There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Rap

As planned on Saturday we did our brick
We were successful on the swim and the run, but we weren't quick!
The swim was nice and we had a guest coach, Sandy!
There wasn't much speed work, which was fine and dandy!
Our friends Kathy and Jeff joined in the run.
We ran as a group at first but then let them have their speedy fun!
Bunnies! #GogglesAtTheReady
Sunday brought the "all rabbit" event - the JimMcDonnell swims in the lake...
All three of us would do the 1 and 2 miles races for goodness sake!
The water was lovely and just the right temperature... 
Great training for WuDoc and EBun's Bay Swim adventure!
RBud and STUK swam their hearts out too; 
Sat with them by the lake - a nice little crew!
Monday was Memorial Day.

Remembering those who gave all - what a price to pay... 
Rabbits are happy for their freedom, it's true. 
We give thanks to those who made it possible, too. 
Got together with family and some Rabbittears to celebrate.
It was nice to visit and of course we ate!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hilly Rap

EBun started the weekend with a Friday afternoon ride
A make up to Thursday because the storms would not subside!
It called for some speed and four-by hill repeat...
EBun got it done. Whew - what a feat!
Saturday she had a nice little five mile run.
Then the rest of the day was filled with yard work fun!
But a 26.2 mile run at Prince William Park was just what SRAB needed;
Since three rounds of hills is to what she was treated!
On his bike hubby Tim also got a round of hills -
Got right to the top - he's got skills!
On Sunday EBun had another swim workout.
Is she ready for the Bay Swim? No doubt!
SRab topped off the weekend with hot yoga; then there was a Bunny home visit.
It was a wonderful sunny weekend in which to "kick it!"

Monday, May 12, 2014

Epic Swim Rap

Saturday SRab spent a bit of time on the Mt. Vernon Trail...
24-miles on her feet she got done without fail!
Only alone for exactly 7.5... 

And the 14 with STUK helped her to thrive!
EBun did a bike/run brick with Jeff.

After a 22-mile ride only the run was left!
Thankfully the run was only for ten minutes...
Because Jeff thought it was for five miles! What?
Next day, Sunday, was the epic swim!
SRab, EBun, RBud, and STUK met - not on a whim.

Pulled up to Lee RECenter and it was closed for a swim meet!
But this fact would not bring us defeat!

Team Rabbit and some Rabbittears Ready to Rock the Epic Swim!
Re-grouped over at the Mt. Vernon pool...
But STUK decided to go back to the FedEx one; that's cool.
It was crowded there and we crammed in a lane.
Reverse circle swimming is such a pain!
Got kicked out of the lane because of swim lessons
Shifted down to the deep end for the rest of the session
We thought for a minute it was a hallucination

Scuba divers on the bottom of the pool? Are we on vacation?
Flashbacks to Ironman Lake Placid race.
The divers there were all over the place!
100 100's?! Nope! EBun did 100 + 1!
For SRab - once she reached 100 she was done!
You see her 24-miler left her a tiny bit spent,
Even though company from STUK and Tim was heaven sent!
Team Rabbit looks forward to this annual swim tradition!
Maybe switch from yards to meters? Whatever, it will be an expedition!

Rabbits at the Ready!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Rest Weekend Rap

For SRab this recovery weekend was one of the best -
It's important to give a Rabbit's body some rest!
Two hot yoga, two swims, and the run was just one -
Went five miles with RBud and then they were done!
EBun ended up skipping Saturday’s mountain bike ride…
But did a Z2 ride on Friday and waved at a cool old guy!
Saturday morning she joined in on the morning swim practice;
Then a short doggy run on Sunday with her cousin was no fuss!
Stay tuned for updates on this Sunday’s swim:
Because it’s time for the 100 x 100s again