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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Recon and Redecorating Rap

Can Lake Recon trip was a huge success!
Lots of running, good weather, and fun but we digress!
Let's start at the very beginning-
N2, WuDoc, SRab all showed up at STUK's house- winning!
We drove to Canandaigua lickety split-
Well- there was some traffic for a bit!
Checked into the swanky Miami Motel -
Our accommodations were actually quite swell!
Had dinner at a local Italian joint-
Carbo loading is always the point!
Next morning headed out to meet our new friend Matt
Recon Runners Pam(WuDoc), Carol (SRab), Matt (New Friend ), Nicolas (N2)
Right in Middlesex village - how 'bout that?
STUK took us two miles from the actual race start-
From West Lake Drive we would depart.
View of the Rolling Hills from the Rolling Aid Station!
We were all lucky to have the rolling aid station -
Each time we saw STUK it was like a vacation!
Soon STUK would be running on her feet -
Going up Bopple with her couldn't be beat!
In case a reminder is needed of which hill they were on!
The Bopple experience went faster than expected-
But still doing burpees at the top isn't recommended-
Even so SRab knocked a couple of those out-
Bopple Burpees!!
Gave the graveyard peeps a little shout-
All that's left is to go down the hill to Monica's Pies -
But glad to see N2 with the water not gonna lie!
Hot, sweaty, and salty - finally arrived at the purple pie banner-
Running long distances is not about glamour!
N2 and I went out to check on the others -
Everyone was happy and  finished their run - nobody would suffer!
Next we rode the remainder of the course-
STUK was our "boss"- she was the source!!
Food was the next thing on our mind-
Pizza, burgers, and ice cream were a great find!
Yummm, ice cream!!
We wandered down by the lake for a spell-
When WuDOC got some interesting intel!
On this night would be a CanLake tradition-
Ring of Fire
(photo credit:  Canandaigua Wine TrailI
It's called the "Ring of Fire" and it became our mission- 
It happens every Labor Day for goodness sake!
After a night's sleep the adventure was coming to an end-
But more running adventures will soon be a trend!

Labor Day weekend EBun did just that
A little more painting - no time to chat!
But Saturday started with a short ride - she's no slouch.
Then ran some errands and later dinner at RBud's house!
Sunday up early for the Great American 5k - 
PotomacRiver Running and Fairfax Corner was the place!
It was hot out and a little humid;
EBun wasn't prepared for that crud!
She struggled a bit but still had fun;
Walked the little hills and got it done!
Afterwards she met a nice lady named Linda
She did the 1k - it was her first race ever!
Later it was time to do some taping
Around the ceiling and windows to get ready for painting!
Monday morning brought some more MTB
EBun's getting more comfortable on that thing!
Once at home the brush and roller came out
The living room got a face lift - without a doubt!
Carmen the kitty decided to help...
After she put her paw in paint EBun heard her yelp!
EBun's little helper!

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