There's always room for another race!

There's always room for another race!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Reston Harbor Rap

STUR met CBun on Saturday morning in her new town -
At Lake Thoreau Pool they could be found!
A two hour swim!
Reston Masters has a two hour swim practice-
Both Rabbits swam the whole time- there was no slackness!
Saturday morning STEB did a bike run brick
Trainer and treadmill inside can be pretty slick
Later that day she was out in the heat
Working on her yard, planting flowers is neat
Sunday morning STEB went for a short pre swim run
First mile was with Riley who of course had fun
STUR was happy on Sunday morning to get a carpool ride-
STEB was taking her to the harbor for swimming outside.
Picked up STUR on the way to National Harbor
Got there in no time, not like the hot chocolate race ‘disaster’! 
BLUR asked STEB if she was living out of her car
Guess she’s never seen a triathlon explosion before
Selfie with the mermaid – its tradition
Next, the open water swim was their mission!
Mermaid selfie!

CBun rolled in as they were hanging around
Another selfie and one with the hands is where they could be found
Pre-swim selfie, minus KBun!

Body marking for safety!

There was some talk of swimming 1000 1000's!?
Everyone thought STEB must be clowning!
Two miles solid was STUR's final tally -
Having four Rabbit teammates there made her rally!
Water temp was pretty nice without a wetsuit
They had a safety rule for that, too!
Only one lap if donning that protection
Then it must come off – any questions?
STEB was very happy with her tally of nine loops
Kept a consistent pace and no seaweed entanglements, that’s the scoop!
Turns out KBun had made it to the practice, as well
Five rabbits total – isn’t that swell?
Post-swim selfie, minus BLUR!

Then the founding Rabbits hit up Panera for a bite
And they made the breakfast cutoff time, all right!
Pick a number!
After even though a nap was calling her name…
STUR felt like missing masters practice would be a shame.
So she rallied again and swam another two miles…
Then hit the Wonder Woman movie with JRab - all smiles!
Meanwhile STEB had more planting on tap…
Is she happy with her efforts? Natch!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lilac Track Rap

Thursday STEB headed back to the mitten…
Seems that she is a little bit smitten!
Arrived at DTW airport right on time
Read while she waited for RBug – it was all fine
And they are off!

Friday morning, they headed up to Mackinac Island
Had to take the ferry to get there, understand?
STEB kept singing Ferry Cross the Mersey
They were on the Star Line crossing Lake Huron you see
Docked and took a short walk to the Small Point B&B
They had a lovely view of the lake and could hear the bell of a buoy!
Small Point B&B is just lovely!

They had to use steep stairs to get to their room
These steps were steep but the view from the top was worth it!

Up on the third floor -  they could spot the water and lilac blooms!
Nice views from every angle!

It was also time for the Lilac Festival
They were blooming everywhere and smelled wonderful
Lovely lilacs - everywhere!

That afternoon RBug had to do some work PR
So STEB biked 8.2 miles with T, on a beach cruiser!
STEB's and RBug's bikes for the weekend!

Stopped a couple of times for the view and to dip her toes in
Arch Rock from the road!

Along the East side of the island!

To Lake Huron that is - they were not frozen! 
STEB had to put her toes in!

Dinner that night was Island Slice
Down town Mackinac Island was so neat!

The pizza there is quite yummy – how nice!

STUR started her Saturday with a track workout of sorts -
A 3 x 800 was the final report!
She ran another 4 miles at just a cruising speed
Was it feeling very warm at the end? Indeed!!
Next she hit the pool with the Beast -
It's recovery week so the "meterage" is somewhat decreased!
In mitten land Saturday morning started off a little bit lazy
STEB had waffles for breakfast – how crazy!
Rode their bikes to the start of the Lilac 10K
They were nice to have after the race ended by the way
Start time was not until 9:30 AM
T was their sherpa and cheer crew - amen!
Rabbits are ready!

The race started off flat for a half mile or so
Then a turn went uphill for about a mile, don’t you know?

There were a lot of cool things to view if you want the scoop
This was quite peaceful.

Just be sure to be on the lookout for clumps of horse poop!
The airport on Mackinac Island!

Then the reward was a nice stretch of downhill - yay

Which turned out to be their fastest mile split of the day!
Downhill to a lovely view!

