There's always room for another race!

There's always room for another race!

Monday, October 9, 2017

High Bridge Rap

Friday night  STUR, STEB, and CBun…
Headed to Farmville to do a run
Made it there safely in CBun's new Subaru
In their pajamas and then bed by 10:30 - woo-hoo!
Didn't hit too much traffic along the way
Worked on some plans for Kona you don't say
In the morning it was time for the High Bridge Ultra 50k
The Rabbits were really looking forward to their day!  
Course map with aid stations marked!

Race was a point to point on the High Bridge Trail
Parked at the finish without fail
Here they go!

For the start you had to take a bus to get there
After a short talk it was time for the running hares
Immediately after the starting "gun"
The three Rabbits settled into a run/walk ratio of 4:1.
At one point the Rabbits had to run a "test mile"
No clue what that meant but they took it in style.
They think they passed the test!

The Rabbits stayed together until the first aid station-
STUR ate oranges and used the restroom- just like a vacation
STEB partook in some Tailwind Nutrition
She had thought the race director was joking in the pre-race briefing!
A little history...

Next up headed for the bridge in which the race is named -
Such a lovely trail - very wide and well maintained
This bridge was very cool!
STUR and STEB had fun suspended over the river...
Only 125 feet up - looking over the edge can make you shiver!
High Bridge hi-jinks!

The actual course was mostly flat
Except for the last couple of miles which was whack!
After crossing the bridge STUR and STEB changed to 2:1
This is the ratio that would get it done!
Two minute warning meant time for a run break?
They thought that was for the walk for goodness sake!
STUR fueled her race with peanut butter sandwiches and Coke-
The heat and humidity were certainly no joke!
All six aid stations were very well stocked:
Pickles and ice cold towels really rocked!
A little Farmville love!

At about "a half marathon" in they had a stop at the cute town of Farmville -
Getting your own personal crossing guard was certainly a thrill!
"I've been training months to hold this sign!"
Gave them a boost and a laugh - just in time.
Team Rabbit LOVED this sign!

Hard Times Road - kind of made them laugh, too
Hey - at least things were flat and didn't go up like a Category 2...
No chili, either...
Wait, it wasn't Hard Times Cafe Road!

You definitely knew when the end was in sight
End of Trail? That was sure alright! 
The end is near!!

The bunnies reconvened at the finish line
Fried chicken, cookies, and cold cola? That sounds just fine!
Put a fork in them - they are DONE!

Tri Adventure put on a really great event
Everyone was so nice all the way to the end!
It seems they had not quite gotten their chicken fill!
So they drove over to a Chick-fil-A in Farmville
Over by the Longwood University campus, don't you know?
For more refreshments for the trip back to NOVA
They made good time on the way back home…
Next up is the KBun Ironman Kona show!!

Finisher photos from the organizer's album!
CBun did it!

Here comes STUR!

STEB is done!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Battle Rap

STEB officially named her new wheels Candy 2.0

On Friday she christened her on the North Springfield loop!
Candy 2.0!

Felt like she hadn't ridden in about a year
To top it off she is still figuring out the gears!
Before this she'd never used Shimano 105
She vows to get the knack of it before the Great Pumpkin Ride!
Saturday morning STUR did NOT have to get up at the crack-
A 10:00 am race start meant more time in the sack!
The race was called the fall in love 10K-
Another race on the tow path - yay!
Flat and the temperature was perfect -
The weather gods felt sorry for us last weekend I suspect!
Accessed the race from Rosslyn and the key bridge-
Did she do more than 10K? Just a smidge!
STEB got up a little bit earlier it seems
She was going to double up on her training.
First up was a 2200 yard practice with masters swim
She got in a lot of fly too, for the win!
The water was gloriously cool on Saturday!

Next up she planned to run from Audrey Moore to Lake Accotink
Though now some of the trail has been paved, you think?
STEB's favorite NOVA pool for a Saturday morning swim!

Looked in a tunnel for Pennywise,
Happy he wasn't lurking inside...
No red balloons floating down there, either...

She also went all the way around and up to the gateAnd happened upon a fitness challenge which looked great.
One nice volunteer took time to answer STEB's questions and show her the course map.
Looks like a fun event for a wonderful cause!
Go Time Fitness was the one
They raise money for the Yellow Ribbon Fund*
STEB had a cool shindig to attend on Saturday night
For her 35th high school reunion and it was alright!
That was such a long time ago!

Met up over at Ned Devine’s
And had their own little party room off to the side
Her favorite teacher was there, too
STEB wished she’d spent more time with her, though.
Also not at the crack- STUR met the beast at the pool-
They usually don't swim on Sunday morning as a rule.
Got in 4000 meters including many 25 sprints -
The butterfly ones certainly made them wince.
Sunday afternoon there was a little rabbit meeting
To see a "Battle of the Sexes" movie screening
The rabbits gave it two ears up
Amazing what one person’s actions helped get done!

