There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Turkey Day Rap

For STUR- Thanksgiving went off without a hitch-
Meeting family in Frederick, Maryland was quite a switch.
STUR thinks it's the most people she's been around on a holiday -
With 14 adults and 8 kiddos - you don't say?
Thanksgiving morn she cheered for the folks doing the Way Station 5k Turkey Trot -
STUR couldn't run but she wasn't distraught!
STUR's runners ready to go!

Then the rest of the day stuffed her face -
As on Thanksgiving is generally the case!
Next morning ran a boot camp for some of the family -
Kettlebell swings and TRX were involved you see.
Then a group visited Harper's Ferry...
So warn for November it was absolutely scary!
"Hiked" a tiny bit on the AT;
The vistas were gorgeous she did agree!
That night came a rousing game of Family Feud -
STUR got competitive but didn't get rude.
Next day everyone had to say bye-bye;
Took Andy to the airport so he could fly!
Sunday STUR decided to try something new:
This thing called "aqua jogging" she will look into.
Did 50 minutes while wearing a flotation belt.
It will keep her in some running shape she felt!
Later that day hit a lane 4 swim practice -
Smelling like chlorine these days will be her status.
STEB had a good Thanksgiving weekend too
Couldn’t do a turkey trot, so what would she do?
Started the day going on a ride with RBug
Did they finish by climbing Foote Road? Yes, but ugh!!
Another Iron Ride!
Later that day it was turkey time
Over at RBug’s and dinner was fine!
Ten peeps around the table – it was epic!
But we fit in the frame using the pink selfie stick:
Full table and full bellies!

Women were seriously outnumbered it’s true
But surrounded by our men, we weren’t blue!
After Friday’s WOD, STEB spent time with her younger son
Started Saturday with more WOD action
Overhead squats were in fashion!
Sunday she spent the afternoon with a friend
Helped NanWa move some drywall – the fun never ends!
Good friends rock!
All in all it was a great holiday weekend
Time spent with family and friends was the dividend!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Back in the Saddle Rap

This weekend STUR got back to somewhat of a routine -
First at Audrey Moore's swim practice she could be seen!
Met STEB there and that was motivating…
Always good to know a friend is waiting!
Jumped over to a spin class after pool time;
And then some imaginary hills she did climb.
Relaxed at a movie later with Sherpa Tim and CBun -
Then over to the Silver Diner they did run!
Sunday STUR slept late and did some Christmas shopping -
Then again to the pool this bunny went hopping!
On Saturday morning STEB gave swimming a go...
Was her shoulder happy? Well not really, no. 
But after she took her MTB out for a spin
It's been a while but she stayed upright, so that’s a win!
MTB ride took a change of course!
Back at home she did some more organizing
Then later on some uke practice including fingerpicking 
Sunday afternoon was a relaxing time with friends over lunch
Did they have a little fun? No – they had a bunch!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tunnel Heel and Ankle Rap

