There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Podium Parkway Rap

Friday morning STEB did a bike run brick
She was getting ready for the RTC Sprint
Friday after work she headed south on I-95
Destination Richmond that's no jive!
First stop the Redskins training facility
That's where packet pick up was you see
Getting her packet was a breeze
Then she took in the mural of Redskins history
The Redskins history mural was cool!
A quick stop at CVS for supplies
Then the HIE where she would get shut eye
After some hockey and prepping her stuff
It was time for lights out so the alarm wouldn't be rough
In the morning when it was time to load up the car
Rain was falling but not too hard
Got to the venue lickety split
It was still dark but it would be light pretty quick
Set up transition and checked everything out
Especially the pool swim 'course' without a doubt
This was a really fun event!
It was an open water swim set up indoors
Were seven buoy turns too many?  It wasn't a bore!
The bike course was a nice lollipop loop
Not too hilly if you want the scoop
There was a bit of rain and STEB's socks got wet
But she kept a good pace and wasn't spent
For the run STEB had a goal of no walk breaks
Did she do it? Yes, even if it wasn't a piece of cake!
Her bunny ears were kind of a hit
Did STEB appreciate the comments? You bet!
Fun finisher medal!
In the end she managed to snag a podium spot
She was just one from the top!
Podium? Yes!
On Saturday after a nice sleep in STUR was ready to get going!
At the pool, she and the Beast were ready to make a showing!
They made quick work of 5000 meters…
STUR wasn't too sure about the math - but she's not a cheater
Sunday morning, STUR says, "it's time for the GW Parkway Classic!"
Goal is to stay upright and not be spastic!!
The weather turned out to be A-Okay,
Rain taken out of the forecast? You don't say?
At dawn, STUR ran almost two miles to catch her shuttle…
She was all alone for a while, she had to chuckle!
Just a little empty...
Got there way too early but she hates being late,
So, by the bag drop tents she would wait and wait and wait!
Next up: it was time to hop into her start corral:
Happened to run into an old marathon training pal!
Waiting in the start corral!
They started off nice and slow together,
Since the first mile is all downhill, they’d better!
Lovely day for a run!
They parted ways about 5 miles in,
If you don't sing "oh you’re halfway there" it's a sin!
Besides staying upright STUR wanted a negative split,
She got it done with some final mile grit.
And with some cheering from David and BLUR!
Did they wait for her at the finish line? For sure!
Both of them had rocked their own 5K!
BLUR said she had NO SUFFERING - to that we say YAY!
Happy Finishers! 
They invited STUR to breakfast but she had more running to do…
She was going to run all the way home its true!
Ended up running halfway and walking the rest -
Especially with a long hill to home - she thought it best!
Meanwhile, STEB had some training to do -
Another bike run brick? Yes, it’s true!
Believe it or not when she was done she felt energized
Which was good, because she was meeting NanWa for lunch, no lie!
They were prepared to root on the Caps
But this stuff with the Maple Leafs is all crap!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 100s Rap

On Friday night Easter weekend it was that time again!
That is it was ukulele club, Amen!
STEB got the Beast and they headed to the place
The Beverly Hills UMC in this case!
They're just...uking around!

This is also the sight of the Wednesday night hill climbs
On the second half you might have to grind!
STUR was very excited about how her weekend began -
Time again for 100 100's - OH MAN!!
It's always a favorite time of the year -
STEB, CBun, and BLUR joined the fun - give a cheer!
100 100s, here they come!

The PG Sports and Learning Complex is the perfect spot -
Were there a lot of people at the pool? Nope, not a lot!
Adult swim lessons and water aerobics were the main events -
Would the Rabbits finish the 100 100's? We won't keep you in suspense!

STUR, STEB, and CBun jumped in the pool and immediately got to work -
The task at hand they will not shirk!
The first break they took was right at 50 -
Believe it or not it went fairly quickly!
Maddie was cheering them on!

