There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, July 6, 2020

Independence Rap

STUR started Independence Day off with a long course swim -
With steamy water, the pool was filled to the brim!
Saw MRab and gave him a quick hello -
Both so happy to finally be giving swimming a go!
Made it through the soup and onto a short run -
Did she sweat a lot in both workouts? Yes a ton!
To celebrate the Fourth, STUR and JRab went into Old Town -
Early dinner and gelato near the water is where they were found!
Team Rabbit hopes everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July! 
Meanwhile, PBun did a mixed up triathlon
PBun was working on a Zwift KOM! 
Zwift bike, run, and then met KBun to swim some!
Happy swimmer people!
She was pretty tired after all of that...
She might have managed a short nap!
Sunday STUR met up with Betty and the Beast for more hot swimming...
Looking for that water sprayer that keeps things a chilling!
More happy swimmer people! 
After a couple of miles In the pool it was time for spin-fit -
Was it a sweat fest? Just a bit...
PBun ran and included a 5k in the mix -
Virtual are better than the real if you get her drift!!
Virtual race with a real medal? Sweet!
Riley wishes the fireworks were virtual!!! 

Firecracker fun!
Then she and the Goodmanator headed over to Annapolis
Got to visit family from a safe distance
BLUR got her swim on in a warm pool as well -
The Homestead's hot spring fed indoor facility sounds swell!
The rabbits think this pool would be awesome in the winter! 
CBun was scouting an area up in P-A with HRab
Got an impromptu invite to fireworks show that was pretty rad!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Dairy Duck Rap

Over the weekend PBun skipped the virtual racing scene...
It was her birthday weekend and she had other plans – you know what we mean?
She still got all of her training done
Swimming, biking, and of course a run!
Saturday was exciting as she finally got her TriDot workout loaded on Zwift
She was able to really focus and would you believe she never had to shift?

Later at the pool she saw Pam and Lionel
A photo op with Lionel after was pretty swell!

Later she headed to Herndon with the Goodmanator to see a friend
Met up with NanWa for some Duck Donuts - the fun never ends!

The kept socially distant and wore their masks
It had been over seven months since they’d seen each other last!
NanWa gave her flowers to celebrate her day
Meowser could hardly wait to pounce on them, oh by the way!

Sunday was run day for PBun
Then another recovery swim outside in the sun

And later another little celebration of sorts
Were masks required? Yes, of course!
It was Dairy Queen for the win!
OG Rabbits are at it again!
Meanwhile, CBun, HRab, and BLUR hit up the Ft. Ritchie OWS practice
David went along for company and photographs!

The Beast was swimming over at OKM
She ran into MRab there on a whim!
STUR and JRab went camping down at the Northern Neck
It’s summer, the time is right, so they said what the heck!
Set up camp in absolutely no time at all -
Lazlo settled into his fly catching duties - he’s crazy y’all!

Olive burgers were on the menu this night -
Sitting near the campfire is always out of sight!
Paddle boarding, hiking, and a shark tooth hunt
STUR found a big one, most certainly not a runt!

Lazlo got into the river and paddled around -
Then on the beach very sleepy he could be found!

That evening  they took out the telescope to an open field
Unfortunately it was hazy and the stars were concealed
Hot dogs and s’mores completed the trip...
Basic camping stuff - are you hip?!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Sandy Storm Rap

On Saturday Team Rabbit had a plan...
Open water swim at Sandy Point? Yeah man!
The rabbits and some friends met at the green or verde lot -
Then to the beach it was a perfect straight shot!
Some vultures greeted them along the way...
Wouldn't be long before they all dunked in the bay!
Such a beautiful sky! 

The water was a lovely 74 degrees -
And one loop of the buoys was about 800 yards you see
PBun got out after her first trip around
Needed to change goggles - could a better pair be found?
After about an hour they heard a dang rumble
Soon a whistle would blow and onto the beach they will stumble
Everyone was happy they got to swim!

Made time for a rabbit selfie before they all skedaddled
Look at that wicked sky in the background - they were rattled!!
This is what got them out!! 

Speaking of rattled, the drive home was fun
Went though a couple of ca-razy downpours, son of a gun
Later that afternoon,  PBun hopped on Trixie for a ride
She Zwifted on the Richmond course for the 2015 UCI
PBun did the "Conquer the Cobbles" ride with RBug back in 2015 and wiped out on this very section!! 

This time she didn't fall on the cobblestones...
That would be a drag in a virtual ride, don't you know?
Lionel was happy to partake in a meal of Maryland crabs
As long as the rabbits didn't swim with them,  which would be bad!!
Maryland IS for crabs! 

Sunday was a busy day for PBun
Starting off with a 5k TT run
Mid day she headed to the EPSC pool
First up tried her hand at vacuuming, cool!
KBun arrived and soon they both jumped in to do laps
Was the water was fabulous? Yes - natch!
When they were done and headed out to go home
Got a glimpse of the critter who had resided in the pump house - oh no!!
This guy was all cozy but was returned back to the woods! 

While KBun and Lionel headed off for ice cream
PBun had her sights set on a nap it would seem!
Sunday morning STUR headed to Old Keene Mill Pool to swim in the 50 meter set up.
Did she get in her longest swims in months? That would be YUP!
Next she headed to the gym for a class that included some spinning -
Also included burpees and squats - there was so much winning!

