There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, March 9, 2020

Springing Fartlek Rap

Friday night PBun hung out at Capital One
Arena that is for some Wizards fun!
Was Marcin Gortat in town for the game? Yes sir!
PBun got a high five and spoke a smidge of Polish to the 'hammer'!
There's the Polish Hammer!

She might have ended up on the jumbotron
Fifteen Seconds of Fame, still going strong!
Screen shot of the 15SOF Twitter video!
Side note: Marcin Gortat responded to this Tweet!!
(Photo and video clip courtesy of DC Stones!)

There was a giveaway to the first 10,000 attendees...
Bringing back the fanny pack? Well woo whee!!!
That is one fine fanny pack!

In his 22nd season Hawks Vince Carter shot 2 for 3 on 3s!
And the Wizards ended up with the W which is always nice you see
Saturday morning PBun was up early to get in her usual brick
Threshold and hold spin and a run outside actually wasn't the pits
Snatches and thrusters and jump rope OH MY!
Many rounds of this STUR did at CrossFit - but she didn't die!
Later PBun took her Roo Bear for a little car ride
Just to her 6 month checkup - she took it in stride.
Even going to the vet, Riley is smiley!

Springing forward to Sunday morning STUR headed out towards Fletcher's Cove,
Beautiful day - the sun was out in droves!
CBun and STUR took off together towards Maryland-
CBun had a long 20 miler planned!
Ready to rock their long runs!

STUR’s goal was a solid fourteen...
Run-walk-run-walk again-you know the routine!
Met up with BLUR who ran-walked right from her place...
The rabbits were chill and relaxed, it wasn’t a race!
Hopped over to Capitol hill to meet KBun for a little brunch action
The yummy food made for lots of tummy satisfaction!
Smiling and satisfied rabbits!

Did some Pistol Ultra race strategizing -
KBun is going to rock that 100 mile - no apologizing!!!!
Sunday morning, PBun mixed things up but not hodgepodge
Fartlek run followed by powerlifting at Gina's Garage!
Later had an EPSC shareholder meeting to attend
She took notes as the secretary,  understand?
Plans are underway for a fantastic 2020 season
It's going to be the 60th anniversary, you reckon!
That night was another Wizards game, against the Heat
Going in early to watch warmups was pretty neat!
There was a fun little Wizards Rubik's Cube give away
In the end they lost this one, she is sad to say
It's pretty cool to sit so close during the warm ups!
Also got to chat with Dave Johnson pregame
He is battling MS and kicking butt, just the same!
Dave Johnson - the voice of  the Washington Wizards!
(And DC United, among other things!)
Photo courtesy of Dave J!

Monday, March 2, 2020

Leaping Swamp Rap

Friday afternoon PBun did a powerlifting workout
Upper body,  maximum effort, no doubt!
She felt tired but did the best she could
Hoping the next day she would be feeling good!
Saturday morning she had a bike run brick on tap
Leaping back into her TriDot plan that's a fact
But first she had a travel snafu to take care of
She had booked her upcoming return on the wrong day - not too suave!!
Knocked out her spin and didn't even need to take a break
For her run it was windy out for goodness sake!!
Windy enough to blow over PBun's wrought iron chairs!

Leap Day weekend JRab and STUR had a quick trip to Greenville planned-
But first there was a bit of a flight delay - oh man!!
Made it there and had chauffeur service to a town called Travelers Rest-
Visiting time with nephew and his family is the best!!
STUR had never see their house and all that land-
And meeting a pig named Pickles sure was grand!
Pickles the pig is adorable!

Rosie the dog was there too with an “appropriate” greeting-
She wasn’t shy - jumped on uncle JRab just after meeting!
Well hi there, Rosie!

Carbo loading and then card games and piano playing -
All 4 grand nephews are fun and almost always behaving!
In the morning- it’s only a 5 minute drive to the race (what race?) start -
Scott would warm up while STUR would go to porta potties - smart!
Pre-race STUR heard many times, “there goes the Easter bunny!”
Oh well she’s just glad the day is cool and sunny!
The race starts with a two mile up and up hill-
But then there’s a turn around and you’re on the trail all the way into Greenville!
The trail is aptly named after a swamp rabbit...
Besides STUR, no rabbits seen - only runners and an occasional biker was the traffic.
So many spectators and cheering along the way-
For running it was certainly a perfect day!
STUR saw her very own running crew at the finish line
High fives from all the family was really divine!
Grabbed some Girl Scout cookies and a Mountain Dew!
Relishing in a leap day PR-whew!
There was one thing that really made STUR's race day-
She finally passed the 2:30 pace group-hooray!!
Afterwards there was much more playing outside on a trampoline-‘
Aunt STUR and uncle JRab were exhausted if you know what I mean!
Jumping on the trampoline is the most fun!

