There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, July 27, 2015

"Jackie" Rap

Friday night started with a little ukulele jam
Session that is at Beverly Hills Community United Methodist Church, man!
There were 12 ukers and they played 12 songs
CBun and STEB were there, even singing along!
The Alexandria Uke Club is gonna be all the rage
One day maybe you can even catch them on stage?
Then Saturday STUR and STEB carpooled to Fort Hunt Park -
Even at 5:45 am it wasn't that dark!
Guess what? They were also meeting a friend -
A great workout with the Beast, on that you can depend!
Bring on the Ft. Hunt Park loops!
STEB once again was a trooper on those loops
She went around 24 times - that's the scoop!
STUR's first two 5k's went exactly as planned -
But on the third one she lost a little steam - oh man!
No worries she finished it up and called it a day...
Off to CrossFit with STEB she did go play!
Yes - we were at the D.A.M Garage!
Once they arrived they met a nice young lady named "Jackie" -
This WOD had rowing, thrusters, and pull-ups - their arms were wacky!
STEB was surprised she could do those loops again
So soon after last weekend? It was kind of zen
After, meeting "Jackie" for the first time was...fun
Holy forearms - they were totally done!
The 10AM class might need a special name
Since only Em STUR and STEB show up there - always the same!
10AM? Heck yeah!
Slurpees were calling them after class again!
But sadly not this time for Em...
She'll be ready next time with her cup, too, as they're special!
Did you know there's a discount on the refill?
Sunday morning STEB started things off with a 5k
Just two loops in the neighborhood? What do you say!
This sign made the Rabbits think of Slurpees!
Then it was off to the OKM Pool
Met up with RBud and STUR - that's cool!
Are you *sure* this is the OKM Pool?
Coach Frank was there, running things on deck
And after, back to the Swiss Bakery they went!

Monday, July 20, 2015

"15.5" Rap

Last Tuesday night was a Rabbit meet up of sorts
CBun, STEB, and BRab went to their ukulele course!
Afterwards STUR joined them for a late dinner
Trying Holy Cow for burgers was a winner! 
Saturday, STUR looked out the window and she did exclaim,
"It looks like this Saturday it's not gonna rain!"
That morning STEB met up with STUR
Were they off to train at Ft. Hunt Park? Sure! 
So STUR and STEB made a caravan:
The caravan has arrived!
To Ft. Hunt Park and that is where STUR ran!
She did 4 x 1 mile at a prescribed pace -
But not to worry it wasn't a race!
Enjoyed seeing her bunny friend STEB zipping by -
It was Trixie she was riding and "Go STUR!" was her cry!
When she was done her running clothes were dripping wet...
It's July so it's humid on that you can bet!
Had a nice couple of hours for recovery -
Time to hit the box again you see...
While STUR had her run plan set
Was STEB going to bike? You bet!
After a short run warm up and a few drills, too
Getting on Trixie was the thing to do!
Round and round and round STEB went
She might have gotten a little bored but wasn't completely spent
After 24 loops and 30 miles
STEB found a Starbucks and was all smiles! 
Headed back to STUR's to get ready for workout number two
Over at Mount Vernon CrossFit, "15.5" was what they were going to do!   
Thrusters and rowing is what was on tap
They got it done with Em - how about that?
After it was time to cool off with Slurpees 
The first ever for Em, but they had to dodge bees!!
Saturday early CBun went for a long run:
The C&O Canal Towpath is where she got it done.
Appreciate the view? Yes!
Lots of pretty scenery – appreciate the view
Fortunately the rain kept things cool a bit, too.
Saturday night STEB was pretty fried
She finally caught up on some sleep - it's about time!
Sunday morning she met up with STUR and CBun
It was swim time at the OKM Pool again! 
After a good workout they headed to neutral territory
The Swiss Bakery and Cafe was hopping but they found a seat! 
Great for a post swim snack!
WuDoc was pretty busy all weekend as well
She unpacked lots of box because getting organized is swell!

Monday, July 13, 2015

7-11 Rap

Saturday morning STEB was up bright and early
Planned to do bike loops at Ft. Hunt Park with STUR, surely!
However the morning rain was relentless
So she did a trainer ride inside instead - no stress
After the spin STEB headed over to see STUR
Because they had a CrossFit date with 'Helen', for sure!
Saturday morning brought a bit of a downpour-
But running in it for STUR was not a chore!
Sorry her bunny buddy STEB had to give cycling outside a miss-
But she rode her trainer instead- she didn't quit!
At Ft. Hunt Park STUR went ahead and completed a 5k;
Then waited a bit and did ANOTHER - you don't say?!!
Then yay! STEB came and picked her up to head to the box -
Hoping "Helen" wouldn't knock off their socks!
It was hot and muggy by the time they started
But three rounds for time was the WOD for certain
400 meter run, 21 kettlebell swings, 12 pull-ups to be done
When it was over they both agreed it was fun!
STUR "zipped" through it with a pull up struggle -
But she didn't fall off and stayed out of the rubble!
Then after some stretching, they made a mad dash:
Free SLURPEE day at 7-11 - they didn't need any cash!
Free Slurpees from 7-Eleven on 7/11 at 11:07!!
CBun ran 16 -- started out in the rain,
Then it turned hot and muggy --kind of a pain.
It took a while to finish, but she got it done
Then headed to a ukulele festival for an afternoon of fun!
Scenes from the Uke Festival!
For dinner she made a Cajun favorite, Shrimp Etouffe
Sunday, she went swimming-- first time since the Bay!
Sunday morning STEB went out for a run
From the OKM pool, 50 minutes then she was done.
Saw CBun as she was finishing up - cool!
Wonder how many rabbits would be at the pool?
Turns out the rabbits were three
CBun, STUR, and STEB you see!
Post Swim Smiles!
Lots of kicking was on tap for practice...
And STEB was pretty fried after!
Sunday night was not for the birds,
As some rabbits gathered. Word.
Thanks for having us, RBud!!
RBud hosted a fun barbecue;
A great way to round out the weekend it's true!
Some fun conversation and yummy food and treats -
Thanks, RBud it was all really neat!
Did some experimenting with the selfie stick…
Some of the pics we took were really slick!!
Selfie Stick Shenanigans!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Independence Day Weekend Rap

