There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Trail Kicking Rap

SRab thinks the weekend went way too quick
But was so happy on Saturday to get in a short swim run brick!
After a night with EBun at the AHS homecoming game -
For her lack of sleep this was to blame!
Later went to WARL's Barktoberfest!
Yes - RRab and Tessie were her guests!

Feels great to raise money for a worthy cause -
And great to see all those cute dog with their three or four paws!
On a laid back Sunday SRab got some hot yoga and a swim in -
And of course a nap - for the win!!
After the kick-filled Saturday morning swim practice
EBun had a blast on the single track trails! They’re a must!
A warm up run with SRab and RBud
Then EBun was off – tried to avoid the mud!
Sunday she was back at it again
But on her MTB with a couple different friends
RBug and Jeff were the ones this time
Then an afternoon with a friend, 'established - 1989'!
Also, WuDoc kicked butt at the 39th MCM
And the finisher’s medal was truly a gem!
Congrats, WuDuc!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Leafy Rap

Over the weekend the rabbits got some rest
It was much needed – so we do not jest!
After a swim EBun headed to PA to visit family
With her trusty dog, Rile-a-roni, you see
Visited her dog mom and several others
There was even a new kitten with fluffy fur!
Got in a little run on Sunday morn with her cousin
And yummy breakfast after made by her cousin’s husband!
And took in lots of Fall leafy views of her home away from home
EBun's Leafy Views!
EBun was still a traveling gnome!
SRab and RRab headed to their favorite place in the Northern Neck-
To celebrate RRab's birthday - what the heck!
She was able to do a couple short runs on a trail-
You didn't think on running she would bail!
Weather was perfect so with Tessie and RRab she did hike-
Team "Rah Rah Ruff" Ready for Action!
Especially the path to the beach they did like!
Another hike they ended up at a country store-
Got supplies to make s'mores!
Last morning SRab convinced the crew to watch the sunrise-
Seeing the beautiful colors was the prize!
The fall air and changing leaves helped her recover from Can Lake-
A little time away is all it did take!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

CanLake50 Shuffle Rap

SRab thinks the Can Lake 50 weekend was unbelievable!
Just a year ago she didn't think running 50 miles was feasible!
In fact at last year's CanLake 50K...
50 Miler? No Way!!
She told her friend, "No way!"
But the time had come to put her 8 months of training to the test-
Couldn't wait to get on the course and do her best!
So happy to get a start on the weekend Thursday night-
EBun, WuDoc, and RRab came along- out of sight!!
After a night spent in PA the crew hit the road-
"Canandaigua or BUST! We all crowed!!
What did we do next, you ask?
Driving the course was our next task!
Pointed out the location of all the aid stations-
Showed proper places for handler parking so there'll be no citations-
And lo and behold it was time for the pre-race meal-
We all piled in EBun's car- what a sweet deal!!
Ate pasta and  picked up our numbers at FLCC;
Took some crazy pics of the group- whee!!
Post-Meal Craziness!
(Photo courtesy of STUK!)
Plan is set for the morning roll out;
Alarm going off at 4:45 - no doubt!
RRab and EBun accompanied her to the start-
These two had support that was off the charts!
SRab with her Supporters!
Saw our friend Matt from the Can Lake recon trip -
Talked about starting off slow - very good tip!
Next thing we know- we are led off to a dark parking lot -
Just said, "Go!"Is that all you got?
Donning her reflective mini dress and headlamp -
The race has finally begun - she was amped!!
Stayed with others through the dark section -
That made SRab's  pace too fast without question!
Once it got light we were on West Lake Drive -
Settled into HER  pace as she approached mile 5!
She was excited and surprised to see EBun and RRab at aid stop number one -
Stop #1! So much fun!
EBun was photo documenting - so much fun!
Also got a VERY special treat-
EBun doing burpees? how NEAT!!
Soon found  a construction porta potty at the perfect time;
So glad it was open - ain't no crime!
Next stop at Onanda I got my new skratch bottle -
EBun and RRab right there with little time to dawdle!
Stop number 3 went by so fast ---
Stop #3! Went fast, you see!
That's because she was having a blast!
Her race belt kind of broke but duct tape for the win!
Believe it or not she would need that tape later on again! ( stay tuned..)
The houses along here made her "enjoy the scenery!"
But here comes Bopple Hill- wish she had some machinery!
But alas, NO! SRab must use her own power-
The monster hill stood over her like  a tower!
According to EBun she crushed Bopple and made it her be-yotch -

