There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, November 9, 2020

Virtual Half Rap

STUR was happy to tag along for PBun's virtual half marathon -
Before the crack to Richmond they were gone!
Arrived in good time to the start on a beautiful trail
Bunny ears at the ready without fail!

The venue this year for COVID-19 was at Dorey Park
The set up and social distancing worked well for packet pickup up and the start
The weather was perfect for running in a tank top
As the rabbits made their way through the course- hop, hop, hop!
So many inspirational signs and cheers along the way -
Even someone to help you cross the street? You don't say?

One lady asked PBun if she had a twin...
STUR had just run by her - made PBun grin
Another lady going by on a bike
Said the ears were the best thing ever, alright!! 

In addition to completing the Richmond Half,
PBun also knocked out the virtual RNR DC, natch! 

Later that day she tuned in to IMFL
As an amazing thing was going down
Chris Nikic was doing an incredible thing
The first Down syndrome athlete to attempt an Ironman - just amazing!
Followed him till he crossed the finish line
Ironman had a live feed going for his final two miles!

Sunday morning STUR and PBun met up at TSJ for long course swim
Did it feel good to stretch out in the water? Amen!
Next up for PBun was a short recovery ride
Only 45 minutes? To that she can abide!
Meanwhile,  KBun headed over across the Bay Bridge
For a mini getaway and training at where else but Cambridge!

There were some nice views and she saw some cute mini donkeys
And then on the way home a cute kitty, you see! 

Stilt aka PRab – Prepared Rabbit – was training for her ultra
Isn’t her view going uphill just spectacular?

Monday, November 2, 2020

Halloween Rap

STUR planned a partner workout on Halloween morning...
Running, rowing, and deadlifts - it definitely wasn’t boring!
Sunday she hit the pool after an extra hour of sleep -
Always a good thing to get in some meters after jumping into the deep.
Now it’s pouring rain so nothing else to do
Dumbbells, jump rope and spinning - the time just flew!
Meanwhile PBun skedaddled out of town
Celebrating PGoodz's birthday was going down

It had been 10 years since she'd seen him on his actual birth day
It was nice that it worked out this way!

On Halloween afternoon while running an errand
Survived an encounter with Freddie Krueger, oh man! 

Happy to visit Luna Buna, she brought her some special treats...
Christmas should be fun with four cats around the tree

Looks like CBun and HRab had a lite Halloween fun
Tiger King and his favorite big cat, any one?

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Barbells and Bruises Rap

Saturday morning brought PBun a longer Zwift session
Nearly two hours with threshold and hold was her mission 

She was happy and felt strong
Then a mile dog walk, is that wrong?
Later on she did a bit of rearranging in her garage gym
Opened up the space a little for the win!
However it seems that she bruised another toe
Slippers and the barbell on the floor don't mix well!!
KBun and Jeff headed out to Cambridge to do a century
Getting KBun ready for IM Cozumel you see

On their first loop they dealt with the wind
But it wasn't as bad on the second
The Shorters Wharf area seemed more flooded than usual
But in the end their ride was successful! 

Saturday morning STUR bounced into the gym for partner time
A workout filled with the bike, barbells and jump rope had her feeling fine!
On a rainy and dark Sunday - STUR made it to the pool...
PBun was swimming there, too, very cool!
STUR’s lane was swift and she barely took a break
But she got in 3000 meters for goodness sake!
At the spinning fit class they jumped off the bike and used the barbell -
Her arms will be sore tomorrow - she can tell!
After the LC swim PBun headed straight home
Had an hour and 45 minute run to knock you know?
She actually decided to use the treadmill, her old friend
Nice to be in out of the rain and cold, because she can!

Monday, October 19, 2020

Strictly Stars and Stones Rap

STUR’s weekend fun started off on Friday
With eight underhand strict pull-ups? No way!
Strictly STUR!

Saturday morning PBun actually slept in
So unusual for her and the extra sleep was a win
She finally hopped on Trixie to zwift around 9 a-m
Just 75 minutes with some threshold work in the end
Fine tuned her Halloween decorations outside
Isn't her spooky graveyard kind of nice?
Look at all those head 'stones'!

Standing guard at her front door is Ghost Dog and the Scarecrow
Enjoying the leg of the skeleton, don't you know?
You might have to zoom in to see 'ghost dog'!

Saturday morning STUR, JRab, and the LazMan headed out for camping, just a one nighter
Going to be cold - need the heated jacket and a roaring camp fire!
Campfires rock!

After they set up camp they went on a short hike -
Then a game of horseshoes if you like!
What a fun set up! 

At night the stars really put on a show – 
Mars is clear and bright this time of year don’t you know
Getting ready for some star gazing!