Monday, June 15, 2020

Triple SUP Rap

Saturday was quite a busy day, but it was also pretty cool:
Spinning, zooming, and first swim of the year at her outdoor pool!
Someone is now going to KICKR Zwift!

Fun family zoom for her aunt's 81st birthday!

Coffee zoom with friends!

The water was fab at EPSC! 
This weekend PBun raced virtually again? No way!!
She even triple dipped with her Sunday 5k!
Badges AND medals this time!
The Lucky Leprechaun was originally postponed from March 15 to June 14...so PBun ran a 5k on June 14!
She has been working on something different for the last month or so
And plans to be a substitute lifeguard for EPSC, don't ya know?
PBun also got to swim a little at the Overlee pool - wow, what a nice facility!
On Saturday STUR went to the gym and did a WOD that was very tough-
2.23 miles of running was fine but 200 wall balls was rough!
Next she skedaddled over to the Belle Haven Marina...
For a couple hours of SUP - it was the perfect arena!
STUR says, "what's SUP?!"
Sunday morning was a spin fit class this time indoors -
Getting on and off the bike for strength stuff is never a bore!
KBun and BLUR rocked a nice ride out of Indian Head
If you think they didn’t enjoy the beautiful day you’d be misled!!
Success on the Indian Head Trail!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Socially Distant Swim Rap

Last week some rabbits were finally able to get back into the pool
Don’t know about you, but STUR and PBun thought it was pretty cool!
Lane 19 is 19 yards!

Going 25 meters or perhaps only yards of 19…
Being in the Old Keene Mill Pool was like a dream!
Having a lane to yourself is strange in a way
Odds to the left, evens to the right - well ok!
Some rabbits might have done an open water swim
All so very happy to get in the water again!
The Beast and BLUR hit up some OWS in separate locales...
Lake Anna and Fort Richie, respectively, were great for their morale
Happy OWSers!
BLUR was so happy to open water swim again! 
Saturday at the crack KBun, Jeff, and PBun headed out to Cambridge M-D
They planned to ride just once around the IMMD loop you see
It's been a long time since this gang has been out to Cambridge! 
Saw a snake, lots of turtles - two were on the move
They were really getting in to the groove
The wind wasn't horrible and it was a really nice day
It was everyone's longest ride in 6 or 7 months, by the way!
After in the Choptank there was a snake swimming on top of the water
They got out of the river quickly after that with a holler!!!
Smiling - they hadn't seen the swimming snake yet!
KBun did a nice little out and back swim! 
STUR was glad to be back at the box with the Kingstowne gang -
Workouts outside were hot but she could hang!
Saturday brought a brutal little thing called “Big Floyd”
Barbell, running and burpees with not one steroid!
Big Floyd
Later that day she and some buds “snuck” into Wolf Trap-
It was open for fun as a matter of fact!
Smiling sneakers!
PBun was a little sad when a reminder popped up on her phone
For the 70.3 Blue Ridge race that was postponed
On the bright side, PBun now has nearly 365 days to train for this race!
But truth be told she was not ready to race
Because her training was adjusted for COVID19 in this case!
She was participating in IMVR10...
Excited to earn another badge? Amen!
Collecting badges is the most fun!
Sunday morning she started her 10k with Riley in tow
They hit up two parks along the way, it is so
Riley did not care about the poison ivy!
Had to dodge poison ivy in the second one
PBun can attest that those rashes aren't any fun!
IMVR10 check!
STUR was back to the gym on Sunday for an al fresco spin class...
Once it was over they flopped in the shade on the grass!
The Beast and KBun had some zwifting going on
Climbing virtual hills will make them strong!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Two Halfs Make a Whole Pie Rap

On Saturday STUR did something on kind of a lark -
She ran 13.1 miles but don’t worry she didn’t start in the dark!
Her jaunt from home to the trail was nice and sunny -
No medal at the finish but that’s alright with this bunny!
STUR killed her half marathon!

Later she may have seen some friends and eaten some peanut butter pie -
It was sinfully delicious - my, oh my!
This Peanut Butter looks FAB!

CBun and HRab went on an awesome hike
The views from Half Moon in WV were outta sight!
Check out the scenery?

Meanwhile PBun got started on IMVR8
Oly distance this time for goodness sake
Afterwards she worked in her yard for quite a while
After five hours even Riley was ready to be inside
Sunday morning she was up before the crack
She had more virtual racing to do, that's a fact!
It was a broken half marathon made up of the following:
A 6k, a 10k, and the balance to make the 13.1
Collecting badges is the most fun!

This got her badges in the IMVR8 and Remix RNRVR5
And the half was for the Social Distancing Run, no jive!
PBun admits, she did it for the medal!

There might have been a rogue gathering on Sunday night
Where OG and apple pie is out of sight
The Beast did beastly things, having fun in Watopia land
She is killing her KICKR workouts, understand?
That's why she's called the Beast!

KBun is also getting into the KICKR scene
She likes it much better than the dumb trainer if you know what that means!
Go KBun, GO!

BLUR got her biking on at Fort Ward Park
She heard about it from STUR from a Facebook remark!
Memorial Day brought a short WOD and a mini Murph -
All done in PBun’s garage gym and home turf!
PBun gave STUR some of her extra workout floor -
Good for burpees and Lazlo sniffing, score!
Puzzle floor rocks!

PBun did clean up work in her yard again
Now the failed garden is finally gone - Amen!
For dinner she did some grilling outside
It was a perfect day, what a nice surprise!
It really was a perfect day!