There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, September 21, 2020

Cold Prey Rap

On Saturday STUR settled in for a long partner workout at the box -
Doing 100 each of toes-to-bar, burpees, and D-balls ROCKS! 
Took so long her she and her partner stayed after class to finish...
Don’t worry there were others still there to witness!
Meanwhile, PBun was up and at 'em early,
Nice walk with Riley to get going, surely!
After a bit she went out to ride the North Springfield loop
Right from her house, she'd never done before - that's the scoop!

It was her first ride in exactly two weeks
Nice and familiar, so for an outside ride it was a good place to be!
At noon she and KBun met up to swim outside at EPSC
It was pretty darned chilly in the water it seems
The water temp was 72 degrees
And KBun did a few laps in her wetsuit you see
PBun ended up skipping and was the guard instead
Because of the elderly gentleman!

There were a couple of birds of prey overhead…
Circling for a meal in the water below with quite a wingspread!

Sunday morning was a bit chilly it seemed -
STUR could swim in a beautiful indoor facility - it’s not a dream!
The St. James 50 meter pool is the place -
Coming up she’ll be spending lots of time at this place!
Back over to the box for a class, where all you need is a kettlebell and a bike
Then stay for some stretching and recovery of you like!
That morning PBun went for a run right after sunrise
And starting with a double loop of the industrial park seemed wise
Tried to see if she could find STUR's car but didn't see it
Running into her in the parking lot would have been legit!

Monday, September 14, 2020

Epic Pine Creek 100 Relay Rap

Team Rabbit headed up to Mansfield P-A
For the Pine Creek Ultra Challenge 100 mile relay

Apparently Shortleaf's friend did not want to offend
But she was worried because the group didn't look like 'spring chickens'!!

Race morning, Ponderosa had nothing to do but needed an hour?
Coffee of course, she would wait till later to shower

The whole Pine Cone crew escorted Snow Cone to the start of the race -
She was running towards Wellsboro Junction to meet Shortleaf in this case!

Successful hand off 30 minutes ahead of schedule -
So many shout outs about the bunny ears - both feeling special!
Shortleaf put them another 30 minutes ahead
Bristlecone had been riding along with her so he was prepared

Met up with her for the switch at the new scheduled time
Then on to Sugar Cone - who was feeling just fine!

After dropping Bristle, Shortleaf and Snow shuttled Ponderosa back to town...
Because she needed to get off her feet and lay down
Meanwhile Sugar Cone was breezing right along!
It got a little warm under the sun!
Getting Ponderosa to Sugar there might have been a timing snafu...
Stood around looking the wrong way- what to do?
All of a sudden Sugar comes from the other direction...
Everyone was happy - there’ll be no insurrection!

Arriving at Blackwell, Sugar told a volunteer that she was overdressed!
“You think?!” he said, but there's no need to be stressed!

Ponderosa started off on her 16 mile leg -
Banged out two virtual races: check, check!

She noticed some houses on the other side of Pine Creek
One had their own personal suspension bridge, how neat!

Scotch sent out a breaking update, heard that the bunny lady is not too far back!
Ponderosa was a little under a hare on time to meet her, how bout that?’

Scotch left Darling Run and headed to Asaph -
Handed off to Snow who took off with a blast!

Out of nowhere came Bristlecone up on his bike...
He’ll be your escort if you like!!

As Snow handed off to Shortleaf it was beginning to get dark,
Firing up her headlamp now was very smart!
Some runners complained that her headlamp was too bright...
As she covered it up, the wipe-out of the century was out of sight!
Before she could get up and dust herself off...
An alarm was sounding on her Apple Watch!!
It seems that the thing really had her back;
It wanted to call 9-1-1 when she went splat!
She soldiered on to hand off to Bristlecone once again -
He came in the time predicted for the win!
Meanwhile Snow and Shortleaf darted off to Darling Run...
To see Scotch head out under the midnight sun!
Before starting she tentatively looked off into the abyss
If she stumbled off the trail would she be missed?

Before too long her headlamp went out;
Good thing she had the back up swag flashlight no doubt!
At 12 miles in you wouldn’t believe what she saw -
A rattlesnake lying on the trail? Oh my Gawd!!
During this time Ponderosa was delivering Sugar to the Blackwell tent -
Handing off to Scotch would be heaven sent!

While they waited they split a toasted cheese
Hot off the griddle if you please!!
Here comes Scotch let's give a cheer
The time to hand off to Sugar is near

The three of them headed up to the turnaround point -
Now it was time for Sugar to get up out of this joint!

During her second 16 mile leg she saw a porcupine family and many deer-
She was wondering if the hand off point for Snow was getting near!
Shortleaf and Snow were on their way to collect up Sugar-
They had 2 false sightings - oh Booger!

Hand off complete - Snow is on her way...
Would Team Rabbit be there at the break of day?
Yes! The entire team was waiting to cross the line together...
Will they beat 24 hours? They better!!

23 hours and 27 minutes was their unofficial time-
When the entire Rabbit Pine Cone team crossed the finish line.

Made it with 5 hours and 33 minutes to spare
What a super fun experience for the Pine Cone Rabbits to share!!

It was great to have Sherpa Cone shuttling some of the team around
Couldn't have done it without him - many thanks abound!

