There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Ali Acme Rap

No better way to start off the weekend but with a partner workout-
Birthday WOD for Coach Ali- lets give a shout!
STUR and her gym buddy made quite the team!
You can probably tell that there was a theme!

Later that day she hit up the river with a paddle board -
She fell in just a couple times - oh good lord!
Meanwhile, PBun headed out with Riley on a super short trip to P-A
Small masked family wedding was getting underway

The weather was gorgeous for the outdoor ceremony
And the dinner tables all had hand sanitizer - no need to get antsy
Western P-A Polish weddings have a really cool event
Bridal dance and throw some money in the apron? You bet!
After a quick spin you can have a shot
Choose from Fireball or maybe Peach Schnapps
Sunday morning swim for the good old LazMan -
Cooling off in the river - he is definitely a fan!
Then STUR headed to the gym to spin her legs out-
Did she then enjoy a two mile indoor swim? Without a doubt!

The morning temperature in Acme was a on the chilly side
But that can happen in the mountains, you see!

Stilt and PBun went to run on the Coal & Coke Trail
Just a short out and back before breakfast up Main Street on the hill
Afterwards she and Riley hit the road
In no time at all they were back at their abode!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Hot & Stormy Rap

Friday morning after a shortened crack swim, PBun hit the road
Headed down to ATL to PGoodz’s abode
It was nice to see Luna, too!

Rolled into town pretty much on schedule
Just one short traffic slowdown with which to deal
For dinner they had some tasty barbecue
Got it to go which seems to be what to do

STUR spent her weekend working out and hanging with the LazMan -
Started off with a 5KEH dog walk then by herself she ran!
Hopped over to the gym for a little partner WOD event -
Did the heat make cleans and thrusters seem harder? Yes - 100 percent!
Saturday started off quite lazy for PBun
But that’s OK because for her it was a mini vacation!
PBun could not afford the rent on this sucker!
Dang diploma which is the equivalent of hotels in regular Monopoly!

After PBun went bankrupt playing PGoodz in "Auburn-opoly,"
They went on a quest for some fancy doughnuts, you see!
Forgot to take a picture of the actual doughnuts! 

STUR's Sunday started off with another dog walk -
Then another sweaty gym spin session - it’s hot, not a shock!
The indoor Lee pool afterwards felt so divine!
Another 90 minute swim, lots and lots of time!
Again it was a lazy start to PBun’s day
With take away brunch from Waffle House, by the way
It's tradition!

They got caught up in a Jurassic Park marathon
Including Google 3D velociraptors and pteranodons!
Here's Luna with a pteranodon! 

PBun’s drive home on Monday was also fairly smooth
Till she hit the beginnings of Tropical Storm Isaias on the move!
She eventually made it home safe and sound
And thankfully no actual traffic delays could be found 

Monday, July 27, 2020

Pin, Spin, and Swim Rap

On Saturday STUR had originally thought she would go for a run
But the partner WOD at the gym looked like much more FUN!
Partnered with her favorite gym buddy -
They both loved all the moves - so lucky!
Snatches, push-ups, deadlifts, and burpees...
Calories on the bike and running?!! Oh geez!
PBun was back to her old Saturday tricks
Zwift bike, brick walk, followed by a swim
The Acme crew kept her company
And were later joined the the tuxedo kitties
PBun always appreciates her crew support!
Then got to meet up with KBun at the pool
No selfie but it really happened they would not fool!!
EPSC looking pretty refreshing!
Afterwards at PBun's, they were on the computer
There was a tornado of sorts, caused by little Meowser!
BLUR headed over to Hains Point with her bike
Was she was doing the Kinetic Multisports virtual race? Yes, that's right!
Way to go, BLUR! 
Took 15 minutes off her previous Oly distance time
Starting at the crack to beat the heat was also pretty fine
The Beast was zwifting around the same time as PBun
She went even farther and longer as she got it done!!
Meanwhile KBun had another late night zwift session
So in the morning PBun gave her a ride on!
Sunday STUR started off her day differently again -
Spin-fit first then over to the Lee RECenter indoor pool for a swim!
The spin was hot, humid, and tough -
But after two miles in the cool water she was much less gruff!
Lee RECenter looking pretty refreshing as well!
PBun slept in and it was already light when she got up
But knocked out a run with hill repeats sure enough
This was the scene of PBun's hill repeats! 
Recovered while throwing the ball to her best girl
That Riley is always so smiley!
Also put up #6Pinwheels4Kyra* and somberly watched them twirl
See below for more information about the #6Pinwheels4Kyra and the Kyra Franchetti Foundation.
Met up with KBun again at EPSC
Got that selfie today, as you can see!
Picture proof this time! 
Decided to take stock of all her swim goggles and caps
The final tally was 20 and 48 - can you believe that?!
PBun definitely needs to purge some old goggles and caps!
We think she needs a swimtervention...
With 20 years of swim and tri they really add up!

