There's always room for another race!

There's always room for another race!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Moon FEATure Rap

STUR couldn’t wait to get to the mitten for Swim to the Moon
Since she knew a fun race would be coming up soon!
On Friday she and JRAb hopped on an aero plane -
Had a smooth flight - it wasn't a pain.
Lots of family visiting did ensue…
But soon it would be time for the race - woo- hoo!
Friday afternoon STUR did a recovery spin
Riley and Diego were there to cheer her for the win!
Riley and Diego - hanging out!

Then Saturday morning a swim run brick was on the schedule
So STEB headed to a non-typical weekend practice pool
It was like Team Z practice on a Saturday. Sort of!

Swam at practice with Mark and Jim
Even managed to do 3x100 IM!
After she ran from Providence RECenter to Fairview Park
She was flying by the seat of her pants but not on a lark
One of several creek crossings!

Crossed over a bridge and ran by some lakes

Even saw some duckies, for goodness’ sake!
On the Fairview Park Drive bridge over Rt. 50 and duckies at the pond!

Didn't get lost as she explored a few trails
Got over a downed tree twice without fail
STEB didn't trip!

Stopped to use a port a potty
It had weeds growing inside it - kind of creepy!
This was just...weird!

Later she and Andrew headed over to Gambrills, M-D
They were meeting family to celebrate her aunt's 90th birthday!
STEB with her cousin Ann and Aunt Terry sporting her 90th birthday tiara!

STEB played her ukulele for a group sing a long
"I Love How You Love Me" was her aunt's favorite song!
STEB with her Aunt Shirley and cousins Deanna and Dana!

"Hang On Sloopy" is her aunt's cake cutting tune 
She's been known to dance with a knife around the room!
The two sisters!

STUR’s Sunday morning started extremely dark -
But she and JRab slid in and found a place to park.
First things first: STUR must sign up for the 1.2…
She didn't want to pay extra online, it’s true.
They said it was full but she had been given permission -
The race director had made this momentous decision.
She got two swim caps and two timing chips -
Doing two swim races will really be a trip!
Got body marked and looked over the course map -
She wanted to go in the right direction - no mishap!
It's getting light!

It was getting light now- no glow sticks needed -
The second wave is where she was seeded.
She breezed through Half-Moon Lake;
The first aid station she did not partake
Stopped at the second one right under a bridge
Gatorade and Gu for you? Yes, just a smidge.
Next wound around a neat little canal -
Swim to Lake Patterson? We shall!
First through a tunnel before you reach the shore -
Wow! This swim is certainly not a bore!!
You get out and run around a cone on North Shore Beach -
"Go back the same way you came!" No need for a speech!
STUR didn't stay long - the 5 KEH swimmers were all lined up-
Ready to mow us down soon *gulp!
STUR just kept swimming but stopped at the rest of the aid boats -
All shallow enough to stand at - no need to float.
Back in Half-Moon Lake - the final home stretch -
Her first medal of the day she'll get to fetch!
JRab was there for the cap and chip switch up-
To swim another 1.2 she'd have to get pumped!
The RD told the wave to start slow since they all were "fresh!"
STUR laughed; she just wanted to make ANY kind of forward progress.
She did just that and managed to finish -
Then a place to sit in the sun was her wish!
STUR can totally do a 10 miler!

Her final tally was a feat of 8.2 miles - whee!
STUR loves Swim to the Moon - unsalted and shark free!
Two finisher medals? Heck yeah!
STUR celebrated her swims with a Total Eclipse Beer...
It was half Blue Moon and half Guinness - cheers!
Cheers to the 2017 Eclipse AND the Swim to the Moon!

Meanwhile that morning STEB had another brick -
This time was bike then run – pretty slick!
Got to the W&OD trail around 7:00 A-M
For a 90 minute ride out and back understand?
The trail at the stat and the stretching post at the finish!

First a short out and back headed east
A little warm up hill to say the least
Next she headed out to the west
When she turned around it was time to do her best
There were lots of runners out and about
Marathon training without a doubt!
Going through Vienna she glanced at the ground
Looked like Tie Fighters painted there - was Darth Vader around?
STEB wondered if she was in Dark Side territory! Especially with the approaching eclipse and all...

