There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Groundhog Day Rap

This weekend felt a bit like Groundhog Day -
Did virtually the same thing as last, STUR would say!
But the workouts and the basketball match ups WERE totally different -
More sprinting at Audrey Moore swim - brilliant!
Thrusters and rowing was CrossFit workout 15.5,
New running drills and such with Coach Johnny to work on her stride!
Sunday dawned cold and chilly…
Was it time to rest?! Don't be silly!
The pace for her 5-miler frankly felt blistering -
Quality in her runs is the goal she is figuring!
Got it done - four times she ran by a fort -
A Fort Hunt Fort! 
Fort Hunt was the place to practice her sport.
STUR Reading about Fort Hunt!
In between games to determine the Final Four,
Was a fun swimming workout that wasn't a bore!

STEB's big race weekend was finally here!
Would she meet her race goal? Never fear!
She cruised down to Richmond early Saturday...
To the VCU parking garage right on Clay!
A short walk over to Monroe Park…
Hit up the port-a-potties not on a lark!
Then headed over to the Monument Ave 10k start line… 

This was actually the finish line...
Looked for her corral and found the K sign!
Wave K!
There was a rockin band down in the corrals -
Played some fun music and boosted the runners' morale!
Started the wave and walked up to the start
Crossed the line at 8:45 on the mark!
STEB ran her race just as planned it:
She had descending miles with a negative split!
Managed to sprint over the last two-tenths of a mile -
Then crossed the finish line with a smile!
Went to the Big Kahuna Kettle Corn stand for a treat
And met the nice folks who were there last year which was neat!

Yummy Kettle Corn!
Sports Backers puts on an amazing event 
STEB'd run this race again - no argument!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Picture-Free Rap

For STUR her weekend was very low key -
Not much to do but swim and run and watch basketball you see!
She also went to CrossFit on Saturday morning...
Doing successions of cleans and presses - THAT wasn't boring!
Checked in with run coach John to work on running form...
Lots of mobility exercises is also the norm!
Has noticed that going down stairs is becoming a breeze -
She believes all the calf stretches is really the key!
Sunday morning ran the fastest 5k she's done in years!
It was a time trial so tough intervals are coming she fears!
Race was on the W and O D and had a very small field!
But was still more motivating than doing it alone for real!
Sunday was a swim with master's coach Frank -
Surprisingly she had something left in her tank!

Over the weekend STEB was supposed to get her run on.
On Friday morning she was off and running strong! 
For a busy weekend was ahead...
Fortunately there was nothing to dread!
However, on Sunday she caught a little bug...
Ended up spending that day acting like a slug. 
Was supposed to try some yummy pizza...
That'll have to wait for another time. Duh! 
She still enjoyed following March Madness - that's a fact! 
Would you believe her Midwest bracket is still intact? 

For CBun the weekend flew by quite fast 
Friday she hung out with The Voice of Ironman - what a blast!
Then Saturday to TRI-MANIA she went
And really had fun working the Team Z tent.
Who do you think she saw while there?
Mike Reilly again! He had some funny stories to share.
Sunday was a doozy -with an 8 mile run
Then to the pool for 6,000 yards - and CBun was done! 

Sadly the Rabbits went picture free...
Guess there was not too much to see!

Monday, March 16, 2015

3.14 | PIE Rap

STEB was excited to run the PR Lucky Leprechaun -
The pouring rain didn't keep the race from going on! 
Standing under cover waiting for the race to start,
STEB saw these cool rabbit plates - they are like functional art! 
Rabbit art?
A new course to try - didn't have a clue...
But STEB had a race plan to do!
Plan was simple: to negative split
And descending miles - that would be it!
At the end of it all STEB checked her Garmin
Scrolled through her splits to reveal a negative split for the win!
Lucky Leprechaun - check!
Attended the Pie party on Saturday night...
Look at all the sweet pies - wow what a sight!
STEB and STUR arrived with their pies in hand:
Rabbit pies!!
Lemon meringue and apple? Sure was grand!
Sunday morning met up with STUR...
Ready to run the Mt. Vernon Trail!
A hour out and back on the Mount Vernon Trail - and not a minute more!
Mid-Run Scenic-Selfie!
STUR started her weekend off at the pool -
Did 4x50's descend of fly. Isn't that cool?
Inspired by her friends doing races in the rain,
Went out for 5 trail miles - she felt their pain! 
Fun to see some friends on a night celebrating Pi -
Pi? or Pie?
Lots of people filled the party house - my, oh my!
A run with STEB then a swim ends the weekend journey -
A fun finish to find out who's in and out of the tourney!
CBun did 10 miles on the trail...
Hit up the C&O Canal Towpath - without fail! 
Love the towpath trail!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Raunchy Rap

