There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Triple Taper Ten Rap

Saturday morning was a triple workout for PBun
Masters swim, ride with Jeff, then a brick run
The swim was pretty much uneventful
Shared a lane with just one person, no bull
Picture was actually from Thursday night - after lights out!
Met up with Jeff at 9 in the Audrey Moore lot
He had a little Garmin watch trouble, what a crock 
PBun is ready to ride!
And PBun forgot to starts hers but caught that early on
Just two loops in Ravensworth and North Springfield to get done
Balls! Balls! Everywhere were balls!
Watch where you ride or you could take a fall
On the road were little acorns and stuff like that
Seriously if you hit them you might go splat!
The ride otherwise went fine and the weather was ok
Made one brief pitstop because they could, you don't say?
Now PBun is ready to run!
Finished the ride and headed out to run
PBun went off the beaten path for some fun
PBun did not get her feet wet or see any stray arrows!
Glad she did because what do you know?
Saw Tommy Turtle on the trail moving slow!
It's fun to see wildlife on the trail!
Starbucks after seemed like a good plan
Then shopping for Halloween decorations at the Dollar Store? Yeah man!
Meanwhile, a trio of bunnies hit up the Chinquapin pool on Saturday -
STUR got there early and got a lane, that's the way!
BLUR was very happy with her 2000 meter pace -
Working on her form she does embrace!
The Beast was in full Ironman taper mode-
Got in a solid swim -it really flowed!
STUR had 4000 meters to do-
A variety of strokes and sets - it's true!
Sunday morning- STUR hop, hop, hopped on the metro train-
It was early but not insane!
Plenty of time to walk to the ATM start-
Found a medical tent sign to meet her friends- smart!
It's always good to have a meet up plan!
Soon she saw another pair of ears-
There was her bunny friend KBun- cheers!
Bunnies unite!
Another friend she was supposed to meet-
Jen from CFK found her at the sign-sweet!!
Crossing paths with a CrossFit friend!
The trio made their way over to the start line shuffle-
It was VERY humid- lots of fluids they better guzzle.
Finally started and the trio split up-
Did they all have different paces? Yup!
The course was changed a bit for the better this year-
No Hains Point and the Key Bridge was added it did appear
At mile 2 - STUR saw someone she knew-
David was there cheering it's true!
Truly for STUR the race went in a blink-
Happy to see her watch and the mile markers were pretty much in sync.
STUR's water bottle fell out of her belt a total of five times-
She never had to pick it up herself- she didn't whine
Went across the finish line and got her coin-
With her friends she hopes to rejoin!
Found KBun at least and they got some snacks-
But there was zero time to relax.
They did it!

STUR and KBun ran/ walked/ shuffled back to metro-
More running miles for STUR- it's a go!
She got off at the station for Braddock Road-
7 more miles back and forth- all told!
Meanwhile PBun got up at the crack
Then when it got light went for a run, that's a fact
Did the first mile with her dog Riley
You can't tell in the picture but she was smiley!
Riley is always up for a run!

Saw another 'turtle' while out in her neighborhood
A reminder to go slow? Sounds good!
Team Rabbit had a good laugh over these 'turtles' last year in Kona!

This was her last long run before IM Lou
She is getting nervous and excited, it's true!
So are rabbits KBun and the Beast
But they are going to do their best to say the least
After her run, PBun cut the grass
Then got out Halloween decorations, at last!
A pre race massage was on tap next
The time to put the decorations up if you couldn't guess
CBun knocked out miles totaling 19.5
All for the Regal Bank - and that's no jive!
The Beast got in her last long ride before Ironman Louisville
And worked out a few bike kinks - no big deal!
The Beast is ready to rock IMLou!!

Three days in a row Team Rabbit peeps ate at Five Guys
Must mean the burgers are good - no surprise!
Even Lazlo got into the patty act...
Five Guys gives you one for your dog - fact! 
Burgers make Lazlo smiley!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Perfect Water Rap

Saturday morning some rabbits gathered in the dark…
KBun, PBun, and Jeff were going biking somewhat on a lark.
Started out and headed to Nokesville Park…
On a ride filled with the fog and trucks they did embark.
The fog wasn't bad in the park, but it was on the route. And the trucks... Eek!