The long weekend started on Thursday with a celebration at Mt. Vernon -
Team Rabbit was there to celebrate Marlene and Sacha for certain!
Everyone received a Mt. Vernon shaped chocolate:
Could it be a mini Mt. Vernon in chocolate? YES!!
A mini George Washington's house to fit in their pocket!
Saw lots of old friends from earlier Team Z days...
Triathlon Girls!
(Photo credit: Helen the 'Chainmaster'!)
When doing an Ironman was all the rage!
Then there was some Rabbit fun on Friday night -
STEB, STUR, BRab, CBun, and the Beast met up - it was outta sight!
Miss Stephanie and The Beast!
A little ukulele jam session for Miss Stephanie and Mike 
Just...uke-ing around!
And Mike was the official photographer, all right!
Saturday morning came too early for STUR;
Drove to the Mt. Vernon Trail in a blur!
Finally woke up as she got in a tempo paced 4 miles...
It was a bit humid so she was sweating all the while.
Jetted off to CrossFit for a Fourth of July workout…
More running in the WOD but she didn't pout!
STEB started Saturday off with the annual kickASTtri
The kickAST Pool!
But she had to cut out early and just did the aquabike! 
kickASTtri peeps!
For she was headed to Nationals Park with Patrick and Andy
And an AUsome baseball game that the Nats won handily!
Take Me Out to the Ballgame!
Later Saturday night it was another tradition:
BBQ and fireworks over at RBug's – which was great fun!
Sunday morning STEB did a run / swim brick
Time to run back!
More time in the LC pool with a Rabbit friend - pretty slick!
Sunday STUR also took a turn in Old Keene Mill's Olympic size pool -
STUR and STEB had 15,300 meters for the week - isn't that cool?
Over 15K meters this week! Woohoo!!
Team Rabbit closed out the weekend cheering on
The USWNT for their World Cup win - they played strong!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Epic Birthday Swim Rap - June 2015 Edition

Tuesday morning STEB got STUR for the birthday tradition
Three swims and CrossFit was their mission
Arrived at Chinquapin for swim number one
Ready to tackle tradition day!
How many meters would they swim? Probably a ton!
The Beast was there to share their lane
It'll be her only swim today - ain't that a shame?
When they were all done they changed for the next event
Time to "ManMaker" Up!
"I Can Make You a Man"
It was going to be CrossFit including ManMakers - and that's exactly how it went
What exactly is a ManMaker you ask?
Dumbbell burpees with rows then "jump" to a squat thrust was the task!
Before that fun was to begin there was skill work to do
Maximum effort back squats first, then the WOD, woohoo.
ManMakers apparently are a CrossFit birthday tradition
STUR, rocking the ManMakers!
One for every year - boy won't that be fun?
A rabbit just turned 51 on her recent birthday
That's how many were completed on this tradition day!
STEB getting her ManMakers done! Yolanda was doing hers as well!
(Photo courtesy of Mt. Vernon CrossFit!)
After the triple CrossFit workout session
STEB n STUR hit up 7-11 - oh thank heaven!
Slurpees and donuts were on tap
These rabbits were starving - that's a fact!
After a short break, what do you know?
Swim number two - they were gonna take it slow
Out in the outdoor pool - it's called Edsall Park
Nice to be outside where STEB used to hear "on your mark!"
They decided to do 51 x 50
As 51 is the theme it seemed pretty nifty!
There were lots of kids playing  around, it was almost a pain
Because wacky noodles and balls made their way into the lap lanes!!
Did one more fifty just to "grow on"-
That's okay since it didn't take long!
Swim #2 - check!
What do you know the rabbits were starved again/
Good thing that Chick-fil-A was the plan!
Sat outside to enjoy their meal-
Since the inside had a very cold feel!
Later on STEB made a discovery in the kitchen...
Diego the straw thief struck again!
He's cute but he's a thief!
The bunnies took a break before swim number three-
It was nice for a little while to be chlorine free!
Later it was time for swim number three
This time Audrey Moore was the place to be
When they arrived it was lane number 9...
No crimes were actually committed in lane #9!
Which of course was the scene of their crime!
Needed to get in another 2400 yards
A few extra minutes was in the cards!
Coach Kira helped keep us on task
Similar workout to the morning so some of it was fast.
The last thing we did was the "Auburn flop"
That's how we knew it was time to stop!
To close out the epic b'day swim day
Over to Kilroy's for beers and nachos - yay!
Cheers for beers!
RBud joined in for a little bit of swim recovery
And shared her experience at Challenge Atlantic City
Lots to celebrate!
Call us crazy with this workout day
But not like 5-1-5-0 crazy, we must say!