*The Kyra Franchetti Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity raising awareness about the risk of family violence, especially to children, inside and outside our divorce/family court system. We seek to change the way issues of violence and abuse are addressed in family courts so that child safety is put above all else.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Marshy Rap

STUR started off the weekend with a short run-
Being on the Dyke Marsh Trail made it fun!
Later she went back with the LazMan -
Jumping in the Potomac - he’s becoming a fan!

Happy boy loves the water!! 

After a rest she headed over to Prince William Forest Park -
Hiked 6 miles to a lovely stream - almost getting caught in the dark!

Happy hikers! 

And earlier that morning before the crack
KBun and Jeff gathered at PBun's house - fact
You can probably guess they were headed to Cambridge M-D
To ride the IMMD loop just one time around you see
Traffic wasn't too bad which was nice
Stopped at McDonald's per the usual vice
Pamcakes for KBun and ice coffee for PBun
Now they were ready for some cycling in the sun

They are smiling now...

After the pre-ride selfie they got underway
Riding in the shady parts was quite nice you don't say!

The Blackwater Marsh was not too flooded for a change
Had to go slow in a few parts just the same
PBun might have been singing a particular tune... 
Singing puts rabbits over the moon!
They all stopped just after the hill
A frog-free porta potty is always a thrill

It wasn't too tough getting up the 'hill' today! 

Next stop was at Gootee's Marine
AC and fun masks for purchase - sweet!
Regrouped again with 14 miles to go
And again with 6 miles PBun was toast
Happy once the ride was over
Then a 20 minute brick run - it was a cooker!!
Quick stop at DQ for a few twist cones was a dream
It was the weekend to celebrate Ice Cream!

A perfect way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day a day early!

Sunday morning STUR once again gave the Beast a ride -
To the OKM pool, for.a swim outside!
The “chiller” was cranking and kept the water reasonable -
It made getting in two swim miles feasible!
Up next was spin fit in a very hot box
When it was over she had to wring out her socks!!
It was another early start for the PBun
A 5k time trial run to get done before it got too hot under the sun
This also counted as RNR VR12
More stinking badges? What the hell!

OK, OK...PBun likes her stinking badges! 

After a few errands she met KBun at the pool
Time trials of 400 and 200 meters sounds pretty cool!

Happy they got that done! 

She was pleased with her run and swim outcome
Happy to get that all out of the way till next month!!

Lake Arrowhead is looking lovely!

Meanwhile, CBun and HRab headed down to Luray
Open water swim then a hilly bike? What do you say?

HRab and CBun are ready! 

They also visited a sunflower field
Not to many sunflowers yet but it's always unreal!
CBun and HRab are so cute! 

Sunflowers are nearly as friendly as daisies

Lots of other great scenery to be had
Sightseeing locally is never bad!
Check out the scenery!! 

And KBun got a glimpse of bunnies three...
Could it possibly be the O. G?
The third bunny is kid of hiding behind that tree! 

Monday, July 13, 2020

Pining Rap

This weekend the rabbit crew settled on the Pine Creek Ultra relay
That means it is time to choose more rabbit gang names you see!
They decided to go with a pine cone theme
Hopefully the race will happen mid September for the team!
MRab signed on for the fun -
Picked his name first, son of a gun!
Most of the others have now chosen theirs
They will be revealed if and when race time nears!
Saturday was a repeat for PBun of late
A mixed up triathlon seems to be her fate!
It was nice to visit with KBun while at the pool
Even if the water wasn't cold, that's cool

