There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, March 28, 2016

16.5 Easter Rap

Friday night was the last watch party gathering
The Open would soon be over till next Spring!
STEB could see by the looks on everyone’s face,
That 16.5 would probably be tough in her case.
The guys are getting it done!
Girls, just wanna have guns!

She would need all her energy, to try and do well…
Hoping she’d be able to lift that barbell!
We love this (45 pound) bar!
 First thing Saturday STUR went to the pool for a dip –
At every turn for 2700 meters she did a flip!
I bet you can't guess what time it is now?
It's the last CrossFit Open workout somehow!
16.5 Rx and Scaled!
Otherwise known as workout number 16.5
Only 84 each of thrusters and bar facing burpees - would she stay alive?
She did indeed and was happy with her time…
Stepping over the bar is certainly not a crime!
The order was 21-18-15-12-9-6-3…
This was the one workout STEB did not do with glee
She actually thought that she might quit
But she focused and got through it with grit
16.5 and the 2016 Open - check, check!
(STEB's face is very red!)

Later that day she met up with a friend to celebrate
Her friend’s birthday with lunch and it was great!
Guapo's - yum!

Another friend joined for a movie, followed by coffee
Can’t go wrong with a coconut milk caramel macchiato, you see!
Coffee always hits the spot!

On Sunday STUR is very happy to make this report:
Running has once again become her sport!
Belle Haven view!

She got in 5 miles with two of the bunnies…
Longest run this year? You betcha, honey!!
Turn-around selfie!

Then what's this? Could STUR have gone biking?
Yes Fort Hunt was the place and was just to her liking!
Sheila and Candy meet!

Sheila her bike was happy to go with STEB's bike Candy,
Almost seven miles which felt just dandy!
Bike Ride - check!

STEB was happy for a little run and bike
She really worked up her Easter dinner appetite!
Fort Hunt!

Spent the afternoon with lots of family
And did they actually play Cards Against Humanity?
They aren’t horrible people - the game was all in fun
Would you believe in the end STEB actually won!?
We hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend -
And celebrated good times with family and friends!

Monday, March 21, 2016

16.4 Plus Rap

16.4, we are ready for you!

Friday night STEB headed to Watch Party 16.4
Julie, Coach Dan, and Magnus in 16.4 Action!
That workout looked to be the toughest of all so far!
Coach Ali and Dan, getting it done!
Afterwards, STEB headed on back home
Needed to get as many Zs as possible, you know.
For STUR this weekend's activities was a bit of an unknown...
Hoping that especially the CrossFit Open wouldn't be blown!
As it turns out her knee was better and tried to behave,
She didn't actually have to be that brave!
Met RBud at the pool early on Saturday morning -
Good to have a buddy so it wouldn't be too boring!
For the 2500 meters, flip turns turned out to be a bit of a challenge
Pushing off with one leg was all she could manage.
Got to CrossFit in time and was ready for the open
Deadlifts, wall balls, rowing, and push-ups - they're not joking!
The deadlifts went fine and she ripped through 55 reps -
But she knew that wall balls were next…
For those her squat depth was not quite the standard -
But don't worry for STUR was not angered!
She got in yet another good workout at the box
The CrossFit Open really rocks!
STEB was very nervous about the 16.4 Open Workout
Not sure how her breathing would be, without a doubt
After the deadlifts things went a little down hill
But she got into a wall ball rhythm so that wasn’t a pill
The rowing was hardest of all on her breathing it seems
This time, the push-ups were only in her dreams!
16.4 Success!
After, STUR and STEB celebrated the birth of the Slurpee
With the Bring your own Cup day – and they did, with glee!
Next the Rabbits and a Rabbittear met up for dinner and some laughs -
They even managed to take one photograph.
All the Rabbits together? What?!
And with our Number 1 Fan!

