There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Push and Pull Rap

Saturday morning STUR wasn't feeling the long run…
So she did a WOD at home for fun!
The one she picked was called Murph -
Did the run, pull-ups, push-ups, and squats on her own turf!
Meanwhile STEB pulled a double:
A swim then a run, it wasn’t too much trouble.
Scene of STEB's swim...

...and run!

Later that day she headed over to STUR’s
One can only imagine what for!
The rabbits had a gathering and STUR was happy to host…
Besides they had a couple of birthdays to toast!
Ready to watch some Kona highlights? YES!

The main event was watching the Kona highlights
Since they were there in person to see the sights!
Apparently neither the Rabbits or KBun made the cut...
They didn't want to show cute bunnies hopping around? What?!
The bunny mascots received surprise leis that looked a bit like a cravat
Made by the Beast in different colors – then it was time to scat!
They headed on over to a place called Cooper’s Hawk
It was a winery restaurant and their salads rocked!
Cool wall at Cooper's Hawk!

At first there might have been a little debacle
While wrestling with the flipping seat belt buckle!
There was also a birthday celebration going on there…
Some Team Z tri folks took over the bar – better beware!
It was great to see some old training peeps
Did they have fun in the end? You bet they did - heaps!
Sunday morning STEB practiced some powerlifting stuff
Deadlifts were the main move, along with back and triceps work, sure enough!
One piece of equipment looked like a headstone to STEB
Happy to report she does not need one of these yet!
Interesting equipment!

Back at home she climbed back up on her roof
Now Santa is back if you want the scoop!
Welcome back, Santa!

STUR and the Beast got in a nice long swim set...
Did they also have some fun with a reindeer relay? You bet!
It's always fun to be with the fam!

Later STEB went with some fam to her Aunt Shirley’s show
It was also a Christmas concert sing a long, don’t you know?
The concert and sing a long was fantastic!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Slippery Rap

Friday morning early, STEB left home
This time to ATL for the traveling gnome
She was headed to see Luna and PGoodz
And to deliver some furniture – understood?
She had a great drive, despite heading into a wintry mix
Then towards the finish things got slippery awfully quick!
And some people had just abandoned their cars
But STEB arrived safely and without any scars
On Saturday STUR did indeed brave the "blizzard" -
Better get in a long workout she figured!
Looked for a workout that wasn't too tough -
Settled on 25 x 200 - but at the end it got rough
Saturday STEB and PGoodz had lunch at the Dwarf House Chick-fil-A
Then a visit to the College Football Hall of Fame? You don’t say!
The College Football Hall of Fame helmet wall was AUsome!

Dinner that night at Mellow Mushroom with PGoodz’s old college roommate
Who has a highway named after him in their home state!
Saturday evening STUR went to a holiday party at her CrossFit box -
Dancing to the DJ on the gym floor kind of rocked!
STUR and friends cuttin' a rug!

Early start on Sunday wasn't exactly easy -
She thought about staying in bed...but only briefly.
Got a lift into town from JRab -
So much better than taking a cab!
She stood around shivering and waiting -
Found a place in the start line - no more debating!
Took off with the rest of the group around the mall -
Up to the Kennedy Center and Hains Point y'all!
STUR got warm but never shed a layer -
A few slippery spots but nothing major!
After crossing the finish of the Jingle All the Way -
She posed for a Washington Monument selfie - yay!
What a fun snowman medal and hat!

Meanwhile on Sunday, STEB hit the road back towards home
The trip was a complete breeze, don’t you know?
There were still some abandoned cars along the roadway
But in the end there were zero delays!

Monday, December 4, 2017

No Fall Rap

Friday STEB went to work with her dog Riley
So they could drive to PA afterwards for a quick trip with family
Friday night there was some movie watching going on
Including “Elf” which STEB had never seen – which is wrong!
Saturday she and Stilt might have baby sat a toddler
Which really made the time pass in a blur!
Later they went to Stilt’s daughter’s away basketball game
And had to lug the toddler and his stuff up a crazy hill, insane!
About to start!

The Yellow Jackets ended up losing to the Bearcats
But it was fun to see Kerri play college ball and follow her stats!
STUR and the Beast took off late on Saturday afternoon -
They would be getting in the water very soon!
Their destination was the Germantown Rec Center...
Here they'll find a nice pool in all its splendor!
Time for the Winter Solstice Swim Meet -
Checked in and looked over the heat sheets.
Found their Lane 4 teammates and settled in for the events -
Were they pumped?!! 100 percent!!
Both Rabbits had very solid swim times -
There weren't any PRs but that's just fine!
For the first time they both did two relays - IM and free!
Lots of fun to do they would certainly agree.
Not enough hands to hold all their bling!!

In the end they collected a fair bit of bling -
They headed to Chick-fil-A and counted their medals: cha-ching!
Next up STUR had a very quick turn around -
Early on Sunday she was going to pound the ground!
She would be returning to the Blue and Gray Half Mary -
Was she angry about the early alarm? On the contrary!
Hopped out of bed and grabbed her ears,
Got to Fredericksburg in good time - never fear:)
From years past - the race started in a different place -
Start line at Old Mill Park in this case.
Hospital Hill was replaced with his evil twin -
And at about mile five it did begin.
A little hill history!

This one's name is Fall Hill Road -
She slowly ran up - trying not to implode.
The route mostly went on the Rappahannock Trail -
Lots of really beautiful views without fail.
Pretty river views!

Back down Fall Hill Road - three miles to the finish -
Do you want a medal? STUR got her wish!!
More bling?! Yes!!

Once finished she discovered they had run out of donuts -
She didn't throw a tantrum - she must be a grownup!
Happy to be able to run in such beautiful weather -
An excellent event and new course altogether!
Sunday morning STEB headed over to Tyson’s Playground
And at the powerlifting team workout she could be found!
The day’s workout focused on biceps and chest
Between each rep STEB is learning to appreciate the rest!
Back at home later that day
STEB climbed up on to her roof – no way?
Yes, she was up there to put up Christmas lights
Happy to report she did not fall off which was nice!
Her son helped by holding the extension ladder natch
And was at the ready to call 911 in case of a mishap
Then she had to suck up some leaves...
As they were making the front steps dangerous it seems!