There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, October 19, 2020

Strictly Stars and Stones Rap

STUR’s weekend fun started off on Friday
With eight underhand strict pull-ups? No way!
Strictly STUR!

Saturday morning PBun actually slept in
So unusual for her and the extra sleep was a win
She finally hopped on Trixie to zwift around 9 a-m
Just 75 minutes with some threshold work in the end
Fine tuned her Halloween decorations outside
Isn't her spooky graveyard kind of nice?
Look at all those head 'stones'!

Standing guard at her front door is Ghost Dog and the Scarecrow
Enjoying the leg of the skeleton, don't you know?
You might have to zoom in to see 'ghost dog'!

Saturday morning STUR, JRab, and the LazMan headed out for camping, just a one nighter
Going to be cold - need the heated jacket and a roaring camp fire!
Campfires rock!

After they set up camp they went on a short hike -
Then a game of horseshoes if you like!
What a fun set up! 

At night the stars really put on a show – 
Mars is clear and bright this time of year don’t you know
Getting ready for some star gazing!

Next morning a birthday breakfast in the cold air -
Oatmeal, hash browns and bacon was the fare
Sunday,  PBun had planned for a double
Long Course swim then Army 10, no trouble
Tested her shoulder on some butterfly
Took just one stroke to see that wouldn't fly
One arm fly will be her jam
Anytime IM is in a workout, understand?
Started her run just after 9
It was a beautiful day to be outside
Pretty view along the way!

A loop in the industrial park then headed to the lake
Didn't quite make it to the water in this case
Not sure where these steps go...PBun did not find out! This time...

Would you believe when she was halfway there
The song on her iPod was "Livin' on a Prayer?" 
Headed back home to finish her race, virtually
It was a good training day for a half marathon you see
Meanwhile, CBun and HRab tooled around the Blue Ridge Parkway
One of them living up to their Team Rabbit handle, they were on the Harley!
Which one do you think is HRab?!

It was a great day to so some leaf peeping
Virginia really has a lot of amazing things!
Such a gorgeous view!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Upright Miserable Rap

PBun headed with Jeff out to Opposumtown Pike
For a 43 mile bike ride; if you like
Hit up RR for a quick pit stop
After the ride that's where the PBun would hop

Jeff wondered what had been planted in a big field
PBun thought a UFO could land there, what a deal!

On the ride they went through three covered bridges
Was it like stepping back in time? Just a smidge
Pit stop at the Thurmond Community Park
The Lion's Club water fountain is a cute landmark!

Saw a jack-o-lantern wearing a mask
Staying protected from COVID-19 is an important task!
It was a beautiful Fall day to get outside
And only one cue sheet mishap, oh my!
It happened to be Women's Cycling Day
And PBun was happy to celebrate - yay!

Arriving back home she had birds all over her yard
Maybe she should move her scarecrow to be a guard?

The birds flew to the wires as she got out of her car 
It was really kind of creepy like a scary movie, so bizarre!
PBun will be back as a TriDot Ambassador for 2021...
Hopefully all the events will be able to be run!
KBun knocked out 73 bike miles
On the Indian Head Rail Trail, she is on fire
On Saturday STUR went to the gym for a “miserable little thing”-
A partner workout with 20 rounds of burpees and 50# “dump balls” it did bring!

Next a plan formed for an impromptu hike -
To Prince William Forest Park with subs - they were psyched!

More burpees on Sunday at spin class?!!!
Running and rowing too?! Don’t run out of gas!
Because she had planned a swim long in length...
For just about an hour she had the strength!
PBun ran and knocked out a 5k time trial
Happy she stayed upright, there's no denial.
Glad she got out there before the rain
All in all she felt good, no complaints
She also did three rounds of 100 air squats
Holding a mini kettlebell, we kid you not
KBun had her long on Sunday
On tired legs, she did it anyway!

