There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ghosts and Trains and Pumpkins. Oh My! Rap

"Be afraid because this race is haunted." --Steven Latour, RD, Ghost Train Rail Trail Race

Team Rabbit took a journey that was short but far-
STUR, CBun, and WUD initially spent a lot of time in the car!
When they finally reached the 6-0-3...
It was pretty dark and rainy you see!
They found dinner and a grocery store;
The storm was epic with lightning and a heavy pour.
Lights out at 10 pm - good thing the race doesn't start until nine-
But soon it would be time to rise and shine!

Checking in to the Ghost Train!
Photo Credit here
Rabbits, ready to race!

Day started off cloudy with no rain-
Since trying to figure out the weather was driving them insane!

Dropped off their bags and collected their numbers -
Nice to be ready to race and not encumbered.
Pretty pre race view!

The scene as in most ultras was decidedly low key -
They heard, "On your mark, get set, go!" and it was time to flee!
And they're off!

The trail was not as flat as advertised...
There was a long winding hill to their surprise!
This pumpkin is also surprised about the hill!

Also this trail had lots of railroad ties, rocks, and roots -
Less suited for sneakers and more for boots!
This is the way to go!
Sounds like a bad scary movie...

There were pumpkins on the trail along the way...
Apparently they lit up at night - no way!?
Remember to run!!

And is this a dream or reality?
It looks like a skeleton with personality!
She's dancing?!

They rabbits ran through a drainage pipe - an optical illusion -
No rabbits fell down, but it sure led to some confusion!
It would be fun to run through THIS at night!!

At one point CBun careened off the trail a bit -
And one of those skeletons she almost hit!
Hey, watch where you're going!

The bunny ears got lots of love and attention -
"You're the second place bunny!" to STUR someone did mention.
Bunny ears rock!

STUR ran for awhile with a girl dressed like a bee -
They decided bunnies and bees could be friends, you see.
I'm OK!

STUR attempted to go down one hill on all fours -
But found going down on her butt was best - score!!
It looks pretty, too! But looks can be deceiving...

Running on the red carpet of leaves is better than concrete -
Except you really had to watch where you put your feet.
I guess he got tired of waiting?

Speaking of feet, STUR had to call it a day at the halfway mark-
She had some foot pain, it wasn't just on a lark!
Oh, they're half way there....

The Rabbits had some craziness involving the car key -
STUR gave it to CBun since she thought she would finish last - oh gee.
So she settled in with the cold  and rain -
Seeing the runners gut it out relieved he pain.
She couldn't wait to see those bunny ears coming down the trail -
Here comes WUD with a smile without fail!
WUD - smiling!
Photo credit:

STUR helped warm her up as best she could;
Got her some hot chocolate that tasted real good!
WUD really had an amazing race -
On those trails she is an ace!
CBun finished too and cruised through the finish line -
Again ANOTHER smile - it was genuine!
STUR would have taken pictures but her phone was dead - boo...
So what is a rabbit supposed to do?
They headed back to the hotel - those rabbits wanted steak -
They all hoped they could just stay awake!
It was an early night for the next day they hit the road!
Six states until they hit CBun's abode!
But all the bunnies say it was totally worth the drive -
The Ghost Train Ultra was the bomb - ain't no jive!
Meanwhile, back in 7-0-3 land –
RBug and STEB skipped the GPR, understand?
They decided to avoid the wind and chill,
And met up for hot beverages, if you will!
Cheers to yummy hot beverages!

There might have been a pumpkin sighting for them, too...
Here’s the picture, for the proof!

Speaking of ghosts and pumpkins and such…
STEB got out her Halloween decorations and stuff!

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Fab Rap

BLUR and STUR did a race  on somewhat of a whim-
Such a pretty Saturday - who wants to be in a gym?
The "Fall in Love 10k/5k" didn't start until 10 o'clock.
Sleeping in on the weekend really rocked!
STUR took the metro in - a 1.1 mile warm up across the Key Bridge -
Was it a tiny bit chilly? Yes, just a smidge...
Met up with BLUR and David quickly and with ease -
By then the temperature was perfect - they wouldn't freeze!
Rabbits, ready to run!

STUR lined up with BLUR - she would start her off right -
BLUR was strong and determined - that's dynamite!!
At about the 5k turnaround the rabbits said goodbye;
STUR was doing the 10k- that's the reason why!
When it came to the race, 
Who knew David was such an ace?
Won his age group with an amazing pace! 
And his wife was no disgrace!
David accepts his award!

BLUR powered back to the finish line -
She got a PR and an amazing time!
After the race the rabbits settled down by the river -
They would get their 135 sit-ups and push-ups done they figured!
Then STUR blazed her way back to the metro -
Another 1.1 miles in the bank - don't you know?
Later that day  JRab had a special request..
He wanted to go to Red Lobster - surely you jest?!
Red Lobster - where America goes for seafood!

It's his birthday weekend so STUR went along -
They really enjoyed their meal...is that wrong?
STEB did nothing much athletically speaking over the weekend.
However on Saturday she spent some well deserved time with a friend!
Of course she did work on her yoga retreat -
She must admit, the stretching has been neat.
Sunday morning STUR met up at the pool with the Beast.
Nice to sleep in again - to say the least!
Met a nice swimmer in their lane, she was the leader...
All and all they ended up with 4000 meters!
Sunday evening was a little gathering of four rabbs...
Dinner at Ted’s Bulletin was fun and fab!
Excited to see the Beatles flick!

