There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Q&A Rap

Team Rabbit has a guest poster (guest rapper?) for the first part of this weeks rap-up! You may have noticed this on Facebook over the weekend! 


Hey SRab! What do you say?
How was your 24-miler today?
The weather was nice although a little too hot,
But like a true SRabbit I know you gave it all you got!
While you were sweating it out, I was in the pool,
Swimming laps with EBun and keepin' it cool.
All of your running will pay off big time
When, come this October, you cross the CAN LAKE FINISH LINE!!
So keep going strong and remember what I've said
Because you are a rock star - now, full steam ahead!!!

Dear STUK, the 24 miler went well I must say!
It really was a fabulous day!!
I stayed cool with the shade along Rock Creek -
Although much hydration I did seek!
I ran NORTH but stayed SOUTH of EAST-WEST Highway.
Just used all the directions in one line - no way?!
So two out and backs made the run complete -
Even got a bike escort from Tim - sweet!!
And GREAT JOB on all those laps you and EBun banged out!!
You're making up for lost time without a doubt!
Seriously you're gonna conquer that swim under the bridge...
It's only a bit over 4 miles - just a smidge!
You've done it before so I know you've got the focus -
And you're putting in the training so it's no hocus-pocus!
Good luck tomorrow in your 10K jaunt-
All that speed work you've done - you can now flaunt!

Friday the storms kept EBun and RBud away
From the final Crystal Friday Run – so sad they couldn't play... 
But RBud ran with SRab on that sunny Saturday!
EBun swam with STUK – met up in the parking lot and said, “Hey!”
It wasn't crowded in the pool so no bottlenecks! 
Sunday EBun ran the Rockstar 5K race !
She carpooled with P-Diddles for a smaller carbon footprint space.
The course was a big loop with nice rolling hills.
Nothing too steep, so running them wasn't a pill!
We “Partied like a Rockstar” in the name of Cherie Scholarship Fund 

And we both won door prizes and were happy and stunned! 
Thanks =PR= for another fun event.
P-Diddles and I are really glad we went! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Rap

SRab spent her Easter weekend at a Virginia state park.
And it was most certainly not on a lark
That she and Tessie did 16.8 miles total of walking, running, and hiking
And part of Tim's mileage was spent biking!
Weather was perfect so it was hard to come back for real -
But met up for a swim with EBun and a wonderful Easter dinner. What a deal!
Friday night EBun ran the Crystal 5k Friday Race Number 3:

Thanks Swim Bike Run Photography for capturing EBun on the Run!
But before it started she had a two mile warm up you see!
That meant Saturday was a day off training…
But she did yard work outside - lots of old leaves needed raking!
Sunday morning EBun’s bike ride included a 10 mile time trial…
Joined by RBud and some wind - they worked hard but managed to smile!
Later she got in some make up swim yards before SRab joined her.
The 47 days to the 4.4 mile Great Chesapeake Bay Swim will go by in a blur!

Monday, April 14, 2014

30 Rap

On Saturday SRab and EBun met up to swim.
EBun did her own workout but not on a whim!
After, EBun did her easy bike ride...
Then back home for shed building - no surprise!
SRab planned for more Bikram yoga.
Did you know there is a pose called the cobra?

Sunday the Rabbits met up with some friends
For the GW Parkway Classic – it’s a new trend!
Each bunny had some company for the shuttle bus ride -

"Get us to the start line!" All the participants cried!
EBun crossed the 10 mile start line at exactly 8:08.
Same time as the Rock and Roll Half? It must be fate!
Running down the parkway is always quite pretty;
It's often hard to believe we're near a great big city!
Got some support and cheers from Tim on a bike!
He rode about 12 miles - he was really psyched!
Got lots of bunny cheers - something about Easter?
Much louder cheers in Old Town - knocked us on our keister!!
EBun ran the 5k race...
Because shorter distances are what she'll embrace!
We met up in Oronoco Bay Park for the finish festival.
Warm sunshine and good music – it wasn't dull!
Glad to be back to run this Pacers race again
And finisher medals for the 30th running made it a win!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Random Rap

A swim and a run started the weekend off right.
Included laps around Annandale HS track! Out of sight!
As usual the swimming was AUsome and that's no pun.
Then Running Buddy joined us on the run.
On Sunday SRab ran the Cherry Blossom for the sixteenth time.
Now come on!! You knew that would be part of the rhyme!
WuDoc ran too and the weather couldn't have been better...
But if you were cheering you might have needed a sweater!
Excited to see EBun's ears on the memorial bridge!
We had run some of the race - 2.5 miles - just a smidge!

Cowbell at the ready!

CB10 cheering was a lot of fun
Short bike ride to the bridge to get it done!
EBun saw the peeps (including Kim) that she was looking for!
And what do you know? She even saw a few more!
However her shed assembly seems to never end...
Kinda wished someone else was doing it - for that she'd spend
But one more weekend ought to do it.
A different kind of workout to keep EBun fit!
This rap wouldn't be complete without a mention
Of how the Final Four ended - with a bone of contention?
A double upset was the case, but that's not a shame!
And now the highest seeds ever will play in the championship game!!!
Kentucky #8 versus Connecticut #7
These two teams are now in seventh heaven!
In other news: We're doing a strength challenge with our Number One Fan!
Four exercises a day in April? Oh yes we can!