There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Clash Rap

STUR had a little bit of trouble getting up on Saturday morning-
She's pretty nuts about her new dog Lazlo - fair warning!
Lazlo is so cute!

Stayed up late on Friday getting to know him a bit-
He's pretty cute and fun - she must admit!
Got a little later start than she wanted for her run-
Three plus hours until she is done.
Started from Fort Hunt and first ran towards DC -
She had a series of out and backs planned you see!
Back to the car and next out towards Mount Vernon -
Going to be slow and steady - that's for certain!
This time back she meets up with BLUR who is ready to ride -
STUR will finish her run on the Fort Hunt side.
BLUR fought some wind to get in her miles -
STUR finally finished 16 and was all smiles!
Meanwhile PBun headed to Masters Swim at Audrey Moore
It had been a while since Saturday morning practice there for sure
Afterwards headed home to get started on her run
Just an hour and a half – she was not feeling good in the sun
Saturday afternoon some rabbits gathered for a college football game
The Clash of the Tigers would prove to be insane!
Even got to see Spirit’s War Eagle pregame flight
War Eagle and Go Tigers! Or Geaux Tigers?

Then the teams were geared up - ready to fight!
CBun's team started out on top...
Then PBun's came back and she thought that rocked!
But in the end CBun's Tigers prevailed
With a field goal as time expired, oh well!
CBun walked into enemy territory!!!

The rabbits had a grand time of course
With a little talk of future races, and no remorse.
Race planning is the most fun!

Sunday morning alarm arrived way too early
It was going to be a long day, surely
Met up with Jeff then headed out in the dark to get KBun
They headed to Cambridge, MD for some bike fun
Was not sure what the weather or the course would hold
They weren’t too worried, truth be told
Crossing over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge it was really foggy
But as they continued on the sun started peeking out you see!
They arrived in Cambridge around 8:30 AM
And before 9:00 AM wheels were down and they were rolling
Look at that blue sky!

Temp was a comfortable 72 degrees
Along with a light breeze
Around one mile before the ‘hill’
Things got interesting if you will:
Jeff paddling - err pedaling through the drink!

They biked a mile through some pretty high water, no jest!
A guy in a truck coming the other way said “get a life vest”
Flood Area - Really?

Once they got over the top hill to the other side
Quick rest stop at the porta potty was nice
Well hi there, Floyd Frog!

Share the facility with a cute little frog
Guess he did not want to get waterlogged!
The group continued on their way
Only one more high water spot to traverse through that day!
Jeff and KBun previously stated that IMMD loop is easier than Eagleman
PBun now agrees with that, understand?
Once they arrived back at the Rabbit-mobile
Decided a modified loop would be a better deal
Did not want to go swimming on the road again
Because more water IN the wheels might not be a good thing!
This pavilion would be really cool for a party...without the wasps!

On the second loop took a rest at the Harriet Tubman Visitor Center
But when the wasps started circling, they high-tailed it away from that danger!
PBun's bench selfie?

Finally arrived back at the car
KBun and Jeff decided to do a little bit more
PBun started on her brick run
It was hot on the blacktop in the sun
After KBun finished her brick
Off to Goose Creek Market real quick
Then over to Great Marsh Park for a short swim
But PBun stayed in the car instead
On Sunday a small mix up had masters starting late-
But STUR swam like a crazy bunny and 2.4 miles was her fate!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Bad Ass Rap

STUR wanted to get a swim in on Saturday-
Since there would be no swim in her tri- no way!
She got in a short swim at Mount Vernon Rec -
Crowded because Chinquapin was closed she suspects!
Met CBun for lunch and Reston Tri packet pick up -
Did they have a view of Lake Thoreau as they ate? Yup!
If they can't have blue skies they'll take blue shirts!

Pasta dinner and early to bed -
If you thought the next day would be sunny, you were misled!
Saturday morning PBun had a plan
Walk a lot of miles in 3 hours, understand?
Riley, always happy for a walk!

Took Riley out for the first mile
The headed to Lake Accotink with her water bottle and a smile
Her route included a creek that she went over
Over Backlick Run...

And then the Beltway – which she went under
And under the Beltway!

Along the way she added an extra mile-ish loop
On Long Pine Drive if you want the scoop
Once she arrived at the lake she took a quick pic
Then it was time for her return trip
Skipped the extra part on Long Pine
Returned back home with a solid nine!
Later that day she met up with the Beast
To head to Richmond for a catered training day to say the least
Arrived at the hotel and got checked in bikes and all
Then off to find some food and perhaps a side trip to Marshall's?
The Specialized Mafia!

