There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Is Team Rabbit is easily influenced?

A couple months ago one of the Rabbittears, Sally, was hoping to get Team Rabbit to run their first 50K event. Sally and another friend were signed up for the 50 miler. Well, What's Up, Doc has already done a 50 miler, but Silly Rabbit and Energize Bunny had not run beyond the marathon distance. Knowing how the Rabbits love to write reports and updates in rhyme, Sally sent us this little rhyme below:

Hi there, Team Rabbit,
Have we got a race for you!
It's a nice 50K
Round a big lake o' blue.
Think pretty fall leaves
And crisp, fresh air,
Mountains in the distance
Don't you wish you were there?!
We're going to have a blast
At the Can Lake 50,
And if Team Rabbit joins us
It'll truly be nifty!!
You'll already be 
In Ironman Moo shape,
Those 50K miles
Will be a piece of cake!
So click on the link
And give it some thought,
Check out the price--
It's the cheapest race you've ever bought!
The Can Lake folk will love it
With Team Rabbit in town,
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
And ready to lay the smack down!!
It's filling up fast, 
So hurry, hop to it!!!

So, since the Rabbits' motto is "there's always room for another race," what do you suppose we did? We signed up for it - of course!! Team Rabbit just LOVED the invitation to run by rhyme! Of course, we are all a little too easily influenced, too. But that is part of the fun of Team Rabbit! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Round Hill Rap

The schedule called for a 90 mile bike!
Out at Culpeper- those hills aren't a fright!
We started out the earliest yet.
Wheels up before 7 – yep, you bet!
Riding along everything going fine;
A fist fight in the road? Not a good sign!
But we survived and made it to the first rest stop.
Anybody need a gourd? There's a huge crop!
We biked off on our merry way,
Views of Old Rag really made our day!
The hills were rolling and so were we!
Nobody walked up a hill you see!
Got back to the car and we took a vote:
14 more miles - we were stoked!
After it was all said and done
We sure had a lot of fun!
88 miles - but it sure wasn't per hour

That would've been like "Back to the Future!"
Next on our mind was pizza and Slurpees!

Heck no we aren't doing any burpees!
Later that night it was a “Grease” sing-a-long!

Thank goodness we knew all the words to the songs!
Sunday was outdoor swim with P-Diddy in the rain.

We're already wet so it wasn't a pain!
Energizer Bunny and P Diddy had gone for a run in the wet,
While Silly Rabbit stayed dry later in the sun - you can bet!
The Rabbits had another fun training weekend

We cannot wait to do it again!

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Double Rap

A Specialized Rest Stop!

The weekend featured a bike workout double.
Went 151 miles without any trouble!
Sheila came to ride along with Trixie;
They're Specialized bikes - don't you see!
First up we rode through many bridges that were covered;
In beautiful scenery we certainly were smothered!
And we knew it was gonna be a good day.
Because we saw bunnies along the way!!
Energizer Bunny yelled "War Eagle" and was psyched,
When by an Auburn mailbox we quickly biked!

Halfway through we stopped at our car at the school.
There was a porta potty there and that was cool!
Afterwards a quick fuel stop at the 7-11
Then off to the pool we went - it was heaven!
We did 6 by 5…hundred that is.
We put on our goggles and got down to biz!
The next day
Gainesville was the place.
We got our bike ride done – it wasn’t a race!
Two loops helped us to get in the miles;
With positive attitude and plenty of smiles!
Twice on
Hopewell Road was kind of a bear-

But we got up the hills without any care!
On Milestone Road it was certainly bumpy and rough.
There we realized its our most miles biked in a weekend - really cool stuff!
So 151 miles total of swim and bike.
All worth it in the end - when our names are announced by Mike!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Culpeper and Challenge Rap

First time at Culpeper for the season.
We're training for Ironman Moo - that was the reason!
We were lucky it wasn't too hot;
A little rain really hit the spot!
We got in 74 miles without too much fuss,
Even though on some of the hills we had to cuss.
This weekend the cicadas were really flying all around -
On Gina's face and in Linda's shirt they were bound!
Next morning at the crack we headed for the bay!
A one mile swim for the rabbits you don't say?!?!
We took a quick shuttle bus to the start.
Picked up our chips then to the pre-race meeting we did dart!
Then it was time for the wetsuit wiggle;
Once they were on the rabbits didn't jiggle!!
Then it was time to get in our waves;
Said goodbye to What's Up, Doc - one of our faves!
Then it was Energizer Bunny and Silly Rabbit's turn.
The water was refreshing we soon would learn!
Swim out to the turn at the giant beach ball;
Three legs to the finish - come on y'all!
From the finishers chute and onto the grass,
The one mile swim sure went real fast!
On the way home we got to witness a real treat;
To see the 4.4 mile swimmers under the bridge can't be beat!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Rabbit AKA Cicada Man Rap

Team Rabbit got together with some peeps for a practice TRI.
We started kind of early so in the sun we wouldn't fry!
In calm water we swam a nice out and back;
Supported by Coach Melissa in her red kayak!

We took a short drive to get to T1
To do some loops at the park and have some fun!
The cicadas were loud and provided a sound track.
We're sure glad they didn't land on our back!!
With 7 loops done and then a little bit more;
T2 wouldn't be fast- that was for sure!
We finally departed T2 and went out on our run.
We were raring to go to get it done!
Surprise medals were there from a new rabbit fan!
Danielle left us finishers necklaces that were grand!!
Another fan checked in to see how we did;
She's our number one fan and we call her P-Didd!!
Thanks for all the peeps who came out to play.
We hope to do it again another day!
The money we saved for this race on the cheap
Lets us sign up for more races and not have to weep!!