There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Tropical ATL Rap

STEB took a journey that was short and sweet
Down to ATL to visit PGoodz and Luna - neat!
STEB loved seeing this cute face again!!

Saturday night a #WizHawks game was on tap
But before they went on a wild goose chase imagine that?
Somehow ended up at the wrong mall first
Then had a hard time finding a parking space, oh curse!
Spent a little time fiddling around on Patrick's Ovation guitar
In the end she thinks the uke is easier by far
Ovation on the right!

After a pregame meal at the Hudson Grille
Hopped on a MARTA train if you will
Got a glimpse of the new Mercedes Benz Stadium
Where a dude was peeing on the wall - son of a gun
The new MB Stadium!!
Looked pretty cool and PGoodz says it's cool on the inside, too!

Got to Phillips Arena without a hitch
Found Dave and the #RadioParty right quick
It's always cool to check out the #RadioParty!

After they took the obligatory pregame selfie
Got a surprise seat up grade - woo wee!
Thanks for taking the time to chat, Dave!!
And the Twitter follow!

Tried to keep tabs on Wall v Beal jerseys...
Lost count, but saw an Ottomatic and an Oubre!
"OTTOMATIC" in da house?!

An all-male dance team performed during one time out
They were called the A-Team and were something to see no doubt!
Wall was out but the Wiz played a great game
They won by 25 points - insane
Excellent view from the new seats!!

Also on Saturday Fort Hunt Park was the place to be -
BLUR and STUR  were  going to meet there you see.
BLUR started off with a couple of run/walk loops -
Then she could pick up her bike from a Spokes - that's the scoop!
STUR continued on with her run...
Actually wearing Capri pants in the warm sun.
BLUR on her new ride!!
When BLUR returned STUR ran alongside as she biked -
She felt good on her newly fitted ride - psych!!!
Sunday brought the Tropical Splash Swim Meet -
Having four rabbits there was such a treat!!
Four Rabbits +1 AND all their bling!
STUR was first up with a 500 free -
Got that over with a PR - whee!!
The Beast did BOTH 200 and 100 fly!
She did awesome - swimming in a heat with all the guys!
The Beast with her haul!
CBun competed for the first time in backstroke...
Her flip turn was flawless - no joke!!
And first timer BLUR kicked some serious butt-
Swam fast in her 50 free and got first place - what?!!
Yay BLUR!!
STUR had a little mishap in her 100 fly -
She queued up at the wrong starting block? Oh my!!
Scrambling to the block long after the gun went off!
She still got a ribbon, so don't scoff!
CBun was the only participant in the coconut relay -
Swam two laps with a  coconut stuffed in her suit? No way!

When in the south, always visit Waffle House!

After a lazy start, STEB and PGoodz headed to Waffle House
Then hit up the Georgia Aquarium downtown
Attempt at a Whale Shark selfie!

The place was amazing there was lots to see
But STEB'S fave were the otters who are as cute as can be!
Georgia Aquarium views!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Triple Trail Burpee Rap

STEB started her weekend with a Friday afternoon nap
She accidentally skipped her workout - oh snap
She made up for that on Saturday
with a workout triple you don't say?
First a short run - some with her Riley girl
Finished up on the treadmill for real
Next up was her powerlifting workout
Make up from Friday without a doubt
Deadlifts were the main exercise on tap
Did she have fun? Natch!
Deadlift time!!
Finally there was a bunny spin session
The Beast and Jodie came over for the win
They even took a little spin outside
The weather was amazing - no lie
STUR headed out on a run Saturday at a reasonable time-
The weather was perfectly wonderful, so very fine!
On the Mt Vernon trail she went 5 miles out-
Gloves came off for sure without a doubt!
Yay for the sun!!
Turned around - following the same path-
She did over ten miles if you care to do math.
Today for burpees was Day fifty one-
So she pulled over to do some in the sun.
A fellow on the trail gave her a cheer
She invited him to do some burpees with her - never fear!'
He said he'd do five but ended up with thirty!
Burpees are hard - they both did agree!
Turns out a former NFL player she did meet -
STUR could tell he was an athlete!
STUR and her burpee buddy!
Later STEB and Southern Goods took a trip to Bass Pro
Picked up a special safe, don’t you know?
There was a good deal on this sucker!
Sunday morning STEB had another run
A little longer this time - son of a gun
Then she had her powerlifting class with the group
More deadlifts were on tap - whew!!
Back to back deadlift workouts? Yes! 
A guest speaker came to motivate the crew
Back in the day this guy was able to squat a moose
STEB with her Tyson's Powerlifting Club and THE guest speaker!
Photo credit.
Three Rabbits hopped over to the pool on Sunday afternoon
For a good swim and a selfie they were over the moon!
Swimming is the most fun!
The rabbits grabbed lane buddy Mo for another selfie!
STEB lasted longer than she thought she would
It was her longest swim this year…understood?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

SKOL Wiz Rap

After a warm Friday, Saturday dawned cold and windy
Time for STUR to hit the C&O Canal Towpath - get out of the city.
Got her race number then what do you know?
You got that right- it started to snow!!
In fact for STUR's MLK 5KEH -
The snow came down for the first mile - no way!
She finished this race and felt refreshed -
Then a 20KEH was her next quest!
Had 25 minutes to get warm in her car -
Taking a break after 3 miles is kind of bizarre!
Sucked back into the cold and another start line- 
For the first 7 miles she was feeling just fine!

