There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, April 27, 2015

#dcRising Rap

Team Rabbit started the weekend off on Friday night
#dcRising and a Wizards win was quite a sight!
At Verizon Center cheering for the Wiz and we got a free shirt-
STUR and STEB hung out with BRab and RBud, which didn't hurt!
Game 3 - Wizards Win!
Saturday STEB and RBud headed for the hills
Apple Blossom ride in Boyce, Virginia? Yes - and they saw a windmill!
Early on the were pelted by some sleet
But it was pretty tiny and went a quick, which was neat
The weather never seemed to get any warmer
In fact they thought it got a bit colder!
Apple Blossom Ride - check!

Carmen wanted to be a Rock Star, too!
After they finished they hit up Sheetz for some nourishment
A turkey sub and onion rings to STEB were heaven sent!
Sunday morning STEB ran the rock star 5k by PR in Fairfax Corner
The familiar course was perfect to work on her pacing strategy for sure!
Guess what? This course is not flat
Did some guy refer to that as 'bunny hills'? That's a fact!
It started off a bit chilly but STEB was prepared
Not a PR but hit her goals so she was happy how she fared!

STUR began her Saturday with a rogue swim in her own-
Hey! She took Friday off- throw her a bone!
Sunday am was here before she knew it- time to get the shuttle-
Part of Team Rabbit was ready to flex their running muscle!
That's right! WuDoc and STUR are running 10 miles-
In the GW Parkway Classic with Team Rabbit Smiles!
Got to the race in time o' plenty-
Everyone was nice and calm- there was no frenzy!
Except when it was time to start-
Remember to begin conservatively- better race smart!
Right on track until mile four/
That's when STUR decided to hit the floor!
Taking a dive right there in the parkway-
LOTS of assistance from other runners- you don't say!
Bunny ears went flying and retrieved by a lady-
Would she keep going? Let's hope.. Maybe?
Yes she could! Got by with a few scrapes-
A race ending injury she did escape!
Picked herself up and got back on the horse-
She still had 6 miles to run of course!
Did as her coach said and finished strong-
Why is the road to the finish line so long?
Met up with WuDoc and sat on the grass-
We both agreed that we kicked A$&!
Decided we needed lunch at Chipotle-
Having earned it with 10 miles was the key!

GW Parkway 10-Miler - check!

Sunday night STEB went rogue back for more #dcRising

Hung with childhood friends Stephen and Bill - the game was amazing

The Wizards pulled of their first playoff sweep in franchise history 
Now they advance to the second round and who they’ll play is still a mystery! 
What's next for the Wizards?


Monday, April 20, 2015

Lagniappe Rap

STUR did a swim Saturday at Audrey Moore -
Lots of open water drills so she wouldn't be sore!
CrossFit however was a completely different matter
Long WOD better clear your bladder!
It was called the 32 Hokies -
It was a memorial workout and it was no jokie.
Met one last time with running coach John -
Must practice this running form on her own - bring it on!
Sunday she met Margie the Beast at TC Williams track -
2 x 2 mile was the workout and that's the fact!
She kept the pace consistent and that was her mission...
Wanted to slow down at the end. She really was a wishing!
All this fast stuff is challenging for STUR the ultra runner -
Will it get her ready for a 50-miler? She can only wonder!

STEB started the weekend with the Crystal 5k...
Third in the series again like last year? No way!
Saw some peeps from Tri Team Z -
Nice to chat with them before and after you see!
Saturday morning was a swim - but it was cut short...
An annual eye doctor visit and lunch with a friend is the report!
Sunday morning brought a good bike / run brick...
30 miles ridden .1 mph faster than last week - that's slick!
After, it was a one-mile run on the trail -
Happy to report she stayed upright - not a fail!
Sunday afternoon was a Chinquapin swim...
Her shoulder held up, so the weekend was a win!


