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Monday, November 12, 2018

Veterans Bucks Rap

Friday night started with a uke club session
The Beast and PBun carpooled and it was fun!

Played a wide variety of songs
Even attempting Bohemian Rhapsody- is that wrong?
Uke Club was packed! One person didn't fit in the frame!
Thanks for having us, Beverly Hills United Methodist Church!

Saturday PBun was up before the crack of dawn
Headed out to Audrey Moore for swim before long
It was Coach Kira's last L4 practice
It's for certain that she will be missed
After she returned back home
Hopped on the bike trainer don't you know?
After that she did a short brick run
Then deadlifted singles to find her heavy one
PBun put an additional 10 pounds on the bar before calling it quits!

Later that day was a family gathering
Lots of cousins at the festivities
Also please note that there was pie
Even though it wasn't March 14, no lie!
It was definitely not at the crack when CBun and STUR headed out of town...
On their way to P-A is where they could be found!
Stopped at Chick-fil-A on the way - sweet!
Fast, traffic free ride to the hotel can't be beat!
The bunnies took a nap then headed out to dinner-
Found a good ole Olive Garden, winner-winner!
Pasta is always a good thing...

In bed early after a showing of Bridget Jones's Baby
They got 9.5 hours of sleep- crazy!
Sunday morning PBun was again up early
This time the Veterans Day 5k was the why
Over at the =PR= located at Fairfax Corner
PBun likes this course that’s for sure!
PBun sans ears...she did put them on for the race!

A local drill team presented the colors
They were wearing military uniforms from different eras!
This drill team was so cool! The different uniforms were really neat.

As she was finishing the race announcer gave PBun a shout out
Never too early for the Easter Bunny without a doubt!
Next morning in PA it was just a bit chilly -
But it was nice and sunny, not dreary!
A low key race with plenty of parking-
The Washington Crossing Historic Park was just darling!
Staying warm in the car, pre-race!

For some bizarre reason they started off in waves -
This was a very small race - they need to explain!
CBun and STUR went off together in wave 3 -
One wave was behind them you see!
CBun and STUR - ready to run!

Both rabbits loved the path right from the start-
The smooth, flat trail had beauty off the charts!
Lovely view of the trail and scenery!

The course was supposed to be two even loops-
But STUR decided to make hers a little bit different- oops...
Hmm, was this before or after STUR went off course?

STUR took a left when she should have gone right-
But she didn't wallow long in her plight.
Got back on course and tried to enjoy the beautiful day-
Meanwhile CBun was kicking a$$- you don't say?!
CBun was there at the finish line to cheer STUR on!
To finish this race -they had a lot of braun!
Happy finishers!

Look at these bucking medals!

Posed for a picture in their Mylar blankets-
This really was a perfect race for these rabbits!
Mylar blankets rock!

Meanwhile BLUR swam in the chilly San Francisco Bay -
She was brave enough to jump in to 58.8 degree water - no way!!
Way to go, BLUR!

She may have spotted a sea lion or a seal…
Beautiful place to do some OWS for real!
Also, MRab was down in Miami
Racing in the National Aqua Bike you see
Welcome to  Miami, man!

Did not lose his leg to an alligator
Which might have caused a bit of trouble later!
Congrats, MRab!

Turns out that he was fifth in the nation…
Hopefully now he gets a vacation?
KBun had fun at the Howard University Gala
Anniversary of 150 years is pretty amazing!
KBun is killing it!

KBun's dress is FAB!!

Sunday afternoon while raking up leaves
PBun found a mouse stuck in the AC unit, deceased
Poor Myron Mouse!

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