There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, January 20, 2020

Snowy Ukes Rap

Saturday morning dawned snowy and gray -
Lazlo and STUR started off not too early for the day!
Every day the pair has a pretty good routine -
Fort Hunt Park and the surrounding neighborhoods is where they can be seen!
On this day they did their typical loop twice!
Having a very tired dog from 2 hours of walking is very nice!
BLUR and KBun finally met up at the M3 Bike shop -
Get on those bikes and wahoo KICKRs - hop, hop, hop!!
BLUR and the KBun!

STUR did a home workout - she called it 'death by glutes'...
In hopes that her weak butt muscles will vamoose!!
PBun was up early as per the usual
Who needs an alarm? Apparently not her!
After taking her pup Riley for a walk
Hopped on the trainer with Trixie that rocks
After 75 minutes of a threshold & hold ride...
Off the bike run for 20 minutes outside!
In the afternoon she took a short nap
Then did a lower body workout that's a fact
Sunday, PBun started her morning with a dark dog walk
Riley led the way and brought them home safely, how smart!
Next she headed back out for her long run
Ultimately into North Springfield, it was fun
Happy to see since nice scenery!
#IAmTriDot #TriDotAmbassador

It seems a house in her hood has two mannequin heads on the porch
On a pole and on a chair, she wonders what for!
PBun thought Halloween was over?!

On Sunday morning the Beast and STUR were thrilled to see a 50 meter pool set up-Did this mean there was no youth swim meet this week? Yup!
Swam 2 miles then hopped in the car...
Both rabbits had some other plans so far.
STUR ran around the TC Williams track in the wind...
Having the sun out was certainly a godsend!
Three cheers for sunshine!

Yes, later that morning PBun picked up the Beast
They were headed to play their ukuleles it would seem!
Over to boost an erg rowing team at Mt. Vernon REC
One member who is also part of their uke club, wanna bet?
The Beast and PBun had fun at the uke-rowing event
The rowers were into the sing along too, you can bet
There might be some video proof
There was definitely a partial selfie - oops a little goof
The Alexandria Ukulele Players had a lot of fun cheering on the Rowing Rats!

And the Alexandria Ukulele Players with the Rowing Rats!
(Thanks for coordinating this, Kit-Kat!)
(Photos and video courtesy of Max at Mt. Vernon REC!)

Brunch after at Primo's Restaurant
PBun got dessert to go against her better judgment!
The Beast showing one of the Rats how to play "Proud Rats!"

Afterwards, PBun wasn't quite done with her uke
A nice visit with Cool Breeze and her mom was not a fluke!

Monday, January 13, 2020

Power Wall Ball Rap

Friday night PBun picked up the Beast on the go
Time for ukulele club,  don't you know.
After two hours their fingers were done
But the party was just getting started - what?
STUR started her Saturday with a long trot with her boy-
Being out with Lazlo always gives her joy!
Lazlo says riding in the car is the most fun!

Went over to CrossFit for another looong partner WOD-
There were 225 wall balls each - oh my Gawd!
Afterwards she ran a 5k wearing no sleeves in January...
Enjoy it now as snow is coming - be wary!
PBun sadly woke up before her alarm
She took a walk her pup too - no harm
The she hopped on Trixie on the trainer to start her brick
After threshold repeats she followed that with an outdoor run, slick
After a short time to recover
Back down to the garage to lift  - no bother
Finally, inside her house, took down the last of Christmas
Until next year, it was really no fuss!
On Sunday the Beast and STUR set out pre dawn-
Pumped to swim at the St James- no need to yawn!
Long set with many 150's-
With the first 100 done swiftly!
STUR then went for a run on the TC Williams track AND area-
So many people out- warm weather hysteria!
Meanwhile,  PBun headed over to the powerlifting gym
It was total body workout day, you know?
She got her fill of squats and bench
Would she get DOMS later? She thinks yes!
PBun was racked and ready!

