There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Monument Swim Rap

How many rabbits met up on Friday  night? The number was four-
Swimming some distance at the Colonies Zone swim meet- score!!
1650 swimmers - goggles at the ready!

STUR, CBun, and PBun were in for the 1650;
BLUR thought the 1000 would be pretty nifty!
The GMU Aquatic Center is pretty sweet
And the cooler water temps can't be beat!
Here are some GMU Aquatic center views!

STUR and PBun got swim in the same heat next to each other
PBun tried to draft but she couldn't, oh brother!
BLUR started doing her 1000 while their heat was going on
The others got to cheer half or her when they were done
The favor was returned when CBun hit the H2O
For the last heat of the night, don't you know?
PBun trading counting duties with Tamara from Team Z
Who told her about the FB Group for IM Louie!
Happy distance finishers!

The rabbits all went their separate ways after a post swim selfie
But two rabbits apparently got McDonald's fries you see
Saturday morning PBun breezed on down to R-VA
It was time for the Monument Ave 10k!
Snagged an excellent garage parking spot
And the port a potty situation was again top notch
PBun got a selfie with this same lady last year!

Saw another gal sporting some bunny ears
Rabbit ears selfie? Of course, never fear!
Killed time hanging out by the F corral
To get to her wave TA would take a while
Cool building to hang out by while waiting on her wave!

Got to give a shout out of War Eagle to a dude
Then saw Alf and some Power Ranger guys who weren't rude!
PBun found her wave!
Which reminds her of a song...

In the TA corral saw rabbit ears behind her
Another rabbit ears selfie? Why sure!
More rabbit ears!!

On the way back of the out and back course she saw T-Rex
Was he going to get her? She didn't have time to kvetch!
This is not Jurassic Park...

Enjoyed all the music along the way
Had fun with a cow selfie then a spirit tunnel, yay!

The volunteers and music always rocks on Monument Ave!

Near the finish saw a sign and thought of STUR:
"You could be doing burpees, it could be worse?!"
But not for STUR cause she's the queen
Of doing burps if you know what we mean!
Got her medal and grub and didn't stick around
Headed to head back home is where she was bound!
Hot 10k - check!

Meanwhile it was 35 and raining in Detroit city...
RBug hopped on the treadmill and got down to the nitty-gritty!
She decided to join PBun for a virtual 10k...
Made the time pass easier that way!
Meanwhile there was more CZ swimming going on
Three rabbits today: CBun, STUR, and the Beast swam strong
CBun and STUR wore the Team Rabbit suit?
Maybe not but they sure looked cute!
The 'official' suit of Team Rabbit?!

Later that afternoon NanWa visited PBun with her hubs
DavWa was going to switch out her kitchen lights - no troubs!
First one went in quick like a bunny
No bulb required? Nope - just diodes!
Which reminded PBun of another song...

The second needed some additional assistance - it wasn't funny
Wavy track lighting over the sink!

In the end both of the lights look so fab
And getting to spend time with friends wasn't bad!
PBun (aka GinWe) loves spending time with NanWa!

At day two of the CZ meet STUR was inspired to try something new:
She entered and swam the 200IM - its true!
BLUR scored a second place medal for the 1000 free -
Hard work and practice pays off - woo whee!
BLUR matches her medal!

The Beast collected 3 medals including first for 200 fly:
One of the toughest events around - my oh my!
The Beast's medal haul!
Doing the 200 fly is pretty beastly!

Sunday started off humid and warm...
BLUR and STUR met early to avoid an impending storm.
Wonder why the Parkway will be closed?
Hmm, perhaps a race! What race?

At Ft. Hunt STUR ran around the loop to make 8 miles;
And BLUR was riding her bike all the while!
In the end BLUR finished up with a bit of a brick,
While STUR finished her burpees before it rained - slick!!
CBun was at day three of the CZ meet
Her team considers this their spring A race - neat!
She killed her first ever 100 IM
Knocked lots of seconds off understand?
She participated in a 4x400 free relay
Her group earned a first place medal as you can see!
Yay for the Reston Master's 4x400 relay team!

Meanwhile, PBun sort of slept in late
Got Jeff on the way to get in a bike ride was her fate
Started off it was a smidge cool but sunny
Didn't need a jacket and warmed up nicely
Had a nice tail wind all the way out
To the turn around st Smith's Switch Station without a doubt
Headed back there was a lot of headwind with which to contend
Then the temperature dropped and the clouds rolled in
In Herndon stopped at Green Lizard Cycling for fun
The coffee bar smelled fab and made them want some!
It's the Green Lizard!

Last but not least they got some rain
But got it done all the same!
PBun's bike views!

Winnie the Pooh would have thought it was a Blustery Day
But a little Starbucks took the chill away
Later on PBun went headed over to a different Starbucks
It was her final get together with RBud - aw shucks.
Sunday afternoon STUR got in a swim for the fourth day in a row...
Even though the swim last Thursday seems like a long time ago.

