There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pony Swim Rap

A party at CBun's CrossFit box started the weekend off right!
STUR thought Second Wind CrossFit was out of sight!
CBun and STUR - party animals!
A live band played songs like Fat Bottom Girls from Queen
They also dined on some fabulous cuisine!
Next day - for STUR the run was short but speedy!
Then off for a bike ride - yes indeedy!
It wasn't long  but there was some time in the saddle - whoop!
BRab, CBun, and STUR made up the cycling group!
STUR and CBun got their bike on!
Now time for another barbecue:
Another CrossFit party? We won't argue!
This time it's at STUR and STEB's box- Mt. Vernon CrossFit -
Two of the bunnies stayed for just a bit.
Tessie the dog went too and had some other dog friends;
She enjoyed having some meat treats in the end!

Saturday morning STEB went down the road
Met Doug at Continental Cycles - owned by a guy named Joe!
Thanks for the tour, Doug!
Doug rides with OVC
The Ocean Velo Club out of Salisbury! 
STEB was the only rider this lovely morn
And they headed to Assateague Island for a little pony tour...
Upon arrival  they stopped on the bikers' overpass -
Read about the ponies and the swim!
Time for a photo op with Candy at last!
A bike ride with Candy is always dandy!
Once on the island you had to watch out:
Dodging pony poop without a doubt!
Went a couple of miles to get a view;
Of the special ponies and they saw a few!
Ponies in the background!
There was some head wind as they headed back to the start...
But STEB practiced drafting off Doug on a lark!
All in all they went 28 miles -
Finished up the ride with a smile!
A little while later she was in a cool chair
Pedicure time at Nice Nails without a care
Next it was off to a fun lunch with her cousins
Orange Crush at the Sunset Grille and pulled pork on a bun!
Later that night even more family came
Dinner was fun and kind of insane!

Sunday am brought an early arrival-
Of the Beast and WUDoc to STUR's house - nobody in denial!
They were going to swim three miles in Lake Audubon -
Since The Jim McDonnell Swim was going on!
Found CBun, headed to the grass to start the wetsuit wiggle…
A little time to rest? They won't quibble!
Team Rabbit and the Beast cruised through the one mile event -
But hopefully the gang wasn't completely spent…
Since the two mile race was up in about an hour,
STUR ate some snacks to restore her power.
She felt MUCH better in the second race than she did in the first,
The need for a good warm up was reinforced!
As she rounded the big drain thing for the third time that day,
STUR knew she had finished - no way!
Waited on dry land for the rest of the Rabbits;
Everyone checked on each others' status!
Found out the Beast Margie was awarded a medal -
And she didn't even wear a wetsuit - incredible!
At the Jim McDonnell swim all the Rabbits had great success -
Lake Swim - check!!
We are ready for the bay we must confess!!!

Sunday morning STEB went for a run
And hoped that her Rabbit friends were having swim fun!

Out and back to Whitehorse Park at Ocean Pines 

And how about the weather? It was divine!
Back to Assateague to see the ponies again
Close up view!
Then a quick stop at Frontier Town for a crazy moment to pretend
STEB and Jody throw Ann to the shark!
Later that day STEB walked on the beach -
The Atlantic Ocean was just within reach! 
Missing the other Rabbits!
Made good time on Monday early, back to her home

And completed a cool backyard project, don’t you know!
Fire pit, anyone?
Team Rabbit hopes everyone had a safe and happy holiday...

Memorial Day is a special day to our country!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Yard Workout Rap

(Or the VPM Rap! Virginia-Pennsylvania-Maryland)
On Saturday STUR had some  intervals to do...
Met RBud at the mt Vernon trail it's true!
They had completely different running plans -
They cheered each other on a bit and said - "yes you can!"
After this to  the CrossFit box she did scoot -
The partner WOD was definitely a hoot!
Running, wall balls, pull-ups, burpees, and ring dips-
Had a friend to take turns with so it was no sinking ship!
Sunday am BRab  and STUR went for some Ft. Hunt loops -
BRab  biked with his Go Pro camera - he got the scoop!
STUR headed out for some afternoon laps -
Not before taking a really long nap!

