There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Rabbit and Fan Rap

Team Rabbit is gonna do a swim then a run

You want to join in? You know it'll be fun!
The swim doesn't begin till 7:30
So when we run it won't be o'dark thirty!
On Saturday it was nice to sorta sleep in

Met up with Honorary Rabbit at Audrey Moore for a swim
Afterwards we went out for our run
Just short of 10 miles and of course we had fun!
On Sunday Energizer Bunny met the Number One Fan to bicycle

Just did one loop to loosen our legs so we wouldn't be in a pickle!
Silly Rabbit took her hubby and dog on a hike -
You see, she didn't really feel like getting on her bike!
They all stayed upright when the trail got steep,
For pure entertainment it sure was cheap!
Team Rabbit, the Number One Fan, and the Running Bug

Decided on the burpee challenge because they aren't slugs!
For one hundred days - you wonder about the outcome?
Look for an update after New Year’s Eve; it'll be AUsome!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Post-Race Rap

This weekend the rabbits got back into training
Thankfully none of it happened while it was raining!
On Saturday Silly Rabbit did a swim then a run!
Energizer Bunny ran a race for fun!
Saturday night was a fun Rabbit dinner
An IMMoo recap for our #1 Fan was a winner!
On Sunday Energizer Bunny did half a century.
On her bike that is – and man it was hilly!
Silly Rabbit got on her bike too but not for long -
So she could do some burpees and feel strong!

Team Rabbit is happy to be somewhat back to normal -
Without swim bike and run we'd be in turmoil!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Guess who made the 2013 IRONMAN Wisconsin Race Day highlights video?

If you remember back a couple of months, What's Up Doc made the IRONMAN Texas race day highlights video! 

Well, Energizer Bunny made the IRONMAN Wisconsin highlights video - twice - along with Team Z-mate Michele! 

Congrats to all the finishers and a huge thank you to all the volunteers

Monday, September 16, 2013

Moo Rap

After a year of waiting the time was finally here
Team Rabbit was headed to Wisconsin - have no fear
Our flight was delayed for an hour or more
But we killed time chatting with Doug and sitting on the floor
What’s Up Doc got to Madison much earlier that day
That Lucky Duck got athlete check-in squared away!
Our plane flew over Lake Monona at night...
We were happy it wasn't like Otis Redding's flight!
Then the first thing on Friday morn
These two Rabbits took the expo by storm
After athlete check-in and a little bit of shopping
A quick bite of lunch - better get hopping!
Then back to the expo and what do you know?
Now Team Rabbit wears pink Rudy Project helmets on the go!
If we can't be fast we might as well look cute...
When we are together it's always a hoot!
Later that day it was time for a brick
Rabbits started together but then they got split
It was funny because Silly and Energizer finished up together
While What’s Up Doc stopped by the bike tech’s for her speed cadence sensor
After dinner back at the hotel it was time for a good night sleep
Because on race day the benefit of that they would reap
But Energizer Bunny couldn't sleep just yet
She was waiting for a Rabbittear to fly in on a jet

Saturday morning it was time for a swim in the lake
Good to get in all the practice we can take
Then at 11AM we met the Moo Crew for a photo op
Back to Monona terrace - all the way on top
After that Silly Rabbit did her bike drop
Time is passing too quick. Please make it stop!!
Later What's Up Doc and Energizer Bunny dropped off their bikes
Only 17 hours till race start - yikes!!
Soon all the Team Rabbit supporters would be gathered in town
It's going to be great to have all those peeps around!
Tim is the husband of Silly Rabbit
He graciously puts up with her triathlon habit!
Lisa is Gina's wonderful life-long friend
She kept up with the Rabbits to the bitter end-
Laura came to support her Phoenix sister-
Silly Rabbit really appreciated it; don't you worry mister!
Kent was a high school friend of Energizer Bunny-
Kept the other supporters entertained 'caus he is very funny
Denise and Energizer Bunny knew each other from online class
They'd never met in person before the weekend - isn't that a gas?
Denise's husband Jim came along for the fun
Brought everyone a chocolate milk for after the run!
After a pre-race meal at the hotel – it was a simple menu
Lisa gave a Rabbittears tour of the race venue!
We bid farewell to our cheer peeps
We only hoped that we could sleep…

Next morning we did our last minute race preparations
Said hi to Mike Reilly at the announcer station!
Once at the swim start the water was choppy
It made the rabbit's stomachs a little bit hoppy!
Made it out of the water and onto dry land
Ran up the helix to thousands of screaming fans
While in Verona the Rabbits spotted some bunny ears;
Easy to see our supporters over all of the cheers!
According to our friends we all hit Verona in a short span of time
They were in and out of there quick - it wasn't a crime!
During the day we saw others from the cool Moo Crew
They sure lightened the mood a time or two!
At one point some Rabbittears talked to our friend Mike Reilly
And handed off a Team Rabbit Kicks @$$ water bottle to him - he was all smiley!
Not long after do you know what he did?
Mike gave us another shout out - I do not kid!
All day long our Rabbittears were there -
Helping us through with not a moment to spare!
Ironman Wisconsin is an awesome event
All of Team Rabbit is really glad we went!

Energizer Bunny saw Silly Rabbit twice on the swim - how crazy
While mooing at the first turn buoy - and again at the second - it was amazing
When Energizer Bunny got done with the swim
She couldn't wait for the bike to begin
Riding down the helix was a total blast
Had to be careful not to go too fast!
It was a little nutty starting out on the 'stick' part
Lots of twists and turns and a no pass zone near the start!
Some folks complained about the bike course wind
I really didn't notice it and besides it’s my friend!?
Finally it was time for the run
I can't really say that it would be fun!
After the first turn around on State Street - which is a thrill
Saw Silly Rabbit blasting down the other side of Observatory Hill!
Not long after the park path turn around
Saw What's Up Doc as I headed back to town!
Saw our friends when I got back to the Capitol
Knew that I only had a half marathon  left to go!
On the second loops What's Up Doc passed on by;
She was looking strong - man she could fly!!
Went back and forth with some really nice folks,
Made sure to congratulate them after we finished - no joke!!
Got a high five from Mike Reilly in the finishers chute,
Then did just one cartwheel - it wasn't a fluke!

Even though Silly Rabbit got a bit seasick
She hoped riding Sheila would do just the  trick!
Said  hi to Energizer Bunny at the bike out -
It's loud and chaotic so she had to shout!
Couldn't wait for the bike portion to end
'Caus I knew I'd be seeing some of my friends!
Spotted 2 other pairs of bunny ears on the run -
Hugs and high 5's really helped a ton!!
As it got dark let me tell you about the best part -
Tim came out to meet Silly Rabbit in a golf cart!!
Silly Rabbit told him she thought she might die -
But in her head she knew it was a lie!
Swim bike run - yes! But Silly Rabbit's mind was the strongest of all!!
Got her to the finish line to hear Mike Reilly call,
"Carol Shuford, you are an Ironman!" again!
And all before midnight - what a win!


Stay tuned for Team Rabbit's next adventure!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

One Week Rap!

Happy Sunday - just one week to go...
Then it's time for the Rabbits' big show!!
We are ready; we've done this before.
Swim, bike, run - its never a bore!
Yesterday Energizer Bunny caught up on her sleep.
This was not a surprise with the schedule she keeps!!
It's hard to believe in less than one week's time
We'll be at the IMMoo start line!!