Bopple Be-yotch!
All she knows for sure is her cherpacing crew is top notch!
RAN every step of the downhill to Monica's Pies;
SRab was experiencing a runners high!
Saw her trusty cherpacers  20.7 miles in at that very pie place:
Where's the Pie? 
Would love to stay and chat but after all this is a RACE!!
Now on to the Sunnyside out and back-
Experienced a bit of a low but EBun got her back on track!
Made the one and only cut off by 15 minutes!!

Made that Cut-Off her Be-yotch, too!!
She now BELIEVED that she would finish!
Had another 4 lonely miles onto Vine Valley-
But soon she'd be with EBun for pacing and would rally!
As she reached the next aid station the mileage was 36-
The furthest she's ever run - isn't that slick?!!
As SRab met up with EBun she definitely felt a boost of energy!
Even though the upcoming Cat 4 climb was in her memory...
Amazing Scenery!
Kept ourselves entertained by singing TV theme songs nice and hearty!
Since it seemed one of SRab's hip flexors would not come to the party :)
Soldiered on up the hill to the Bare Hill stop;
Needed some Advil for said hip so SRab wouldn't flop!
Then she thought she'd try something new:
Wrap her hip in more duct tape so she could power through!
Have to say it didn't really help a whole lot -
So she thought she'd give stretching a shot!
The figure 4 stretch seemed to be the one that was helping -
She could now shuffle for a few minutes without yelping!

That Figure 4 Stretch Really Helped!
Now just where is that busy road we cross before we see Arnold Road?
Feel like we're going slow as a toad!!
Finally see it - need that porta potty!
Feeling negative again; Why is running our hobby??
Come on! Get it together! Only 7.2 left...
Then we can get plenty of rest!
We started running from one power pole to the next -
It's called a Polish Run - I bet you didn't guess!

Shadow Selfie Fun!
A lot is a blur but one things for certain:
EBun kept me safe from the cars since my brain was a hurtin'!
And sure enough dusk was coming...
In the dark we would be running.
"Kipp Road station - we are here!"
Just in time to collect our reflective gear!
So nice to see the ladies at this aid stop having a good time -
"You only have 3.5 miles left!" They all did chime!
Off we went in our reflective mini dress!
We're sure all who saw were very impressed!
From here to the finish line shuffle, walk, shuffle, walk was our method;
All the while from the traffic - EBun kept SRab protected!
Next thing we know we hit the dead end -
That means the finish line is around the bend!
What's this? A dot of light coming toward us?
Believe it or not it was Running Squirrel, Nicolas!
SRab needed his help to get down the grassy knoll -
Because down the hill she did not want to roll!
STUK and WuDoc were there too!
So nice to see all the crew!
FINALLY we could see the finish line arch -
Time to RUN not a fast march!
Team Rabbit blasted in holding hands -

Aww - Team Rabbit Holding Hands!
To the cheering sounds of our adoring fans!
Tom the assistant RD gave me my medal-
In my new accomplishment I did revel!
Into FLCC for a post race snack -
For lots of good food we did not lack!
Had to go down the stairs backwards -

Backwards is Better!
Running that far can make you feel awkward!
The Can Lake 50 miler was an ultimate ultra experience -
I will plan my next one as soon as I'm not delirious!
50 Miles? Heck Yeah!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