Around then she took a bit of a tumble...
Got up as fast as possible - no need to grumble.
Kept moving forward - she was happy with her pace
Got the finishing line all to herself in this case!
Meanwhile STEB was inside and warm
At Audrey Moore RECenter for masters swim that morn
Afterwards she headed back to her house
Jumped on the treadmill for an hour without a doubt!
That night she went to a Wizards game
They won in OT after a 20 point lead, it was almost insane!
It was also Polish Heritage Night
The Polish Hammer had a good game it was outta sight!

STEB even scored a nifty heritage hat
That has these kind of wings in the back!

Sunday morning STEB was back at Tyson's Playground
Squats were on tap for this team workout round
Once back at home she climbed up on her roof...
Santa finally came back down if you want to know the scoop!
Then it was time to get on her bike trainer with Trixie
What were the cats looking at? STEB couldn’t see!

Then she settled in for some football playoff action
Those sure were two exciting games to be won!
STUR’s Sunday swim was full of time trials
But getting in some good distance too made her smile
Big excitement in the STUR/JRab household
Vikings are in the NFC Championship – SKOL!!
With 10 seconds to go and a 61 yard pass down the field
Touchdown just like that – it was kind of unreal!

STEB worked the first half on MLK Day
She again went to see the Wizards play
They lost in the end but that was OK
As she walked away with free fries and Chick-fil-A!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Aca-Awesome Rap

It was freezing cold, so STUR's race was cancelled...
Don't you worry - it was really no scandal!
Her back up plan was swim and CrossFit -
More fun than running in the cold, she must admit!
At the pool she and BLUR shared a lane -
The pool heater at her place was broken - what a pain!
STUR clocked her longest swim ALL year -
BLUR kept going for over a mile, give a cheer!
After STUR quickly headed over to the box -
No heat up in there, don't be shocked!
For a partner WOD she donned her gloves and hat…
They were off by the end, how 'bout that?!
"Elizabeth" and "Karen" were the girl WODs they had to get through-
And they went at a frenetic pace. Whew!
Couldn't wait to relax in a recliner chair-
Watching Pitch Perfect 3 without a care!
Meanwhile STEB also started the day with a swim
She was over at Audrey Moore again!
Back at home she did a treadmill sesh
It got stuck in the incline position – what a mess!
She made the best of the situation
Then knocking out some deadlifts was her mission!
She enjoyed PP3 with the ladies
And laughed about a few things from back in the day!
Then she and NanWa grabbed some coffee
From Starbucks of course, it was yummy!
Sunday morning STEB started the day with Trixie
They had a bike trainer session, you see
Next on tap was the group class for powerlifting
Over at the Tyson’s Playground they were doing their thing!
That afternoon she had another coffee date
This time with RBud and catching up was their fate!
On Sunday something in the pool made STUR itchy-
But stayed in the pool - didn't get out quickly!
Stayed after with the Beast for a hypoxic set -
Did they get in close to 4000 meters? You bet

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Oh Snap! It's the New Year Rap!

Saturday morning STEB visited the pool
Last swim practice of the year for her - cool
Ended up getting in some IM
A total of 600 of it for the win!
Saturday STUR joined some of her Lane 4 teammates -
100 100's at American University was their fate!
Small time mix up so some started in a pool of 20 yards -
Counting 5 laps per hundred became kind of hard!
After 3000- she could hop in the regular pool -
Compared to the other one  it felt kind of cool!
They had a planned workout which was kind of neat -
Only 4 people in the lane- sweet!
Only took a 3 minute break after 66 done -
Somehow made it through 34 more- she felt like she had won!
Sunday morning STEB got on her trainer
For a one hour spin session - it was a no-brainer...
It had been a while since STEB'd been on Trixie!
Got a jump on her triathlon build phase
Which was to start on New Year's day!
After that she lifted some stuff
Deadlifts and other accessory work sure enough
STEB, ready to get her deadlift on!
Then she headed into DC where she needed a windscreen
For the last Wizard's game of 2017
What would the outcome be? It was a roll of the dice...
But ending the year with a win sure was nice!
Always nice to get a win!
New Year's Day - STUR, the Beast, and STEB headed off on the frozen tundra -
How many layers to wear in their race was the conundrum!
The before mentioned race was in Fredericksburg a 10K or 5k choice...
Killed time in the warm car before - they did rejoice!
It was so very cold!

They noted they were not in Hawaii any more...
Could they get out there and run?  They weren't sure!
At least it was sunny out!

Before they went out and braved the cold
Sang the Team Rabbit theme song truth be told!
The start line was very informal
The amount of people running certainly wasn't normal.
The race started and finished at the Old Mill Park
For the race they were about to embark!
STUR and STEB took off in the first wave -
The Beast had to wait in the cold to start- she was brave!
Lovely course along the Rappahannock River -
They soon got warm and didn't have to shiver!
STEB was quite bundled up
With two sets of gloves and a scarf? Yup!
She predicted she would walk a lot
But in the end just 4 walk breaks is what she got
Happy that she had her scarf
Kept her mouth covered back and forth
Happy for just some rolling hills
Was expecting that one the STUR said was a pill!

The Beast toughed it out at the chilly finish line
Getting pictures of STUR and STEB finishing was pretty fine!
"Here they come..."
"Here comes Team Rabbit!"

STEB was happy to see STUR and The Beast waiting
Back in the car it was warm and they were anticipating...
Happy finishers! And happy to get out of the cold!
"A medal's waiting just ahead!"
Their post race celebration with some Chick-fil-a
And the young man who took their orders was just great!
Cool Chick-fil-A stuff for sale!
He couldn't believe they had just come from a race
And came around to give them their free refills in this case!
Got lucky with traffic on their way back home
Always nice to be able to use cruise control!
Happy New Year to you and yours...
Stay tuned to see what 2018 will bring forth!
Happy New Year!!