There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

March 2021 Rap-Up

Team Rabbit took a little break from our raps every week
Maybe a monthly schedule for a while...we shall see!
At the end of February, PBun joined in for the TriDot group Zwift
Had a new video setup ready too, don't be miffed
Was excited to be out there with John Mayfield and E-Jay
It was her first time with the group, by the way!
Maybe PBun jinxed herself as she had a technical issue about 30 minutes in
Seems the rear skewer had loosened a little bit
It seemed wise to stop and tighten things down
Otherwise she might have wobbled off her KICKR on to the ground
She knew their faithful organizer was having problems as well
But his coordination of these rides is always swell
While on her way up the volcano she saw the group coming down
It was something that took away her frown

But by then she was done with the hard stuff and in Z2
Finishing strong was all she had to do!
STUR’s Saturday partner workout had some awesome elements...
Although keeping track of the running, burpees, and DB to shoulder tested her intelligence!

PBun had Open envy over the past few years
When she went to spectate and give STUR some cheers
This year she finally took the plunge
And joined STUR in the challenge!
Last month they both conquered Open 2021
It was tough of course, but in the end it was fun
During the CrossFit Open, PBun and STUR had a pull up fest -
Were there 30 between the two of them? Ah YES!
Both STUR and PBun had to conquer the dumbbell and the box -
Having someone to cheer for you always ROCKS!

This past weekend is the one Team Rabbit likes a lot
Because the Easter Bunny takes the number one spot!

Easter bitmoji had them laughing about something from back in the day
Do bunnies really poop chocolate eggs? You don't say!!

Monday, February 15, 2021

Virtual Valentine Rap

PBun lined up with TriDot-ers to ride the Serpentine 8 on mountain bikes
There were a few roadies, including one Tron bike - yikes!

She was thrilled to be part of the main pack
And stayed there for the entire ride as a matter of fact
At one point she was even in the lead
No virtual dirt in her face, would you believe?
Brian told them to ride like you just punched a bear in his 'pee pee'
But Chewie was worried about giving birth to something he didn't want to see!!
Vanessa was on board for a video recap
And there was something about caffeine, which today she didn't lack
One person had on pink because Valentine's Day
But most were in the official Zwift TriDot kit - yay!

The bridge was rickety and riders should have gone one at a time
Thankfully it held for all the TriDot-ers...this time!
Question of the day: do you put tape on aero bars?
Absolutely, but this doesn't matter to your avatars!
Krista, who is Canadian, considered using hockey tape for comfort and grip
But just standard bar tape will do the trick
As always, the meet-up was fun and well planned out
Looking forward to the next, without a doubt!
It’s Valentine’s Day! So what does that mean?
Hearts, love, and candy or so it does seem.
Hallmark instructs us to get cards for our sweetie…
Or whisk them off on a trip to Tahiti!
But ladies let’s all get a little bit real -
Society can’t tell us how we’re supposed to feel!
How can we cram all this love into one single day?
Like choosing one item at a chocolate buffet!
Let’s spread friendship and fellowship evenly throughout the year -
With a heavy dose of endorphins sprinkled in - never fear!
To a bad ass group of really strong women STUR made a toast-
“So many muscles, so little time” we can boast!
It was icy Sunday morning on Valentine's Day
It would be a bad idea for an outdoor 5k

So PBun hopped on her treadmill to get it done
And also earned another RNR badge for fun

On Saturday the Beast climbed Zwiftly to the radio tower
And wouldn't you know a goat was there to greet her! 

CBun and HRab were hiking the Appalachian Trail in P-A
Seems like a great way to celebrate hearts day!! 

STUR spent Sunday spinning her legs at the box -
A heart partner workout featuring dumbbells definitely rocks!
Then she splashed around for a noon time swim
Featuring 10 x 100 IM - she went out on a limb!

Monday, February 8, 2021

Super Snowy Rap

On Friday PBun started her day with time trials at swim
A 400 and  200 freestyle for the win!
During the 400 her left goggle filled with water..
She toughed it out like Phelps in Beijing - no bother!
On Saturday morning, STUR did a partner WOD: “Cindy full of Grace!”
All that was needed was a pull-up bar and barbell and not much space!
Getting ready for “Murph” she ran with a group who did a mile first -
Then she ran a mile after - all in one burst!
Meanwhile, PBun had her usual virtual group spin...
She thinks suffering with other TriDot-ers is not a sin!
Right from the start her workout was pretty ugly
The power zones had to be dialed down you see
She was just happy to be able to complete the entire time
Finishing an hour fifty barely in Z2 isn't a crime!
But apparently she double PRd and earned a new kit
And as bad as it was, she level up and got her most 'Ride Ons' yet!

