There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Tropical Splash Rap - 2015 Edition

On Friday STUR got some running miles in at Wakefield.
It actually wasn't that cold- what a deal!
Did that so she could avoid Saturday's sloppy mess -
Went to CrossFit instead - how'd you guess?
150 wall balls was the prescribed W O D…
Went at 10am so she could run into STEB - whee!
STEB was there for a CrossFit foundations class…
The bunnies gave a high five as they would pass!
On Sunday she picked up her friend Margie.
Going to the Tropical Splash swim meet, you see!

The George Washington RECenter was the place...
Post-Race Ribbons!
Only 7 of 10 lanes used - some reserved for warmup space.
500 free, 100 free, 200 free, 50 free, and 100 fly?
These were the events she was going to try!
Ended up with a first place ribbon for all five;

Having her cheering bunny friend there made her feel alive!
Her friend Margie also did well and kicked butt -
Doing these meets helps them sprint and get out of a rut!

STUR and Margie racing the 50 Free!

STEB's weekend wasn't quite as planned
But it was still good, understand?
Friday she finally took Riley to work for the day;
Seems like it’d been ages and Riley is a great office mate, OK!
Saturday morning was kind of a big deal:
First a swim at Audrey Moore with a fun main set. For real!
After, she headed on over to Mt. Vernon CrossFit
Foundation classes one and two? You bet!
From there she headed to the Angelika Theater at Mosaic
Got to see "American Sniper" - what an amazing flick.
Sunday she opted for a treadmill hike…
After, cheering on STUR and Margie at the Tropical Splash was outta sight!
Cheering is fun!
Got to chat with an old high school friend, Marlene.
Finally saw each other at a swim event, you know what I mean?
Topped off her day with a visit to a long-time friend…
Then finally finished her video labeling project. The end!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Pole Rap

For STUR Saturday started out early and chilly-
Met at the AG Farm Park - a runner there was wearing shorts - really?!
After a couple of miles on the farm park trail she got warm
Picking around some snow and ice became the norm!
STUR takes on the icy trail!
Got in 7.5 miles in all totality-
Some stream crossings were part of reality!
STEB tried to swim but there was a youth swim meet.
Knowing about it before hand sure would have been neat!
Opted to go out for her run instead…
Just three miles on the trail – didn't want to be a bonehead!
Then spent the afternoon movie watching…
And making cucumber crackitizers in which she wouldn't be partaking.
Saturday evening STEB went with STUR to a party for her CrossFit box...
Party Animals - being good Whole30 participants! 
The host's house was like a museum - it rocked!
The party room even had a stripper pole...
Team Rabbit didn't really try it out – truth be told! 
This is NOT a Fireman's pole!
Sunday morning STUR did some sets of kettlebell swinging -
Then the workout continued with some house cleaning!
Sunday STEB was supposed to do her mountain bike ride…
But with the pouring rain they cancelled – she took it in stride.
Later went to a fun birthday lunch celebration;

Then Championship Sunday – one of her two teams won!
Pick a jersey, any jersey!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Dog Park Rap

STUR spent a cold Saturday in a warm Crossfit box
Worked on overhead squats wearing only her socks!
Sunday went out for a run when it wasn't so cold -
27 degrees and 6 miles after all was told.
Later Tessie's friend Riley came over to go play at the dog park -
They got so muddy - in STEBs car they certainly made their mark!
This weekend STEB actually did not do a brick.
Saturday she got her swim on but was still exhausted from being sick!
Afterwards she checked out the Swiss Bakery with Margie and Leanne...
STEB never knew it existed, but now is a fan! 
Sunday was her first run since the Fairfax Four Miler race
Two loops for 3 miles felt tough, but she was ok with her pace. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Flash Rap

This weekend STEB continued the ankle rest...
Frustrating, but she knew it was for the best.
There was cookie baking and caramel corn making,
Goodies for the taking!
More holiday goodies for the taking! 
However Saturday night she put her dancing shoes on...
And maybe even sang a song?!
She was CBun's date for the "Team Z Prom,"
All dressed up!
And was really happy to go along!
A post wedding party was really the reason.
Had to do it when it wasn't triathlon season!
The food was great, the band kicked @$$, the flash mob was entertaining!
For Ed and Talia people came from far and near; the party was amazing!
A Caps win on Sunday capped off the weekend...
Caps win!
Here's hoping this time her ankle is really on the mend!
For STUR the weekend went by in a flash...
Most laid back chill weekend of the whole year was the task!
Although Saturday morning had the most activity -
She met at the AG Park Farm Trail you see.
On the way there her car took a little spin out...
Never did a 180 before without a doubt!
Arrived late and a tiny bit frazzled,
But Thumper and CBun had waited - she was dazzled!
Headed out on what seemed for the most part grass -
More than 5 miles on this slippery track? She'll pass!
A little slippery and wet out this morning!
They chatted about 2015 races and all of the bling,
Warm tea at Starbucks after was just the thing!
Movie with BRab, yoga, and a run on the road,
Great way to start off the year - she is sold!

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year Rap

New Year's Eve brought a Rabbit tradition
The Fairfax Four Miler - where STUR and STEB got it done!
Fairfax Four Miler - check!
The weather was chilly at the start...
But both rabbits warmed up after they split apart!
Got to say hi on the two out and back  places;
Regrouped at the finish - it's easy to spot ears among all the faces!
Saw familiar peeps while running in the race,
And a few others after we left the finish line place!
New Years Day 2015 dawned cold and bright!
For running weather it was out of sight!
It was time for STUR's annual Rehau Resolution 10K,
She went to RBud's and they were on their way!
Waiting to start the New Year tradition race!
(Photo courtesy of RBud!)
Not much time before they had to be on the start line -
Starting off slow to not fall down the grassy incline.
Luckily the course was ice free and dry -
Hills this time seemed relentless - my oh my!!
She finally saw the grassy hill to run UP this time...
Huffing and puffing not going to lie!
Jetted back home to run one more mile with the dog;
In one 24 period - 11 miles she would log!
This year STEB didn't do the Resolution run,
As resting her ankle and plantar fasciitis had to be done.
Hopefully next year she be back at the back-to-back
Because Rabbits run races like this on purpose! It's not whack!