There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, June 30, 2014

The 30 / 50 Rap

On Friday EBun did a pre-birthday bike at the crack.
She started early so time she wouldn't lack.
It was good to start early so as to beat the heat -
Got it done - and then said SWEET!!

On Saturday did SRab get her 30 miler done?
Let us inform you about her run!
Basically the run was broken up into 4 parts -
That made the entertainment off the charts!
A pre-dawn shuffle got her mileage to just over nine...
When she met up with birthday girl EBun she was feeling fine!
Then let the birthday celebrations begin -
The Women's Distance Festival 5k for the win!
The course was interesting and offered some shade;
And great volunteers so from the course we wouldn't stray!
EBun supplied us with "Happy Birthday" tiaras to wear -
Those gave us all a boost I swear!

Birthday 5K - Pre-Race!

Part 3 of the run - STUK gave SRab some company.
Did the race course again so there was another three!
Part 4 would certainly be the challenge;
Only halfway through but SRab would manage!
Did the race course twice and a couple of out and backs-
She kept herself going with plenty of snacks!
Before she knew it she hit 29.7-
The Chick-fil-A sandwich after was like heaven!
Time to rally to go hear Toby Keith sing-
A very fun night of celebrations it would bring!

Saturday was a big one for EBun.
A milestone birthday? Son of a gun!
Headed to the 5k with a full car load...
Could tell the difference in the road!
With her two sons and four more runners, 
Met up with SRab and several others!
This was a race just for the gals
And so much fun to do it with a bunch of her pals!
Runner friend Kim told us about the race;
And it seemed like birthday tiaras were all over the place!!
After the race we all regrouped
Birthday 5K - Post-Race!
Discussed the breakfast meet up - that's the scoop!
IHOP it was and it was delicious

A Birthday Breakfast Panoramic Pic!
With ice cream for dessert after breakfast if one wishes!
Back at home there was lots to do -
We had a concert to get ready for, it's true!
A birthday party tailgate at Jiffy Lube Live

Rock'n Tailgate Party!
Then a Toby Keith show where we all could jive!
"Shut Up and Hold On" was the name of the tour;
Toby's shows are never a bore! 
During the tailgate party the fun kept up
And EBun had her own personalized Red Solo Cup!
Runner friends and others came out to celebrate
That was pretty special and made turning 50 great!

Tailgate Celebrations!
Sunday was a rest day for both of those Rabbits
Because rest is really an important habit!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Shuffle Rap

EBun started the weekend with a Friday swim, just went easy.
More work to do on her weak side breathing you see!
Saturday was four loops at Prince William Forest Park as planned...
A top speed of 40.2? Yes, it was grand!
Followed that with a short little run
How many miles did she go? Just one!
For her 26 miler SRab called on all the troops -
Great to see EBun flying with Trixie on the loops!
Then STUK came to run and told lots of good stories...
She was making sure their run wasn't boring!
Next up was Tim who told some funny jokes -
Kept SRab's mind occupied - that's right folks!
STUK called their run the "CanLake Shuffle"
Since there's no way their feathers would ruffle!
Then on Sunday morning EBun did a run / swim brick
Run was slow and easy but the swim involved lots of long course kick!
There was even an RBud sighting! 
At the pool where she was also swimming!
SRab knocked out her hot yoga early
So later she could see the Nats win, surely!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Deck Warming Rap

Since SRab got to sleep in both days this weekend
She figured she could do some workouts within reason!
Saturday a six mile run on a trail that was muddy;
Good thing she didn't have Time, her biking buddy!
Sunday did some hot yoga then what the heck?
Had a few peeps over for a party on the deck!
On Saturday EBun did a broken brick workout.
Started with an outdoor bike loop with RBud no doubt! 
Followed that with a short little run;
Then back home on the trainer for more bike fun!
Later did a super short swim at the pool...
Then grabbed some Vitamin D; it's all cool!
Sunday she did the Runwith Dad 5K.
Even dragged her younger son out to play!
Met up with an oldfriend and her family
Then later partied on SRab's deck, you see! 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Going Long Rap

Saturday morning would you believe EBun slept in!
This hardly EVER happens - we call it a win!
By then SRab was already up and running;
Before the crack she saw the sun in!
EBun only swam 500 meters - just 20 lengths of the pool...
But SRab was going 28 miles and not because she's a fool!
EBun then did a brisk 30 minute walk.
Next day was the Bay Swim and she was kind of in shock!
The 28(.38) miles for SRab went very well indeed-
"It's all in your head" was her constant creed!
With Tim on the bike the time was well spent -
His motivating chatter was always heaven sent!
Later the Rabbits watched the Belmont Stakes
Sad that California Chrome didn't win for heavens sake.

Bunnies at the Bay!

