There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

CanLou Rap

On Wednesday morning PBun headed out
Going to Louisville K-Y, no doubt
She made great time despite taking breaks 5 times
And arrived in daylight hours, which was so sublime
PBun's inspiration station!

Ended up getting a suite room upgrade
Large enough for all of Team Rabbit with no extra money to be paid
This was seriously suite!

Decided she would go for her scheduled run
Never went at 9:30 pm before, it was kind of fun
The next morning she went early to athlete check in
And had Trixie set up with the speed fill bottle again
Check-in, check!

Took a few minutes to chill out in some NormaTec boots
While laying back in the anti gravity chair, too
These recovery boots are the bomb!

Later that afternoon she met up with the TriDot folks
Shake out run was on tap, on the actual course, no joke!
Nice to meet up with the training 'group'!

Friday morning was the TriDot group ride from the town of LaGrange
Just a short out and back, nothing strange!
Nice to get out on the bike course for a short ride!

They missed the rain!

A warm beverage after at the yummy  coffee roasters shop
The coffee was delish!

And before the ride watched a train go right down Main Street, what?
The train coming right down the middle of Main Street was crazy but cool!

On Saturday, PBun made preparations to take on Algaeman 138.2
Because the IMLou swim was cut due toxic algae bloom!
(PBun borrowed this from Facebook - multiple posters.)

Took a preview drive along the bike course at sunrise
Next met the TriDot group for a short run then attended the athlete briefing which was wise
Racked and ready!

Finally got Trixie racked and her run gear bag dropped off
Then spent the rest of the day off her feet, don't scoff!
Friday STUR met CBun at her work for a bit of an adventure-
Drive to Can Lake then race the next day? -SURE!
First STUR got to see CBun in action with her live shot-
Does STUR look ready for prime time?decidedly NOT!!
Green screen fun!

Very cool to stand inside of the green screen -
STUR couldn’t believe she was behind the scenes!
The rabbits then hopped in the car with HRab the Sherpa extraordinaire...
Would they find a Chick-fil-A? Say a prayer!
This Sherpa rocks!

They found one in Frederick - ate the food in the car
They have a bit more to go - Canandaguia is pretty far!
Finally hit the town in the wee morning hours-
They all can sleep in a bit - so don’t be sour!
Race morning dawns cloudy and drizzly -
But it won’t deter these rabbits - they’re no sissies!
Rabbit signs at the ready!

HRab the best Sherpa drove the rabbits all the way to the start-
That way they didn’t need the shuttle bus- smart!!
Who is ready to run a 50K?!

Race started 1,2.3 Go- casual as always-
The rabbits were on their way- hooray!
STUR took her place in the very back-
She wanted it that way -she’s not slack!
CBun hopped on ahead-headed toward Monica’s pies-
They knew this course well- rarely a surprise!
The two reconnected near the sunny side aid station-
Took a selfie and caught up on hydration!
It wasn't sunny at sunny side though...

Saw each other AGAIN at the next stop -
Enjoyed the indoor bathrooms and hoped their pace wouldn’t drop!
However this is the point all the “cat” hills begin-
Walking up them ALL is certainly not a sin!
But What goes up must come down-
Means there must be another aid station around!
Yup now only 15 miles left to go-
After another hill- then “just a half marathon left”-don’t you know?!!
Bare hill is next up to conquer-
The running is more like a saunter.
But after this the day became survive and advance-
Take in the great scenery when you get the chance!
Appreciating the scenery!

Appreciating the scenery!

Appreciating the scenery!

So many great memories of past races along the way-
Both STUR and CBun did 50 milers there back in the day!
Next thing you know STUR is on the infamous grassy hill -
She’s a little depleted-please don’t take a spill!
She didn’t and she saw CBun and HRab come out to cheer her to the finish -
She was glad they were there to witness!
Here comes STUR!

CBun had breezed past the finish line minutes before-
Both finished in BROAD daylight- score!!
They did it!