Afterwards there might have been some Nando’s Peri Peri
Was it good? Oh yes – very, VERY!
Their chicken is yummy!

*Click here to donate to the Yellow Ribbon Fund!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Double Trouble Rap

Saturday three rabbits did the Dulles Day 10K  race –
They were going to run on runway 1R in this case!
Running on the runway was a very cool experience!

Getting to the race, the Rabbits got to walk through Udvar-Hazy-
Seeing all the planes in the early am- sure was crazy!
There was even an SR71 Blackbird there
Which would have been awesome to see flying in the air! 
Check out that stealthy SR71 in the background!

Before the race they got to hang out with Barbie and his wife
He is going to do the MCM next month how nice
Always fun to find friends before the start!

Got to see Kim's husband as well
Hopefully this year's race his 5th straight went swell!
Ready to roll!

To start the race we heard music from Top Gun -
This got us psyched and ready to run!
STUR started off way too fast-
This kind of pace certainly wouldn't last.
The course was one big out and back-
Seeing the United plane so close- sure was whack!
Not sure what type of engine this is....maybe a Pratt & Whitney?
United Boeing 757

CBun and STUR wish they had brought along hydration-
STEB brought her handheld- it was her salvation.
A nice view of the terminal over yonder!

It had been years since STEB had walked on a runway
Reminded her of FOD walks from back in her Air Force days
Foreign object damage can be pretty bad
Because engine damage would be a drag
A couple dressed like a pilot and stewardess were running, too
STEB got a selfie with them – they were so cute!
They were so nice to stop for a picture with STEB!

The rabbits rejoined at the finish line
And checked out the bling
It's not always about the medals, but they are cool!

And then the sky! 
The clouds looked very cool!

After the race it was back through the museum
And a quick stop at the Little Stinker, you had to see 'em!
The Little Stinker is so cute!

Read about it here, too!

Saturday afternoon STEB hung out with her friend NanWa
Lunch at Guapo’s then Starbucks after, y'all
NanWa and GinWe!

She might have gotten a cute foxy cookie treat…
And whoever did this drawing well its pretty neat!
This fox was seriously cute!

Sunday morning STEB headed back over to CBun's place
From there they walked to the start of the Perfect 10 Race
Picture in front of the SLHS Seniors Wall - it's tradition!

CBun decided to switch to the 10k
Before the start and got a new bib - yay!
Ready for the Perfect 10!

STEB planned to tackle the 10 miles
But by mile 3 decided that that wasn't wise.
At the 6 mile mark she then made the switch
And for her a 10k would be it
Thankfully that choice was an option
And told the timers before the finish line crossing
Got to see Kim in the last mile
And at the finish they met for a picture all smiles
Happy Finishers!

CBun and STEB both have vowed to get
Revenge on the Perfect 10 Mile you can bet!
Double 10k? Yes!

Meanwhile, JRab dropped STUR off in Arlington!
For the Clarendon Day double she'll have two starting guns!
The 5k was first and the first mile is pretty much downhill -
For STUR this is not necessarily a thrill.
But thankfully it flattens out and finishes on the up side-
STUR was happy with her 5k ride!
Here she comes, here comes Team Rabbit!

She didn't realize the way back to the 10k starting line was quite so far-
One and a half miles it was – she could’ve used a car
She ran into BLUR on the way back -
She was there to keep David on track!
Anyway the race had started and she wasn't in line-
Everyone was gone but she decided not to whine
Finally got to the chip mat and was on her way-
Was able to pass some folks- you don't say!!?
Finished feeling hot but happy-
Give me those two medals- snappy, snappy!
Double Bling is the Bomb!

Reconnected with BLUR and David for a post-race pic-
He had a great race- fast as a lick!
Double Bling Smiles for STUR!

After a nice nap, STUR was ready to swim at masters...
A nice two mile recovery was all that mattered!