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Trippin' Trail Rap

On Saturday, PBun met swim friend Laura for an outdoor ride on the bike
One time around the North Springfield loop, if you like!
After that was a short brick run on the trail
Even saw some Team Z peeps without fail
And if you don't want to be mistaken for a deer
Keep to the marked path you see here!!
Scenes from PBun's brick!

In the afternoon she helped a little to close down EPSC
Is rolling up the lane lines harder than it looks? Definitely! 

PBun was thankful for her helper! 

Meanwhile, instead of the gym STUR hit up a different trail...
Through 5.5 easy miles she did prevail!
Sunday was long course at the beautiful St. James -
With two other people, STUR and PBun did share a lane!
PBun liked swimming in that long course pool...
But she was happy to utilize her various swim tools!!
Next at a Spin Fit class STUR could be found...
Best combination of barbell work and cardio around!
Later Sunday morning PBun took a little trip...
Thankfully only her thumb was nicked! 
But her right shoulder was a bit sore and stiff
But only one day of swim practice will she miss!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Long Course Rap

PBun had fun decorating for Halloween
As you know it's always a scream
Got a few new items items from her cousin Darlene Ann
Are they are a nice addition to her collection? Yeah man!

Saturday morning she did a bike run brick
Trying to get back to being a regular user of Zwift!
STUR endured so much rowing for her Saturday workout  of the day...
Thank goodness there was also slam balls, cleans, and burpees-hooray!
Tim was performing an experiment in the kitchen
It seems that homemade doughnuts he was a fixing!

Sunday morning the Beast and STUR were off to swim in the cold-
Without their wetsuits these rabbits felt bold!
The girls stayed in for an entire hour-
Dreaming about a subsequent hot shower!
It was the last outdoor long course session... 
Till next year, OKM, see you next season!
Before that can happen STUR has one more event -
A spin class at the box - so off she went!
From shivering to sweating- it was a wild swing...
Both ways she got her heart rate up - that’s the thing!
For PBun's Sunday morning run, it was a little muggy out
Decided that was better than getting mugged, without a doubt!
For lunch, Ledo's Pizza is always a good idea...
Especially when special family is near!!

Sunday night, KBun checked out The St. James pool -
Amazing water and 50 meters long course is pretty cool!

Monday, September 21, 2020

Cold Prey Rap

On Saturday STUR settled in for a long partner workout at the box -
Doing 100 each of toes-to-bar, burpees, and D-balls ROCKS! 
Took so long her she and her partner stayed after class to finish...
Don’t worry there were others still there to witness!
Meanwhile, PBun was up and at 'em early,
Nice walk with Riley to get going, surely!
After a bit she went out to ride the North Springfield loop
Right from her house, she'd never done before - that's the scoop!

It was her first ride in exactly two weeks
Nice and familiar, so for an outside ride it was a good place to be!
At noon she and KBun met up to swim outside at EPSC
It was pretty darned chilly in the water it seems
The water temp was 72 degrees
And KBun did a few laps in her wetsuit you see
PBun ended up skipping and was the guard instead
Because of the elderly gentleman!

There were a couple of birds of prey overhead…
Circling for a meal in the water below with quite a wingspread!

Sunday morning was a bit chilly it seemed -
STUR could swim in a beautiful indoor facility - it’s not a dream!
The St. James 50 meter pool is the place -
Coming up she’ll be spending lots of time at this place!
Back over to the box for a class, where all you need is a kettlebell and a bike
Then stay for some stretching and recovery of you like!
That morning PBun went for a run right after sunrise
And starting with a double loop of the industrial park seemed wise
Tried to see if she could find STUR's car but didn't see it
Running into her in the parking lot would have been legit!

Monday, September 14, 2020

Epic Pine Creek 100 Relay Rap

Team Rabbit headed up to Mansfield P-A
For the Pine Creek Ultra Challenge 100 mile relay

Apparently Shortleaf's friend did not want to offend
But she was worried because the group didn't look like 'spring chickens'!!

Race morning, Ponderosa had nothing to do but needed an hour?
Coffee of course, she would wait till later to shower

The whole Pine Cone crew escorted Snow Cone to the start of the race -
She was running towards Wellsboro Junction to meet Shortleaf in this case!

