There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Rabbit Fun

If you couldn't tell from the Rabbit Welcome, the Rabbits love to write! We write poems - and the ideas often come to us while we are on crazy long bike rides - or long car rides - that poke fun at us or our current situation. We use them to pick us up; basically to make us laugh!

Team Rabbit Theme Song (to the tune of Speed Racer) - Silly Rabbit

Here they come
Here comes Team Rabbit
They're a demon on wheels
They're a demon and they're gonna be chasin' after someone

They'll have their bunny ears at each and every race
It's sure to keep them on their perfect PR pace!

And when the going gets tough and they feel
out of luck

You can bet your life, Team Rabbit 
will embrace the suck

Go Team Rabbit
Go Team Rabbit
Go Team Rabbit Go!

They hit T2 and change into their bunny running shoes
They are prepared and always know exactly what to do
A medal's waiting just ahead!!

Go Team Rabbit
Go Team Rabbit
Go Team Rabbit Go!

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