Made the decision to head back to the car
Bike ride plan B? Why sure!
Ended up at the upper lot at Lake Accotink
Two loops through North Springfield and Ravensworth, you think?
No fog here!

All told these riders hit total mileage of 50
Even though the ride was broken up the day was nifty!
After PBun had a snack after the ride
Took her pup out for a mile stride
STUR started her weekend off with a longish run -
She went 10.5 miles and it was all in the sun!
Couldn't run longer because she had to get ready…
BLUR was giving her a ride to Rock Hall - must get peppy!
They were headed there on an overnight -
The Waterman's Sprint is Sunday - out of sight!
At arrival they met up with their pal Al -
The Waterman’s Crab House was the locale.
By the way, friend Al now has a rabbit name -
“Go MRab!” (for male rabbit) we will exclaim!
Podium Al aka MRab rocking his new ears!

Had a nice lunch of salad and crabs -
Outside on a beautiful dock - not too bad!
No crabby rabbits here!

Next up was a look at the swim course:
Looks pretty straight forward was the report.
Swimming will be allowed on race morning though!

Packet pick up! They were right on time -
As a matter of fact they were very first in line!
Now the three rabbits decided to drive the bike route…
There would be very little elevation - that's absolute!
Time to check in to the Holiday Inn Express -
Must haul in all the triathlon mess!
In a blink of an eye it was time to eat again -
Wonderful Italian food - it's not a sin.
A viewing of "Mean Girls" was 'so fetch' but it was time for lights out -
And BLUR knows how to get a good night's sleep without a doubt!
Sunday morning, two rabbits gathered again
It was KBun and PBun for the win!
They were headed to Reston for the =PR= Perfect 10 race
It was a perfect day to run in this case!
Always must do a selfie at the SLHS Seniors Wall!

After picking up their packets and a selfie, they then lined up
They were in for the 10 mile where they saw a cute pup!
Rabbits, ready to run!

Half Fanatic Greg came over to say hi…
No selfie, but he is a racing machine – oh my!
KBun and PBun started together and took a few walk breaks
Did the first loop then got a bit separated in this case
PBun kept KBun’s bunny ears in sight
And ran the last two miles without a walk break – all right!
In fact, she knocked 2 minutes off her final mile
Then sprinted on to the track with a smile!
Perfect day for the Perfect 10!

Caught up at the finish line with KBun
Then they headed for pancakes at IHOP – son of a gun!
KBun about to enjoy her hot cocoa!

Meanwhile, STUR and BLUR were up – not too much of the crack…
Got those bikes lickety split on that rack.
The girls had been warned about a very muddy parking lot -
But they ended up in an extremely PRIMO spot!!
Found their transition spot - time for a bunny-ear photo op…
Now time for the wetsuit hop-hop-hop!
Walk to the water, soon they'll be jumping in…
Wetsuit legal and perfect make it a win-win-win!
STUR swam hard all the way to the yellow wiggly man -
Then all the way to transition she (sort of) ran.
Bike ride for STUR was uneventful and smooth -
Always glad to be done with the bike, if you want the truth.
Donned her running shoes and to the run "out"
Wearing the bunny ears she would get many a shout!
Finish line is coming; it's always the best -
Soon a shiny medal she would possess!
They did it!

Found MRab and BLUR and hit the post race grub…
Drank a lot of Gatorade – glub-glub-glub!
Then the rabbits got some very exciting news:
"Award winning rabbits" strikes again - that's your clue!
MRab hit the podium for his sprint race -
Ran a very fast effort to earn second place!
MRab on the podium for the second straight day!

As a matter of fact MRab really enjoyed his ears -
He hopped like a bunny to finish line amidst cheers!
Ears everywhere!

And BLUR won extra bling, too!!!
Third in that aquabike category it's true!
Yay BLUR!!

BLUR thinks aquabike may be her new event -
The fact she didn't run? She did not lament!