Another turn then they ran along the water
Got to see the Mackinac Bridge over yonder!
There's the bridge - all 5.5 miles of it!

Some of the B&B guests were racing, others were spectating
It was fun when they cheered for Team Rabbit while they were running
It's T, the DJ!

T caught up with RBug and STEB and played his boom box
Other runners liked his music selections – it was the tops!
Then they made a new friend in the final mile,
After they finished the three were all smiles!
They did it!

She was from a familiar town up in the U-P
STEB has other friends there in the town of Menominee!
That afternoon they took another trip around the perimeter of the island
STEB climbed 207 for the view - this panoramic is inspiring!
Only 207 steps up - not too bad!

Panoramic view from Arch  Rock!

Arch Rock was cool and looked a bit like the Natural Bridge in Virginia!

Saturday night the island crew went to dinner with their host
At the Yankee Rebel where STEB had the pot roast!
The pot roast was yummy!

There was some shopping fun after dinner
Caddywampus had some neat stuff – it’s a winner! 
But lo and behold Sunday begins the count of a new week of swimming-
20,000 meters this week is what STUR and the Beast'll be hitting!
Started the count off right with 2 miles in the National Harbor -
Would anyone wear a wetsuit? Hardly anyone would bother!
Calm harbor water!

The water temp was a perfect seventy-six -
And the Potomac was calm - not up to any tricks!
Happy swimmers!

Later that day she was back in the pool…
Finished up with 7000 meters for the day and stayed very cool!
Sunday morning STEB and RBug took a little jaunt
Up into the town to see a couple of haunts
First they checked out the fort on the hill
At that hour it wasn't opened...oh well!
STEB would like to check out the fort from the inside, next time!

Next they headed over to the check out the Grand Hotel -
Bet staying there would be pretty swell!
Side view of the Grand!

Sadly for STEB on Sunday things had to come to an end
Took a horse drawn taxi to the dock to catch the ferry again
Views from the horse drawn taxi!

She really enjoyed her time in Michigan
Oh the ferry back to the mainland!

And was happy to visit her friends
She got to check off new state number two for the year
And is looking forward to the next one – never fear!

Monday, June 5, 2017

HI Low Country Caribbean Rap

Friday morning some Rabbits gathered at Ronald Reagan DCA-
They were going to Charleston to swim and play!
Can we have a roll call please?
STUR, BLUR, the Beast, and David - don't forget JRab-geez!
CBun traveled separately out of BWI location
But she was ready for this mini vacation!
They all met up timely at the CHS
Were they stoked for the swim race? That’s a resounding YES!
Easily found CBun and went for the rental car-
CBun drove some of the bunny crew around- she's a star!
First up she drove the gang to get their swim caps;
And also some race timing chips perhaps?
Next up they found a place for lunch and checked in to respective hotels
Next it was time to check out the race venue- swell!
Old Glory flying proudly!
Thankful for the support crew!

STUR, the Beast, and CBun jetted over to beautiful Daniel's Island -
Finding their start dock left them smiling!
Here's the start area!

A quick grocery store run then it was time to relax
It's now bedtime - so for Friday that's all the facts!
Beautiful sunrise!

Saturday morning a shuttle bus took the 5 milers to their starting point -
Here they go!

Lots of activity over at this joint!
Race morning and the sky is getting light!

Plenty of time to get situated for the swim
The water looked perfect - it would not be grim!!
The bunny girls lined up on the dock - numbers 18, 19, 20 -
Was there lots of nervous energy? Yes – a-plenty!
STUR jumped in and then it hit her -
It was like a warm and salty bath for sure!
First task is to find the first buoy-
It seemed far, far away - oh gee!
Once past that she made it to her first mile -
Whoa? 16 minutes!! This current makes her smile!
As the swimmers cross the channel they must find a green boat:
Means you're only halfway there - don't gloat!
You were supposed to get close and yell out your number -
The boat seemed to be drifting- GRRR!!
STUR had to swim backwards a bit -
But it was important so she wouldn't quit!
Finally got up close so they could hear -
Took off like a shot toward the bridge - never fear!
Sailing along trying to get under that bridge -
Did the current seem to change? Just a smidge...
Once under it there was the finishing chute -
Don't forget the massive USS Yorktown to boot!
Best to site off this big pink ball and not the ship -
Finally touching the top of the finishing chute was a trip!
Literally floating around a dock- you are then hauled out -
Great volunteers at this race without a doubt!
Collected her medal and immediately saw the Beast-
She had kicked @$$ to say the least!
Spotted BLUR with a huge smile on her face -
She had finished her race with an excellent pace!
Now CBun has finished and is coming up the dock -
With a lovely flowing current- nobody had to worry about the clock!
They did it!!

