There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Moon Rabbit Rap

Saturday morning PBun had a ride on tap
But it was a recovery week so it was shorter how about that?
Decided to take Trixie over to the W&OD rail trail
Where she also wanted to test out the new wheels
Trixie got new handlebar tape, too!

Did some intervals on the way out
Turned around just past Smith's Switch Station without a doubt
The bike turnaround!

More times than she could count she said, "on your left"
But that was no reason to kvetch!
After she finished she laced up to run
That's when she saw Joe and Mike,  son of a gun!
The run turnaround!

Got another invite for Sunday masters swim practice
So PBun will take him up on the offer if you had to guess!
JRab and STUR were the first to arrive in the mitten...
To relax and have a good  dinner was the decision!
After a good night’s sleep, they were ready for the day...
Three more rabbits coming into town? No way!
After a family visit they headed down to the lake-
Initially STUR and JRab went to the wrong place for goodness sake!
Look at that lovely water!
What a great rabbit  crew!

Finally found packet pick up and the crew was reunited-
The lake looked and felt wonderful - they were delighted!
Next up a great dinner at an Italian place-
Did one of the rabbits EAT rabbit? What  a disgrace!! 🤪
Early morning coming - time to Swim to the Moon!
They better get to bed very very soon!
Sunday morning PBun went out for a run
Only 50 minutes with 10 minutes at marathon pace - what fun!
Made it back home with plenty of time
To get ready for JCCNV masters - all right
Got in a nice workout with lots of fast 100s
Happy to keep up with the swimmer in front of hers bubbles
Afterwards did a smidge of work in her yard
But then decided to get out of the heat, that decision wasn't hard!
Next day CBun and STUR met at the race site in the dark-
Feeling grateful they won’t see one single shark!
Time to line up for the one at a time start -
Each swimmer was about one second apart!
Strong, steady and no dawdling was the mantra -
Since there’s no magic to get across the lake - no abracadabra
Two aid stations, a bridge, and a tunnel later...
STUR was on the beach - no signs of an alligator!
Time to swim back the same way she came -
So glad there ended up being no rain!
For STUR the last mile was long - her brain was sore...
Especially since she is thinking about swimming some more!
STUR popped out of the water – a 10K CHECK
Now swim another 1.2 miles you say?! What the heck?!
She dolphin dived back in - swimming by herself –
Although with a lot of paddle boarders - there was a wealth!
Finally reached the turnaround buoy...
A couple of those SUPers weren’t too helpful about its location - phooey!!
She was so, so ready to be done
So she could enjoy the post-race fun!
Photo courtesy of greg sadler photography

BLUR was having THE most fun swimming in the lake
Look at that smile, it just takes the cake! 
Overhead medal shot - it's tradition!

Grabbed TWO medals and a cool towel –
There was CBun who had finished long ago – WOW!
This race was epic!

BLUR and HRab were waiting on the beach too –
It was a successful day for the rabbit crew!!
The 1.2 mile participants agreed their course was a bit long –
Doesn’t really matter as they all finished strong!
Happy finishers!

Cleaned up and celebrated at an Irish pub –
All rabbits feeling water logged – blub, blub, blub!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Bikes and Barbells Rap

PBun hit the road at 4am, what a thrill…
Picked up KBun and they headed to Walkersville!
They were psyched for the Tour de Frederick…
And best of all the weather was perfect!
KBun kept singing the Bob Marley song, “One Love.”
Perhaps it was because she only had one glove?
KBun and PBun - ready to roll!
The century group rolled out at 6:30
They started towards the back - no hurry
A really pretty church!

Covered bridge #1

They made sure to hit up every aid stop
Covered bridges, fire stations, a church, and a random yard, what?
Inside the Vigilant Hose Company in Emmitsburg, MD!

Covered bridge #2

At each, PB&J was always on tap
And Bruster's ice cream was at the last, how about that?
How far would YOU bike for Bruster's ice cream?
PBun biked 91.55 miles for it!
Two locations had fabulous watermelon
They wanted to just stay and eat – it was heaven!
Watermelon is a bikers heaven!
Covered bridge #3

KBun playing in the flowers of sun!

Rolled back in but weren't quite done
Because they both had to go on a transition run!
They did it!

Finally they were ready to head back home
Thankfully there wasn't any traffic don't you know
CBun and STUR did a last long Reston Saturday swim-
It’s almost time for Swim to the Moon – they are all IN!
Sunday morning PBun went on her long run, all easy pace
Sunday run view: pretty creek

Sunday run view: runderpass(?)