STUR went to the gym on Saturday for a WOD which  great in length
There was lots of running and “devils presses” for strength.
Later that day she went for a little SUP -
Was 45 minutes late returning the board as the Potomac got a bit rough!
Sunday morning PBun was up at the crack
Wanted to get in her run before it got too hot, imagine that
Would you believe she forgot she signed up for RNR VR11?
Till she got the congratulatory email from them!!
It's a good thing she went far enough for it to count
She would have been a little sad if not without a doubt
Did a good deed and picked up a big bag of trash by her pool
Hated seeing all the litter earlier when she ran on through
Then met up with KBun again to swim some laps
Both worked on their butterfly stroke - it was a blast

Meanwhile, STUR was happy to give the Beast a ride -
For soon back and forth in the OKM pool they will glide!
The water was a wonderful temperature -
Did they get in over 3000 meters? Oh for sure!
STUR headed back to the box to hop on a bike -
And in between do as many burpees and push-ups as you like!
The spin-fit class was a definite sweat fest -
Using her bunny towel was the absolute best!

Monday, July 6, 2020

Independence Rap

STUR started Independence Day off with a long course swim -
With steamy water, the pool was filled to the brim!
Saw MRab and gave him a quick hello -
Both so happy to finally be giving swimming a go!
Made it through the soup and onto a short run -
Did she sweat a lot in both workouts? Yes a ton!
To celebrate the Fourth, STUR and JRab went into Old Town -
Early dinner and gelato near the water is where they were found!
Team Rabbit hopes everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July! 
Meanwhile, PBun did a mixed up triathlon
PBun was working on a Zwift KOM! 
Zwift bike, run, and then met KBun to swim some!
Happy swimmer people!
She was pretty tired after all of that...
She might have managed a short nap!
Sunday STUR met up with Betty and the Beast for more hot swimming...
Looking for that water sprayer that keeps things a chilling!
More happy swimmer people! 
After a couple of miles In the pool it was time for spin-fit -
Was it a sweat fest? Just a bit...
PBun ran and included a 5k in the mix -
Virtual are better than the real if you get her drift!!
Virtual race with a real medal? Sweet!
Riley wishes the fireworks were virtual!!! 

Firecracker fun!
Then she and the Goodmanator headed over to Annapolis
Got to visit family from a safe distance
BLUR got her swim on in a warm pool as well -
The Homestead's hot spring fed indoor facility sounds swell!
The rabbits think this pool would be awesome in the winter! 
CBun was scouting an area up in P-A with HRab
Got an impromptu invite to fireworks show that was pretty rad!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Dairy Duck Rap

Over the weekend PBun skipped the virtual racing scene...
It was her birthday weekend and she had other plans – you know what we mean?
She still got all of her training done
Swimming, biking, and of course a run!
Saturday was exciting as she finally got her TriDot workout loaded on Zwift
She was able to really focus and would you believe she never had to shift?

Later at the pool she saw Pam and Lionel
A photo op with Lionel after was pretty swell!

Later she headed to Herndon with the Goodmanator to see a friend
Met up with NanWa for some Duck Donuts - the fun never ends!

The kept socially distant and wore their masks
It had been over seven months since they’d seen each other last!
NanWa gave her flowers to celebrate her day
Meowser could hardly wait to pounce on them, oh by the way!

Sunday was run day for PBun
Then another recovery swim outside in the sun

And later another little celebration of sorts
Were masks required? Yes, of course!
It was Dairy Queen for the win!
OG Rabbits are at it again!
Meanwhile, CBun, HRab, and BLUR hit up the Ft. Ritchie OWS practice
David went along for company and photographs!

The Beast was swimming over at OKM
She ran into MRab there on a whim!
STUR and JRab went camping down at the Northern Neck
It’s summer, the time is right, so they said what the heck!
Set up camp in absolutely no time at all -
Lazlo settled into his fly catching duties - he’s crazy y’all!

Olive burgers were on the menu this night -
Sitting near the campfire is always out of sight!
Paddle boarding, hiking, and a shark tooth hunt
STUR found a big one, most certainly not a runt!

Lazlo got into the river and paddled around -
Then on the beach very sleepy he could be found!

That evening  they took out the telescope to an open field
Unfortunately it was hazy and the stars were concealed
Hot dogs and s’mores completed the trip...
Basic camping stuff - are you hip?!