There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What's Hoppin' for 2015?

Rabbits at the Races!

01/01 – Resolution 10
04/12 – Cherry Blossom
05/30 – Rock Hall Oly Aquabike
05/31 – Rock Hall Sprint
06/07 – Bay Swim*
06/19 – Ragnar Trail Relay
06/27 – Von Trapp Trail 25K
08/22 – Tri in NC
09/12 – Woodstock Hippie Half ?
10/10 – CanLake50K
11/14 – Tunnel Hill 50 Miler

01/04 – BRATS Frozen 5k ?
02/15  Run Your Heart Out 5k
03/14  Lucky Leprechaun 5k
03/28  Monument Ave 10k
04/04  Rabbit Run 5k ?
05/03  Broad Street Run ?
05/30 – Rock Hall Oly Aquabike
05/31 – Rock Hall Sprint
06/19 – Ragnar Trail Relay OR
06/21  Bath County Sprint 
06/28  Montclair Sprint - a birthday race!
07/12  Colonial Beach Sprint
07/13  Colonial Beach Int'l (aqua bike) ?
07/19  Tidewater Sprint ?
08/16  General Smallwood Int'l (aqua bike) ?
08/17  General Smallwood Sprint ?
09/07  Patriot's Sprint ?
09/13  Reston Triathlon
10/05  Waterman's Sprint ?
11/26 – A Turkey Trot
12/31  Fairfax 4 Miler

03/01-- Little Rock Marathon & 5K
04/12 -- Cherry Blossom
04/26 -- GW Parkway Classic
06/07 -- Bay Swim*
09/12 -- Woodstock ?
10/03 -- Ironman Maryland
10/10 -- CanLake50K

11/15 -- Ironman Arizona

04/04 – Charlottesville Marathon
06/07 – Bay Swim*
06/19 – Ragnar Trail Relay OR
06/21 – Bath County Sprint
10/10 – CanLake50K
10/18 – Mt. Desert Island Marathon
11/14 – Tunnel Hill 50 Miler

Multi-Rabbit Events
04/26  GW Parkway Classic races
05/30 – Rock Hall Oly Aquabike
05/31 – Rock Hall Sprint
06/20 – Ragnar Trail Relay
10/10 – CanLake50K
11/14 – Tunnel Hill 50 Miler

* – if picked in the lottery
? – to be determined

Monday, December 29, 2014

Post-Christmas Rap

Team Rabbit had a wonderful Christmas holiday!
Lots of R&R but also time for play.
Family time times three for EBun was on tap...
Three trips to Maryland in four days? Imagine that!
Christmas Eve was in Baltimore with her aunt and lots of cousins!
EBun with her Aunt Shirley!
And a Mockingjay Christmas with friends was so fun!
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 was fantastic!
The day after brought sort of a family reunion...
Had a blast, played Christmas trivia, and EBun even won!
The best thing of all, besides lots of rest?
EBun had two short but successful run tests!
Sunday night was a fantastic show at the theater, Arena Stage.
The music from Fiddler on the Roof is all the rage!
STUR had the most relaxing holiday she can remember,
And the weather at the cabin was so warm for December:
Merry Christmas from the peaceful Northern Neck!
Activities were eating, sleeping, DVDs, and a trail run/hike each day!
In fact her total mileage for the trip equaled a 50k!
Tessie went along for 18 of those miles willingly:
Tessie on a hike!
STUR was a bit surprised by her resiliency!
Now STUR looks forward to ringing in 2015,
With two races and a bit of sleep in between!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Pre-Holiday Rap

On the Rachel Carson Greenway - STUR met up with some trail running peeps.
It was cold so she hoped not to be crossing any creeks!
Turns out the trail was a couple of short loops,
Decided to pick one of those to repeat so not to get lost or pooped!
Took 48 (96 total) minutes to drive over there;
So to run longer than that at 99 minutes she took care!
Rest of the weekend was lots of sleep and a run on the road;
And getting things organized at her abode!
EBun had a whirlwind weekend planned;
The triple play of activities went off without a hitch - that was grand!
Friday she and Riley headed up to Acme
Her cousin's party with Santa was just dandy!
Making a wish with Santa!
Even got to see some snow on the ground...
But hoping at home it doesn't come around
Saturday back home it was time for some fun:
Cookie baking extravaganza at RBud's, not a run!
Cookie Extravaganza!!
Then on Sunday was a get together with old classmates.
Beer and Wizards basketball? That's just great!
Rock'n Wiz seats #dcRising
Sad that the Wiz lost but still a nice night;
Home by 9pm – with no traffic in sight!
A very Merry Christmas to our wonderful Rabbittears,
With wishes of health and happiness and lots of good cheer!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fireball Rap