Danger Zone!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Penguin Rap

STUR took the entire weekend as a rest!
Except for a short walk with Riley – no jest
You see she had some company in town
And were celebrating her first born so no need to frown!
Friday night they started with dinner
At the Yard House - it was a winner!
Boys and their beers!
A half yard of beer!
On Saturday morning, STUR went out to swim on her own -
When she arrived at the pool her workout was yet unknown.
She decided on an easy straight swim -
And 3600 meters were done in the end!
Rabbits, ready to run!
Sunday morning three rabbits met at Carderock and did runs of varying lengths -
It was clear that it played to all of their strengths!
BLUR is tapering for her first 10 KEH-
Four miles was a perfect distance for the day!
CBun arrived at the site early to crank out four
Which meant 24 miles for the day - score!
CBun running along!
STUR didn't want to overly stress out her knee -
She stuck with the 20 miles you see!
STUR, running strong!
The tow path was the best place for the distance-
Getting some time on their feet was the mission!
In the beginning CBun and STUR did the penguin shuffle back and forth...
It was humid but very cloudy for what it's worth.
The scenery and aid stations were appreciated by all
Thank goodness since 20 miles is a haul!!!
It's the actual finish line!
At mile seven STUR slapped her head, "only" a half marathon to go!
CBun agreed that it was so!
The turn-around point was just past Fletcher's Boat House -
On the way back it feels good without a doubt!
CBun and STUR did finish strong -
Initially they feared "the penguin!" Is that wrong?
Sunday was somewhat of a food fest for STEB and company
Waffle House down in Dumfries for breakfast was the place to be
Later on it was Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner
And it was fun to watch the Redskins finish as a winner!
Her company had also brought little Luna in tow...
She enjoyed visiting Carmen and Diego, don't you know?
Luna and Carmen, hanging out!
KBun went down to "Hotlanta" to train with her coach-
The heat down there was really no joke!
100 bike miles and 16 run miles on hills like Culpepper -
Simulating Kona weather, which is very clever!
RBud was up in Atlantic City
She did the 70.3 there – woo wee!
She had some family there to cheer her on -
And finished up her race running strong!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Rabbit Ears Rap

Saturday morning- STUR met the Beast at Mt. Vernon REC -
Chinquapin was closed so they said, "What the heck!"
Made 3600 yards even though the water was HOT!
Swimming a lap with no breath and a flip turn? Harder than they thought!
STEB started her day before the alarm
In the end it didn't do any harm
She got going after a bit
Time to knock out a pre-race brick
STUR, STEB, and CBun met up to get their Reston Tri packets -
Lots of cool swag for the asking!
Packet pick-up - check!

They checked out both T1 and T2-
The Rabbits are happy to race together- it's true!
Checking out T1!

Attempted to scope out the new start of the run course
Didn't make sense but saw a groundhog galloping like a horse!
Lovely flat water lake!

Three rabbits had decided to give the Reston Tri a try-
It was STEB's A Race and in CBun's hood- that is why!
As for STUR she thought it would be fun to tag along-
With her friends around- she'd feel strong!
With a 7:15am start it meant an early morn
STUR got to STEB's house before 5am? Sure!
Arrived to the venue without any trouble
Got T2 rack spots next to each other on the double!
Getting ready to roll over to T1 from T2...

There they met up with CBun
And then they headed with their bikes over to T1
This race is unique in that transition
Is located in two different locations
It was a little sketchy riding to the lake in the dark
STEB almost took out a cone which would've been a bad way to start!
Got T1 set up and body marked and such
Was there time to kill before the wetsuits went on? Not too much!
There was a bit of a delay
Cars parked on the course were in the way!
Lake Audubon swim course!

Finally the waves started rolling along
Before they knew it STUR and STEB were swimming strong
CBun's wave wasn't too far behind
And a 1500 meter swim sounds just fine!
After the swim STUR took her sweet old time in transition-
Just getting the wetsuit off was her main mission.
STEB came blazing in and out -
"Have a great bike ride!" STUR did shout!
STEB enjoyed chatting with STUR in T1
She was ready to head out for some biking fun
She bid STUR farewell for the time being
And headed to the mount line to begin riding
STUR is finally on the bike and out on the course-
A little chilly to start in her biking shorts!
First two loops felt the best-
But the third loop gave her legs a test.
Spotted a girl with a pink shirt from the Kingdom Swim in Vermont -
Turns out her name is Sarah and she did the 25K jaunt!
Enjoyed thanking all the police and volunteers
STEB counted down her laps all while changing gears
She finally rolled into T2
Bunny ears and a pit stop then just a run to do
So glad to get to T2 - STUR took a small break-
But a 10KEH run was now at stake.
Donned the bunny ears and started the shuffle
Definitely feeling a lot of her muscles!
Got a record number of shout outs for the ears -
Made people happy and kept them going it appears!
One guy did shout "kill the rabbit" at STUR…
He meant no harm - just to a Bugs Bunny clip he did refer!
STEB has never done the Reston Triathlon run course with ease…
The changes this year made it even harder - oh jeez!!
For STEB there was definitely some walking involved
It's all forward motion – so problem solved!
She also saw the Kingdom Swimmer named Sarah
On the run course, gave STEB a boost as she ran towards her!
Finish selfie!

The three rabbits reunited at the finish line
Checked out their bling - medals are divine!
A little swim/bike/run is always fun!

The bunny love was definitely off the chart
As was all the race support!
As the Rabbits were packing up and heading out -
Some Team Rabbit fans gave them a shout!
For their "costumes" they said they deserved a prize:
Try this can of Busch Lite on for size!
Celebrated later with their free beers
It was all because of their ears!