Kept the steady 2 minute interval throughout -
And an IM every tenth one without a doubt!
BLUR and CBun had a great swim too-
They just swam and swam without stopping - woo- hoo!
STUR and STEB motored through the rest till they were done -
Next over to the hot tub they did run!
The leisure pool area where fun won’t be denied
Because as is tradition, the rabbits went down the crazy slide!
After since they were hungry and it is also tradition 
Finding a Chipotle was their mission!
Refueling the tank!

Later STEB hosted a fun gathering of the rabbit crew!
They fueled up with pizza and salad - it's true!!
There might have been some desserts and candy
Everything was just fine and dandy!
The rabbits, sporting some new ears!

They were discussing some of their Kona plans...
Prepping for the big day for KBun, understand?
Sunday morning early, STEB was up
Coffee then she was out the door with Riley her pup!
Next up, time in the saddle on Trixie
She found a better way up, you see.
It's hard for STEB getting on Trixie without the blocks!

To use her double climbing blocks
She got in a good hill work out – that rocks!
Sunday after a nice long sleep in STUR got out the door for a run -
She went a little later than she meant to, so lots of WARM sun!
Tessie out to give STUR some pre-run support!

The last hill on Farmington felt like a beast...
But she ran every step of it to say the least!
Meanwhile, STEB had plans for the day…
The Wizards playoff round 1 game 1, you don’t say?

It was a spectacular game and the Wizards won!
STEB might have even gotten on TV pre-game, son of a gun!
STEB, after photo-bombing the CSNMA Wizards Pre-Game show!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Snow and Row Rap

Friday morning STEB took Riley to work for the day
Riley doesn't bring home the bacon...she eats it!

Then from there they went to P.A.
Would you believe they drove through snow?

They got a few inches in Acme, don't you know!
Snow on Friday...

STUR got up right on time this past Saturday -
Destination was the Mt. Vernon Trail - she was on her way!
But her plans unfortunately were temporarily dashed...
In a blink of an eye there was a bit of a crash!!
A car seriously came right out of nowhere-
Not going to lie it gave her a scare!
After the police and filling out forms-
She was on her way to run- don't be alarmed!
She now had a little less time than she had originally planned -
Believe it or not on the trail 6 miles she crammed!
Had to get to CrossFit Kingstown to learn how to row -
She was a little bit late - but it was a go!
Learned the catch, pull, recover and 60/20/20 rule -
Did better in her second 500 meter effort - COOL!
Afterwards did one more running mile -
Getting in her 7 made her smile!
BLUR's Saturday plan was for a run of four miles or more
Poor David needs time to get out the door, but Blur's run was calling for sure!
So off she went to reconnect after mile two -
With glorious weather and skies of blue!

Saturday morning STEB and Stilt relaxed for a bit
Then it was off to a basketball tournament
Go Jacob (#13)!

From there they headed to her aunt and uncle's house
They were celebrating her uncle's birthday without a doubt
There was also a dog party going on
Izzy, Riley, and little Millie we're playing on the lawn!
...Green on Saturday!

After dinner and some birthday cake
Suzy's for ice cream for goodness sake
Pup cups!

Then back at Lynn's it was movie time
And Riley met her dad for the second time
Riley and Blaze!

Sunday morning STEB went on her run
The Acme loop!

Just a little 7 mile jaunt on some hills - what fun
Downhill first then it was flat
Hello downhill!

Then it was all uphill how about that?
It goes up and up and up!

She got to meet several dogs along the way
And even some horses - you don't say?
Friendly horse came over to say hi!

After breakfast it was time for her and Riley to depart
Back in three weeks for the Mt. Summit Challenge - that's no lark!
STUR's Sunday morning was pretty low key -
Had a super long swim planned for the afternoon you see…
Met the Beast an hour before Master's practice was to start -
They swam a lot of meters in the first part.
Later they joined the rest of the group -
Both girls had their longest swim of the year, that's the scoop!
Sunday BLUR had more fun with a new place to swim -
So nice to be asked to a club by Jim!
Finished the day walking to the running store with glee -
Ran down those old ones, so new, extra cushy Brooks woo wee!!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Streaking Double Rap

Saturday morning before the crack
STEB headed to Richmond it was not whack!
She was going to run the Monument Ave 10k
For the fifth time? You don't say!
It was easy to find the start!

