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Monday, June 30, 2014

The 30 / 50 Rap

On Friday EBun did a pre-birthday bike at the crack.
She started early so time she wouldn't lack.
It was good to start early so as to beat the heat -
Got it done - and then said SWEET!!

On Saturday did SRab get her 30 miler done?
Let us inform you about her run!
Basically the run was broken up into 4 parts -
That made the entertainment off the charts!
A pre-dawn shuffle got her mileage to just over nine...
When she met up with birthday girl EBun she was feeling fine!
Then let the birthday celebrations begin -
The Women's Distance Festival 5k for the win!
The course was interesting and offered some shade;
And great volunteers so from the course we wouldn't stray!
EBun supplied us with "Happy Birthday" tiaras to wear -
Those gave us all a boost I swear!

Birthday 5K - Pre-Race!

Part 3 of the run - STUK gave SRab some company.
Did the race course again so there was another three!
Part 4 would certainly be the challenge;
Only halfway through but SRab would manage!
Did the race course twice and a couple of out and backs-
She kept herself going with plenty of snacks!
Before she knew it she hit 29.7-
The Chick-fil-A sandwich after was like heaven!
Time to rally to go hear Toby Keith sing-
A very fun night of celebrations it would bring!

Saturday was a big one for EBun.
A milestone birthday? Son of a gun!
Headed to the 5k with a full car load...
Could tell the difference in the road!
With her two sons and four more runners, 
Met up with SRab and several others!
This was a race just for the gals
And so much fun to do it with a bunch of her pals!
Runner friend Kim told us about the race;
And it seemed like birthday tiaras were all over the place!!
After the race we all regrouped
Birthday 5K - Post-Race!
Discussed the breakfast meet up - that's the scoop!
IHOP it was and it was delicious

A Birthday Breakfast Panoramic Pic!
With ice cream for dessert after breakfast if one wishes!
Back at home there was lots to do -
We had a concert to get ready for, it's true!
A birthday party tailgate at Jiffy Lube Live

Rock'n Tailgate Party!
Then a Toby Keith show where we all could jive!
"Shut Up and Hold On" was the name of the tour;
Toby's shows are never a bore! 
During the tailgate party the fun kept up
And EBun had her own personalized Red Solo Cup!
Runner friends and others came out to celebrate
That was pretty special and made turning 50 great!

Tailgate Celebrations!
Sunday was a rest day for both of those Rabbits
Because rest is really an important habit!

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