Saturday morning STEB had to cut the grass!
It was so long - what a pain in the @$$!
It substituted as her workout - what the heck? You don't say!
Then she and Riley headed to Acme, P-A!
In less than 24 hours there's was lots going on:
It's her home away from home. Is that wrong?

Acme in the Spring!
First there was little league baseball, in the rain they did sit...
Spectating in the rain? Yes!
And got to watch Jacob pitch for a bit
The players seemed to have fun in the rain!
Then off to dinner at her uncle and aunt's
Then Suzy's for ice cream because they had the chance!
Hit up the theater for Pitch Perfect 2
Not as good as the first but it was fun to do!
Riley got to hang with her dog mom Isabelle

Riley is leery of Zoey the cat though!
They know they are related - can't you tell?
Sunday morning STEB got to see some cute ducklings!

Ducklings are so cute!
Then they went in the creek - just bopping along!
Guess what else STEB got to try?
Jumping on a trampoline - it was like she could fly!
A fun weekend visiting family and friends -
Too bad the fun had to end!!

CBun was busy with workouts galore!
A 4-mile swim Saturday in the pool - what a chore!
Then dinner downtown with TV friend Jane -
Tried to get to bed early but it was too much of a pain!
Sunday she slept a little late and didn't start running till 10...
Ugh - it was already so hot and muggy by then!
15 miles she ran, but went really slow...
Time for some yard work? Oh hell no.
She collapsed on the couch to cool off instead...
And that's where she stayed till it was time for bed!

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Rabbit Box Rap

Saturday STEB started at the PR tent by the Burke Lake Ice Cream Parlor 
Darn, the Ice Cream Parlor wasn't open!
For one easy loop going, clockwise was no bother!
Then STEB took a turn on her MTB
Two loops just for fun - if you please!
On Saturday STUR got to do a run that was easy…
She didn't take a selfie since that would have been cheesy!
Then off to CrossFit for a workout with a partner -
And what do you know - she got to run a little farther!
The WOD called for a 3 x 800;
And pull-ups, snatches, and thrusters in abundance!

On Sunday Team Rabbit was out in force -
It was the annual Mother's Day 100 100's of course!
Rabbits are going in feet first!
This facility is amazing!
To swim 4 hours? What the heck!!
This amazing facility stands in the shadow of FedEx Field
You know, where the Redskins play on their home football battlefield!
RBud also came along to swim with the crew -
A very long swim of 3500 she would also do!
To start off STUR felt like her goggles were too tight...
After 3000 she loosened them and it felt alright!
At 3300 the swimmers took a break -
For the group selfie they would need to take!
Thanks for joining us, RBud!!
Maddie and Bettie were along for the ride
Watching over from the bench – taking things in stride
Rabbits at the ready!
STEB had wanted to do a 50 x 100 IM...
This would not have been on a whim!
But it was not in the cards for this day;
So the 100 100s is what she did instead. Yay!
But STUR and STEB changed things around on every tenth rep...
With a 100 IM! We took an extra minute rest - don't fret!
At the start STEB had super fogged up googles...
She changed them out and those were foggy too - her mind was boggled!

STEB got the giggles (again) this time -
Not sure what was so funny but it was worked into this rhyme!
Soon they hit number 55 -
Remember - that's the speed you 'can'tdrive'!!
STUR and STEB were on the same wavelength for number 66
After all that's where we 'get our kicks'!! 
At number 76 STUR started to lose her spirit -
But she was going to make it to the end - don't fear it!
At 88 - it was 88 miles per hour! Please note: 
Wouldn't be normal without a STEB movie quote 
At 98 STUR attempted a "sprint"-
She inspired STEB and off she went!
STEB spent time doing math in her head -
It kept her on task and her brain occupied instead.
Otherwise it is easy to lose count -
Don't want to do any extra laps - no doubt!