On Friday three Rabbits blew out of town to travel to Illinois-
That's right! The Tunnel Hill 50 Miler was finally here - oh boy!
CBun and STUR have been planning this race for one whole year -
WuDoc joined in last week - but she's ready, don't fear!
Travel was smooth and they all met up at the Holiday Inn Express -
It's Team Rabbit's favorite hotel - you didn't have to guess.
Had a nice lunch then the three Rabbits checked out the race site -
Tunnel Hill Trail Shenanigans!
Got to goof off and play around a bit to their delight!
Rabbit Shadow Selfie? Check!
After convincing CBun she wouldn't die in Wal-Mart...
With water, candy, chips, and bagels they filled their cart.
Back to the HIE to prepare their drop bags-
Forgetting any necessary items would be a drag.
Collected up BRab and headed to the pasta dinner,
Got their numbers, shirts, and a hat - who's a winner?!
Lights out at 9, tomorrow will be quite a day-
For 50 miles on the Tunnel Hill State Trail they will play!
Photo courtesy of CBun!
Race day is here and the weather is superb!
Last year was freezing and icy- don't know if you heard...
They are ready!
(Photo courtesy of Sherpa Tim)
Said a quick goodbye to Sherpa Tim and the three were off-
It's 50 miles so we started off slowly- don't scoff!
WuDoc, shedding her first layer!
CBun, hadn't shed her layer yet!
STUR, ready to shed!
STUR hit the first aid station in the time she predicted-
There was Sherpa Tim- he is committed!
She was ready to shed her top layer-Again the weather could not have been greater!
Time to dig in once those first few miles are done-
But really the race has just begun...
WuDoc on the run!
CBun approaching!
Here comes STUR!
Next thing she knows she's at aid station two -
Time to drink a coke and take down a gu.
As she approached though she stepped weirdly on a big rock-
She hoped that wouldn't come back to haunt..
No time to worry since the next three miles were really entertaining-
For her two Rabbit friends her eyes were straining-
Since it was a "quick" out and back there was an abundance of peeps to see-
"Love the ears!" The other racers would exclaim with glee!
Saw CBun and WUDoc - they were ahead and cranking along-
About then STUR decided it was time to sing a song!
She put on her headphones and jammed to some tunes-
It was getting warmer and becoming afternoon.
STUR felt an amazing burst of energy from miles 13 to 21-
Started picking off people one by one.
In an ultra you take advantage when you feel this good-
She ran "hard" as much as she could!
Soon she got to say something cool to another racer-
"We've done a marathon!" something to savor?
Well a marathon is nifty but it's not what we are doing here-
Since we have 24 more miles to do- that was clear!
Mile 27 was a very welcome sight!
Back to the start and a major aid station-alright!!!
Spotted CBun dumping bits of rocks out of her shoe-
Gaiters might have been necessary- it's true.
Filled up her bottles with more lemon lime Skratch -
So glad she took the time to make a new batch!
The direction on the trail would now be North
2.8 miles to the next aid station- go forth!
What's next? You guessed it -THE tunnel!
To get there before dark she'd have to hustle
Finally reached the tunnel -time for the headlamp-
She breezed right through it like  a champ!
It helped that she already had the "Paw Paw Paloooza" experience-
Compared to Paw Paw - Tunnel Hill was heaven sent.
Tunnel Hill tunnel - such a nice smooth surface!
Starting to get dark and cold -
But the aid station is right there she is told.
Ready to collect her long sleeve shirt and gloves -
Even got some hot chicken soup - LOVE!
Time for another "short" out and back -
Once we hit the turn around just a straight shot home - so whack!
It was very dark STUR thought she might miss the ears -
Not seeing WuDoc was her main fear.
But there she was and they exchanged a quick hug -
It was so wonderful for STUR to see a familiar mug.
"You'll have to turn around ma'm the trail is closed"
This is the turn  around spot she did suppose.
Yes! A nice man was there with a tent and a bonfire-
He would be there all night- plenty of 100 milers to inspire!
Another familiar mug? Yes! Here's CBun now-
Boy was she glad to see her and how!
They made a plan to go through the tunnel together-
First STUR needed another layer because of the weather.
CBun and STUR had hot soup together but what did that matter-
Her teeth were still going to chatter and chatter.
Then the 2 bunnies hopped through the tunnel then took a selfie-
Would they finish together? Just wait, you'll see.
Tunnel selfie, Part 2!!
Heard along the trail was howling and barking  for awhile -
Thinking of doggies at their houses made STUR smile.
But wait she found out the scoop later on -
Those were COYOTES singing their song!!
As the girls went along they heard some fast feet -
It was the 100 mile winner-good grief- but SWEET!
Soon STUR found herself slowing down quite a bit-
She told CBun "to save herself and don't dare quit!"
CBun said "I know you'll eventually catch up with me!"
But on this day it wasn't to be.
STUR arrived at the last checkpoint a bit upset -
Some pain in her ankle - from her earlier misstep?
STUR suggested Sherpa Tim take her back in his car...
He said "No way! You've already come this far!"
CBun was there waiting but STUR waved her on-
Before she knew it that Bunny was gone!
Just 2.8 to go - STUR set off on her way...
She would walk it in and call it a day.
There was soon a voice in the darkness-
It was Sherpa Tim to gather up her carcass!
Last little bit STUR had started to limp-
She held onto Tim- she wasn't being a wimp.
As she finally approached the finish line-
The 2nd place 100 mile finisher cruised by at the same time!
She was handed her shiny belt buckle and headed to the warm car-
So glad it was parked close and not too far.
Her Rabbit friends were there and all finished!
WuDoc having gotten there the quickest!
So glad they had a chauffeur to drive them away-
Once again Sherpa Tim saved the day!
Once back at the HIE STUR assessed the damage-
With these blisters and swollen ankles- how would she manage?
She'll  worry about that later for now they needed food-
Some Domino's Pizza sounded pretty good.
They had a blister popping party in the hotel room-
But had to go to sleep for a day of travel did loom!
Bye bye Illinois the Tunnel Hill race was really well done!
Did Team Rabbit have complaints? The answer to that would be none!