Afterwards was the best part, she went to the massage place!!
Around the house she managed to get a few random things taken care of
And her mailman will probably be happy about one of them
Once again STUR is swimming on Sunday morn –
The air was cool but the water was warm!
STUR with the other Barbell Babes!

Next at the CrossFit box she attended "Barbells, Babes, and Brunch" –
The workout was fun, no worries about a time crunch!
It was a nice group with lots of yummy grub to eat –
Sitting on the gym floor eating – what a treat!

Monday, August 5, 2019

Cracktastic Rap

On Saturday STUR AND CBun met up at Lake Newport Pool -
The water was nice but not too cool!
Saturday morning early, well before the crack
PBun hit the road for the Culpeper Metric – that’s not whack!
Arrived timely and was chatting with the folks in the next vehicle
Almost missed the start of her ride and forgot to start the workout – no bull!
Decided to stop at the first aid station –
Mile 8 where a port a potty was waitin’
There sue cued up her programmed workout
Was there three rounds of power intervals? Yep – without a doubt!
At the second aid station near the top of Etlan Road
Ran into a familiar face – Hampton from L4 practice, don’t you know?
When she got going she must not have been clipped in properly
Because her left foot popped out of the pedal you see!
She thought she was going to have to put a foot down and walk
But managed to get to the top and clip in – she did not have to stop!
Flying down the Etlan switchbacks in revers is quite a treat
They on past the ‘scary rest stop’ but didn’t have to stop there – sweet!
A nice stretch here to do one of her power intervals
And a recovery past the next aid station and Old Rag views, for sure
Happy to see the turn around and know that less than an Oly distance was left
Then hit the aid station this time – so she was not bereft!
There she caught up with Hampton again and met his friends
He’d done a couple of Ironman races with them!
Made a turn and knew the final aid station was six tenths of a mile ahead and
She SWEARS this is the longest six tenths of a mile EVER, understand?
The last of the ride was fairly smooth –
Seems to be a net downhill here, she was in a groove
A support motorcycle caught up to her in the last two miles
The guy on the back interviewed her briefly so she made sure to smile!
Rolled back into Mountain Run Lake Park...
Picked up her nifty finishers bottle opener, then headed straight to her car
Next it was over to the party for some watermelon and BBQ
Then hit the road so she could cruise by Moo Thru!
Moo Thru was pretty yummy! PBun wants to go back for a visi!

Once she arrived back at home
Had another hour to do on the trainer – no joke!
Oh, Meowser!!!
PBun calls this Spinnertainment!

Knocked that out then went for her transition run brick
But only 20 minutes was required, it went by pretty quick!
Meanwhile, KBun got in a long ride as well…
Just 65 rolling miles in on Route 301 – twas a thrill
This also included three good hill climbs
After, she might have been ready for bedtime!
The next morning KBun went on another ride
This time for two hours – she took it in stride!
Followed this up with an eight mile brick run
A little warm out there, but she got it done!
It would seem more swimming would greet some rabbits on Sunday -
CBun and STUR planned on another 100 100’s – no way!
It’s ‘FABBA Day’ so they figured why not?
BLUR also came and gave it all she’s got!
STUR decided to swim a different set than usual –
So 12 x broken 800’s plus 400 kept her motivated – beautiful!
All the rabbits finished strong and with a smile –
Thinking about the upcoming Swim to the Moon all the while.
Sunday morning, PBun had a long run to do
An hour and ten minutes that included six at marathon pace, too!
Explored a bit more outside of her own ‘hood
And knocked out her repeat, just the way she should
After she finished she literally had no time to waste
To get to Annandale Swim for Masters practice for Heavens sake
It was nice to swim with her original Masters friends
And she’s been invited to go back again!
Always nice to swim at Annandale Swim & Tennis!

That afternoon some rabbits gathered at Wolf Trap National Park for thePerforming Arts
It was nearly FABBA time – they could not wait for it to start!
It was really warm waiting to get into the join!

They waited in the hot sun for “hours” to get a seat –
Once they did there were no obstructions, which was pretty neat!
Team Rabbit digs FABBA's costumes!

One guy had on a shirt that wasn’t quite long enough -
They were just glad they couldn’t see all his cracktastic “stuff”
Rabbits, happy with their view!

So glad that FABBA sang Waterloo in English this time –
Maybe they had heard the Rabbits complaints in another rhyme!?
FABBA, rocking replica 1974 Waterloo video costumes

Of course, they sang some of SOS in Swedish
But STUR and PBun sang along with the words in English!
FABBA was fabulous, of course!

