There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Turkey Rap

Turkey day morning STUR hopped out into the cold-
She got in about 5 pre turkey trot miles all told.
PBUN was at her house and ready to go-
They were going to run the Alexandria Turkey Trot - don't you know?
Hopped on the metro and grabbed their race number at the school-
Waited inside for the race to start- they ain't no fool!!
Gym selfie while they stayed warm!

PBun had a funny conversation with another runner
The porta potty didn't flush? What a bummer!!
He said he could've said it's urine turn, though...
And wished her a good trot - don't you know!
She said same to you as long as its not the runner's trots!
They had a good laugh and went off to find a starting line spot
Ready to turkey trot!

Once the race began it was easy to get warm
Seeing lots of turkey hats, dogs, and strollers was the norm.
STUR feels like the pace was a pretty good push
She just told her legs and lungs to shush!
PBun did a 10 minute warm up then into a 5k time trial
The balance of her run was at an easier pace - for about a mile.
Once STUR got home she wasn't done yet -
Did she run 1.8 more miles by way of Dunkin Donuts? You bet!
Friday morning PBun was up early
For L4 swim practice at Providence, surely!
Afterwards a bit of holiday shopping on the spur…
Then off to NYC with Stilt - for Harry Potter
Went up by Amtrak train number 136
The northeast regional was pretty slick
Excited about their HP adventure!

Of course it wasn't the Hogwarts Express...
Leaving from Platform 9 3/4, but they digress
Once they arrived a brisk walk to the hotel
Straight down 33rd if you will
Their hotel bar had the bar for Oklahoma University
Partying football fans woke them up in the middle of the night - oh jeez!
Good thing OU won!

They were celebrating the big win over WVU
And you could hear them at 4:30AM on the 18th floor, it's true!
Saturday morning STUR had a longish run in mind…
Wanted to beat the rain and got out of the door on time.
Half mile in - she was feeling great!
But rolling her ankle badly on the sidewalk was her fate
The event actually gave her some pause…
If she was limping she’d stop - that’s the law!
Seemed okay so she kept going -
Six more miles and the sweat was a glowing!
But later in the day it really started to swell.
RICE was he mantra for the rest of the day - oh well

Saturday Stilt and PBun were off to their show
Walk up Broadway through Times Square - let's go!
Stilt and PBun did not look out of place with these characters!

PBun and Stilt got odd looks as they walked along...
A boy pointed out they were wearing Harry Potter clothes...is that wrong?
OK, so they are fans of Gryffindor House...

Arrived at the Lyric Theater in plenty of time
Believe it or not they were third in line
The outside of the theater was amazing!

PBun had visited Will Call to pick up THE tickets
Wanted to have actual ones - no ifs, ands, or buts!
She HAD the tickets!

Cloakroom - check, then visit the gift shop
Then the refreshments room was their next stop
Next found their seats and then the show began
Part One kept them on the edge of their seats, oh man
They had a couple hours between parts one and two
Grabbing some pizza seemed like the thing to do
Before Part Two they were standing in a little bit of rain
Hoping later it wouldn't be too insane
Part Two was even more amazing
Especially before intermission - it was crazy
They really enjoyed the production of the Cursed Child
The special effects were pretty wild
They'd consider going to see it again
They don't want the Harry Potter fun to end
Ready to attend the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

After they got out of the show
It was pouring down rain, wouldn’t you know
Bolted into Walgreen's to buy umbrellas
To walk back to the hotel and not get too soaked, duh!
Over the weekend they had pizza at three different places
Luckily they didn’t tire of it, goodness gracious!!
Sunday they stopped in Macy's for a quick gander around
The Godiva counter is where they could be found!
Sunday after all the RICE STUR could take she headed out to the pool
The Beast was also in attendance which was very cool!
The masters group continued without a coach...
Read the workout on the board - that was their approach!!!

Monday, November 19, 2018

S'more Camping Rap

STUR got in a run for the first time since the Bucks County marathon/
Before she knew it- 7 miles were gone!
Highway view is better than no view!

