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Monday, June 2, 2014

Rock Hall Rap

Saturday morning the Rabbits worked out.
EBun will tell you what hers was about!  
Just a quick brick before Sundays race...
To test out her bike and run pace!
First a mental prep of T1;
She needs to work on this one some...
Hopped on the bike and did two loops in her 'hood
With four bursts of speed then she was good
A quick practice T2 and she was off;
After a short run then she could stop!
SRab did quite a bit more  
Rockstar Rabbit - that's for sure!
On Friday with two friends SRab headed to Leesburg town…
The next day the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon would be going down!  
Saturday the crew left the hotel before it was light -
A pre-race run for SRab was in sight!
Powered through 5 miles before and 5 after;
And in between at the actual race there was lots of laughter!
Great race venue where the theme was wine;
Made it  through all the hills just fine!
Even got a shout out from the race announcer who noticed her extra running...
She let him know it's because a 50 miler is coming!
All in all for SRab it was a two medal weekend!
Who knows when that will happen again!!
RockHall Sprint was the first tri of the season -  
Don't you worry - there was a reason!
EBun was anxious to work on her speed…
And she did that very well indeed!
But first at dawn we piled all the Specialized bikes in a row  
On to EBun's car and we were ready to go!
We made good time and got right to the venue -
Of course not without a pit stop wouldn't you know!
Got our bikes set up and checked out the swim start -
Found a short cut that across we could dart!
Made final touches on things in transition -
Then back to the swim start to get in position!
SRab was happy to ride well on her bike;
As walking the course would have been a hike!
Regrouped at the finish to collect hardware -
Because Margie and EBun won some fair and square!!
Third place for EBun in her new age group?
Yes she kicked A$$ - now you have the scoop!
Margie herself earned a first place -
At sprint triathlons she is an ace!!
The Rock Hall sprint race and venue was super nice

And Setup Events sure does things right!  
Team Rabbit got some bunny love too;
And at the end a group selfie was the thing to do!

Rock Hall Post-Race 'Groupie'!


  1. EBun on the podium!
    Oh how much fun!
    SRab putting in the extra miles -
    I'm sure with a smile :)
    Congrats from your Rabbiteer
    You're the team with no fear!!

  2. Thanks for the comment rhyme, Rabbittear STUK!
    And this weekend we wont be swimming through the muck!
    Team Rabbit had a really good weekend, it's true.
    Looking forward to the Bay Swim this weekend, too!