Monday, April 13, 2015

Cherry Zone Rap

STUR, STEB, and the Beast headed to the Coloniez Zone meet at George Mason -
The Beast and STEB were taking on the 200 fly - very brazen!
Got there early and got a great spot on the bleachers...
Hoping at the end they won't need to call the preacher!
In the Zones!
On Saturday STEB tried something out of her comfort zone
200 fly and 200 IM thankfully short course yards but she wasn't alone!
Margie the beast joined her in the 200 fly
Would you believe only 15 ladies wanted to give that a try?
She got in a good warm up than practiced diving off the blocks
Had to make sure her starts weren't a crock!
Didn't want to lose her goggles as she went in
Happy to say for all three races her starts were a win!

Next thing STUR knew it was time for the 100 Free-
Goal was the fastest one ever- we shall see..
She did it! And was so so happy!
A smile on her face and very chatty!
Time to cheer on her kick @$$ friends!
Eight lengths of fly they did intend!
Of her friends STEB and the Beast STUR couldn't be more proud:
They did the 200 fly for crying out loud!!
The 500 free was next up for STUR -
It pretty much ran together in a blur...
But according to the Beast she did a negative split -
Got second place - so glad she didn't quit!
One more event for STUR: the 50 fly...
Thinking how her friends did a 200 - oh my!!

On that 200 fly STEB didn't really have a plan - or a clue
Just knew to try to take it easy and finish - that's all she could do!
Turns out she did start a bit too fast
As at the end she slowed down but finished - she was gassed!
Time to rest before the 200 IM
Only 50 of each stroke for this - no mayhem!
Last thing was that 50 fly
Only two lengths but STEB was tired.
Happy to be out of the Zones!
Zones Loot!
Still, STEB got it done and was seriously hungry;
Making her way to Flippin' Pizza was key!
Later STEB took Candy Cannondale to Bonzai for some stuff - not a crime
After 15 years: new Gatorskin tires, tubes, and fi'zi:k handlebar tape - it's about time!
Sunday brought her first outdoor bike ride of the year
And really only her second ride - let's make that clear!
It wasn't pretty, but STEB got it done...
And finished things up with a 7 minute run!

Sunday morning STUR woke up
To CherryBlossom 10-Miler number seventeen - 
Right by the Washington monument to start- the place to be seen!
Porta potty check and went to her wave -
Saw friends Leanne, Patty, and Kitty so she couldn't misbehave!
As always the first couple miles are very crowded...
Thinking, "I better stay upright- stay grounded!"
"Love the ears!" she heard many, many times -
First eight miles she had a great pace - felt in her prime.
Then she experienced a cramp in her calf;
At this point she began looking to catch a draft!
She thinks it had to do with her new minimalist shoes -
For in them she had not yet paid her dues.
So I guess it was fortunate the course was cut short -
Otherwise she might have needed an escort!
But she finished just fine and met up with WuDoc...
It was nice to get a chance for the two to talk and walk!
WuDoc and STUR, Post CB10!
Home for a quick dog walk and a short rest;
Lots of time with friends this weekend was the best!

Later that day there was a tri peep gathering...
IMAZing folks and others friends and lots of laughing!
IMAZing Peeps!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Rap

STEB took the weekend off from all workouts
Was she nervous about her upcoming fly event though? No doubt!
Did get a whole 200 in on Thursday last week...
As least she know she can go the distance in the Colonies Zone meet!

STURs weekend started off with a swim that included 500 of fly!
She just did it and didn't ask why!
Off to CrossFit and a date with "Helen" -
After all those pull-ups she was a yelling!
Her running form got another video...
Less heel striking and smoother look don't you know!
Settled in with naps and to watch the Final Four -
Kentucky lost, Wisconsin IN - SCORE!!
Everyone wants to be a Rabbit!
Easter Sunday brought a beautiful day and a reverse brick -
Running was no problem - but cycling was the trick!
Hadn't been on her bike in about a year...
But got in 12 miles never fear!!

Up at 2:30 - AM, that is...
CBun headed down to Charlottesville to take care of biz.
It's Cadbury Bunny - aka CBun!
A half marathon, hilly as can be;
She battled the wind, and what did she see?
Rabbit ears! That's right - random ears went running by...
What the heck's going on? Oh - it's Easter, that's why! 
She finished the race, then drove to the pool - 
Swam 6,000 yards - and felt pretty cool.
Exhausted and tired after such a long day;

She spent Sunday recovering - not much else to say.