CanLake50 Cherpace Rap

This weekend was epic in Team Rabbit land
EBun was going to lend SRab a hand!
The fun started on Thursday after work
Meet up for Chick-fil-A dinner? Yes – a perk!
Then they were off to pick up WuDoc
And the Team Rabbit caravan was ready to rock!
Made it up partway for the first night stop
To the HIE in Selinsgrove the rabbits did hop
The next day they headed out for the final destination
Onward to CanLake!
Canandaigua, New York would be great for vacation!
Got in to their new HIE rooms a bit early
Then time for a bite so they wouldn't be surly
Next thing they did was take a tour of the actual course
After a quick directional correction – SRab was the source.
This was EBun’s first time viewing Bopple Hill
Holy cow – that hill really looks like a pill!
Did not venture up the out and back
But made note of all the porta potties to track
After the group connected with STUK and N2
Then carpooled to the dinner at FLCC, too!
Pre-Race Dinner - Check!
Morning would come bright and early before the crack
Now if only EBun could keep her coughing in check!
RRab (Roger Rabbit aka Tim) and EBun dropped SRab off and watched the start in the dark
Then EBun got a latte and a War Eagle on a lark
RRab and EBun then started off on a quest
To catch SRab at all the aid stops, as she progressed!
After aid stop three headed to the 50K start
N2-WuDoc-STUK Ready to Rock the 50K!
Saw STUK, WuDoc, and N2 as they began to depart
Headed back up to aid stop four barely in the nick
Almost missed SRab because she killed Bopple so quick!
Bopple Hill - Check!
Next it was off to Monica’s Pies
Hung out for a bit and tried for some shut eye
After checking in with our SRab runner
Departed for Sunnyside, for EBun the bummer…
As this aid stop featured a TON of bees
Flying around and landing on everything, as they please!
The good part was seeing SRab twice
The out and back portion made that part nice!
Next up was the Middlesex stop
Flushing toilets at this aid station made it tops!
From this point had to go less than four miles
Where EBun was waiting to pace her with a smile!
Let the Cherpacing Begin!!
Vine Valley was where the real fun began
And a Cat 4 climb up Bare Hill – Ebun was not a fan!
This was the location of the never ending hill last year
It goes on so long one can almost think it is the final frontier!
Somewhere along here you know what they saw stuck on a building?
A large cutout of Danica Patrick...unlike Coke, not the real thing!
RRab was waiting up top as promised, you know
From this point less than a half marathon to go!
The next section involved a road called Twitchell
But now counting down the miles was swell
Made it to the next stop at Arnold Road
After this just one more aid stop to go!
Arrived at the last stop and got a surprise from STUK:
Volunteers cheering them by their rabbit names, aw shucks!
Now it was time to don the reflective vests
They were like mini-dresses, no jest!
The last three point five miles were done in total darkness
Thankfully drivers could see them so no real fuss
Soon we were met by N2, the Running Squirrel
No rabbit name for him yet, but should give it a whirl
He was AUsome and helped SRab down the grassy knoll
Where EBun had even thought about doing a log roll…
Next they were met by WuDoc and STUK
And WuDoc joined in for the final truck
Just up ahead was the finish arch and clock
Team Rabbit’s SRab you REALLY DO ROCK!!!!!
She knocked out 50 miles on her own two feet
And support of rabbit friends cannot be beat!
50-Miler Finish with Rabbit Friends! Priceless!!
(Thanks for the picture, STUK!)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fun Rap

This weekend left SRab wanting more -
Can you believe it? Her run mileage was only four!
Since the Can Lake 50 is next Saturday;
It left her lots of time to rest and play!
Had a great time on STUK's new deck...
Chatted with folks and had a burger - what the heck?!!
Can Lake Deck Send-Off Fun!
This weekend EBun took a trip down South
Excited for some Auburn football without a doubt!
Got to be with both her sons;
And fit in a rouge 5K run!
Waylon's Run was advertised as a fast course
However, EBun thinks that was a farce! 
Still she had a ball and checked another state of her list
Race distance doesn't matter if you get her gist!
The race supported the Ronald McDonald House charity
Of West Georgia – you see! 
A small group of runners finished the race -
All in all, EBun was happy with her pace!
Back to Auburn for the day to really begin...
Pancakes made by Patrick? We call that a win!
Next up we headed to an AUsome tailgate tent
AU Tailgate Fun!
Patrick’s friend’s parents know how to represent!
Next headed to the Auburn Arena for snack 
We checked out the Hall of Honor with lots of trophies and plaques! 
Finally it was time to go to the big game...
Would Auburn be the winner, or go down in flames?
The game was AUsome and Auburn came out on top,
So there were post-game festivities going non-stop!
Sadly on Sunday EBun had to head back home;
But next week all the Rabbits will be traveling gnomes!
The final countdown is on for the Can Lake 50 
From their past experience they know it will be nifty!