Had prepaid for parking in her favorite garage lot
Home of the VCU Rams she got a perfect spot
Just a few blocks walk to the race starting line
It was nice enough she didn't need a jacket this time
Saw Nutz the Flying Squirrel
Had to take this selfie at a funny angle!
Thanks for the photo op, Nutz!

One of the waves was called PC...
But were they correct politically?
Saw another set of bunny ears before the start
Hers were flashing - how cool and smart!
Bunny ears are the bomb!

STEB was in wave QB
They were going off at 9:17!
Very easy to jump into wave QB!

Got to see a cute shop kitty cat
Snoozing in a window how about that?
Shop kitty has smooshed fur!

The announcer guy was funny and upbeat
He gave her a shout out as she went by you see
The weather was pretty perfect for a race
And STEB had a plan to work on her descending pace
She cut it close at miles 5 and 6
But in the end no need to panic
Saw someone from home at the finish line
STEB and Tina the peacock took a time out for selfie time!
Thanks for saying hi, Tina! Your peacock costume was so cool!
(As are the different costumes you always wear!)

Headed home after to rest and recover
Because she had to get ready for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler!
No time for the festival though!

Meanwhile on Saturday STUR got to the pool right when it opened -
For 6700 meters, she and the Beast were hoping!
They really went crazy pulling, using the paddles -
Their shoulders got sore and they had to skedaddle!
BLUR started a new running routine, combo Pose and Galloway
Turns out it's pretty keen, won the scene with a PR on a 5 miler on Saturday
On Sunday morning STEB left before the crack again
This time was for the Cherry Blossom 10
Arrived at STUR's house lickety split
And they were on their way at 6!
This was to be STUR’s 18th running-
She really has some streak going!
JRab was their early morning shuttle
Dropped them at the start - it wasn't any trouble!
Before the race STUR and STEB looked for KBun –
Did not find her though but got their bag drop done.
Pre-race selfing at bag check.
Hey, it's the Washington Monument!

They could not even get into the green corral it was so crowded
So they waited till things got moving and joined the flood
Not quite in the green corral!

The day before there was a kite festival on the mall
There were some kites stuck in trees, y’all!
One of the stuck kites from Saturday's kite festival!

STEB lost her ears twice on memorial bridge
Caused her to back up just a smidge
STEB saw STUR when she was at mile 2.8
Who was just past mile 3 and looked great!
She saw a KBun look alike at the 5k
But was it her? No way!
The first 5 miles STUR was feeling good but truth be told -
Soon after she had to stop, drop, and roll...
Collected her ears and phone from a random stranger -
Just glad she didn't put anyone in danger!
STUR collected herself and got back on track -
Right back into running - she wasn't slack!
Then when STEB was at mile 5.5
She saw some other lady take a dive!
STEB didn't take a walk break until just before mile 6
That's when she stopped to take this pic
TJ Grad looking at the TJ Memorial.
Oh, and some cherry blossoms!

In West Potomac Park got a glimpse of Leanne
Who gave STEB a shout out - yeah man!
At the water stop on Hains Point some of the volunteers
Were actually wearing some fun bunny ears!
STUR crossed the finish line - she was happy with her pace -
Soon after she saw KBun finishing her race!
STEB finally caught up with STUR and KBun
When she crossed the line to finish her run
They had a little pit stop in a red tent
STUR will tell you what that meant...
Team Rabbit relaxing in the warm tent!

KBun convinced STUR to go to the medical tent -
It was nice and warm in there - heaven sent!
Her podiatrist was randomly in there - Dr. Lee Firestone -
Also, a very nice EMT trainee named Alex - she wasn't alone!
STUR with Alex the EMT Trainee!

They put some stuff on her wounds that stung like Hell!!
But she was all bandaged and ready to go - swell!
They decided to go and find a bite to eat
Ended up at the Corner Bakery and were happy to have a seat
Shoes. The same but different!

Caught up on things with KBun and had some laughs
Then she dropped them at Metro…they were out of gas.
BLUR was feeling her run a bit on Sunday so she chose to swim
This involved swimming ‘naked’ and she got an hour in!