There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

52 Rap

It's STEB's birthday so she and STUR met at the crack -
STEB's first swim since Mother's Day - this is gonna get her back!
Met this time at an outdoor venue...
A swim in the 50 meter pool is on the menu.
Heaven is 50 Meters Outdoors!

The workout involved a bit of kicking -
Sure gives your legs quite a licking!
STEB then jetted off to Krispy Kreme -
They would eat them after CrossFit it would seem.
Fresh Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are the bomb!

Next STEB went over to Starbucks -
What's this? A free birthday drink - aww shucks!!
Three cheers for a birthday coconut milk caramel macchiato!

Finally met up with STUR at the MVCF box -
The 9:15 ladies were ready to rock!
After warming up their snatch it was 21-15-9...
That is of power snatches and dips for time!
Squats? I thought you said, "Lets do Shots!"

On the snatches for time, what weight did STEB use?
It's the same as her age if you want to know the truth!
But their workout wasn't over. Not yet!
Only 52 manmakers to do - you can bet!
Manmakers in action!

Who else came to the party you might ask?
Yolanda and Emily joined them in the task!
52 Manmakers - check!

Now it's time for a doughnut or two -
They gobbled them up - yes it's true!
Krispy Kreme doughnuts also rock!

The rabbits next meeting spot was yet another pool -
After all that sweaty business it would feel cool!
Home of the Dolphins!
STUR had 2100 meters to swim to make it to 52 -
So 42x50 they would have to accrue!
Believe it or not STUR voluntarily did some 50s of kick-
What's this crazy? Could she be sick?
Nope she just thought it would be a fun way to celebrate -
STEB turned 52 - get it straight!
WUD really wanted to join in on the festivities
But she had an emergency and couldn't you see.
Finally STUR and STEB we more than ready for lunch
They were hungry by then and on Chick-fil-A they did munch!
There they sat and worked on this 52 Rap
Afterwards STEB went home and attempted to nap!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Three Dog Night Rap

Friday night STEB began early birthday celebrations
Cookout at RBug's and maybe a cake temptation?
This cake was delicious!

Then on Saturday STEB went on a little run / walk
Her foot was hurting and she wanted to stop
But she went kind of easy and did what she could
And of course in the end it was all good!
STUR decided her run on Saturday would be in loops -
Slept a little later than she meant to - oops.
Got in seven miles but wanted 10-
She'd make it up on Sunday but she didn't know when.
For sure she was going to swim on Sunday in open water -
She would do a run later when it got a bit hotter.
Once STEB was done there was no time to waste
She was off to get NanWa over at her place!
They were headed to Winchester V-A
And were going to have a really fun day!
First was a stop at Patsy Cline's grave
Easy to find with the directions they gave
Patsy's grave and bell tower memorial!

Next up: a tour of the house where Patsy used to live
Just the two of them and the guides and stories to relive
We had a private tour of the house - so cool!

Then a late lunch and window shopping at the Apple Blossom Mall
There were lots of Asian food options y'all!
Later there might have been some Ukulele playing
And if that was the case there would be singing!
On Sunday STUR's swim itself was like a 2.5 mile dream -
She is getting used to this course it would seem!
WUD was there too and got in a good swim -
Her weekend of training was filled to the brim.
She was fresh off a long ride Saturday out in Culpeper...
Of course lots of hills but the weather couldn't have been better!
Afterwards STUR decided to get her run on across the WW Bridge -
Did she run over five miles? Just a smidge!
A lazy Sunday morning before STEB and NanWa headed home.
You know STEB, she's that traveling gnome!
Once at home there was no time to rest
She was meeting STUR, BRab, the Beast, and others - no jest
There were going to see Three Dog Night
Those dudes were old but outta sight!
The show was fantastic!
During their encore, Three Dog Night performed this song - it was amazing!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Random Rabbit Rap

On Saturday STUR decided against a long run-
Since the CrossFit WOD sounded like so much fun!
The "filthy fifty"  is the name it was given-
How many exercises were there? More than seven!"
As a matter of fact there were TEN -
We would do 50 reps again and again !!
Box jumps, pull-ups, kettlebell swings, and lunges were the first four -
Knees to elbows, push presses, and ab-mats kept us wanting more.
Finished up with a nice little triplet:
Walls balls, burpees, and jump rope then STUR was spent!
Saturday morning was STEB up early? You bet!
She and Andrew were going to work on a back yard project
It involved a post hole digger and concrete
When it was all said and done it was pretty neat!
But first they headed to Sharp Shooters in Lorton
There they met up with BRab for some target fun
There were lots of interesting people around
And shooting up a chemistry test could be found!
Target Practice - check!

Later they finally got the post holes dug
Close to two feet deep it was like going through sludge!
Set up the guides and poured the concrete...
Finally it was time to take a seat!
Waiting on concrete to dry...

Next up was the party on the grass -
It was a seriously beautiful night and the rabbits had a blast
As that evening STUR, BRab and STEB headed to Wolf Trap...
To see Harry Connick, Jr. - that's a fact!
First stop was the the ranger station aka the visitor's center...
These rabbits got their passport books stamped - winner!
The lawn was so crowded when they arrived,
They had to sit kind of over on the side.
Even though this meant a blocked view -
They could still hear the jamming music, it's true!
No creepy stalker dude this year!