Monday, April 9, 2018

How We Roll Rap

Friday afternoon PBun finally got out for a ride
Candy 2.0 was her trusty guide
By the end their miles totaled 15.75
Then headed to the Wizards game - no jive
Saturday morning three rabbits met up at the pool-
Easily got some open lanes - cool!
BLUR got in 2000 steady and strong -
She "may" have had a bit of trouble counting...is that wrong?
The Beast and STUR did their own thing -
Lots of stroke work their workout would bring!
Meanwhile PBun was over at Audrey Moore
And 2500 yards was her final score
PBun, waiting to get started!
The pool is still nice and calm.

Ended up knocking out some butterfly
It's her favorite stroke, wonder why?
After headed over to STUR's to go to pick up their race stuff
Metro to Judiciary Square and the Building Museum with little fuss
STUR and PBun are ready for their run!

Back at STUR's they met up with KBun
Then it was time for a lunch run!
Panera was delish!

After a good meal at Panera they left to do their thing
Had to wait for a driver doing what she was doing
Sunday morning STUR and PBun got a ride from JRab the chauffeur -
To the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler - they were on time for sure!
So pretty and peaceful before the race! (What race?)

First up a Washington Monument selfie
Such a pretty view to say the least
Still bundled up here!

Waiting around for the race to start they were rather chilly...
Time to go to bag check and strip the layers - really?!!
Which way do we go? Oh - thanks!

First STUR hit the ground to knock out some burpees
Working on 70 on this Sunday
Waiting to get into the corrals!

Soon after the start, STUR called out a reckless annoying dude!
"Shut up bunny lady" is what she heard back- how rude!
Ended up passing same guy around mile seven...
That's what he gets for his aggression.
PBun took it easy trying set a steady pace
This was her longest run since the High Bridge race!
KBun spotted her around mile 3
Called her out because of her ears you see!
Then what do you know, around mile 5.5
KBun passed by with a flash - no jive!
She looked steady and was running strong
Amazing for someone who didn't sleep very long!
Then PBun had to make a quick pit stop
Ended up taking 9 minutes - hurry up people! Chop, chop!!
After starting again she ran a mile
Then finally peeled her jacket off with a smile
Continued to run, getting stronger as she got closer to the end
Finally crossed the finish line and met up with her KBun friend!
Then they connected with STUR and took a ride
And got some brunch then donuts - no lie!
Post race pancake selfie!
That is they were waiting on their pancakes!

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! The unofficial treat of Team Rabbit?!

This is how Team Rabbit rolls
Always lots of laughs – no rigmarole!
All in all it was a successful bunny race
And STUR finished her 19th in a row for goodness' sake!

STUR is an amazing #CB10Streaker

Monday, April 2, 2018

Fools Rap

Saturday morning PBun was up before her alarm
Kind of a bummer but really no harm
Got to the pool and L4 had the whole place
But she ended up with only two lane mates
Got in 2700 yards that included 3x100 IM
To bad the water was warm again!
After that it was time for her run
A fork in the path? Should be fun!
She got in a nice gradual uphill climb
Hopefully it'll help when it's Mt. Summit time!
PBun's running views!
Cut her run short as she developed a hot spot
A blister on the bottom of her right foot? What a crock!
BLUR and STUR were the first ones in the pool on Saturday-
They had to get a lane- no time to play!
BLUR practiced a straight 1000 for Colonies Zone swim meet -
Got a solid time - what a treat!
STUR did a typical 4000 workout...
Getting in lots of meters is what it's all about!
Scooted over to the box for something new:
Spin Fit class at the CrossFit Kingstown - woo-hoo!'
STUR then went outside for a very short jaunt-
So now a mini tri she can flaunt!
Then she and JRab headed over to Lowe's
What were they doing there you suppose?
On a mission to find a special tree...
To dedicate to sweet Tessie's memory!
That afternoon PBun got to hang out with NanWa - yay
Lunch, a Wizards game, and Starbucks to celebrate NanWa's birthday!
Hard to believe it's been 40 years since the Fat Lady sang!
Wizards punched their ticket to the playoffs with a win
PBun is looking forward to this of course, it's not a sin! 
Bring on the Playoffs!
They also snagged an Otto Porter, Jr. bobblehead
PBun is sending hers to PGoodz instead! 
Otto!! Repping The District!
Sunday morning PBun was up again before the alarm went off
But managed to go back to sleep this time  - don’t scoff!
Once finally up it was time to powerlift
Headed to the Playground if you get her drift
It was chest and biceps day!
One teammate was celebrating a birthday – no foolin’
She showed up with Duck Donuts…PBun might have been drooling!
On Easter morning STUR had lots of time to hit the trail
She just knew she would run- but didn't consider much detail.
Started off and soon encountered  a downed tree:
No hurdling of trees required!
Glad it went down opposite the path - oh gee!
Such perfect running weather had STUR going further than she meant to...
A little over 9 miles she did accrue!
The Beast and Mike went to New York on a bus
Passover with family was worth all the fuss.
They spent an afternoon at the theater -
The play got thumbs up from them for sure!
Two Thumbs Up!
KBun went for a run - a half marathon in length -
Running along the canal and seeing many eagles gives her strength!
Later in the afternoon PBun and her son went to see family for Easter dinner
And on the way back a drive through memory lane was a winner!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Thrusters Rap

Saturday morning PBun got up to swim
Even moved up a lane for the win!
Got in a solid 2600 then skedaddled over to STUR's box
After a stop for some coffee which rocked
This weekend STUR felt extraordinarily lucky-
She got visits at her CrossFit box from not one but TWO bunnies!!
Cheering at the Open is the most fun!