Sunday morning STUR had a 5k race to do… WHAT?!
Wasn't sure her knee was ready, but trusted her gut.
It was the Spring to Spring 5k held at Fort Hunt Park -
Longest run in over four months? Yes - check mark!
STUR Finishing Strong!
Photo Courtesy of The Fun Runz
Then headed to the box for a little boot camp action -
Hoping her sore muscles wouldn't put her in traction!
The "action" included even more running -
Also wall balls, ring rows, and push-ups kept her arms pumping.
Enjoyed some relaxing time at a movie with Abbi and STEB...
Did she treat herself with popcorn? Yep!
Aside from the movie, STEB laid low
Did lots of napping, don’t you know!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

16.3 Rap

STUR started off the weekend with a celebratory run
1.7 miles to the Armory and she was done!
But for her it was kind of a big deal -
As she hadn't run in four months, for real?
Friday night STEB hung out at the watch party again
The coaches and their bar muscle up were amazing, amen!
Girls getting it done!

The Dans getting it done!

STEB tried one jumping C2B and failed...
What would happen Saturday? Would her workout be derailed?

Saturday morning STUR went to swim as is her usual habit
The Beast swam longer, but only 2800 meters for this rabbit
For of course she had to rush off again to the CrossFit box
Hoping workout 16.3 wouldn't knock off her socks
Open Workout 16.3 - Rx and Scaled!
She enjoyed it the most of all so far
And was able to get her chest up to that bar!
STUR chilling on the C2B platform after!
Turns out STEB got some jumping C2B done in practice,
And she got some reps that counted with just a little fuss
Open Workout 16.3 - check!
Next she had afternoon coffee with RBud planned  
And time to deliver Olivia the new bunny, understand?
STEB's day kind of went downhill from there.
Allergies hit her in full force. Oh dear.
The rest of her weekend was filled with rest
Because she needs to be ready for 16.4, no jest!
Saturday, WuDoc completed the DC Rock N Roll Half Marathon
Spotted a lot of our old Team Z mates, too, as she ran along!
CBun went on a run on her own and enjoyed the scenery
To the Falls and back, the views were very pretty!

Monday, March 7, 2016

16.2 Rap

Friday night STEB headed to watch party 16.2
It was fun cheering on the MVCF coaches, true

Girls hitting the (toes to) bars!
(Photo courtesy of MVCF!)
Boys turn!
She was excited to do the scaled version herself
Had to start early - or else!
NOTE: Not the scaled version!
You can find that about halfway down on this link, here.
STUR met the Beast Saturday morning for 2700 meters in the pool;
Their lane was pretty crowded but it was all cool!
STUR ready to tackle 16.2 scaled!
Next STUR was happy with her effort at open workout 16.2-
All of her squats were legal - it's true!
On her squat clean she achieved a PR!!
This Rabbit is really enjoying the Open so far!
Saturday morning STEB was up at the crack
Got into the groove with fun tunes, that's a fact!
Turns out she was in the first heat
Getting it done early can't be beat
At first the HLR went pretty well
But on the third round she nearly fell
STEB trying not to lose her grip!
(Photo courtesy of MVCF!)
Off the bar that is because she couldn't keep her grip
And her hands always wanted to slip!
Couldn't quite get to the third round of squat cleans
But she had a blast if you know what we mean?
Date night again found STUR and BRab at Olive Garden...
After the last two dates it felt like a bargain!
Date night number 3!
They were able to play electronic trivia right at the table,
For a fun distraction they were very grateful!
Sunday STEB headed back to the box
Got in a solid run - that rocked
Next STUR and STEB went to Ali's booty camp
Exercises dealt with a deck of cards - they were champs!
Burpee jacks, v ups, kettle bell rows to name a few
They whole class worked up a sweat before they were through!
After booty camp STUR couldn't resist a nap -
But before she knew it she had to wake up - oh snap!
Time for a swim with the Lane 4 Masters group,
Got in 3500 meters - whoop!
16.2 (scaled) - check!