As she was heading back a box turtle was crossing the path
So she made sure to call out a warning to oncoming riders, natch!
Hopefully he did not get flattened
Because that would have made STEB saddened
Back at the car it was time to switch
To her running shoes and to be quick
Just 10 minutes is all that was required
She got it done and was inspired!
Then she had part 2 of the 90th birthday celebration
Over to her cousin’s and of course more fun!
She got to meet a cute new puppy
Her name is Asta and she is as cute as can be!
STEB hated saying Asta (la vista) to this cutie!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mishap Rap

Thursday afternoon STEB flew to Omaha
With many fellow athletes for the USATAGNC, y'all!
When she landed she turned on her phone
It decided to do a firmware update no joke
Thankfully she had a backup gadget
Her LG G Pad came in handy imagine that
Google maps got her to her hotel
And she settled in for a spell...
Also brought her phone back to life
She sure didn't need that strife!
Friday morning STEB was up early
Central time zone was the reason surely
After breakfast she took a little stroll
To where the college world series is at you know
This ballpark looked very cool! 
Couldn't get in but she got to take a peek
She thinks stuff like that sure is neat
At her hotel, there was a this cool sign saying welcome
Had to get a picture as it was pretty awesome!
Really, very awesome!
Afterwards she boarded a bus
Because packet pickup was a must!
Lots of walking was involved to get her tasks knocked out
She even got to ride Trixie briefly without a doubt
Started off with getting checked in
Then went to the USAT store - it was like IM!
STEB had fun taking in the AGNC experience!
After she got Trixie from T-B-T
She rode her then racked her because it was mandatory
After her nap the afternoon passed in a blur
She might have had on some Law & Order
OK - it was Law & Order: SVU...
Friday afternoon STEB also ran some errands
A trip to CVS she saw something for sale that had her stunned!
Rum, whiskey, vodka? STEB got a gallon of water instead!
Liquor for sale, right next to the snacks?
It's OK in Nebraska, but in Virginia that'd be whack!
Saturday morning came early as well
But it was race day and of course that's swell!
Hopped on the shuttle to get to the start
Even at this point the sky was still dark
Got over to transition and got stuff set up
There she borrowed her rack mates pump
Maddie, hanging around in Transition!
Would you believe she had a pump mishap?
She broke the handle right in half!
Apologizing profusely but what could she do?
Headed to the bike support tent it's true
There she got Trixie's tires topped off
Then wandered around to check the swim course and dock
Nice, flat water!
After that she had time to kill
The start was moved back 30 minutes? What a pill!
So STEB decided to sit down on some grass
And met a cute pup named George how about that?
Before Maddie had to be stashed in the bag!
Next she heard a familiar name!
A friend of STUR's brothers? How insane!
She introduced herself and they chatted a bit
Boy is Donna Smyers really fast and fit!
Finally it was time for STEB's warm up swim
The water was nice a flat - that's a win
They played this crazy sound before each wave started
Then that's when the horn blast sounded
First all the athletes had to be in the water holding on to the dock
STEB couldn't believe she was starting Age Group Nationals - that rocks
Clockwise swims are STEB's fave
Made sighting a breeze wouldn't you say?
The course was 1500 meters in length
And if you didn't know, swimming is STEB's strength
STEB's Garmin data shows that she swam a smidge in Iowa!
Before she knew it she was headed to the exit ramp to stand
Nice volunteers were there to lend a hand.
The trip to transition was not too tough
STEB located Trixie then put on her bike stuff
She followed others out to the mount line
Next up a 24 mile bike ride sounds just fine
STEB really loved the bike course it was an out and back
Including the two hills around the halfway point natch!
The out seemed faster due to the help of some tail wind
And the headwind was not as bad as that day in Cambridge!
As she headed towards the turn-around some return riders yelled a warning
Two black dogs were crossing the street up ahead on that very morning!
STEB saw them disappear into the corn field
Reminded her briefly of "Children of the Corn," for real!
Note: this picture was taken the day before on STEB's course preview drive!
One nice bike course thing to point out:
The railroad tracks were covered like Chattanooga - without a doubt
Another thing that STEB has only experienced at one other race:
The bike course was completely closed to traffic for goodness sake!
Well, except for the afore mentioned canines...
STEB was thrilled and would take that any time!
She finally rolled back up to T2
A 10Keh run was all that was left to do!
The course was a 2 loop out and back
And she got to see many new rabbit fans. Fact!
She got to give a shout out to local named Suzy Mink
And her rack mate with the pump found her by her ears - you think?
She had explained before about Team Rabbit
How the team had made running with ears their habit!
STEB had the plan to run the whole race
And walk through the water stops as was the case
She stuck to her plan and was very happy
And hit the red finish carpet finishing strong you see
After a nice ice bath in the recovery tent
STEB had tasks to do – more walking is what that meant
Lunch at a food truck and then dropping Trixie off
A little shopping and photo op then she was off
Happy finisher!
Another walk to catch the 'wrong' hotel shuttle - whoopsie-daisy
But the driver had invited them on as a courtesy!
After STEB relaxed and got cleaned up
She had a gear bag to go and drop
Finally after that she took a recovery walk
To Lewis and Clark Landing but she wasn't ready to stop!
Next she went over to a pedestrian bridge
It is called The Bob and she walked it a smidge
It actually would take you to Council Bluffs, Iowa
But STEB went just to the state line - no duh!
Bob was very cool!
All in all she had a fantastic trip there
And got to check off her third new state this year!
It was a win just toeing the USATAGNC start line
The race organizers, officials, volunteers, and fellow racers made it a wonderful time!
One dude said Team Rabbit won best kit
The rabbit ears certainly are legit!
Meanwhile on Saturday STUR met CBun in her hood for a run -
The day was foggy and cloudy, absolutely no sun.
CBun had graciously printed out cue sheets...
Turn by turn directions of the trails and the streets.
Plan was to do a ten mile loop first -
But too bad that the route was unrehearsed...
Let's just say they got a little mixed up at times -
But neither one of these Rabbits started to whine!
In exactly 10.2 they made it back to Lake Audubon pool-
Then they did two out and backs to make 15 miles- cool!
They did see one deer along the way-
He or she was enjoying the greenery buffet.
Oh deer!!
Then there was only one thing left to do-
Head over to 7-Eleven for a Slurpee - its true!
The Beast and STUR can't seem to get enough of open water-
So on Sunday over to National Harbor they did saunter!
The Harbor Fest 5keh was on tap -
They'd have to do four times the lap!
Once again the two Rabbits finished very close to each other -
They would have done another lap if they had their druthers!
Next they waited for the 2.4 milers to come in-
Got to cheer KBun into her finish for the win!
Happy Harbor Fest Finishers!