Sunday morning, PBun didnt have to get up too early
Because of the harmful algae bloom there'd be no swim you see
She moseyed over to transition and enjoyed the sunrise
No headlamp needed this morning which was nice
Things went smoothly as she did her last minute preparations
Before she knew it it was time to roll out to the time trial start station
Wearing her oddly cut Baltimore 10 shirt for warmth
Got a shout out from a volunteer from Maryland of course
Riders departed, two every 5 seconds
Over 2000 athletes were off in about 92 minutes
She noted her left eye was a smidge blurred
And wondered if it would go away or get worse?
She cruised on out of town along River Road
Appreciating the scenery as she went, dont you know?
Her eye seemed to be getting a bit more cloudy
Not sure what was going on by golly
Hit mile 60 and stopped at special needs
Ditched that B10 shirt, if you please!!
Restocked her nutrition but before she hit the road to finish the distance
Visited the medical tent for some assistance
Got some saline hoping it would help her eyes
Both were cloudy now you can surmise
Once again she saw the Deathly Hallows painted on the pavement
Harry Potter fans were around is probably what that meant!
Of course she had praying for a flat free day
And thankful in the end this was the case
She was also hoping to make it safely back to transition
Because she really couldn't read her watch or see well at this point - not a good option!
Once she got closer she could see athletes out on the run
She'd be out there soon, son of a gun!
After changing in to her bunny running shoes and ears
She hopped on to the run course, here it goes, never fear!
PBun a little squinty eyed!

She realized how bad her eyes were when she couldn't make out the TriDot coach from a distance
But she plugged along and kept up a good cadence
Is that you, Coach Elizabeth?

Along with her eyes not cooperating
Seems she was having a little trouble with her breathing
The ears got a lot of bunny love as per the usual
Funny comments from spectators and volunteers is never dull
This run course was new and now three loops
As she finished the first she got a gorgeous sunset view
Started on to loop two and it was definitely getting dark
Turns out PBun had even more trouble seeing the course marks
At the halfway point coming out of run special needs...
The song she heard next was "Livin' on a Prayer," would you believe?!
With her troubles and seeing how close things would be
Decided to call it a day before starting loop three
A nice volunteer got her a ride to the medical tent
Where she received a nebulizer breathing treatment
PBun is happy and will live to race another day
But maybe not this race in Louisville is the one for her in this case!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Camping Taper Rap

STUR had herself a relaxing weekend-
Since she has a 50KEH around the bend!
Headed to Prince William Forest Park with the dog and the hubby...
Lazlo’s first camping trip - “C’mon buddy!”
Let's go for a hike!

After camp was set up - Lazlo and STUR went on a 4 mile run/ walk-
Hopefully there would be no bears who would stalk!
Look at this good boy!

Campfires, hot dogs, backgammon, and Lazlo chasing flies...
And a relatively peaceful night to their surprise!
Were there any S'mores?

PBun is on taper, and on Saturday had a bike-run brick
It was just 2.5 hours + 20 minutes and went pretty quick
That left her with the rest of her day free
So what did she do? Nothing but kept off of her feet!
Sunday morning was her last long training run
Headed out to One Loudoun for the =PR= Fall Classic 10k for fun
It was so great to meet Skylar!

Met a runner who is fairly new to the area
She is now a new Team Rabbit follower!
PBun enjoyed the mostly flat course
And kept her pace under control - there was no remorse!
This was a really nice 10k course!

That afternoon she got ready for Halloween
Decorating for that holiday is always a scream!
PBun loves to decorate!

Sunday morning Lazlo and STUR went on another hike -
They heard about a bear cub sighting - yikes!!
Packed up the tent site and hit the road...
Just spent one night there - all told!
Next STUR headed over to Chinquapin to swim solo -
Swam 3800 meters in honor of PBun's Ironman don’t you know!
KBun and BLUR met up for a late afternoon Indian head trail ride-
A fun day on their bikes- they can’t be denied!
A great afternoon for a bike ride!

BLUR's 28 miles was a PR in distance!
KBun was happy to accompany with 37 miles - brilliant!