Next morning a birthday breakfast in the cold air -
Oatmeal, hash browns and bacon was the fare
Sunday,  PBun had planned for a double
Long Course swim then Army 10, no trouble
Tested her shoulder on some butterfly
Took just one stroke to see that wouldn't fly
One arm fly will be her jam
Anytime IM is in a workout, understand?
Started her run just after 9
It was a beautiful day to be outside
Pretty view along the way!

A loop in the industrial park then headed to the lake
Didn't quite make it to the water in this case
Not sure where these steps go...PBun did not find out! This time...

Would you believe when she was halfway there
The song on her iPod was "Livin' on a Prayer?" 
Headed back home to finish her race, virtually
It was a good training day for a half marathon you see
Meanwhile, CBun and HRab tooled around the Blue Ridge Parkway
One of them living up to their Team Rabbit handle, they were on the Harley!
Which one do you think is HRab?!

It was a great day to so some leaf peeping
Virginia really has a lot of amazing things!
Such a gorgeous view!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Upright Miserable Rap

PBun headed with Jeff out to Opposumtown Pike
For a 43 mile bike ride; if you like
Hit up RR for a quick pit stop
After the ride that's where the PBun would hop

Jeff wondered what had been planted in a big field
PBun thought a UFO could land there, what a deal!

On the ride they went through three covered bridges
Was it like stepping back in time? Just a smidge
Pit stop at the Thurmond Community Park
The Lion's Club water fountain is a cute landmark!

Saw a jack-o-lantern wearing a mask
Staying protected from COVID-19 is an important task!
It was a beautiful Fall day to get outside
And only one cue sheet mishap, oh my!
It happened to be Women's Cycling Day
And PBun was happy to celebrate - yay!

Arriving back home she had birds all over her yard
Maybe she should move her scarecrow to be a guard?

The birds flew to the wires as she got out of her car 
It was really kind of creepy like a scary movie, so bizarre!
PBun will be back as a TriDot Ambassador for 2021...
Hopefully all the events will be able to be run!
KBun knocked out 73 bike miles
On the Indian Head Rail Trail, she is on fire
On Saturday STUR went to the gym for a “miserable little thing”-
A partner workout with 20 rounds of burpees and 50# “dump balls” it did bring!

Next a plan formed for an impromptu hike -
To Prince William Forest Park with subs - they were psyched!

More burpees on Sunday at spin class?!!!
Running and rowing too?! Don’t run out of gas!
Because she had planned a swim long in length...
For just about an hour she had the strength!
PBun ran and knocked out a 5k time trial
Happy she stayed upright, there's no denial.
Glad she got out there before the rain
All in all she felt good, no complaints
She also did three rounds of 100 air squats
Holding a mini kettlebell, we kid you not
KBun had her long on Sunday
On tired legs, she did it anyway!

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Trippin' Trail Rap

On Saturday, PBun met swim friend Laura for an outdoor ride on the bike
One time around the North Springfield loop, if you like!
After that was a short brick run on the trail
Even saw some Team Z peeps without fail
And if you don't want to be mistaken for a deer
Keep to the marked path you see here!!
Scenes from PBun's brick!

In the afternoon she helped a little to close down EPSC
Is rolling up the lane lines harder than it looks? Definitely! 

PBun was thankful for her helper! 

Meanwhile, instead of the gym STUR hit up a different trail...
Through 5.5 easy miles she did prevail!
Sunday was long course at the beautiful St. James -
With two other people, STUR and PBun did share a lane!
PBun liked swimming in that long course pool...
But she was happy to utilize her various swim tools!!
Next at a Spin Fit class STUR could be found...
Best combination of barbell work and cardio around!
Later Sunday morning PBun took a little trip...
Thankfully only her thumb was nicked! 
But her right shoulder was a bit sore and stiff
But only one day of swim practice will she miss!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Long Course Rap

PBun had fun decorating for Halloween
As you know it's always a scream
Got a few new items items from her cousin Darlene Ann
Are they are a nice addition to her collection? Yeah man!

Saturday morning she did a bike run brick
Trying to get back to being a regular user of Zwift!
STUR endured so much rowing for her Saturday workout  of the day...
Thank goodness there was also slam balls, cleans, and burpees-hooray!
Tim was performing an experiment in the kitchen
It seems that homemade doughnuts he was a fixing!

Sunday morning the Beast and STUR were off to swim in the cold-
Without their wetsuits these rabbits felt bold!
The girls stayed in for an entire hour-
Dreaming about a subsequent hot shower!
It was the last outdoor long course session... 
Till next year, OKM, see you next season!
Before that can happen STUR has one more event -
A spin class at the box - so off she went!
From shivering to sweating- it was a wild swing...
Both ways she got her heart rate up - that’s the thing!
For PBun's Sunday morning run, it was a little muggy out
Decided that was better than getting mugged, without a doubt!
For lunch, Ledo's Pizza is always a good idea...
Especially when special family is near!!

Sunday night, KBun checked out The St. James pool -
Amazing water and 50 meters long course is pretty cool!