STUR's birthday morning started off nice and serene-
A trail run on Saturday morning is her new regime.
This time at a place called the Cabin John Stream Valley Trail
Again stayed upright and 9 miles she did nail.
STEB decided to just take it easy
Sleeping in seemed like the thing to do, you see!
Had a big busy day ahead,
That included many holiday errands, instead!
Finally it was time for the celebration
Headed to the Tune Inn from the Huntington station
With STUR and BRab, we were off for some fun
Meeting up with the others – there were tales to be spun!
Susan and hubby Tim got there first -
We sat down at the table to quench our thirst!
We then met some guys who had just become firefighters -
Bought them a round - we were inspired!
Then Lionel and WuDoc came to join the party;
Did CBun round out the group? That's right smarty!!
STUR feels lucky to have friends with which to celebrate -
But a day of lounging around on Sunday was her fate!
Drinks to celebrate STUR's birthday seemed like a good idea at the time...
But that's all we're going to say about THAT in our rhyme!


And then there's this:

Friday, December 12, 2014

Triple Swim Rap

STUR's birthday meant time for a day of swim times three!
Even threw in a CrossFit WOD!
STEB was her chauffeur for the first part of the day…
She was also swimming 3 times - no way?!
First swim went well and she got 3400 meters;
Swim #1 - check!
Going to keep a strict count - not going to be a cheater!
Coffee and hot chocolate break before CrossFit -
Enjoying the down time - every little bit!
At Mount Vernon CrossFit we did some kettlebell swinging;
A little bit of soreness the next day it will be bringing!
CrossFit - check!
Next up they'll do a swim that happens at lunch -
6000 meters total? Well that's a bunch!!
Lunch at Chick-fil-A since both were starving -
Chick-fil-A? YES!!
At all their activities they will be marveling!
Nice long break, time for a nap?
Went way too fast - in a snap!
Last swim brought some 25's on the interval…
Had to get in 2400 yards - it was critical!
Finished and got in 8400 total -
Then went to happy hour to be a little social!

STEB had a blast doing STUR’s birthday 3Xswim day
This rabbit is always up to play!
Chinquapin Pool - the scene of the first two swim workouts!
Her totals were a bit different though;
She got out of the water early each time, you know!
Did not want to overdo it with her shoulder...
But seriously, the day went by in a blur!
First swim she managed 2300 meters, and another 1700 at lunch…
Goggles 'at the ready'!
Was she hungry after all that? Just a bunch!
Also had a blast at her first CrossFit experience
Thinks she will try it again once she gets the official guidance!
Did not get a nap in after all the day’s activities,
But chilled out in her heater recliner and watched Holiday movies!
Then it was time to head out for the third swim of the day...
Audrey Moore - pool scene three!
How would her shoulder handle it? Would it be ok?
She did just fine and hopped out after 2100 yards - 
A full workout is not yet in the cards!
Headed over to meet STUR, RBud, and the others at Kilroy's:
Kilroy's rocks!
Kind of hard to hear at times with all the bar noise!
L4 Swimming had their last monthly post-swim happy hour of the year.
Team Rabbit was happy to join in on the good cheer! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Busy Bee Rap

