some baby ducks floating along for the win!
Ducklings and goslings are so cute!
On her hike, BLUR stayed upright
It was a success, alright alright!!
The Beast did a double zwift ride and gardening no doubt-
In the end she was happily worn out!
That's a pretty Beastly avatar! 
STUR started her weekend with a run out in the cold-
Even though nice and sunny- these temps are getting old!
Sunday she filled a backpack with 28# of weight-
Did she go up a long steep hill? Damn straight!!
Later she decided to push the limits a bit with Laz-
After 3 hours of walking he had a little less pizzazz...zzzz
That's one tired pup! 

Monday, May 4, 2020

Distantly Social Rap

Friday night PBun made up her Thursday spin
Broke in her replacement Vector 3 pedals for the win
Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny!
STUR headed out of her house to meet another bunny.
Ran mostly downhill to the donut place -
There was BLUR pulling into a parking space!
They both headed toward the trail and did their own pace-
Doesn’t matter because of course it wasn’t a race!
Once back together they found themselves on a very steep hill-
For getting the heart rate up it certainly fit the bill.
Meanwhile, PBun had a bike run brick on tap...
No virtual race this weekend and she was OK with that.
She was outside to catch a glimpse of the special flyover...
But alas only heard them - probably wasn't the afterburners!
There's lots of video on social media of folks who did see the flyover. Including this one from the US Air Force! 
PBun is a little partial to the Air Force Thunderbirds
Perhaps because she had been in the Air Force Reserves!
That afternoon she caught a special live stream event
A record breaking 501 KG deadlift is what that meant
That's only 1104.52 pounds
Pulling it straight up then putting it back down!
PBun literally tuned in right as he was on the platform about to lift. You can watch it here!
For any Game of Thrones fans, this is also the actor who played "The Mountain!"
Sunday morning, PBun ran outside in the light drizzle
Then a fun WOD with STUR where they were distantly social
After a warm up with some hang power cleans
Deadlifts, dips, and your choice of burpees or kettlebell swings!
In Gina’s Garage STUR had a bit of a mishap -
Between two weight plates her pinky got trapped!
Pulled it out and continued on with her workout -
Then hit her head on the squat rack barbell - what’s that all about?

Monday, April 27, 2020

Virtual Racing Rap

This weekend, guess what? PBun had another virtual 'du' race
IM VR4 was Oly distance once again, she was on the case!
It's kind of fun earning the 'race' badges!

Things went pretty well and she was glad for the motivation
Even managed to squeeze in a 5k time trial, son of a gun
Saturday afternoon she rearranged her rec room
Then a quick visit to the landfill to purge stuff if you must presume
Saturday night she got a special delivery from a friend
Cool Breeze brought over a few chocolate cupcakes for the win
Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes? Deliciuos!

In place of the annual GW Parkway Classic run -
STUR did a 10 mile route just for fun!
She’s never gone from her door to the Mount Vernon Trail...
But she made it over there without fail.
Definitely slowed down on the way back -
A big hill and many inclines it did not lack!

Monday, April 20, 2020

Ropes and Cords and Ladders (oh my!!!) Rap

This weekend, PBun had another virtual race
It was a sprint distance duathlon in this case
PBun is now sad she did not sign up for VR1!

Saturday morning brought a 1.5k run and 20k spin
Then painting the inside of her garage door for the win
The white make the garage so much brighter!

Sunday morning was a 5k 'race' to complete her event
Two loops around her hood is where she went
Post 'race' selfie with Riely!

It turns out that #AnywhereIsPossible
PBun has done it twice now - that's no bull!
Then, after a short recovery break...
A WOD followed by swim cords sounds great!
On Saturday STUR went to a familiar place -
Turns out Dunkin' Donuts has become her running home base!
She headed out to the trail and toward the bridge -
Before heading back she only went past it a smidge...
Since the run was short she did some jump rope right in the parking lot -
Even though there were wind gusts - she gave it a shot!
On Sunday she and JRab spent some time helping out a friend -
Nobody fell off the ladder in the end!!
Ladder up!

BLUR took her bike for a jaunt outside
But too many folks to keep a safe distance and ride!
Oh well, maybe next time!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter Rap, COVID19 Edition

Easter weekend came as planned
But no gatherings to be had...coronavirus, be damned!
Friday night the Beast and PBun hopped on a zoom meeting
Tried their hand at socially distant ukulele playing
It was a smidge awkward but they still had fun
It was nice to catch up and 'see' someone!
Saturday morning PBun got going pretty early
She was signed up for Ironman VR2, surely!
Knocked out a 3k run followed by a 40k spin
Then on to the Honey Baked Ham store for the win!
Saturday night she watched an encore presentation of World Series Game 1.
Still cool to see even though she knew the outcome!
It was fun to see Baby Shark again, too! 

Sunday morning meant no rest for the weary
She had a 10k run on tap, seriously!
Brunch is always a good idea!

Got that done then made brunch on her new range
Her old kitchen appliances had seen better days
Three cheers for new appliances!

Next up she and the Goodmanator had a zoom meeting planned
With PGoodz and a surprise from their dad - oh man!
Zoom free is fun!

Saturday STUR decided to up her run game a bit -
Going to go for 12 miles or so before she quit!
From the Dunkin Donuts she started her trek -
Did she run almost to Mount Vernon? Absolutely, you bet!!
Sunday she went for the strength side of things -
She’ll stuff a 25# dumbbell in a backpack and see what that brings!!
A 5KEH walk happened up and down hills -
Finally putting it down was the actual thrill!
Later she had a brunch with of course a small amount of friends -
Ended up with a food coma by the end!
Super cute Easter table!

What a cute carrot dessert! 

Now you know that Easter is Team Rabbit's favorite holiday
It's the only one where they don't get odd looks for wearing ears - you don't say!