Monday, August 7, 2017

What SUP Rap

Saturday STEB had quite a productive day
Running, swimming, and then walking? No way!
Tried to do her run at a familiar place
But work was being done inside the track space
TJHS(ST) - most of the renovations are done!

So she headed to another familiar location
Her sons' old high school - son of a gun!
It was nice to have some company here!

The plan was one hour with a 1 mile time trial
She had company on the track the whole while
STUR got up early Saturday to run on the trail -
The air was not too humid-easier to  inhale.
Very quiet and peaceful for her first little bit-
Then lots of bikers and runners -the trail they did hit!
She went a little over 10KEH out-
A nice breeze started blowing without a doubt!
Got back in time to do some burpees…
Then sat by the river-she wasn't in a hurry!
Breezy and choppy on the Potomac!

The Potomac was rocking with a few white caps -
Glad it wasn't a swimming day - oh snap!
After a short break STEB headed to her pool…
Another time trial was the rule!
No chop at EPSC!

After a warm up she did 1000 meters
Counted each length out - didn't want to be a cheater!
Then after another short recovery
Headed to the lake to walk with her Riley
Riley, checking out the scenery!

Along the way they saw lots of critters
A spider...
Spider webs are so cool!
Unless you walk into one! 

A frog...
Freddie Frog - so cute!

A chipmunk for starters...
Charlie Chipmunk going after the flowers!

Then through the trees they spotted something big and white
It was an egret - it was out of sight!
Very peaceful on the lake!