In the afternoon, PBun headed to CapOne Arena to see the Wizards
Her special seat upgrade was definitely not for the birds!
She got a glimpse of the tallest person she'd ever seen before
He used to play for the Bullets, and according to Wiki is taller than seven foot four! !
That's Gheorghe Muresan!

After a late afternoon Wizards game
It was time to get her run in the dark, kind of a pain
But a man walking his dog gave PBun a wave and said hi
Then a man taking out his trash gave her cheers as she ran by!

Monday, January 6, 2020

Power Heights Rap

STUR went with some CrossFit peeps to Sportrock for “Friday Night Heights”
And climbed a 40 foot wall to her very delight!
Look at STUR go!!!!!

She’ll admit that once she got back down her arms were smoked!!
Indoor climbing is a great work out - that is no joke.
Saturday morning the WOD at CrossFit was rounds counted up until 30 -
Clean and jerks, sit ups, and 100 meter runs - whee!
After the WOD there was a 5K “sprint” of  running...
She got to wear short sleeves as the weather was stunning!
That same morning, PBun did her first tri of the year!
Swim practice, trainer ride, then a walk with Riley to be clear

This water was fab!

Just keep spinning...

Turns out after she might have needed a little nap...
Before taking the indoor Christmas decorations down. True fact.
Sunday morning, STUR picked up the Beast in what seemed like the middle of the night-
But seeing the nice 50 meter pool at The St. James is a wonderful sight.
The two rabbits led the lane of eleven peeps...
Were there lots of 200s? Yes - loads and heaps!
PBun was also up and at 'em in the dark
A hour of running with fartleks, twas not on a lark!
Then she headed over to the Tysons Playground
Where powerlifting stuff would be going down!
Worked with the coach to get her baseline lifts:
Squats,  deadlifts, and bench press - you get the drift!
Scenes from the Playground!

New Mandarin Ravioli Rap

Last Saturday, STUR went to CrossFit and suffered  through a WOD with 10 rounds -
So many clean and jerks - the barbell went up and down!
Later she took off her spandex and dressed up for a fancy tea -
The Mandarin Oriental was a wonderful venue - she and her friends did agree.
Fancy tea ladies!

PBun spent her day doing a different kind of manual labor
Well she worked up a sweat making from scratch dough for pasta
THE raviolis

Actually it was for ravioli but there were some noodles
And time spent visiting with some cousins - it definitely wasn't dull!
Cousin Bob

Cousin Darlene Ann

She also made sauce and meatballs from scratch
Which went with their dinner,  how about that?
Next morning STUR set off towards the Chinquapin pool...
Going for a long swim-so she brought some extra fuel.
The Beast joined for the first 35 hundred;
BLUR came later - how much would they do you wonder? 
STUR finished up with 90 x 100 and BLUR with 38 -
Having friends to share the pool with is always great!
PBun actually didn't do a whole lot
Except for that 12 Days of Christmas WOD!!
Before the rain she got in a nice walk with Riley
And you know that pup is always smiley!
Tuesday night was New Year's Eve
What might the rabbits have up their sleeves?
The Fairfax Four  - it's an annual tradition
STUR,  BLUR,  and PBun were at it again!
Post-race tree selfie - also tradition!

On the way to Fairfax the sky put on a show
And the weather was perfect and mild don’t you know!
So pretty!

Ran into a fired up MRab before the race started...
Beating a friends time was his ultimate target
MRab was rarin' to go!

BLUR had somebody singing to her about her ears
Kind of like when somebody gives you cheers!
Rabbit ears, rabbit ears, rabbit ears, rock
Keep on going - don’t you stop!
PBun was happy for the post race refreshments
Pizza and chocolate milk, to her was heaven sent!
PBun also ran into a couple of runner friends
Selfies, of course, or it didn't happen
Greg #Roustance Selfie!

Kim Runs selfie!