Errands all done, they settled in for the night...
Wondered what the morning weather would be like
STUR woke up to a nice steady rain -
Put the bike on the car and sped away, feeling insane!
The day reminded STUR of Lake Placid '08 -
Rain, rain all day would be their fate!
For a completely different reason the swim was a no go:
Apparently some dangerous algae had begun to show.
STUR found CBun and all they could do is laugh -
They were feeling somewhat stupid but mostly bad ass!
Therefore the athletes would start on the track -
A 2.4 mile run they would do - and that's a fact!
Started off in waves and got it done -
Now time to bike in the rain - this would be…fun?
STUR had heavily considered not getting on her bike -
But peer pressure got her to do it - psych!
Three loops was a challenge to see the least…
Especially when these rabbits trained very little - sheesh!
STUR breezed into T2 - so happy that was done…
CBun was there too- they were ready to run!
One problem is their feet were frozen solid -
Nothing you could do - so on they plodded!
The trail was full of leaves and super slippery
For STUR going down the hills was extra tricky.
FINALLY STUR and CBun were on the South Lakes track-
Unbelievable weather - totally whack!
Received their medal, towel and a hat -
Even had pizza left over, how 'bout that?
They did it!

Insane? Or bad ass? A little of BOTH!

Morning arrived in Richmond – they had some rain and wind
But things were a go, and they headed out - without chagrin!
The plan originally was a full distance swim and bike
Biking one or two loops - you decide
Both were opting to skip the swim
Then indecisionitis hit and they did it on a whim!
A little view of the James!

The shuttle boat actually had to turn around to get the wayward swimmers
Then 2.4 miles up under the WWII Veterans Memorial Bridge is where they entered the water
Nine brave souls started on their way
A swim with the current, you don't say?
The had an escort of the shuttle boat and three kayaks
Everyone pretty much stayed in a line. Fact.
PBun had her fastest 2.4 mile swim ever
And she didn't even give it much effort
After the swim, just four remained...
These were the ones headed out to bike one loop in the drizzly rain
The Beast and PBun, ready for Hammer time!

PBun made it to the first aid stop
And decided she did not want to go on
The Beast continued with their new friend Brian
Who Saturday just happened to race 40 running trail miles!
The Beast and Brian soldiered on!

PBun took the sag back to the parking lot
Resting and warmed up till the others returned - that hit the spot.
Jay and Peluso Open Water Swimming really made it a fun training day
Despite the weather, PBun and the Beast were glad they went down to play!
Thanks for the support out there, Jay!

After trainer time on Saturday KBun rode over on the Eastern Shore
Where she went about 25 miles, and not one more
She and Lionel got a shuttle driver for the bridge
So she could do the supported ride in Cambridge
It was chilly and windy with a little bit of rain
But she got some time in the saddle on the road, just the same.
There she saw a few familiar faces and made a new friend
Hopefully next weekend she and PBun will be out there again!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Reston Repeat Rap

Saturday STUR had a pretty low key day-
She had meant to take the entire day off but "hey...."
Ended up on her trainer for an hour-
For that amount of time she had the power!
Next morning STUR went over to Reston-
The practice tri swim would be lots of fun.
Lovely day for an open water swim!

She met up with CBun in line for registration
Then listened to the pre swim talk - LOTS of information!
FINALLY got to swim on a brand new route
The course was longer than a mile - nobody would dispute!
Time to dry off and hit the bikes...
Two loops on the Reston bike course- they are psyched!
Both rabbits breezed through with no problem at all-
They remembered the hills - they had good recall.
Reston Oly, here they come!

They hope they are ready for next weekend -
The Reston Olympic Tri is just around the bend!
Later that day these two rabbits schemed to watch some football-
CBun knew about an LSU alumni event y'all!
JRab joined them to cheer on the Tigers -
Could their spirits have been any higher?
The Tigers beat the 'Canes!

The Beast got a super early start as per the usual
With Morgan, tackled repeats of speed and hills - they were able!
Way to go, guys!

STUR popped up on Labor Day to get to work -
But the weather was really being a jerk!
She melted as she stepped out the door -
But all this free time to run she couldn't ignore!
It was a hot one!

Ran from her door to National Airport -
She meant to go further but cut it a bit short -
But this looks nice!

Had to make a stop at CVS for some items:
Water and Advil were definitely vital!
Water and Advil - check!

Made it home where the Farmington hill was a killer -
She did feel a bit better after some painkillers!
Decided to extend time on feet by a walk to 7-Eleven
One more mile for a Slurpee equals heaven!
For the entire weekend PBun ended up laying low
Seems she took an unscheduled recovery weekend, don't you know?