Followed by The Beatles: Eight Days a Week
The Touring Years – boy could the girls back then shriek!
Very fab movie!

What an amazing insight it was into their lives...
And singing along to the songs? That wasn’t a surprise!
Then there was a bonus concert at the end:
It was “Beatlemania” on August 15, 1965 at Shea Stadium!
The rabbits might have had a bit of Beatlemania...

The Miracle Theater was really spectacular all around
Sitting in the seats was like time had rewound!
This is a seriously cool theater AND has a balcony!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Area Code Rap

Two Rabbits took a journey to the 8-0-2,
What do you suppose they were going to do?
Waiting for their plane to come in!

Maddie and Betty were along for the ride-
Two baby bunnies were waiting for them to their surprise!
Betty and Maddie have new friends!
Courtesy of Andy and Jeff!

Vermont's congressman was spotted greeting his constituents -
At the farmer's market on a nice Saturday - it surely makes sense.
Nice morning to visit the Farmers Market!

Visited the Lake Elmore 'beauty spot' -
Do they call 911 there? Apparently not a lot!
Vermont has lovely scenery!!

Took a gondola ride up to Jay's Peak
Skiing down that sucker isn't for the weak!
The gondola went up-up-UP!

Once at the top the Rabbits DID appreciate the scenery -
Since it was Fall there was a lot less greenery!

STUR and STEB - appreciating the scenery!!

Really LOVELY scenery!

Warning: Don't ski alone!!!

STEB got a kick out of the name Rabbit Trail for a bunny slope
Since it's a green circle that means easy at least one would hope!
Rabbit Trail? The perfect name for a bunny slope!

Jays peak resort boasts an amazing water park;
La Chute the red water slide is not for the faint of heart!
Took a gander on the shores of beautiful Lake Memphremagog -
Two Rabbits will swim there next summer- stay tuned to this blog.
STUR, checking out the scene of the 2017 epic swim!

Got a peek at the Canada/USA border line
The Rabbits won't need a passport this time!
Crazy how close to the border you were!

Carbo loading took place at the restaurant Sarducci's -
Guess we don't want those extra beers, if you please!
Pre-race selfie? Check!

Next morning they took a pre-race selfie in the school gym -
Got to keep nice and warm for the win!
So nice to hang out in a warm gym pre-race!

They ran away from Folsom but they didn't have the blues
It was a beautiful day for the Green Mountain Half, that's some good news!
Outside and ready to run!
And getting photo bombed!!

As the race starts out on this nice out and back -
You see bird houses and dinosaurs together - that is whack!
Can you spot the dinosaurs? The birdhouses went on and on!

But if you looked to your left there's quite the view -
You're looking at Plattsburg, New York - who knew?!
Lovely view across the lake!
And so close to Lake Placid!

On the course a runner told STEB a joke to pass the time:
“What do you call a line of rabbits walking backwards? A receding hare line!”
Crossing the finish line for 8:02 Timing was nice of course
It’s neat how their name is the area code source!
STUR headed to the finish!

STEB finally got to check Vermont off of her 'list'
She's slowly working through all 50 states; that's the jist!
Took a scenic drive through Smuggler’s Notch - the road was narrowing...
Saw some cyclists going up AND down - it looked very harrowing!
Smuggler's Notch had a crazy steep face! The pictures don't do it justice!
Don't drive through here in an RV, bus, or tractor trailer

After this they headed over to Ben & Jerry's -
Even though the traffic there was kind of scary!
Ice cream-check! Right from the source!

Once there, there was a line, but it wasn't too bad -
And there were so many ice cream choices to be had!
Later that night they had to go two towns over for Positive Pie -
The one in town had a two hour wait, that's the reason why!
STUR got her Brussels sprouts and tried a new beer:
It was called Chasing Rabbits and they toasted a successful race - cheers!
This could be the official beer of Team Rabbit!

There were lots of fun quotes on the table tops
STEB liked the Kevin James' one - it rocked!
STEB loves pizza...

Monday morning STEB and STUR headed into town -
They needed caffeine - they were going to look around.
But at first they were approached by a stranger
Her name was Mary Alice and they weren't in any danger!
After seeing STEB's Ironman jacket she wanted some info -
Funneled us over to her restaurant Down Home don't you know?
Offered us caffeinated beverages for our time -
Happy to share their knowledge and it didn't cost a dime!
After the caffeine fix it was bagels at Bagitos
And maybe there was a yummy chocolate chip cookie, you know?
Had a late lunch at the Three Penny Taproom of good burgers and fries
The Rookie's Root Beer was also good, too, the rabbits surmise!
They both got shirts that say I L💗 VERMONTPELIER -
Always amazing how much there is to do and see here.
Vermont really is amazing!

Andy and Jeff were their amazing weekend hosts -
A bountiful amount of Vermont knowledge they do boast!

Meanwhile over in the 3-1-2
CBun had something else to do-
"Just" a little race called the Chicago Marathon...
She took lots of scenic pictures as she hopped along!
CBun is ready to roll!

It was a beautiful day for her as well
Enjoyed a beer after and that was swell!
Beer- check!!