Sunday morning - the Harbor was calling STUR's name -
Glad to be back in the open water swimming game!
The water temp was a PERFECT seventy-eight!
And some very flat water did await!
STUR literally ran into KBun near a big yellow buoy-
Then they said one lap to go- bunch of hooey!
Sunday morning STEB was to do a brick
90 minutes on the bike followed by a short run - slick!
Trixie, waiting patiently for a ride!

Did the familiar North Springfield loop plus a bit more
Then ran briefly at Lake Accotink - it wasn't a chore!
A little later STUR arrived at her house right at noon
To give her a lift to SUP - STEB was over the moon
There they met up with BLUR and CBun
For a 1pm session which was lots of fun!
Rabbits were all smiles before SUP!
They were smiling after, too!
This time STEB went farther than before
It was 2.34 miles and not a smidge more
BLUR was hot and worried about sun burn
That's when she practiced a pivot turn!
She accidentally fell into the drink
But she's a good swimmer and did not sink!
She got back up from the side of the board - which looks hard
But she did it with ease - a total rock star!
The rabbits practiced some yoga moves
Downward dog and child's pose was their groove
Surf Reston is laid back and chill
A great way to get into SUP if you will!
Three Rabbits went for a Slurpee after-
One exploded on STUR – frozen Coke to the rafters!
Afterwards, STEB took Trixie up to Tri Bonzai
She won’t get to see her till Friday – wonder why?!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Epic Rabbit Rap

It was an EPIC rabbit weekend filled to the brim -
With runs, a bike ride, and THE swim
Lots of sweat and no tears -
Many miles and conquered fears
The Beast headed up on Thursday with her trusty sherpa Mike
The next morning they carb loaded - it was a pancake delight!
Blueberry pancakes are the bomb!

On Friday STUR took off by herself for an airplane flight-
She came close to missing her trip to Burlington - what a fright!!
Zoning out with her phone planning for FABBA-
She quickly realized the crowd was gone - yabba dabba!
The doors had been closed but she was given a break-
Sprinted on the plane and sat in her seat for goodness' sake!
STUR then drove directly to a Green Mountain State lake -
She immediately found CBun and their yakers - piece of cake!
CBun with her trusty yaker, Robair!
STUR with her trusty yaker, Sandy!

Checked in and got her pink shirt and cap -
Very efficient- happened in a snap!
Epic event!

STUR was too late for the lake boat tour -
But according to CBun's picture, it doesn't look like a bore
Nice view of the lake from the boat tour!

She and CBun then checked into the Jay Village Inn-
Made it back to Lake Memphremagog in time for the pasta dinner - WIN!!
Welcome to Lake Memphremagog!

But first there was time for the 60's themed swimmer promenade -
Andy and Jeff were also there to celebrate!
STUR with the Vermont hosts!
They enjoyed some "welcome Kingdom Swimmers" cake -
But Rabbits and company were having trouble staying awake
Chocolate cake? Yum!

Time to go back and hit the sack -
So the early morning alarm won't feel like an attack!
Saturday morning STEB headed to a pool
Not to swim though – she was volunteering. Cool!
To get there she had to walk a little path
From a church parking lot, natch!
This path was tricky in flip flops!

The NVSL division 17 divisional meet was the place
STEB timed in lanes 3 and 1 in this case.
At one point she and her fellow timers got a triple
That meant a free lunch – what a thrill!
The host pool’s nickname was the Barracudas
But they had cute dolphins around… huh?
Barracuds or Dolphins? At least STEB could find the ladies room!

Race morning was perfect if not a little chilly-
Good news is that it wasn't windy!
The Rabbits arrived on site and checked in with their yakers-
More good news- none of them were slackers!!
STUR was with Sandy and she was confident and strong-
She was so glad to have her along!
The Beast was with Jill- very experienced and fit-
As a kayaker she was definitely legit!
Next was Robair who took his job the most seriously
He did a great job for CBun all the Rabbits would agree!
Soon it was time for the 10 mile swimmers to go-
Next up was the 10k yakers show!
They preceded us out and soon they saw Robair's paddle cros
This helped CBun know that he was the boss!
Thanks for the signal, Robair!