STUR had a productive post snow weekend of workouts:
2 CrossFit, 2 swims, and 1 run she can brag about!
Friday at the box was super busy...
19 people showed up you see!
Still got in her wall balls, snatches, and sit-ups -
Was that the W.O.D.? Yup!
Saturday she went to Audrey Moore and somehow ended up in the faster lane -
Had to swim for her life - it was insane!
Back to CrossFit for some difficult overhead squats...
And were there pull-ups too? Oh yes - lots!
Beautiful weather on Sunday brought a 7-mile run on Beach Drive:
Lovely run views!
Mid run, RBud and CBun gave STUR a high five!
Mid-Run High Five!
Finished off the day with some time in the pool;
The Bay Swim is soon - she's no fool!

Friday STEB took a day off...
Of workouts that is - so don't scoff!
Saturday morning she was at Audrey Moore, too!
Just how much butterfly did she do?
STEB's signed up for the Colonies Zone - the 200 fly!
Never done it before - thinks she'll give it a try!
She also needs to prep for the 200 IM...
Should be a fun meet from beginning to the end!
Later at home she did a quick spin!
It was good to get on Trixie again!
That afternoon she headed to a show
Signature Theatre with RBug, you know!
Kid Victory was an interesting one
It was good - but not really 'fun'
Later that night, what do you know?
Pure Romance by Heather? Boy what a show!
There was a prize for the worst drawing ever -
This was the gift?! Never say never!
Mushroom Lipstick!
Fun with the ladies - a hilarious night
Fun funny and informative - Heather was right!
Sunday morning STEB did her treadmill workout
Listened to an old playlist and fun songs without a doubt!
Then she headed out to Bowl America
You know, 'where thousands cheer' - duh!
T in Action!
She cheered on RBug's son, rolling for singles and doubles...
T did great and bowled two games over 200 - no trouble!
T is a foot taller than STEB. He is scrunched way down to get in this selfie! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Frosty Rap

STEB started the weekend on Friday by having long overdue body work done...
Robin at FitPro Massage is second to none!
Later that night she headed over the bridge
Met the Wongstar and some of her friends and was glad she did!
We were at Buffalo Wild Wings in Rockville:
Excited to meet the Wongstar!!
So excited the selfie was blurry!
Took a selfie and got a Wongstar autograph - what a thrill!
This was so cool!
(And the Team Rabbit social media cards are pretty cool, too. Thanks, Kim!)
Saturday morning met STUR for a swim
Practice included lots of fly and some IM for the win!
After they hit up the Sport Fair store to pick up their custom suits
And chatted with Curly Sue about broken arms - in cahoots!
Later a super nice lunch with the RBug
At Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill it was fun!
An early night to catch up on some sleep that was lost
Then Sunday morning a treadmill run instead of out in the cold frost!

STUR started her weekend off right with squats and box jumps -
Some improvement with both; maybe over the hump?
Saturday morning met up with STEB to get in a swim at Audrey Moore;
The new coach Kira had a fun workout - it wasn't a bore!
Then they went to pick up their new Lane 4 swimsuits at Sport Fair...
The suit was supposedly not right but they didn't care!
Got in a short run around her neighborhood-
Knowing Sunday would be icy - to be outside was good!
Icy the next day - hunkered down with an Insanity DVD -
She really wanted to sweat - don't you see?
Slip-slided around when she went to walk the dog...
Took a nap then slept like a log!
De-iced the car to make it to another swim practice -
Worked on a bit of butterfly tactics!
WuDoc conquered not one but two races in Arkansas.
It was the Little Rock 5K and Marathon, y'all!