New Year's Day STUR and PBun ran almost a 10KEH-
The Mount Vernon trail is where they did play!
Rabbit 'ears' at the ready?

Ran towards old town and under the WW bridge -
Did they take a detour? Just a smidge!
Lovely river view!

Went to see the original boundary stone -
PBun pointed out - it was in the low tide zone.
The South Cornerstone was NOT under water!

Afterwards, there might have been a stop at Dunkin Donuts...
Happy New Year to all, from Team Rabbit!

Monday, December 23, 2019

Happy Christmas Rap

At CrossFit the WOD was the 12 Days of Christmas-
It was certainly something that tested STUR’s fitness!
Afterwards she did her 9th day 90 kettlebell swings-
The ones in the WOD didn’t count-that’s just mean!
The CFK 12 Days of Christmas WOD!

PBun has been under a little stress these daysGave herself a little break on workouts in this case
Saturday morning she was up of course before the crack
Did she take her pup for a walk? Natch!
She did manage to get those 90 KBs knocked out
Seems to have irritated her left shoulder no doubt
Spent the afternoon working on a photo digitizing project
Came across some.funny memories, on that you can bet
That time when PBun broke her arm running (!!!) after her toddler, PGoodz.
(PBun was not a runner back then, if she was maybe she would not have slipped!!!)

Sunday morning she drove to st James pool in the dark-
Swam 2.4 miles in a L4 swim practice not just on a lark.

In the afternoon she met up with a few bunny friends
Of course they discussed races that may be around the bend.
Had some yummy Vietnamese food at Happy Endings-
Only referred to the food(haha)- winning!
Afterwards took a brisk walk around Teddy Roosevelt island-
Time with bunny friends always leaves them smiling!
It's the Roosevelt Rabbits!!

Sunday morning she awoke before the crack, again
Her shoulder was still niggly so she would be skipping L4 swim
Her pupper got to go on two morning walks
Then she got a little crafty, that's a fact
"Die Hard" IS a Christmas movie!

Next, she met up with a few high school friends
Good coffee and conversation at Swiss Bakery, till the fun came to an end
It is nice to be able to stay in touch after ALL those years!

Cool Breeze (aka Abbi) made everyone origami rabbits...
Abbi was born in the Year of the Rabbit!

That's when PBun headed to work, not to play
And finished up a little task from Friday
Finally it was time for her 100 slam balls
While watching The Last Jedi, y'all.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Frosty CapTune Rap

On a rainy Saturday thought it a good day to stay inside-
A partner CrossFit WOD - she won’t be denied!
Lots of dumbbell box step ups awaited her there -
“Breezed” through the new wall ball exercise without a care!
At the end did her second day of fitness -
Those 20 devils presses will help get ready for Christmas!
STUR, mid-devils press!

On Saturday PBun did something most unusual
Went into work to start packing - it was not dull!
She brought with her coffee and donuts from Dunkin
It was the perfect way to help get the job done!
Later that afternoon she scooted over to STUR's pad
They rode the Metro with JRab to Eastern Market - it was not bad!
Nice moving shot of the George Washington Masonic Memorial while departing the King Street Station!

They were headed to a rabbit gathering
It was STUR's birthday bash as is tradition
This year at her Tune Inn party there was a small glitch-
It seems from one bar to the next they would have to switch!
First, BLUR got to the Tune Inn and snagged a table
They soon grabbed a second once they were able
At the 'girls' table' at the Tune Inn!

But a private party was soon to start
And the Birthday Rabbit and her crew would have to depart
The group wandered up the street to the Capitol Lounge -
Where more food and drinks could be found.
But what’s this - they were carded at the door?
Thank goodness everyone is over 21 - score!
David beat them there where he snagged a group of tables
Bench and chairs with lots of tv viewing channels
All the party animals!

