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Monday, September 21, 2015

Paw Paw Palooza Rap

Early Saturday morning Team Rabbit began an epic road trip -
For all their activities they were equipped.
Good N Plenty? Check!
It was a beautiful morning as they headed to their destination
Had so much stuff it felt like they were going on vacation!
Approaching Hancock!

The road to Little Orleans gave one of the rabbits a bit of fit -
She thought it might actually induce a little vomit!
Once at Little Orleans; STUR and CBun headed out on their trek
CBun and STUR are ready to roll!
Before STUR knew it - she had done 8 miles - check!
Trail was so quiet but soon she saw some smoke?
It was just a campground - it's all okay folks!
Tried to get water from an interesting pump…
Apparently the water is interesting, too!

Couldn't get it to work so back on the trail she did jump!
Luckily about mile 10 CBun gave her some H2O,
Since 5 more miles without water would really blow!
Soon enough she saw a Paw Paw Tunnel sign - 
She could take a little rest - so divine!
Around the corner she heard a ‘whoop whoop’!!
It was CBun! Soon they would be connected with the whole bunny group!
But WuDoc and STEB were nowhere to be found…
So near the tunnel entrance they did hang around.
Waiting on WuDoc and STEB to arrive...

Talked to some peeps on bikes and took pictures by the rock wall
And of course took some selfies, don't you know y'all?!
This tunnel looks scary!

After dropping the others STEB and WuDoc headed back south about 17 miles
To Hancock where they had plans for biking and running a little while
Back to Hancock!
Turns out STEB’s MTB had a little flat
C&O Bicycle opens early - how about that? 
CBun had done an Internet search for a place
And behind the building was plenty of NHP parking space
There STEB  got in a little five mile run
While WUDoc rode her bike and they both had fun
First STEB went out and back north -  kind of boring
But the out and back south had lots of cool things!
Flood Mark - March 18, 1936!
Scenery and bridges and other canal stuff
This is the Tonoloway Aqueduct!
What IS an acqueduct?
After the run she biked it - not too rough
Met up with WUDoc so they could regroup with the others
Then the sidetrack directions had her in a druthers!
See, after WuDoc and STEB were done with part one,
Turns out waiting behind a parade isn't any fun!
Waiting on the "End of Summer" parade to pass!
Met a nice officer who came to their rescue -
Told them of a bypass to get them back on cue!
WuDoc and STEB were really quite delayed
They had to drive on a road that wasn't even paved.
Hadn't read a paper map in many years -
Not finding the other rabbits was one of their fears.
However the C&O Canal map was a blessing 
They finally arrived at their location without any backtracking! 

Just 1KM to go!
What? Still over a half-mile walk to get there?
WuDoc and STEB started - with a little prayer.
Since they were so late they decided to go through
Instead of up and over like they’d planned to do!
The Paw Paw Tunnel wasn't as bad as STEB feared
The light at the end made the tunnel end seem near!
There's light at the end!
It was fun to walk along in the dark with the WUDoc
Tunnel Selfies!
And guess what? They met up with CBun and STUR among the rock

Finally in the Paw Paw Tunnel the rabbits met
Was it 3,118 feet long? You bet!

They finally meet!
It was crazy to have been out of touch
There was no cell service - no such luck!
STUR and CBun were a little worried its true…
Lots of scenarios went through their minds - what to do?
Tunnel Survey - 2002!
Were the rabbits happy when they met in the middle
Of that Paw Paw Tunnel? Just a little!
STUR was probably the most scared in the tunnel of all the rabbits -
Glad she did it but won't make it a rabbit habit!!
All rabbits made it out of the tunnel safely!
Once back at the car, they sent CBun on her way…
The rest of the rabbits had a little time to play.
CBun had about 11 more miles yet to run
They would re-group again that afternoon and have some fun!
The three then made an unfortunate lunchtime decision -
McDonald's was mediocre even though it serves millions.
Explored a bit of Cumberland after that meal
Looked for antique shops and maybe a deal
No shops could be found so they checked out Canal Place 
And someone got a train whistle in the marketplace!
Headed back to the Paw Paw Tunnel lot to meet up with CBun
Went out to meet and surprise her at the end of her run
Seemed that they might have been in hostel territory
Waiting in hostel territory...
Give the rabbits a minute to tell you the story...
That when they learned what's wrong with this nation –
From a real creepy dude with a weird explanation.
They were informed you can't go 5 minutes without a large water bottle -
"Never mind" he said, “you're women,” and his neck they wanted to throttle.
Here comes CBun!
CBun finished and there was lots of cheering
And the nice Boy Scout bicycle guides joined in with the singing 
The happy group of rabbits hopped in the car
Headed back to Hancock a different way – it was not as far!
Got cleaned up and played a little ukulele
Then opted for pizza and salads at The Hut and it was yummy! 
Then they went for supplies at Sheetz…
That place was hopping but they found some treats!
The rabbits were tired and the next stop was sleep
Hopefully the next day they would not meet up with any creeps!
Another beautiful morning!
STEB enjoyed riding along STUR on a bike -
The scenery and cooler temps were out of sight!
STUR was very appreciative of this bike escort;
Kept her very motivated she is happy to report!
Ready to rock and roll!

For STUR, three 5ks was her plan for the day -
After 15 miles the day before?! No way!
First one went off like a breeze -
Even had time to admire the trees!
Next one she felt was a bit more work...
But STEB's iPhone music gave her a spark!
Well....  except on one song she had to send STEB away:
No more, "Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now" - OKAY!??
Finished up the third one as best she could;
Pace slowed down but it's all good!
WuDoc went out for 10 on day two...
WuDoc heading out!

After 30 on Jezebel the day before it seemed like the thing to do!
After the runs on Sunday the rabbits had about an hour
They had time to go back to the Super 8 and take a shower! 
Day 2 - Success!
It was a fun weekend for these rabbit pals;
Western Maryland is beautiful along the C&O Canal!  
On the way home they stopped in Frederick - they were famished
After brunch shenanigans thankfully by the end they weren't banished!
Although it was more like noon...
STEB's car looked a bit like an endurance explosion
But in the end they got it done!
Only half of the explosion!

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