Her run was over a highway- certainly not very scenic-
That's okay she wanted to get it done quick!
PBun headed to Audrey Moore for L4 swim practice
Just her and Marty in a lane - no fuss
New coach Eddie was supposed to be on deck
But he wasn't there, what the heck?
A swimmer named Pete wrote up a nice work out
Did it have stroke work and 4x100 IM? Without a doubt!
Saturday practices are back in the low end!

PBun and RooBear met up with STUR and JRab
Off to Prince William Forest Park  by way of Chick-fil-A - everyone was glad!
Riley got a lot of fun treats while camping - including a Chick-fil-A waffle fry!

Hit up the visitor center to check in to Oak Ridge campground
Where later a camp fire and smores would be going down!
Got in the park and situated on the A loop-
Found great places to set up camp - that's the scoop!
Scored spot A14!

Had to use the bathrooms located at loop B-
Only a tenth of a mile if you had to go pee.
JRab set up the truck tent and anex-
Luckily the whole situation wasn't too complex-
The tent AND the cool annex!

While RooBear watched, PBun set up the tent dome
For just one night it would be there home!
PBun is excited to camp for the first time with Riley!

Hiking selfie!

JRab got the fire started and the girls went for a hike-
Came back and got warm- they were psyched!
STUR stoking the fire!

PBun cooked hot dogs and served them up with tongs
Even fed a little bit to Riley. Is that wrong?
JRab and STUR had burgers served with some olive sauce stuff
Were they cooked to perfection? Sure enough!
After dinner they had a little treat
We're talking about S'mores which can't be beat!
S'mores are always a good idea!

THE camp fire!

JRab and STUR had a little after dinner backgammon-
JRab took the rabbit down by 3 games- it was a slamming!
They all got to bed at a very early hour-
It was in the 20's - so under the covers they must cower!
In the morning they enjoyed quite the spread:
Eggs, bacon, and doughnuts - they were fell fed!
The girls enjoyed hot chocolate from PBun cool new camping mugs-
It was so hot - took awhile to take a slug!
Meeting up at the Oak Ridge camp site!

Later BLUR showed up with David and Jelly Bean in tow
They were going to ride and hike in case you wanted to know!
Riley and Jelly Beat got along great!

Her ride was short and included a hill
It was 60 feet and not quite a pill!
BLUR's bike ride - check!

STUR and PBun took off for another hike with RooBear
Thank goodness for hibernation season so no actual bears to fear
Riley preferred to lead the way!

On their hike the saw a Charlie Brown Christmas tree
All that was missing was the red ornament and blue blanket you see!
Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree!

Passed by some mushrooms that looked like wax!
Seeing them on the return they knew they were on the right track!
These mushrooms really looked like wax!

KBun was at a family wedding
It was of course a wonderful evening!
Pam looking quite lovely again!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Veterans Bucks Rap

Friday night started with a uke club session
The Beast and PBun carpooled and it was fun!

Played a wide variety of songs
Even attempting Bohemian Rhapsody- is that wrong?
Uke Club was packed! One person didn't fit in the frame!
Thanks for having us, Beverly Hills United Methodist Church!

Saturday PBun was up before the crack of dawn
Headed out to Audrey Moore for swim before long
It was Coach Kira's last L4 practice
It's for certain that she will be missed
After she returned back home
Hopped on the bike trainer don't you know?
After that she did a short brick run
Then deadlifted singles to find her heavy one
PBun put an additional 10 pounds on the bar before calling it quits!

Later that day was a family gathering
Lots of cousins at the festivities
Also please note that there was pie
Even though it wasn't March 14, no lie!
It was definitely not at the crack when CBun and STUR headed out of town...
On their way to P-A is where they could be found!
Stopped at Chick-fil-A on the way - sweet!
Fast, traffic free ride to the hotel can't be beat!
The bunnies took a nap then headed out to dinner-
Found a good ole Olive Garden, winner-winner!
Pasta is always a good thing...

In bed early after a showing of Bridget Jones's Baby
They got 9.5 hours of sleep- crazy!
Sunday morning PBun was again up early
This time the Veterans Day 5k was the why
Over at the =PR= located at Fairfax Corner
PBun likes this course that’s for sure!
PBun sans ears...she did put them on for the race!