Their waiter was really nice with a cool accent
He was very attentive - totally heaven sent!
The Cap Lounge shirts had a funny saying on the back:
"We don't care who you work for!" Isn't that whack?
The table-snaggers were definitely the best
You could say they 'slaughtered' it. No jest!
PBun headed home right after BLUR and David to get sleep for a race
She was going to do the =PR= Frosty 5k in this case!
Sunday morning dawned nice and sunny -
Great day for a long run/walk with the dog thought the STUR bunny!
Meanwhile, PBun headed out to Fairfax Corner
Packet pick up then a nice warm up run you can be sure
Ran into her running friend Greg, a Half Fanatic
Met some of his friends, too, and post-race they all took a pic!
Here is THE post-race pic!

PBun had a set TriDot work out to do
It involved Mav Shuttles followed by some Z2
Before the start saw she L4 swim friend and HS classmate Marlene
She was there to do a birthday run with other L4 friends it seems! 
It really was a beautiful day for a run
Sun shining and only a little wind, it was fun!
PBun doing her first #Roustance with runner friend and fellow Half-Fanatic, Greg!

Post race saw the cutest thing ever:
Mom and daughter in Christmas Kitty shirts that look like a sweater!
They were so cute!
(Mom gave permission for picture to be posted!)

Monday, December 9, 2019

Jingle Rap

On Saturday PBun finally got back on her bike trainer for a bit
It'd been a while since she'd pedaled on Trixie but she wasn't completely unfit
After this it was time to climb up on her roof!
Santa and some twinkly lights were going up - that's the scoop!
Up on the house top, click-click-click!

The finished product!

She was thankful that Goodmanator was there to lend a hand
Someone had to hold the ladder and be prepared to call 911, understand?
She also needed to clean up some leaves
This seems like a never ending task she believes
On Saturday STUR headed over to the CrossFit box-
Partner WOD with rowing, snatches, and thrusters really rocks!
She finished the day with parties times two-
One had her going back to the box it’s true!
Sunday morning just before the crack
PBun headed over to STUR's and they walked to the tracks
Unfortunately for them, Metro wasn't open
So STUR ordered up an Uber ride, son of a gun
They shared the ride with another runner who was stranded you see
Who happens to have a cute dog who named Yankee
They were excited to run the Jingle All the Way 15k
And BLUR was in for the 5k, by the way!
Met up with her and her friend at the race bag check -
Almost too cold to take a selfie - what the heck?!!
The rabbits are trying to stay warm, pre-race!

PBun ran into Colleen from JCC Masters swim
Then a little later saw her sister Shannon!
These 5Kers are ready!

BLUR took off with her friend Martina  - yay!
The were going to have fun with the 5K
BLUR is having fun!

Martina, sporting her Jingle bling!
PBun and STUR kept their warm coats on till the last possible second
Thank goodness for that bag check so they would have them at the end!
Finally it was time to line up for the 15k
Got rolling as the 5k folks were finishing, you don't say? 
STUR overheard someone say, “what’s with all the rabbit ears?
Team Rabbit knows it’s Christmas time - never fear!
Along with their race bibs, all runners received two jingle bells
Was it fun to hear them jangling along the race course? PBun says yes, swell!
About halfway STUR's pace started to discombobulate-
She thinks it’s time to get the doctor to inoculate.
PBun went breezing by about that time -
“We’re halfway there” - together they did chime!
PBun tried to keep a steady pace the whole way through
Did a pretty good job of that if you want the truth.
The volunteers were awesome standing out in the cold
Couldn't have done it without them, truth be told
One the way to the Metro!
The 15k rabbits walked to the L'Enfant Plaza Metro after they picked up their warm coats
Caught a train right away - score - dont you know?
This might have involved a short sprint on the platform
It was worth it not to have to wait for the next yellow they must inform!!
Upon disembarking they trudged over to Bob and Edith's Diner
This new post race tradition couldn't be finer!
Back home PBun cleaned up a few more leaves
Her Toro leaf vac sure aims to please!