PBUN and BLUR came over to cheer;
They saw a fast and furious 7 minutes - never fear!
STUR was paired up with Stephanie
They cheered while counting for each other - woowee!
STUR and Stephanie really rocked 18.5!

18.5 was an ascending set of thrusters and jumping pull-ups
So nice to have PBUN document the last open workout-aw shucks!
STUR also did skedaddle but to the Chinquapin pool -
Meeting the Beast to do a workout was cool!
Near the end, both rabbits did an amazing thing:
All the way down the pool in butterfly no breaths- zing!
PBun was back home - she had more work on tap
Was there a run involved? Natch!
But STUR's performance inspired her you see
And 21-15-9 thrusters and kettlebell swings is what was to be
Later there was a rabbit gathering over at BLUR's new pad
The view from the windows was pretty rad!

They celebrated an upcoming birthday bunny
With candles on brownies - how funny!
PBun thinks candles on anything is good...

Got to meet cute little Jelly Bean
And photo-bombs are always a scream!
Jelly Bean just turned 2!

Sunday morning dawned cold and windy -
STUR met BLUR at Fort Hunt park and here's the skinny…
BLUR broke another personal cycling record-
Her bike training fierceness can't be ignored!
And 12.7 miles was her final tally -
Feeling good on the bike makes her happy!
Meanwhile STUR did a solid 5 mile run -
Afterwards 84 burpees - always fun!!!
Meanwhile PBun was back at the powerlifting place
Squats – lots of them were on tap in this case!
Hakuna Masquata! It means great booty!!

Back at home she did a recovery spin
Just 90 minutes of this discipline!
On Sunday afternoon STUR did skedaddle again back to a familiar place:
Just masters swim at Chinquapin- it's not a race.
She got in a solid 4000 with a nice 4 people in her lane-
Big race coming up this summer- she's not training in vain!
PBun later headed over to the Capital One Arena to see the Wizards
It was the 40th Anniversary event of the 1978 Bullets Championship. Word!
The Wizards lost, but halftime was still neat
And seeing the Bullets name on the jumbotron couldn’t be beat!
PBun has #BulletsFever

STUR starting 18.5!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Deadlift Rap

Friday night STEB did part one of her powerlifting meet
The 100% RAW Potomac Open can't be beat

The meet was held at the Tyson's Playground -
You know, that's where on Sundays STEB can be found!
Strict curl is what was on tap
She had three tries with the easy bar - that's a fact

STEB had fun with the ladies from the team!
Her first two curls were spot on
But on the third her form was wrong
In the end it was a success
And STEB and her teammates all got crazy trophies for this quest!
#GirlsWhoCurl and their Coach!
Photo credit: Sara!
Saturday morning was the PL meet part two
That meant lots more lifting to do! 
Happened to fall on St. Patrick's Day
Were folks in the spirit of things? You might say! 
For squat, bench, and deadlift she again had three tries each
This time she went 3 for 3 and two PRs were in her reach
STEB ready to squat!
Photo credit: Laura
STEB ready to bench!
Photo credit: Laura
STEB deadlifting!Photo credit: STUR
STEB was inspired by all her bad@$$ teammates
And the other strong lifters for goodness sake 
Happy to have STUR there to support and cheer
And other PL teammates - never fear!
The coach coached his mom to some world records - how rad!
And the chalk can leave funny hand prints - understand?
Hand prints on the new world record holder / coach's mom!
All in all it was a successful day
STEB is now PBun - Powerlifting Bunny - you don't say?
STUR had a blast watching STEB power lift -
Impressive form and strength - get her drift?
Before she did this she got in 6.9 miles running...
Did it in her 'hood - there would be no hill shunning!
On Sunday, STUR didn't have to rise too early for Open Workout 18.4
Deadlifts, push-ups, and bear crawls - that was the score!
Arrived at the box in plenty of time to warm up...
Were lots of peeps there for the workout? Yup!
Set up and it was time to start - quick!
All the deadlifts she wanted to stick!
Once the timer said go she went to work!
She really likes push-ups - that's a perk.
Got in 133 various reps in the 9 minute cap:
That was worth a great big hand slap!
She then got to the pool 30 minutes early...
It was too crowded to jump in, but she wasn't surly!
She eventually got in 4200 meters;
Even though her energy did start to peter...
Meanwhile PBun tried to sleep late....
But that didn't happen, so up early was her fate
Ended up doing an easy recovery ride and run
But it was mostly a lazy day for that bun!
STEB's deadlifting video is below - this one is from teammate Laura!