Later at home STEB almost forgot...
And had to do 28 burpees on the spot!
Sunday-Funday dawned beautiful and bright!
An open water swim in the Potomac? Out of sight!
STUR picked up the Beast and headed to the harbor...
No, it wasn't a boat they were going to charter!
Swim as many 300 meter loops as you can -
For STUR ten loops was the plan!
Swimming Rabbits!

Met up with WUD and Jodie on the lovely dock -
Able to sign in right at 8 o'clock!
They all jumped right in and got down to business -
First time open water swimmer Jodie was fearless!!
In the end, STUR and the Beast only made it to lap number nine -
It seems that they had run out of time!
Then WUD hurried off to ride her bike - oh man!
At least 40 miles in Nokesville was the plan!
Meanwhile Sunday morning STEB was up early again...
This time for the Run With Dad 5k with Kim!
Ready to Run With Dad!
Photo credit: Kim

They had fun catching up, chatting
And of course they did some running
They even had to climb over a fallen tree.
But for them it wasn't a big deal you see!
Almost to the Finish
Photo Credit: =PR Races=

Once finished, STEB didn't hang around
Back home is where she was bound
Needed to finish up the project out back
Afterwards STEB was so tired she was ready to hit the sack!

A fun, little relaxation corner!
She hung in and watched game 7 of the  NBA Finals...
The Cavs ended Cleveland's 52 year drought, it was wild!
What a finish!
Photo credit.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Act Rap

STEB and RBud headed South on I95
Going to do their run, before the temps got too high
Arrived at PWFP with out any trouble
Wanted to get their run started on the double!
After parking, they opted to run the loop in reverse
They wanted to spot some rabbits. Hope it wasn't a curse!
Act 1 - They Start!

For her run on Saturday STUR had a nice escort -
His name is BRab and biking is his sport.
Kept her company for one Prince William Forest Park loop -
It was warm and sticky - that's the scoop!
Ran into some rabbits: one, two, three -
One was biking and two were running you see.
WUD was the one who was on her bike -
STEB and RBud were running - they wouldn't hitchike!
Act 2 - They Meet!

After running into STUR and BRab, STEB and RBud finished up
Along here they saw WUD, waved and and said "'SUP?"
They both agreed the reverse direction was the bomb
And stated they would do that run again without any qualms
On their way out they stopped at the Visitor's Center
STEB needed a National Park Passport stamp  - her first ever!
WUD stopped for a bit and with STUR took a selfie
Then they both went on their way
Act 3 - THEY  Meet!
Later STUR and BRab went to an event at Mt. Vernon -
There was lots of chocolate and beer for certain.
Making Chocolate!
Got to explore the mansion's  rarely seen basement and third floor...
And a fun bluegrass band on the lawn - score!
Beer on George's Lawn? YES!
Going to the pool with the Beast is STUR's new Sunday tradition -
Getting in a good swim in the long course pool is their mission.
WUD did a practice open water swim
Back in the Potomac River again! 
Meanwhile, CBUR was off out west
Running a downhill marathon is the best!
She pulled out after 20 miles because of the cutoff
But logged her fastest half marathon time ever, so don't scoff!
Revel Rockies!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Wine-y Rap

On Saturday- part of Team Rabbit left out at the crack of the crack -
STUR, WUD and RBud was the little three pack!
WUD spent the night on STUR's couch -
So the early morning commute wouldn't be such an "ouch!"
Team Rabbit, ready to kick some @$$!

Got there just in time for STUR and WUD's number collection...
Was it a cloudy and humid day? You betcha!
Ready to roll!

Had a chat with RBug then lined up at the start -
Soon the bunnies were doing there own thing apart!
STUR ran straight through to mile 2-
Then it dawned on her what she wanted to do-
Since so humid the pace was going to be slow you bet-
So she began to get into an "ultra mindset"
A little walking, a little running to get through the day-
Could she keep this pace in her fall 50k?
The best sign she encountered said "you are NOT almost there!"
So funny it didn't even make her swear!
Cutest thing was little girls giving out flowers-
Maybe they gave you extra power?
Almost to the finish line- greeted with cheering EMTs!
They made me run a little faster you see!
Up one more hill to the finish line-
The medal is a coaster for your wine!
They did it!

Look at the size of that sucker!
The Virginia Wine Country Half was a lot of fun
It's always nice to go with some friends one a run!
STUR knocked out very early on Saturday
She was going to pick up the Beast early Sunday to play.
They were headed to a pool called Old Keene Mill -
50 meters of swimming is always a thrill!
WUD is also glad the thunderstorms held off-
For the Potomac River she did swim across!
This weekend STEB did mostly as planned

No swimming pool, but yard work be dammed!
Saturday she hauled around some more mulch bags
Then she headed to Herndon for the festival, it wasn't a drag!
Met up at her friend NanWa's house
They walked to the festivities, they didn't slouch!
Cheesesteaks followed by funnel cake
Only comes once a year, for goodness sake!
Sunday morning early she got her run done
And a good walk with Riley sure was fun
Then more yard work was in store
Then a couple of indoor chores
Thanks to RBug for her mad painting skills
And tapering candles with a knife is always a thrill.
All in all the weekend was a success
Finally her yard is no longer a mess!
Last but not least, STEB made a new friend who is furry
Charlie the Chipmunk is super cute except when eating her flowers, surely!
Charlie Chipmunk is Cute!