STUR started off bright and early with the Montgomery County Road Runners Club.
The task this winter is to run on some trails then have a little grub!
They met up at the Black Hills Regional Park -
Seeing STUK and Thumper gave her a spark!
She was very glad that it didn't rain -
Besides the wet leaves, the trail was pretty tame!
Not much time - she has to change in to her swim suit…
For the 2nd Annual Winter Solstice Swim Meet she was a recruit!
Headed out in the rain with swim friend Margie
Going to swim some events and make it a party!
Both Margie and STUR took some seconds off last year's events;
So why not do the 100 fly? Sure makes sense!
In the end they went home with lots of bling:
It's all about the medals, medals, medals...and ribbons! 
Ribbons and medals they both did sing!
About 5 hours sleep and what's next you wonder?
A race for BOTH STUR and STEB - down yonder!
Fredericksburg was the place for the Blue & Gray Half and 5K;
Half for STUR, 5K for 
STEB on a chilly, sunny day.
Fifth year in a row she ran every step - until mile 8…
Then she had to walk since her stomach didn't feel great.
Finished in her goal time despite the walls of wind -
Wait! Who's that cheering at the finish line? It’s STEB her bunny friend!!
Grabbed a MEDAL, a doughnut, and a piece of pizza;
Wonders why she does these things - she must have amnesia!

Saturday STEB hit up spin class with Melissa at Bonzai
Lots of peeps were there and STEB gave her new trainer a try!
She also used Trixie for the second time ever on the trainer…
She should have done it sooner - that's a no brainier!
After she headed to the Wakefield Park trails;
For 1.5 miles so the running streak won't fail!
After that she was a super busy bee
Preparing apps for a party later that night you see!
Then she met up with Misha for some fiddle fun…
Fiddle Fun!
Christmas music jam session and cupcakes after they were done!
Then it was a little college football at the holiday party
And it was also to collect food and gifts for local charity.
Sunday morning STEB was ready for the 5K!
STUR and STEB are ready to run! 
She had a race plan for the day:
Negative split and descending miles is her new thing;
Hopes this gets her ready for the big race this Spring!
Blue & Gray Races Success!
Later on Sunday it was time to decorate her tree…
Will the cats pull it down? We will have to wait and see!
Team Rabbit has a special announcement to make:
Rabbittear STUK has a new name for goodness sake!
CBun is the name to her we will bestow…
Stands for Cadbury Bunny don't you know?!!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Turkey Trot Rap

The Turkey Trots on Thanksgiving were lots of fun...
Now STEB is going for a 'streaking' run!
It's the 36 Days of Awesome Runners World challenge:
#RWRunStreak - Anyone else wanna take the plunge? 
STEB did the new Fairfax Turkey Trot race
Similar to the Fairfax Four Miler but starts in a different place
The weather was perfect and STEB was thrilled
She got a negative split and she was not chilled!
And you know rabbit ears were part of STEB’s outfit!
Solo Rabbit Ears!
For STUR The Alexandria Turkey Trot started off Thanksgiving Day:  
There were 5 of us in the group who came to play!
Party of Five!
Saw RBud before the start which was a nice surprise!
STUR and RBud!
Everyone started in different spots, which was probably wise!
STUR was very happy to push hard to the end...
But now her knee is a bit on the mend.
Met up at the finish to discuss the fun event;
Then to 7-11 for coffee and hot chocolate they all went!
STUR and family went on a cool Capitol tour-
Learned lots of neat facts so it wasn't a bore!
She and sister in law Pam had some trouble with the headphones...
Good thing they were only on loan!
Then scooted over to Library of Congress right through a tunnel? 
From one tour to the next they had to chuckle!
Next day went to Union Station, the Postal Museum and took in a show; 
It was the "Capitol Steps" don't you know!  
Ate leftovers and played the X-box “Just Dance!”
Learned some fun dance moves by chance!
Sunday was spent in Old Town and some napping;
For a successful Thanksgiving hosting STUR and RRab are clapping!!
STEB knocked out days 2 through 4 of streaking...

So far a total of 10.8 miles of running!
The Challenge requires just one mile a day…
Only 32 more days to go - what do you say?
Friday STEB took Riley on the Wakefield Park trail;

Saturday just a neighborhood loop without fail.
Sunday was a solo run in her new trail shoes 
They were amazing and her feet did not take any abuse!
Success on the run challenge through day number four
One things for certain: it won’t be a bore!
Team Rabbit hopes everyone had a nice Thanksgiving weekend!

Was a turkey trot also part of your trend?