On Superbowl Sunday, PBun went for a run in the wintry mix
Thankfully the roads weren't too slick!
At one point the snow was really coming down
PBun is happy to report she stayed upright on the ground 

Even though it was another yucko wet day,
STUR made it again for a long course swim then got some wall balls out of the way!


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Dandi Snowy Rap

Saturday STUR met up with a girl WOD named “Andi”-
Only 400 reps with the barbell? That sounds dandy!

Meanwhile, PBun headed over to her office
To take care of a couple tasks because of the coming snowy slush
At 11am she was ready on Trixie
For an hour and 50 minute stamina ride - eek
She'll admit that she had to dig deep
But the final 20 in Z2 went better than last week

Somehow she earned a jersey for sprinting
She didn't even know it was happening!
On snowy Sunday STUR was happy to have PBun in her swim lane -
No coach on deck so do whatever is in your brain!

After at spin fit she had a bit of a nutritional fail -
But none the less, through the burpees and push jerks she did sail!
After the long course swim with STUR
PBun got ready for a Zwift 5k indoors
Over 100 runners in her wave - it was fun
She finished near the end but got it done

KBun finally got her bike back up on the KICKR
She's ready to get at it so she can get quicker!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Rabbit Pit Rap

On Saturday STUR did a partner WOD that was quite entertaining -
Even though about some of the movements she was complaining.
Meanwhile, PBun took a little hike
Testing out her new boots? Well all right!
Riley went along too - she's always a good sport
It sure was fun to go explore!

Then it was time for the TriDot virtual group ride
Loops around Innsbruck? She took them in stride
Sunday STUR did her longest run in months…
She got in 6.2 miles and she was pumped!
Sunday morning PBun geared up for another hike with the group
Picked up Laura then headed to Riverbend Park if you want the scoop
So beautiful and calm along the Patowmack
Except for a couple of little scrambles - that was whack! 

Returning home, she did a short run
Then she was ready for some rabbit fun!
PBun hosted a wonderful gathering centered around the fire pit -
The amount of catching up was totally legit!

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

New Year, New Rap

PBun was happy to see 2020 come to an end
But a few good things did actually happen!
Friday started the year with a little 2 mile hike
With a small group of 'hiker babes' if you like

Later she finally did STUR's year end wod
She can tell you now that she has 'the DOMS' 

Saturday she bid farewell to Luna and PGoodz
It was so great to have them for here for a week if you want the truth

At 11am it was time for the virtual group ride on zwift
This time the rubber band held them together - yay for no drift!
Sunday she had her run workout and even did it outside
It was damp but not rainy at that time
STUR started the new year off with a sweet new fire pit -
So far it has warmth that just won't quit!

Saturday she went on the first run of the year-
It had been so long she was relieved to find all her gear.
Sunday was a typical workout routine -
With the use of the assault bike in which she was not so keen...
Swim was in the yard pool and was a little chilly -
Possibly it made her more zippy?

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Carolina Hustle Rap

Santa visited on Friday this year
Lots going on for Team Rabbit, never fear
PBun was up to take part in STUR's KFC WOD
That was 12 Days of Fitmas in case you forgot
Two days later she was still feeling abdominal DOMS
But she'd be the first to say that that isn't wrong!
On Saturday morning PBun and PGoodz ran a virtual 5k
It was the Santa Hustle, complete with Santa beard gaiters for the face

The price of admission included post-race candy and cookies
And of course finisher medals and fun zip up hoodies
Then she was ready on Trixie at 11AM sharp,
For a special Christmas themed virtual group ride to start
The rubber band broke, and one group ended up as three
But you know that she got her workout in anyway
Sunday morning was just a chilly walk with her pup
Avoided the ice patches because she did not want to slip and fall on her butt
For STUR Christmas was a little bit out of the norm...
A family camping trip in North Carolina looking for weather that was warm!

First day WAS warm and that called for a walk on the beach -
Roaring fires at night - freezing temps were in reach!


Christmas Day they decorated the nearest tree around...
Even decorations on the dog could be found!

Fried turkey, white elephant gift exchange , and karaoke singing -
And a zoom call for the family who was missing!