It was agreed it was a wonderful show
Happy to go back to see them every year, don’t you know?
It's always nice under the stars!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Riley Will Rock You Rap

STUR started off her weekend with an eight mile sunset paddle on the Potomac-
No photographic evidence but she enjoyed every moment!
From Columbia Island to up Rock Creek -
All the monuments at night she got a peek!
Saturday morning out to Reston Masters is the routine -
Just 200 meters shy of three miles, which was super keen!
The water was a perfect temperature at 82.9 -
Compared to last week, it was feeling fine!
Also that morning just after the crack
PBun met up with Jeff to pick up KBun – that’s a fact
Because they got started a little bit late...
Detours for construction traffic was their fate
Headed East, over the William Preston Lane, Jr., Memorial Bridge
You know what that means, they were going to ride in Cambridge!
There was a little bit of beach traffic with which to contend
But they arrived at the school just fine in the end
Ready to roll!

Did the loop of the IMMD course followed by an out and back
That was on the Eagleman course, so they did not have to backtrack!
Only one instance of wildlife was seen – a black snake
Spotted only by Jeff for goodness’ sake! 
Quick stop at Gootee's Marine Store!

There were quite a few dragonflies flitting around
And, sadly, there was bunny roadkill on the ground.
The section through the Blackwater Refuge wasn’t too wet
And the ‘hill’ had fresh markings, not that they would miss that!
The blue circle is where they stopped!

After they were all finished with the ride
Headed out for a transition run – no surprise!
STUR and PBun are ready to rumble!

On Sunday two rabbits met up at a race - Riley’s Rumble-
It was a success, and neither STUR or PBun took a tumble!
STUR and PBun essentially ran the first three miles together
Hills less noticeable at first and so was the weather.
PBun turned around to finish her 8keh
STUR stayed on the course – more time to play!
So many rolling hills to be found…
At Mile 9 STUR got a Popsicle – can she get another round?
The last three miles was a hill festival –
By that point the humidity was really detectable.
The finish line is now in sight –
Yummy, yummy watermelon to be had – alright!!!!
Then headed to PBun’s house with a Slurpee in hand…
Boy is that kitty Meowser cute, oh man!!!
Tuesday night a few rabbits gathered to take in a cool scene...
At CapOne Arena, they were super excited to see Queen!!!

PBun admitted she was also excited to see Adam Lambert
But it was agreed that Brian and Roger still had it!!
It was super awesome to see them perform live
And video of Freddie Mercury was a nice surprise!
Now that is a crown!

Beforehand, they met up for dinner at Vapiano’s
They serve fast food, Italian, don't you know?

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Counting Kittens Rap

PBun felt like she started her weekend on Thursday night
Had dinner with friends visiting from the Sunshine State – all right!
By Saturday it was more of the usual schedule:
Trainer ride then a 20 minute transition run is the rule!
On Saturday STUR discovered the Reston Masters are a tough group-
The workout was as usual even though the water was 89 degree soup!
Yes they did fast 100’s with hardly a rest gap-
STUR was the only one who swam without her cap!
Next up PBun and Riley took a little road trip
Up to Acme, PA – it would be quick
This was the weekend she would bring home her kitten
With little Meowser she is certainly smitten! 
Riley with Mamma, Izzy and Meowser's brother Archie!

Sunday brought a special summertime swim meet-
STUR headed to the UMBC 50 meter pool in the heat!
Met up with Betty - a swim friend from Lane 4 -
She helped her find her way to the pool - score!
Restively small group for the 1500 that warmed up in the pool -
Unfortunately it didn’t help the participants stay that cool!
Betty hopped in heat 2 and banged out her 1 mile -
STUR waited for her heat all the while.
STUR waiting to get in the water!

STUR didn’t ask for a counter but she got one anyway...
At lap 15 the card said 17 you don’t say?
STUR figured she had simply counted wrong -
So she continued swimming right along!
When she finished she found out her fate-
She had shortened the swim by one 100- don’t hate!
Next up was the 100 meter sprint-
NOT having to worry about counting? Heaven sent!
Sunday morning PBun and Stilt went for a run
Thankfully only part of it was under the hot sun
Trail scenes!

They were on the Coal and Coke Trail
Which was formerly was part of the B&O rail! 
The old B&O RR!

At the end they took a railroad selfie
Not trying to play chicken with a train you see!  
RR selfie time!