The Rabbits entered the water at exactly 8:30-
The water felt cold- but it's time to get down and dirty!
After a little bit of jostling STUR eventually found Sandy-
Her purple PFD and red kayak were really handy!
STUR learned quickly that the kayak guide is a wonderful thing-
Not having to sight made her heart sing.
STUR had a "feeding" every 20 minutes-
Their system worked perfectly- there would be no glitch :)
Sandy kept her on schedule and extremely motivated -
In JUST the right place she was always situated!
The only chop that occurred was when a boat would go by-
Happened once when she was peeing- she's not shy!
Swimming along STUR felt like a machine and unstoppable-
For 3 hours she didn't dawdle once as a rule!
Around mile 5 - STUR did notice a change-
She was feeling a bit sick- so very strange!
Sandy said she noticed a slower stoke rate-
STUR knew she could finish/ there'd be no debate!
But finally rounding the last buoy she got a bit of a boost-
She spotted Jill and the Beast on the loose!
The two training buddies finished within seconds of each other-
Getting up and out of the water was hard - oh brother!
The RD Phil told STUR she needed to go to the med tent-
She couldn't figure out why- was this guy bent?
He said she looked cold and STUR guessed he was right
As she immediately started to shiver- and her skin was bluish-white.
They wrapped her in blankets and told her to stay there-
As soon as her temp was normal she'd get out of their hair!
Before she knew it CBun was swimming to the end-
The Beast and STUR began to cheer for their friend!
They were all excited to receive their medal made of wood
And a rock from the lake- it's all good!
STUR was still a mite chilly here!

Such a cool finisher's medal!

Mike was there too as their faithful Sherpa dude-
If they didn't give him props that would be rude!
The lake was long and deep and wide
But they welcomed the yakers into their pride!
Yakers, yakers, everywhere!

With Jill, Sandy, and the epic Robair-
They managed hours of freestyle without a care!
Very happy finishers!!

The post swim party pig roast was yummy and a chance-
For the Robair to get up and dance!
CBun and STUR laughed themselves sick-
As they watched him vogue, twirl, and kick!
Ears at the ready!

Then in a flash he disappeared into the night-
But they wouldn't let him go without a fight!
Found him eventually among the tent people-
After calling his name several times for real!
STUR and CBun enjoyed the band and a beer or two-
Post swim beer? YES!

The "Hitmen" played a lot of oldies it's true!
Here are the Hitmen!

Meanwhile after the swim meet STEB had to get ready for a show
Chicago at Jiffy Lube Live with NanWa – don’t you know?
Ready to rock!

They were fantastic, as was the weather
STEB almost wished she had brought a sweater!
Nice to be in  real seats for a change!

KBun knocked out a 12 mile run on Saturday
Here is where she was when she was half way

This is a boost at the halfway point!

Sunday morning before the dawn of morning
She met KBun and Jeff to drive to the Free State for some biking
Shadow selfie!!

It was a nice supported ride on the IMMD course
And TriCycle & Ride was the support source!
Ready to roll!

They barely got started and had to make a pit stop
KBun's new steed really rocks!
Patiently waiting for their riders!
STEB saw a turtle on the side of the road
The Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge is where he kept his abode
At one point STEB reminded herself that the wind was her friend
But she did look forward to the wind coming to an end!
There was a bit of flooding along the way in the marsh
One of many flooded areas on the route!

And it was nice of them to mark the ‘hill’, which wasn’t too harsh!
It was nice to know a hill was coming!

STEB stopped after one 45 mile loop around
KBun and Jeff did an out and back – more wind was abound
Meanwhile STEB did a little brick then worked out a bit
This outdoor gym was cool!

Then finished up that days burpee challenge – no time to sit
Under this tree
STEB did her burpees

On the way back home they stopped for some pizza
And amazingly there was absolutely no traffic – alleluia
On Sunday two Kingdom Swimmers had Andy and Jeff as Vermont guides -
So lucky, they took them to Canada to see the lake's other side!
First they took STUR and CBun to catch a glimpse of Lake Willoughby-
It had white caps on it that day - woo- whee!
A little choppy out there?!

Another highlight was a house full of license plates -
Cool use of license plates!

Even hopped over to visit New Hampshire – The Granite State!
The Kingdom Swim weekend was a huge success!
Will Team Rabbit return next year? What's your guess?