JRab spent his time touring the USS Yorktown -
He thought the flight deck was the coolest thing around.
Military aircraft is cool!

He got up close and personal with the F-14 Tomcat
Top Gun, anyone?

And the F-4 Phantom - how about that?
So cool!

He also saw an Apollo 8 mock up -
Did the ship retrieve the capsule from the ocean? Yup!
Later there would be more sightseeing -
On the Hunley Museum the Beast, JRab, and STUR were  all agreeing!
Pretty cool stuff!

They took a tour and saw the ACTUAL submarine -
Scientists work daily to scrub it clean.
That would be an interesting job!

Sat for a bit in a submarine model…
How anyone could spend time in it - the mind does boggle!
Nap time is here before a late dinner out…
They would dine by the water without a doubt.
BLUR had the hook up with knowledge from a local friend.
Equaled great food and laughs in the end!
Next morning CBun had to leave at the crack -
The rest of the group could relax and be slack!
STUR went for a hot and sticky run to the water’s edge -
Afterwards she had to stretch!
View of the Cooper River Bridge!

One last breakfast with the bunny crew -
Time to go back to D.C…what can you do?
Showing their success!

At the Low Country Splash Team Rabbit can report 100 percent success -
They may be back one day - just a guess!
Friday morning STEB went to work for just a little while
Then she got to visit friends for a sad reason but there were smiles
Stopped off at the library to pick up a book she had on hold
Going to read the book to be ready for the movie with the Beast we’re told
STEB is not sure she is ready for this!

Saturday morning she took Riley for a nice walk
Then some chores of course that hit the spot
Finally it was time to meet up with her friend Nanette
Did they have some fun stuff planned? You bet!
First up was lunch at "A Deli" - it was neat
Their cheesesteaks really can’t be beat!
Ready for the movie to begin!

The long awaited fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie was next
Apparently Dead Men Tell No Tales and it had them temporarily vexed!
STEB gives the movie two rabbit ears up!

Next they hit up Starbucks for the usual post-movie brew...
This was of the coffee variety, not beer, you silly goose!
Next they headed over to the local Duck Donuts store
It was fun watching them make the donuts to order – not a chore!
These donuts were fab!!

They finally capped their visit off with a special task for STEB
NanWa made a new valance for STEB’s kitchen with special threads!
It was custom fabric that STEB had ordered online
It was printed with a retro pattern and turned out quite fine!
Thanks, NanWa!!

Sunday morning STEB took Riley for a run
Then after she went for some additional miles what fun
Total was a solid four – as she returned to her abode
Except for when she stepped in the crack in the road!
Then she and Andrew took a quick trip over to Home Depot
After they got breakfast on the run don't you know?
Back at home it was time for some yard work
More cleanup of the last of the Fall junk first
Then she laid soil and planted some flower seeds
She is hoping to attract honey bees, if you please
STEB is hoping to help #BringBackTheBees

Some were wildflower seeds were from the Cheerios promotion
STEB thought that would be cool - she had a notion
The others were given out at the Cap2Cap
Those were blue forget-me-nots, and she got two packs!
Finally she laid some mulch in the garden beds
After all this there was only a little bloodshed…
This is what STEB was working on!
There's yet more mulch to go down!

Then STEB and Andrew went to Baja Bistro for dinner
Gotta say the choice really was a winner
The taco salad is the bomb!
As are the queso bacon fries!!

The owner of the establishment lives in their 'hood
And they must say that the food is really good!
KBun was over in the land of H-I…
She was checking out the course for IM Kona that’s why
Great way to check it out - while in a race!

She got lost while driving the bike course actually
It was terrifying coming down a mountain road but made it thankfully
The pre-race brick had some rough water and some wind
But she was happy to have been exposed to the conditions!
Had to hold on for dear life while on her bike
What did the rest of her rabbits say? "Yikes!"
KBun was there to do the 70.3 Hawai'i as a training day
She got in a solid swim and bike-run race day brick by the way!
KBun rocks!