In the afternoon PBun watched the Olympic Marathon trials
It was inspiring and fun to watch the 2nd place female first timer!
Cool view of the Olympic cauldron!

Sunday morning PBun started her day picking things off the ground
Powerlifting over at the Playground is where she could be found
It was RDL day!

Got reacquainted with the belt squat machine
Did quite a few reps on that it would seem
Also got to play at the leg press station
It's a smidge tough getting it started, but it's fun
Reverse hypers using just her body weight
Because the other machine does not make her body feel great!!
You hang over the big red rollers and put your arms through the small ones to grab the silver thing.
PBun is working her way up to the 'other' machine!

Later back home after a short recovery
Headed out for her run in the sun you see
Decreasing intervals were on tap
She managed to knock them out as a matter of fact!
To South Carolina and to the Shuford family STUR and JRab had to say goodbye-
But a few more games and church time- they can't be denied!

Monday, February 24, 2020

Slamming Squats Rap

Saturday morning brought STUR a partner workout that was extremely long:
Slam balls, pushups, and farmers carry together just seems wrong!
PBun had decided she would do her spin in the afternoon
Because later that morning she had a Birthday party to attend for a little dude!
One of the newest cousins had just turned one
Oh the green icing!!!

Watching him smash his little cake certainly was fun!
Just an hour 45 minute spin to knock out on the trainer
Found a perfect movie and the time passed by in a blur!
PBun's critters, keeping her company!

Since it was the 40th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice
That night she watched Miracle to celebrate, which was nice
Sunday morning the St. James pool was set up just like the Olympics coming in July -
The main set for STUR was 12 x 150 - oh MY!
She then headed over to the TC Williams track...
Did a 10KEH with the sun on her back!
Sunday's weather was fab!

PBun started her day powerlifting at the Playground
A total body workout was in store so through the gym she got around
Squats, yes! Definitely NOT shots!!

First up was squats, so this was her shirt of choice
Next up? Deadlifts, so later a donut sounded good! Let us rejoice!
A donut is always a good idea!

In the afternoon she had an hour run on tap
MAV shuttles for some fast and furious speed work, that's a fact!
Post-run selfie fail with Riley!

Monday, February 17, 2020

Cross Trainer Rap

PBun, happy to be at uke club!

Friday night meant uke club for PBun it seems
Because it was Valentine’s Day there was a theme!
Lots of 'love' themed songs to be had!

CrossFit on Saturday morning had many of STUR’s favorite moves:
With burpees and the bike she was in the groove!
Meanwhile, PBun got a slow start to her day
A bike trainer ride is what she accomplished – you don’t say?
Sunday morning STUR and KBun met up at The Capital Crescent Trail.
They both need long runs - nobody will bail!
SUTR and KBun having fun on the run!

Headed North for a nice out and back...
KBun had seen the same bird the day before – he didn’t attack!
What kind of bird is this?

After the out and back KBun fled to church.
But she certainly didn’t leave STUR in a lurch!
STUR soldiered on for ten more miles
Will she have time to spend with her dog? Yes, piles and piles!
PBun ended up skipping lifting and her run
But a nice walk with her dog happened out in the sun

Thursday, February 13, 2020

NOLA Explosion Rap

PBun's weekend began on Thursday night
Stilt arrived from the Keystone State, outta sight
They were getting ready to head to RNR NOLA
From DCA to MSY, is how they would go, sure enough!
There was tons of rain on Friday morn…
Flight was a smidge delayed but no real harm
Heading to the city of New Orleans!

They were meeting up with a fun little group
That included RBug if you want the scoop!
Lots of fun sights and sounds at packet pick up!

Welcome to NOLA! Check out that Fleur de Lis!

Arrived and got packet pickup knocked out
And they had fun - without a doubt!
Let's get ready to rock!

Saturday morning they didn’t have to start at the crack
Because the 5k had a nice 8am start which isn't whack
Ready to rock the 5k!

Which was around the corner from the hotel…
Saw the Roustance runner before things got underway,  don't you know!
Shazam! It is the #Roustance runner!

RBug and PBun ran the 5keh together
It was a lot of fun and they took it easy, no duh
Ran into @BarefootElvis at the finish
Had to get a selfie, just because
Hey, it's Barefoot Elvis!