Monday, August 27, 2018

Camp Reston Rap

STUR started a run on Saturday at just about the crack-
Sun comes up so much later now- that's sad and whack!
Headed to Fort Hunt Park to start her jaunt -
BLUR would meet her later at this old haunt!
Ran out and almost to Mount Vernon -
It was 30 minutes so she would be "a turning!"
Back to Fort Hunt to meet BLUR and her bike -
Another hour of running for STUR if you like!
BLUR and STUR are at it again!

The rabbits would commence to going around the loop-
Both got in a great workout- that's the scoop!
With 11 miles for STUR and 10 miles for BLUR -
Are they training for tris and ultras? Yes sir!
Saturday morning PBun headed to Providence REC
Time for
L4 Masters swim practice Kim was the coach on deck
Had fun swimming with new peeps
They did a 4x125 progressive IM, which was neat
After swim, PBun had a wardrobe mishap
Had to swing by her house that’s a fact!
Then headed over to Audrey Moore
To run from there to Lake Accotink and back for sure
Ready to hit the trail!

After she arrived over at the lake
Tried a different path that wasn’t a mistake
The lake looks so peaceful in the morning.

Along here she had at least three bridge crossings
Saw kids fishing and doing some rock skipping.
Her turn around was at Yankee Field
Not the one in NYC which would have been a bit unreal
Damn Yankees!

And on the way back stopped under the trestle of the O&A
Pretty cool view, wouldn’t you say?
PBun loves to read all the signs, but there's never enough time on a run (or ride)!

Meanwhile, STUR collected up JRAB and headed to a familiar place -
It was Prince William Forest Park in this case.
They were going to do some camping right out of their truck-
Weather was beautiful- they were in luck!
Found their site and JRab got to work on the tent-
Kept going until he was finished- he would not relent.
The truck tent is almost ready!

They set out on a hike on such a nice day-
STUR added 3 more miles to her mileage- no way!
She also did many burpees right on a tarp -
But kept hitting her hand on things that were sharp!
Time to cook dinner right on the fire-
Hot dogs and s'mores is what they did desire!

Who wants more s'mores?!

Played backgammon by the light of a head lamp-
Now it's time to sleep like a champ!
Zipped up the tent for the night-
So very quiet and dark alright!
Later that day she skedaddled over to a family function
Celebrated her aunt's 91st Birthday, what fun
The birthday 'girl' with her cake!
Sunday morning PBun was up super early
It was time for the 80 mile ride of RBC Century
Ready to roll!

Started off on her own there was no set time
Pretty laid back just like CBun had said - it was just fine
A guy rode by and said, "on your left Trixie!"
Maybe he thought that was PBun's name actually?
A sign stated "It's just a hill so get over it!"
PBun did, but she can tell you it wasn’t quick!!
PBun said she has TACO ride again...

Another sign noted that, "Quitting is not an option yet."
PBun won't - on that you can bet!!
What goes down must go up
People; it's time to embrace the suck!
This is a high school! Loudoun County High School - home of the Raiders!

Trixie received a lot of compliments
PBun wishes she could ride her as fast as she's meant!
The final rest stop had a special treat
Many slices of cold watermelon can’t be beat!
PBun could have finished ALL the watermelon!

The last 10 miles seemed kind of tough
It was pretty  hot by then, sure enough
She did it!

Right away headed out on her run brick
Walk run intervals did the trick
PBun didn't stay long at the finish line festival
But the ice cream bars from Schwan's were delightful
For STUR and JRab after a breakfast of bacon and eggs -
Packed up the food and left - all of the dregs!
Back at home STUR added more time on her feet -
The walk to the Old Town Pool made it complete!
Swam with the Beast and other masters friends -
She ended with 2.4 miles in the end!
KBun has gotten back in the pool and on her bike trainer
And a long run on the Mount Vernon trail was a no brainer! 
The Beast also knocked out a long ride and run
It is agreed that Ironman training is tiring but fun!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

10-10 Down Rap

This weekend the rabbits were focused on the number 10
But there might have been others as well, amen!
On Friday, STUR and JRab skedaddled on up to the mitten...
With the Swim to the Moon race- STUR is smitten!
After a nap in the hotel they went out for grub-
And ended up at this very unique pub!
In Hell, Michigan it was called the Hell Saloon-
Skulls, bats, and creepy critters decorated the room.
Saturday morning PBun headed over the Bay Bridge
She planned to ride Trixie over yonder in Cambridge!
Got a little bit later start than she wanted…
But made the most of the time she had!
Before she got going she heard a sound
This bird was mocking her down on the ground!
The bird appeared to be laughing and saying, "uh, uh, uh!"

Another sunflower field was spotted along her route
This one was a surprise, but a sunflower selfie without a doubt!
Surprise! More sunflowers!