A local drill team presented the colors
They were wearing military uniforms from different eras!
This drill team was so cool! The different uniforms were really neat.

As she was finishing the race announcer gave PBun a shout out
Never too early for the Easter Bunny without a doubt!
Next morning in PA it was just a bit chilly -
But it was nice and sunny, not dreary!
A low key race with plenty of parking-
The Washington Crossing Historic Park was just darling!
Staying warm in the car, pre-race!

For some bizarre reason they started off in waves -
This was a very small race - they need to explain!
CBun and STUR went off together in wave 3 -
One wave was behind them you see!
CBun and STUR - ready to run!

Both rabbits loved the path right from the start-
The smooth, flat trail had beauty off the charts!
Lovely view of the trail and scenery!

The course was supposed to be two even loops-
But STUR decided to make hers a little bit different- oops...
Hmm, was this before or after STUR went off course?

STUR took a left when she should have gone right-
But she didn't wallow long in her plight.
Got back on course and tried to enjoy the beautiful day-
Meanwhile CBun was kicking a$$- you don't say?!
CBun was there at the finish line to cheer STUR on!
To finish this race -they had a lot of braun!
Happy finishers!

Look at these bucking medals!

Posed for a picture in their Mylar blankets-
This really was a perfect race for these rabbits!
Mylar blankets rock!

Meanwhile BLUR swam in the chilly San Francisco Bay -
She was brave enough to jump in to 58.8 degree water - no way!!
Way to go, BLUR!

She may have spotted a sea lion or a seal…
Beautiful place to do some OWS for real!
Also, MRab was down in Miami
Racing in the National Aqua Bike you see
Welcome to  Miami, man!

Did not lose his leg to an alligator
Which might have caused a bit of trouble later!
Congrats, MRab!

Turns out that he was fifth in the nation…
Hopefully now he gets a vacation?
KBun had fun at the Howard University Gala
Anniversary of 150 years is pretty amazing!
KBun is killing it!

KBun's dress is FAB!!

Sunday afternoon while raking up leaves
PBun found a mouse stuck in the AC unit, deceased
Poor Myron Mouse!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Alligator Drag Rap

Friday night PBun picked up her son
After a minor weather related airport diversion!
The rain caused the plane to land at IAD
Instead of DCA where it was supposed to be
PBun ended up picking PGoodz up at IAD!

Saturday morning PBun started things with a swim
Then the Bohemian Rhapsody movie with PGoodz for the win
Beautiful blue sky after all the rain the night before!

Finally took down Halloween decorations
While PGoodz assembled the old Lego pirate ship for fun!
STUR was very happy to have a low key weekend- 
Many races and events around the bend!
Did a home WOD with reps of a hundred 
Some of her favorite exercises together were bundled.
STUR and JRab then had a fun night out-
Enjoyed their time at a play without a doubt.
Happy for date night!

Sunday morning PBun hopped on her bike trainer for a bit
Then made a yummy French toast breakfast
Next she and PGoodz headed to Van Dorn Street station
Off to FedEx Field to cheer on the team from Washington 
Beautiful day for a football game!
Despite the Skins loss, they had fun!

As they made their way towards Redskins nation...
The guard warned them to look out for the defecation
There was a huge pile of horse poop
Didn't want to step in it - and that's the scoop
Sunday STUR got antsy sitting around all day-
So she went in extra early to the pool to play.
Got in 4600 meters - longest swim in awhile.
Being at the pool always makes her smile!
KBun will become an Ironman. AGAIN!

KBun successfully completed IMFL!
Down in Haines City, isn't that swell?
KBun found her name!

The swim was a two loop course in Lake Eva,
They dragged lake for alligators first, would you believe?
The bike wasn't flat but it wasn't like IMLou or IMLP
But there was a mini Keene descent apparently
She had to deal with rain on the run
But at least it wasn’t chilly without the sun
Crossed the finish line with a great, big smile
Now she can kick back and relax for a while!
Here she comes!

Look at that smile!

Congrats to KBun!!