Successful hand off 30 minutes ahead of schedule -
So many shout outs about the bunny ears - both feeling special!
Shortleaf put them another 30 minutes ahead
Bristlecone had been riding along with her so he was prepared

Met up with her for the switch at the new scheduled time
Then on to Sugar Cone - who was feeling just fine!

After dropping Bristle, Shortleaf and Snow shuttled Ponderosa back to town...
Because she needed to get off her feet and lay down
Meanwhile Sugar Cone was breezing right along!
It got a little warm under the sun!
Getting Ponderosa to Sugar there might have been a timing snafu...
Stood around looking the wrong way- what to do?
All of a sudden Sugar comes from the other direction...
Everyone was happy - there’ll be no insurrection!

Arriving at Blackwell, Sugar told a volunteer that she was overdressed!
“You think?!” he said, but there's no need to be stressed!

Ponderosa started off on her 16 mile leg -
Banged out two virtual races: check, check!

She noticed some houses on the other side of Pine Creek
One had their own personal suspension bridge, how neat!

Scotch sent out a breaking update, heard that the bunny lady is not too far back!
Ponderosa was a little under a hare on time to meet her, how bout that?’

Scotch left Darling Run and headed to Asaph -
Handed off to Snow who took off with a blast!

Out of nowhere came Bristlecone up on his bike...
He’ll be your escort if you like!!

As Snow handed off to Shortleaf it was beginning to get dark,
Firing up her headlamp now was very smart!
Some runners complained that her headlamp was too bright...
As she covered it up, the wipe-out of the century was out of sight!
Before she could get up and dust herself off...
An alarm was sounding on her Apple Watch!!
It seems that the thing really had her back;
It wanted to call 9-1-1 when she went splat!
She soldiered on to hand off to Bristlecone once again -
He came in the time predicted for the win!
Meanwhile Snow and Shortleaf darted off to Darling Run...
To see Scotch head out under the midnight sun!
Before starting she tentatively looked off into the abyss
If she stumbled off the trail would she be missed?

Before too long her headlamp went out;
Good thing she had the back up swag flashlight no doubt!
At 12 miles in you wouldn’t believe what she saw -
A rattlesnake lying on the trail? Oh my Gawd!!
During this time Ponderosa was delivering Sugar to the Blackwell tent -
Handing off to Scotch would be heaven sent!

While they waited they split a toasted cheese
Hot off the griddle if you please!!
Here comes Scotch let's give a cheer
The time to hand off to Sugar is near

The three of them headed up to the turnaround point -
Now it was time for Sugar to get up out of this joint!

During her second 16 mile leg she saw a porcupine family and many deer-
She was wondering if the hand off point for Snow was getting near!
Shortleaf and Snow were on their way to collect up Sugar-
They had 2 false sightings - oh Booger!

Hand off complete - Snow is on her way...
Would Team Rabbit be there at the break of day?
Yes! The entire team was waiting to cross the line together...
Will they beat 24 hours? They better!!

23 hours and 27 minutes was their unofficial time-
When the entire Rabbit Pine Cone team crossed the finish line.

Made it with 5 hours and 33 minutes to spare
What a super fun experience for the Pine Cone Rabbits to share!!

It was great to have Sherpa Cone shuttling some of the team around
Couldn't have done it without him - many thanks abound!

Then some rabbits met up at the Wellsboro Diner;
The breakfast food there couldn’t have been finer!

Sugar was wearing her cool NYC Marathon finishers poncho jacket
Was it orange like a Traffic Cone? Yes, on that you can bet!

On part of the Pine Creek Rail Trail, is where they hold this awesome race,
Through the Grand Canyon of the East - the Pine Creek Gorge - amazing scenery in this case!

And just in case you need help deciphering the Pine Cone gang names, introducing the Team Rabbit Pine Cones! Along with the various leg distances and timing:

Finally - here was the inspiration for most of the Pine Cone gang names!