After that it was over to the Y to lift a few weights
By now they were hungry for heaven’s sake!
Next up was the usual family breakfast at Main Street Deli
They have a 1952 Seeburg jukebox there and it was nifty!
1952 Seeburg on the left and PBun's 1956 Seeburg on the right!
Cool tidbit: You can see a 1952 in action here!

Finally it was time for PBun to hit the road
With Riley and Meowser in tow to their humble abode! 
He did SO WELL on the car ride home!

The new kitty briefly met Carmen and Diego…
Will they all get along? Let’s hope so! 
Meowser, getting settled in!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Colonial Beach Rap

Even though a slacking lifeguard started her Saturday swim late
STUR got in a good amount of meterage as her fate!
PBun taking a short biking break!

Both K and P Buns had a long bike ride to conquer
Before they could go off and play with the rest of the bunny herd
But first PBun took Riley for a short walk and saw an interesting sight
It was a rhinoceros beetle carcass lying on the ground all right!
This guy was huge!

CBun was supposed to swim four miles at Swim For (Your) Life
It was so warm she was only allowed to go three - oh what strife!
CBun is ready to swim for her life!

Oh buoy!
Team Rabbit descended on Colonial Beach in one fell swoop-
The town is lucky because they are such a fun group!
They stayed at the very convenient River Edge Inn for the night…
Some Rabbits could see transition from their window-out of sight!
Packet pickup - check!

Transition walk through is the most fun!

The rabbit group for dinner kept multiplying till it was a party of 9
Lighthouse Restaurant had no problem with that, which was fine
The food really was good!

The food was good but the service was...unreliable
One rabbit had to get a Ledo's Pizza in the end - no bull!!
Four rabbits got a little post-meal treat at Nancy's
The ice cream was delish though the place wasn't fancy
Nancy's hit the sweet spot!

Service was however fast and friendly!
After a short time they were on their way
Trying to get the entire pier arch in the picture!

After dinner and dessert the Rabbits walked to the Municipal Pier
Along the way they did the Macarena – pinky swear!
The sunset was fab!
And...they're walkin!

Saw a lovely sunset and of course took a rabbit selfie
Now it was time for the rabbits to hit the hay!
CBun engaged in some late night fly swatting-
For their demise it could have been plotting
Race morning arrived before they knew it
The rabbits hopped around getting transition set up
Lovely morning out on the Potomac River!

A lovely sunrise view greeted them early
And the sky brightened up pretty quickly!
The rabbits are rarin' to go!

Finally time to mosey on down to the water
Would STUR's shoes be by the trashcan later?
MRab was the first of Team Rabbit to enter
He was finally spotted later on the run!
STUR, KBun, and PBun were up next
Time to put those swimming chops to the test
The Beast went next with the final Oly related group
On to the Sprint waves if you want the scoop
CBun was up and then it was BLUR’s turn
All racers were off to get those medals they would earn!
It was agreed that current was felt out there
But those rabbits, they got the swim done, never fear!
Next up of course was the bike leg
They had done a course preview so no surprises
What goes down, must go up
Rabbits always remember to 'embrace the suck'!
There was a big hill and BLUR was scared
But with hard work and training she did prevail
STUR was glad her bad ass biking friends thought the course was hilly -
For all the complaining she felt a lot less silly!
All the rabbits made the hills their b*tch
Too bad the course wasn't flatter was their wish!
It was fun seeing all the rabbits along the course
And in the end no one had race remorse!
The crowd shouted, “the bunnies are here the bunnies are here,
Team Rabbit, Team Rabbit we love your ears!”
STUR forgot to put on her ears in transition
Perhaps getting out fast was her mission?
Would you believe the Oly run turnaround was at
The restaurant they been to the night before, how about that?
One bunny got on the podium; we knew he would,
Because his engine it's primed with beer, fine wine, and good food
Congrats, MRab!

The rabbits gathered near the finish line
Because it was post-race selfie time!
Happy smiling finishers!
"That's a wrap!"

Because it's tradition!

Then KBun swatted a fly in the other rabbit room
With the handy dandy swatter that was there we presume
Before the rabbit girls headed home they made a quick stop
At 7-Eleven for Slurpees and Cokes which rocked
On the trip back home in one rabbit car
A big bee came along for the ride to be sure
It was tricky trying to get him out
But he got away safely without a doubt!
Team Rabbit descended on Colonial Beach and it was a thrill!
They swam in the Potomac River and conquered the bike hills,
Some ran the road, and all did their best…
They competed far and above the rest.