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Monday, September 15, 2014

Jell-O Shooter Rap

SRab hopped to it and did her long run lickety-split!
It did seem "short" she will admit-
Felt her "woodstock legs" around mile eleven -

So stopping at 17 felt like heaven!
Probably won't be back to Prince William Forest Park for awhile-
A total of 162 miles out there she did compile!
That's like 6.2 marathons in one season-
Glad she went to hot yoga on Sunday - she had a reason!
As planned EBun got in her swim and run -
RBud joined her for the run and it was fun!
Later at home she worked on a task...
Replace some carpet padding? How about that!
The L4 Swimming party was a total blast -
SRab and EBun played Cards Against Humanity and the time went by fast!
And SRab had one Jell-O shot from a huge syringe...
Crazy Jell-O Shooter!!
EBun had a taste so it wasn't a binge!
They made some new friends and they all have a 'date' to swim;
New Swim Friends!
Then drinks after at Kilroy's for the win!
Speaking of winning - that's what the Redskins did!
Sunday was great for football and tailgating - EBun does not kid!

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