Meanwhile, STEB got the weekend started with some fun
A little Bear Complex action at CrossFit Annandale Friday night, starting with a run    
She did a lot of pressing and a lot of squats
The folks were all real nice at that box!
Then there was an AMRAP 1 minute to 4 minutes pyramid of sorts
Cleans, box jumps, burpees, then deadlifts, tried not to lose count of course!
Then on Sunday STEB was going to do a little race
Just one mile in a real flat place!
Ready, Set, GO!
It was at the USATF National 12k 
Can you believe $100 grand was the total elite prize that day?
RBug, Ready to Roll...Tide
(War Eagle!)
First RBug was running the main event
Then STEB had to go charge her phone once the runners went
She returned in time to catch RBug after the finish line
Way to go, RBug!
Took her pic then they hung out in the sun till it was 1 mile time
It was a pretty small field, STEB did not know what to expect
She just hoped her heel held up to the test!
Her goal had been to break 8 minutes
But in the end 8:08 was her finish!
It was sunny!
She was fourth out of all the females, young and old
There were only 26 total girls, truth be told!
A small field, but a fun event!
The event was very nice - really
The sponsors were too, and STEB got a sponsor selfie!
Thanks, Lamar!

Note: The Tunnel Hill scenic photos were taken by our very own CBun! The runner photos were taken by Sherpa Tim!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hill Thrill Rap

Three Rabbits attended an "end of the season" party on Friday -
It was at Linda and Chris's house? You don't say!
Lots of talk like, 'what are you going to do next year?"
They'll all come up with a plan though, never fear!
Last training run with the Beast on the Mount Vernon Trail -
They got a nice 10k in on Saturday without fail.
Last training run? Check!

STUR tried out Skratch Labs Fruit Drops Real Fruit Energy Chews -
She thinks if she uses them in 'the race' she just can't lose!
The rest of the weekend was relaxed and chill…
Spend time at Fort Hunt Park with Tessie? Why yes she will!
Are CBun and STUR are ready for Tunnel Hill?
You bet they are and it'll be a thrill!

WuDoc made an IMAZing decision
Three rabbits at Tunnel Hill is sure to be fun!
Over the weekend STEB was kind of MIA...
It was a TJ'82 girls’ weekend and she was off to play!
Walking to the river!

She kept things in check and had a fun time -
Therefore doesn’t have much to contribute to this rhyme!

But truth be told there was a 'jug of fun'...
Though STEB decided that she would have none!
There was an amazing salad bar to partake

The ingredients seemed to take over the counter space!
Salad, anyone?

Monday, November 2, 2015

Dash Rap

STUR and BRab had fun at the Halloween party being Muffy and Chip -
Going all the way back to the 80's was awesome and totally a trip!
To the party she brought some "ghost poop"
They were actually narrow brownies if you need the scoop!
STEB had fun being Madonna on Friday night
Being accompanied by her 'bodyguard' was outta sight!
So many fun costumes at the box
An opportunity to be creative really rocks!
We made it through the 80s!
STEB brought "troll testicles" and "slime sandwiches" to share.
It's safe to eat them...if you dare!
They were just Hawaiian meatballs and cucumber sammies
And folks were gobbling them up with glee! 
Try them...IF you dare!
Saturday morning brought a run of 3 by 5k's -
It was nice that the Beast also came out to play.
She helped STUR when she lost some of her mojo -
In the end she finished her workout don't you know!
Hung out on Halloween night at STEB's - it's becoming a tradition -
Watching PP 2 and eating pizza was there only mission!
Saturday morning STEB got to sleep in…
She got much needed Zs for the win!
Ran some errands and got a massage after that
Then back home to take care of the little ghosts and bats!
How many trick-or-treaters did she get when it was over?
Just 41, and the candy will last forever!!
There were some really cute and creative costumes that came by…
But STEB's favorite was a little pirate guy!
STEB really didn't want the kiddos to keep out...
CBun went on a two-part 36 mile run
It had to take two days, but she got it done! 
WuDoc was back on the bike for a long ride
She takes her IM training in stride!
After a "Fall back" night doggie dash morning was finally here!
Tessie will wear her 80's throwback outfit - never fear.
That doggie rocked her one mile saunter -
That hill in Rock Creek did not daunt her!
Riley was super excited ffor the doggie dash
She was dressed like the Bullets and wanted to go that fast!
STEB however just couldn't keep up
And held Riley back, that poor pup!
Did Riley make a pit stop along the way?
Maybe so, but STEB will never say!!
So nice to have so many dog friends out to play,
Riley, Sunny, Lily, and Pepper-squared made her day!
Getting all the dogs to be in a picture is like...herding cats!
Thanks for the picture, RBug!
Then STUR enjoyed a 5k that was run easy…
So doing that hill again did not make her queasy!
Here comes STUR to the finish!
Thanks for the picture, RBug!

After the dash it was time for the 5k
However STEB's left heel did not come to play
She did her best and ran the entire thing
But now she will see  what a week of rest will bring.
STEB smiling at the finish
Thanks for the picture, RBug!
All in all it was fun to see all the dogs dressed up!
STEB feels lucky to have such a happy pup!
The Rabbits were happy to drink up some Skratch
Labs Lemons + Limes hydration mix - natch!
The race proceeds go to a really good cause
The Washington Animal Rescue League who takes care of the paws! 
Thanks, Capital Sprints, for putting on the fun race
And letting our doggies run around the place!