CBun was excited, but nervous too -
Her first 100x100s -- something scary and new.
Could she swim that far? She just didn't know...
Only one way to find out - give it a go!
Swim it, she did...the whole shebang -
She was definitely inspired by the Team Rabbit gang! 
WuDoc also finished her very first 100 100s experience;
Slow and steady wins the race – not to mention patience!
She was the first to hit up the hot tub, over in the leisure pool...
The other rabbits joined her – they are not fools!

After the swim it was time for the slide -
All the Rabbits agreed it was a really fun ride!
Going down the slide rocked!
All in all it was so great to have all the company -
That's what "misery" loves you see!!
They headed to Chipotle for a post swim snack;
That's another tradition as a matter of fact!
We were famished!
While eating outside the Rabbits saw quite a sight:
A C-17 Globemaster flew overhead - one of the biggest planes in flight!  
Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a C-17!
Later on someone brought up the Rabbits and CrossFit;
If the Rabbit Box ever happened it'd sure be a hit!
Next year the Rabbits will take this to another level -
By fundraising for WARL of course - things will not be dull!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bama to Nanticoke Rap

Friday morning early, STEB hit the road
Headed down to Auburn, to her son's abode!
The drive went smoothly with hardly any delays
Just a couple of rush hour pockets - STEB was amazed!
Rolled into Auburn just in time for dinner
Headed to Bob's Victory Grille - their (life changing) cheese fries are a winner!

STUR got up early Saturday so she could get her 5k done-
For afterwards to CrossFit she would need to run.
Opted to do the 5k on the Mt. Vernon Trail -
Achieved her goal of descending miles without fail!
At CrossFit did a WOD called Josh -
Overhead squats and pull-ups- oh gosh!

Saturday morning STEB got up before the crack -
Being in central time zone did not help - that's whack!
But she had a plan - it was Bo Bikes Bama
A metric century ride but she didn't see any yellowhammers
Bo Jackson organizes a charity ride for a really good reason
Emergency storm shelters are built after a horrid tornado season.
The day was just perfect for the bike ride;
Sunny skies and little wind and a photo op surprise!

According to Bo, STEB's "arms are too short!"
Saturday night STEB had more fun with her son...
Mug Shots for a cheese steak at stop number one!
After a quick trip to Kroger to get him some groceries,
A short walk for b'ball and beers over at Momma G's!

CBun and STUR headed out for the Nanticoke Swim -
This is CBun's fourth time- so it's not on a whim!
CBun had definitely warned STUR about Nanticoke -
With the current and waves it is certainly no joke!
Pre-race they got in the water with the greatest of ease -
Had to make sure they weren't going to freeze!
Got the scoop from the race director Dave -
CBun hopes this year from him she won't need a save!
Next thing we knew it was time to start the actual event;
The water and conditions were heaven sent!
For STUR the first loop went well without much chop -
But more of it on the 2nd loop wouldn't make her stop!
Only got a bit queasy near the end -
Hoping  to make open water swimming her friend!
Found CBun who crushed her 2-mile effort
Crushed it!
Chugged some water as she was dry as a desert!
Cleaned up a bit and ate from the grill-
Sat in the grass in the sun 'till they had their fill-
Listened to the awards and what do you know-
Both CBun and STUR got a pint glass to show!
Gotta love another pint glass!
Overall the Nanticoke Swim was a really grand time -
The bling, good race, and nice shirt were worth every dime!

On Sunday STEB managed to sleep in
She didn't have to do anything till 2:00 pm so that was a win!
First a little Wizards game to pass the time
Then she headed to practice with the Auburn Masters - so cool!
It was AUsome!
It was 90 minutes of long course in an AUsome outdoor pool!
AUsome sky! AUsome pool!
Thanks to Auburn Masters swimmers and coaches for welcoming this Rabbit...
STEB wishes she could make long course swimming at Auburn a habit!

WuDoc was inspiring and productive! Just what did she conquer?
She did it!