Sunday SRab went to the Bay Swim and cheered on all her peeps -
Did she have fun? That would be yes! Heaps and heaps and HEAPS!
So cool to take the shuttle bus with my Rabbits to the start!
Once they were on their way then across the bridge she did dart!
For her as a spectator the time sure went fast...
She only hoped all swimming were having a blast!
So impressed with the Rabbits, Margie, and Rabbittear Sally -
Through all the rough bay chop they would rally!
EBun drove her Rabbits across that said Bay Bridge
Scored great parking then waited a bit for the bus; just a smidge!
Once at Sandy Point State Park we met up with our friends
Swimmers and cheer peeps - the fun never ends!
We had a lot of time before the race was to begin.
But time passed quickly and then it was time to put on her swim skin!
Once through the check-in mats we got in for a pre-race dip;
Then adjusted the Velcro strap that held her timing chip!
We waited for the final count down back up on the shore
Count down from 10 then the announcer sounded the horn!

Wave 1 Swimmers!
(Photo credit: Dom J. Manalo, GCBS kayaker  via The Great Chesapeake Bay Swim)
Lots to remember from those crazy 4.4 miles;
But remembered to flip onto her back for the view and a smile!
The current didn't seem too bad as she swam along.
The waves were another story and she pulled and kicked real strong!
Enjoyed bellying up to the food boats for a little treat;
The second boat was really bobbing and kind of hard to reach!
The final turn was toughest it was like an endless pool!
She's come this far to get stuck? This is cruel!!
Had to kick things up a notch to get herself unstuck.
Took a minute to adjust her goggles while standing in the muck!
Finally arrived at the finish ramp, her hands touched the sand.
Would you believe she stood upright and up the ramp she ran!
Spotted SRab's ears in the crowd as she walked to get some food.
Told her and Margie's hubby she'd be back soon - she hoped she wasn't rude!
After chowing down she met back up with her peeps
SRab had the best surprise - a 4.4 sticker that was so neat!
Margie was done too and they chatted about the conditions.
While SRab hiked for their bags - just a routine expedition!!
WuDoc soon joined us up on dry land;
Other friends arrived as well and we hung out on the grass. No sand.
It was fun to be reunited with Rabbittear Sally and the others.
Tracey came all the way from Hawaii - we would love to swim in those waters!
The Great Chesapeake Bay Swim really was a challenge.
If you are game you should really try to take the plunge!

Between the Spans!
(Photo credit: The Great Chesapeake Bay Swim)

The event is very well run and has a lottery entry system.
Or the early bird entry with a charitable contribution will get you in!
So many wonderful volunteers make this great race happen.
Team Rabbit appreciated all the help but man we are glad it's done!!
Big thanks to SRab for hauling all our stuff.
Rabbits really are the best - and that's no bluff!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Rock Hall Rap

Saturday morning the Rabbits worked out.
EBun will tell you what hers was about!  
Just a quick brick before Sundays race...
To test out her bike and run pace!
First a mental prep of T1;
She needs to work on this one some...
Hopped on the bike and did two loops in her 'hood
With four bursts of speed then she was good
A quick practice T2 and she was off;
After a short run then she could stop!
SRab did quite a bit more  
Rockstar Rabbit - that's for sure!
On Friday with two friends SRab headed to Leesburg town…
The next day the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon would be going down!  
Saturday the crew left the hotel before it was light -
A pre-race run for SRab was in sight!
Powered through 5 miles before and 5 after;
And in between at the actual race there was lots of laughter!
Great race venue where the theme was wine;
Made it  through all the hills just fine!
Even got a shout out from the race announcer who noticed her extra running...
She let him know it's because a 50 miler is coming!
All in all for SRab it was a two medal weekend!
Who knows when that will happen again!!
RockHall Sprint was the first tri of the season -  
Don't you worry - there was a reason!
EBun was anxious to work on her speed…
And she did that very well indeed!
But first at dawn we piled all the Specialized bikes in a row  
On to EBun's car and we were ready to go!
We made good time and got right to the venue -
Of course not without a pit stop wouldn't you know!
Got our bikes set up and checked out the swim start -
Found a short cut that across we could dart!
Made final touches on things in transition -
Then back to the swim start to get in position!
SRab was happy to ride well on her bike;
As walking the course would have been a hike!
Regrouped at the finish to collect hardware -
Because Margie and EBun won some fair and square!!
Third place for EBun in her new age group?
Yes she kicked A$$ - now you have the scoop!
Margie herself earned a first place -
At sprint triathlons she is an ace!!
The Rock Hall sprint race and venue was super nice

And Setup Events sure does things right!  
Team Rabbit got some bunny love too;
And at the end a group selfie was the thing to do!

Rock Hall Post-Race 'Groupie'!