Right after that she saw Leanne from Team Z
Of course the two of them  had to take a selfie!
Leanne spotted the ears!

The group of five might have had at least five beers
But no one ended up in the medical tent – and there were no tears!
Free beer? OK!

That afternoon the went out in search of Cafe Du Monde
Beignets with hot chocolate? As recommended by CBun!!
The hot chocolate was also pretty delicious!

There were lots of places one could buy a voodoo doll...
Watchover Voodoo Dolls are better - don't want to do harm, y'all!
This is where the Watchover Voodoo Dolls were first spotted!

The group had Sofia's for dinner later that night
Food was delish and the Sophia Loren pics were out of sight
RBug didn't know what a fleur de lis was
Now Team Rabbit calls it a Fleur de Lisa - just because!
Saturday morning Lazlo and STUR reached their goal -
They did 4 miles in EXACTLY an hour- on a roll!
Smiling STUR with her LazMan!

Before she left for CrossFit there was a bit of an explosion and a fire!
A lot of fires trucks to a new build on route one  it did require!
PBun saw this all over Facebook and Twitter later that day!

Scary stuff but STUR had to make it to her workout-
Smoke outside had them using bikes inside without a doubt-
Also many pushups and squat cleans were done-
Doing it with her partner Theresa always makes it fun!
During their wahoo KICKR class, KBUN and BLUR raised their FTP…
Going up and down the mountains of the Blue Ridge - whee!
KBun also put 30 miles into her pistol 100 bank -
A pretty good experience, she has the nice weather to thank!
Sunday morning things were supposed to kick off an hour earlier
For some reason there was a delay but who knows what for?
Eventually, things finally got under way…
And the weather was grand, PBun must say
The moon looked cool on the walk to the start!

RBug and Stilt got ready to line up for the 10K...
They really didn't plan to wear matching outfits, by the way!
Aww, they match!

PBun ran into Leanne again who spotted her ears
Did they take another selfie? Duh - never fear!
Leanne was there to race for Team in Training!

Lots of fun sights as runners made their way to the start line
Someone in our group really wanted red beans and rice!

DJ Fresh was spinning the tunes - everyone was feeling fine!
Loved the music!

The start was a smide delayed for the 10K and the Half
But the Half group had fun hanging out, natch!
The corral was not yet filling in!

Of course she had to make two porta potty stops
But thank goodness that's an option sure enough!!
There's a a different kind of shadow selfie for a Rock N Roll race
"Rock on" is what PBun means in this case!

This time she saw Barefoot Elvis on the course
A selfie on the go so there'd be no remorse!
This guy does a LOT of RNR races!!!

RBug was the only one who saw the cemetery
She had photo proof for the rest to see!
Pretty sky, too!

Later, lunch at Manning’s – everyone had the classic burger
They were surrounded by pictures of Peyton, Eli, and Archie you can be sure!
The burgers were delish!

The halfers decided they all needed to rest a bit
RBug and Stilt headed to Harrah’s to play the slots for a smidge
While there they might have partaken in a hurricane beverage
But both walked out a winner on that you can bet!
Hurricanes and slot machines? Heck yeah!

Half the group considered a wine bar with charcuterie
But opted to go elsewhere that included more beignets if you please!
Well this charcuterie could be had at DCA...

PBun was really craving something healthy
A short walk for a simple salad was it you see!
In the end, the group ended up with lots of swag
And fun Mardi Gras beads could also be had!
Lots of bling! The Remix challenge is the bomb!

Sunday morning was the dash to The St. James pool-
Happy to see it set up for 50 meters - always cool!
Got in some nice mileage of 2.4…
Quickly headed over to the quiet TC track - score!
Nine miles on her feet was all she could muster -
But then another 5KEH with Lazlo- she didn’t suffer!
On Monday morning, most of the NOLA group headed out pretty early
So after breakfast Stilt and PBun went out in search of a cemetery
Live look at trolley tracking!

They rode the 47 trolley to the end of the line
Took them to Greenwood and Cypress Grove which was divine
The statue at the top of this crypt was...kind of creepy!

That one crypt's door was open!

They also had a chance to see the Katrina Memorial
A place to honor the unknown victims at Charity Hospital
This memorial was really nice.

Finally it was their turn to head back home to DCA
They opted for treats at the MSY Café du Monde before getting on the plane
So delicious they had to get more!

This time they shared!

Things went smoothly for the most part on the return flight
Despite an inflight medical emergency but all turned out all right!
Waiting to board