There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, November 18, 2019

Oh Deer Rap

Saturday, on the way to get PBun, STUR had a run in with Debbie the deer
There is deer fur stuck in the broken light!! Ack!

She still was able to drive them to Richmond for the marathon, never fear!
At the start it was a balmy 41 degrees...
Later the wind picked up a just bit - oh jeez!
Rabbit ears at the ready!

There was a lady holding a sign saying Breathe ~ Relax ~ Believe
These were things both rabbits tried to achieve!!
STUR saw that sign later on in the race
That made her happy and kept her on a good pace!
As the race got under way they saw the running Juggler in Nats World Series Championships gear
PBun wasn't able to get a picture then, on dear
And apparently Cinderella runs in glass slippers
PBun took a pic on the move, thankfully it wasn't a blur!
Thank goodness the rabbits weren't running in glass slippers!

Early on, PBun saw a boy wearing a Pikachu hat
A sign to 'press here' to get a power boost, how about that?
At mile 10 PBun stopped for a potty break
Saw this funny sign, isn't it great?
This stop had candy at it!

Both rabbits were happy to get to the halfway point
The song "Livin on a Prayer" never disappoints!
Oh! We're half way there...

Later STUR ran into the Juggler going across the long bridge
Was it windier then? Just a smidge!
The Juggler is always so creative!

That might have caused him to drop his little bats
We'll bet he was thinking, "oh rats!"
Stopped for a selfie where Richmond's Flying Squirrels play
PBun, smiling because she wasn't going through the Squirrelly Gates

Didn't go through the Squirrelly Gates though, you don't say!
Look! It's the Squirrely Gates!

Mile 23 was the pickle juice aid station
We're not gherkin your chain, it's great for cramps son of a gun
PBun thought the pickle juice would be green but it was clear!

Towards the end PBun saw something kind of unique
A mannequin dressed for cheering in a driveway - weird but kind of neat!
During the last 10K, Santa gave PBun got a shout out
Merry Christmas and Happy Easter - PBun is sad she didn't get a selfie with him, no doubt
At the finish line they received a cool medal, hat, and a warm blanket -
The swag at the Richmond is certainly legit!
The rabbits reconvened at the finish party, post race
Some volunteers gave them walking directions to the parking garage - so very nice!
On the way home the rabbits stopped at Chick-fil-A
Which is ALWAYS a good idea, by the way!
It was too cold and windy to take a decent selfie at the finishers party so they took one later in STUR's warm car!
On Sunday, PBun was pretty lazy but went to the movies with a friend
Dessert and tea after - the fun with NanWa never ends!
Classic Thai tea is amazing!!

Friday, November 15, 2019

Open Swim Rap

On Saturday the final workout of the CrossFit open was here -
STUR will participate in 20.5 never fear!

Guess what?! STUR got a special treat-
PBun came to cheer her on - super sweet!
The workout was rounds of rowing and wall ball bombs -
She then did three pull-ups which will certainly give her DOMS.
First time this open she decided to be judged -
He did a great job, she won’t hold a grudge!

PBun enjoyed spectating at the CrossFit Open
She's inspired to one day try it again
After cheering STUR she headed to Lake Accotink
For 90 minutes on Candy 2.0 followed by a 20 minute run brick

Then she had hoped to do some work on her back lawn
But a terrible headache laid her up, hope it's gone before dawn!
Sunday morning STUR picked up the Beast and they headed to the St. James...
Super close and convenient - not a pain!

PBun was there too for the first time at the new facility -
Nice, clean, and fancy - the rabbits are lucky for its availability.
All three rabbits ended up in a different lane...
Didn’t matter as a workout they would all attain!

STUR grabbed her buddy Lazlo as soon as she got home -
Around Fort Hunt Park for a few miles they would roam!
Right after swim PBun bid STUR and the Beast farewell
She would run for an hour or so around the industrial park - swell!
Once again she saw some confused geese
They must think the parking lot is pretty neat!

Towards the end she did some faster repeats
Then breakfast for her and Goodmanator, which can't be beat!
Next up she worked on the leaves in her yard
She just mowed them up, it wasn't too hard.
Riley helped her by moving logs out of the way
When they were done with the ball they did play!

Some video of STUR crushing the 20.5 Open!