Finally got a picture of the church she had spotted before
Oak Grove M. E. Church South circa 1874!
PBun was so happy to finally snap a picture of this church!

Stopped at the Harriet Tubman Visitor Center again
It was so peaceful that early in the morning
The Eagleman bike course was where she did a loop
Then a loop within the loop – that is the scoop!
Followed that up with a 30 minute run
It was toasty but a little breezy under the sun.
CBun and BLUR were off to Midlothian, VA
To swim the Down River Rip - you don’t say?
The river looks amazing this morning!

They ran into triathlon friend Frank while there…
Would there be another sighting that weekend somewhere?
Their water was warm so not wetsuits allowed
But the river had a current and helped them swim down!
The current was strong and the swim did not seem long
So later when BLUR's cheer squad arrived,
Of her finish were deprived!
As she was ashore and already dried
It seems the current gave the swimmers a ride!
But with plenty of cheer they came,
Including a dolphin balloon which they gave
BLUR with her blue dolphin balloon!

And CBun and Blur were happy with their day
And had fun swimming along the way!
STUR did her swim packet pick-up thing on Saturday - score!
Seeing the lake and getting body marked early wasn't a chore!
Dinner meant some pasta and bread…
Early to bed, so the crack alarm they wouldn't dread.
Later in the afternoon, PBun picked up KBun
Headed to Annapolis to spend the night for the win
To save a good hour on Sunday morning to get to the race
As they only had four miles to drive to the Navy Marine Corps Stadium place
They were ready for the Annapolis 10 miler
KBun had never done this event before!
This was KBun’s first time back since the HHPP ride
She took her crash and recovery in stride!
Sunday morning, arriving at Halfmoon Lake -
Still very dark- not even daybreak!
Sun coming up - time for the pre-race briefing-
As always the RD's thick Michigan accent was unceasing!
Hopped in the water time trial style -
Different than other years so it took a while.
And..she's off!

So excited to swim - first mile went fast-
Going through Halfmoon Lake is always a blast!
Passed by the first feed boat and hooked a left-
Next up swimming under a bridge is the best
Snaking along passing by many lake houses and docks-
Already the mile two feed boat? That rocks!
Picked up a sip of Gatorade-
She didn't want her energy to fade!
Through the tunnel and into Lake Patterson-
Soon will reach the beach- only half done!
Grabbed some Gatorade and a Gu from her bag-
Gotta swim 5k back- it's not a drag!
STUR crushing her 10keh ows!

Headed back the same way and through the tunnel again-
Feed boat at mile four for the win!
STUR admits she was feeling really good until mile five-
To make it back through Halfmoon Lake- she'd have to strive.
Her mantra became "just swim to that horse!"
It was the half mile swim's turn around buoy of course.
Quarter mile to go - STUR was aware of the time-
One last push got her a PR - that's fine!
Scrambled on shore - collected her medal and towel-
Gonna stand in line for some pancakes- she had the power!
"I think that was a PR!"
STUR rocked another open water marathon swim!

Meanwhile, K and P Bun arrived promptly to packet pick up
Snagged a great parking spot that involved a little luck!
Ran into aforementioned Frank under the pavilion
He hopped on over and said hi with a grin
Mentioned he had seen two rabbits the day before
That would of course be CBun and BLUR!
Started the race with 3,000 of their friends
But first visited Bobby’s Pottys again
And they are now ready to start!
Started off with a lap around the stadium
Then meandered to downtown Annapolis which was awesome!
The picture doesn't do this view justice!
(And that car is probably not supposed to be parked there!)

Planned to run / walk throughout the entire 10
The Bun’s stuck together except when P hit the potty again…
She ran up ahead so she could meet KBun after
But had to wait for her turn which seemed like forever
KBun then actually passed her by…
Then after PBun really had to fly!
Ohhh, they're over halfway there...!

Caught up and finished out the race together
Also got a glimpse and later a video of the juggler!
The juggler is so fun!
(See the juggler video below!)

He was ‘Rocking the Red’ while juggling Caps hockey sticks
The dude is so creative and fun – what a trip!
KBun saw a guy from the Howard ER
Running as medical staff - he kept an eye on her!
KBun with a colleague from Howard who ran as medical staff!

One volunteer was really enthusiastic and amazing
With his umbrella hat he did great cheering!
This dude was so great - there at the beginning and at the end!

The rabbits crossed the finish line together
This was a victory lap for KBun – which makes it better than ever!
At the start and finish ran by one of the Blue Angels jets
Not quite the Thunderbirds but just as cool you can bet!
Blue Angels - not Hell's Angels!

Had fun taking this photo after they got their finish swag
Make no bull about it, they might add!
Posing with the Navy mascot!