Then some rabbits met up at the Wellsboro Diner;
The breakfast food there couldn’t have been finer!

Sugar was wearing her cool NYC Marathon finishers poncho jacket
Was it orange like a Traffic Cone? Yes, on that you can bet!

On part of the Pine Creek Rail Trail, is where they hold this awesome race,
Through the Grand Canyon of the East - the Pine Creek Gorge - amazing scenery in this case!

And just in case you need help deciphering the Pine Cone gang names, introducing the Team Rabbit Pine Cones! Along with the various leg distances and timing:

Finally - here was the inspiration for most of the Pine Cone gang names!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Up early as usual, well before the crack
PBun picked up Jeff then Laura but not too early matter of fact
They were headed to Luray for the final open water swim
Brought the bikes again - they WOULD ride them for the win!
Lake Arrowhead was a fine temperature at 75 degrees
Which was warmer than the air temperature you see

They all swam for about an hour in a clockwise triangular 300 yard loop
Midway PBun did some IM sections if you want the scoop

After the swim they regrouped and all changed clothes
Going to attempt to ride the sprint bike course - let's see how this goes
Apparently PBun did not get the memo on color coordination
She was not wearing blue like this picture does show!

Thankfully the cue sheet from 2015 was spot on
Navigated the lollipop shape with almost no probs!
Laura now knows how to fix a dropped chain
But can we all agree when that happens it's a pain?

It was as hard as PBun remembered from 2009
When she did the Oly race as a relay with PGoodz that time

They saw a really cool sculpture along the way
A horse made of horseshoes? You don't say!

Speaking of scoops, stopped at Moo Thru on the way home
Which is apparently the new post Luray tradition don't you know?

Still required to keep one cow length apart
Having the benches spaced nicely made this easy, happy to report!

While sitting on the bench and with their treats they were enjoying
Heard a girl there tell her dad it sounded like the motorcycles were farting!

Saturday morning for STUR was the usual dog walk and gym time-
A partner workout with some dumbbell movements sounds just fine!
KBun swam outside at Edsall Park Swim Club
She had the pool to herself - what fun!
Ended up staying for a second session
It was a beautiful day, too, son of a gun!
Sunday PBun got a very lazy and late start to her morn...
But took Riley for a walk and they saw the cutest thing ever - gosh darn
It was an older gentleman out getting his exercise in
Taking his adult tricycle with a basket out for a spin!!

Everyone should strive to be that cool when they are older
PBun and STUR both say absolutely if they are able, yes sir!!
After that it was time for her run
An hour with a little speed work again
As always it was nice when in the shade
Too bad the streets weren't lined with trees - she would have it made!

Practiced her pacing for the Pine Creek party
Looking forward to hanging with Team Rabbit yes indeedy
Meanwhile, STUR gave the Beast a ride -
Going to the outdoor OKM pool and not swimming inside!
Coach Kim had a workout full of 200’s and broken IM
Did they both get in about 2 miles? Yes ma'am!
Over to her spin fit class she then did jaunt -
Kettlebell swings, pull-ups, and spinning - is that what you want?
At noon KBun and PBun met up at the EP pool
When first getting in the water felt pretty cool

But for doing laps it was a perfect temperature
Happy they can do this for a few more weeks, for sure

Monday, August 31, 2020

Wild Wonderful Wizarding Rap

Saturday, PBun had an unplanned rest day
But she did get to hang briefly with KBun, oh by the way
She also received a special delivery
Team shirts for the Pine Creek Ultra relay
Can you guess which pine cone represents each rabbit? 

Sunday things were more on track
Made up her Saturday zwift workout with mods as a matter of fact
Started her day with a virtual 5k race
But it was two for one in this case
RNR VR 18 along with the Wizard Run 3 1/10th
The latter included a medal and shirt... The RNR badges now makes her 8th!
Now PBun's badges are nicely balanced!

Rounded things out with a short and sweet swim
I love how Jaws is wearing a Hello Kitty bow! 

That meant more time with KBun for the win!
The water was fabulous! 

JRab and STUR went camping in West Virginia’s Hardy County-
Fresh air and mountains? There was certainly a bounty!
Highlight was a hot but beautiful hike up to Cranny’s Crow-
Only (!!) 3200 feet up AND down don’t you know!
What a view!!

Corrie and Jamie came for the day and were very helpful with the Lazman-
As for going down hill - STUR’s knees are not a fan!
Nice progression of colors, ladies!! 

Their campsite was in spitting distance of the swimming pool-
If she didn’t take a dip- she’d certainly be a fool!
This looks like a great way to camp! 

Always fun to swim in a new pool!!

They also had a rocking badminton court-
Hey! Maybe this will be JRab's and STUR’s new sport!
So...who won?

They certainly had their share of some heavy rain-
But seeing Saturn, Jupiter and the Milky Way made it worth the pain!
So the weather was a little wild but the trip was wonderful you see
Which is fitting of course when you visit W-V
Once home STUR made it over for a real swim
She had made a reservation so not on a whim!
Lynn aka Stilt was training in Amish country
Look up ahead  - is that a horse and buggy?
Not something you see every day!! 

CBun and HRab flew out of town for a hiking vacation
Being at Olympic National Park sounds like heaven!
More awesome views!!