There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Murph Rap

Friday morning early STEB headed for the shore
There she would see family galore!
Rolled into town around 10 am
Before long everyone piled into the car for the beach, amen!
All agreed it was a little bit chilly out
So they headed off to find Piezano Pizza no doubt
After that it was hot tub time
And soon after more family arrived
You wouldn't believe what they had for dinner
Pizza from Tripoli and it was a winner!
There was also cannoli in vanilla and chocolate
All straight from Seabrook, New Hampshire. What?
Next morning STEB was up bright and early
Checking out CrossFit Ocean City, surely
She was not the only visitor to attend -
And STEB felt very welcome all the way to the end!
STEB Signed the Visitor Board!
"Fight Gone Bad" was the WOD on tap.
And there were scaling options, natch!
"Fight Gone Bad + Sit-Ups"
She shared a row with some of the regular ladies
And it turned out sit-ups were being added... Crazy!
STEB had a blast as a visitor and got a tank top, too
And she looks forward to wearing it real soon!
Later that morning it was back to the beach...
Then a nice dinner out with the family was in reach!
Fun Family Food Festivities!
A short jaunt on the boardwalk followed -
And maybe some funnel cake, for the road?
Saturday morning STUR arrived at her CrossFit box
For the Memorial Day WOD "Murph" - that rocks!!
They didn't warm up much and got right to it -
The task ahead was daunting, she must admit!
Breezed right through the first mile run...
Reminding herself this is all for fun!
Next up: 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 squats -
Ummmmm - say WHAT?!!!
STUR, Knocking Out the Pull-Ups!
She partitioned them out in manageable chunks of 10 sets -
Did she pace herself properly? You bet!
Marking off the Murph sets!
Before she knew it - out on mile run part two -
It was getting pretty hot for the Mt. Vernon crew.
Ran back in the box and flopped to the ground -
Next thing up, a doughnut or two she found!
2016 Murph Crew at Mt. Vernon CrossFit!
Relaxed the rest of the day for tomorrow she'd be up and at 'em
That's right it's time for the Jim McDonnnell Lake Swim!
WUDoc and STUR took off in the morning from STUR's house...
It's kind of early so be quiet as a mouse!
Rolled into Reston and checked into the lake -
Putting on sunscreen so in the sun they won't bake!
Team Rabbit, Ready to Swim!
Before she knew it STUR was about to swim one mile -
Of course it was all done in freestyle!
Pushed herself a bit so was glad for the rest-
Next up was the 2 miler where she would try her best!
Everyone in the field was sans wetsuit-
Since the water was 78 degrees they did compute!
Got it done and headed to the snack table -
For all the good food she was grateful!
After this she took a gander at the finishing times -
To see if she placed - it isn't a crime!
Got third place out of ten for the one mile -
Picked up a medal for that - it made her smile!
Swim Bling Rocks!

Sunday morning STEB started with a short run,
Then it was back to the beach for more fun!
Back Seat Selfie on the Way Back to the Beach!
It was the warmest day of the three
And STEB got to see dolphins swimming, sweet!
Dinner that night was a special occasion:
Time for the funny family stories is the reason.
Patriotic Cousins and a Beach View!
Sunday evening STUR met up with CBUR*
Lots of eating, drinking, and laughing did occur.
Monday dawned with a bit of sun -
Met RBud at Prince William Forest Park for a hilly eight mile run!
WUDoc also had a training weekend that was fantastic.
Made the most of not being at Lake Placid.
Got in a 72 mile bike ride out in Culpeper -
Definitely endured some very hot weather.
She swam the two miles in the Jim McDonnell Swim lake -
On Monday she took a much needed break.
Monday morning STEB hit the road in the dark
Wanted to beat traffic, it wasn't on a lark!
She also fit in a CrossFit class back at MVCF...
It was deadlift day but no doughnuts this time, pfff
Lots of peeps showed up for the second class -
Kudos to those that stayed for booty camp, STEB was out of gas!!
STEB had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with her family
And Team Rabbit is grateful for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, you see. 

*CBun Ultra Run = CBUR

Monday, May 23, 2016

Rain Run Ride Rap

Friday afternoon STEB got picked up by RBug
Off to NOMA Junction for the #DCBR2016 packet pickup
Scored front row parking - it was perfect
Got through the lines, lickety split!
Then for the camera they did mug...
And got free custom sunglasses at the REI Village!
The REI custom sunglasses were fun!

Rain rain go away!
It didn't ruin STUR's weekend she must say!
But her Saturday run was all in the rain-
She was the only one out - it was insane!
She got it done since the pool was her next mission -
Her friend the Beast has a lot of ambition.
Second time back in the pool and she rocked 1800 meters...
Regular sessions in the water now-it's a keeper!
After a fun party with her Team Rabbit friends -
Off to bed, BRab she would send.
Because in the morning he had a bike ride -
Even though raining they wouldn't stay inside.

STEB spent Saturday doing an indoor chore....
Finishing up the kitchen back-splash with friends isn't a bore!
While playing oldies on the jukebox
Singing those tunes really rocks!
So STUR decided to be HIS Sherpa this time -
That's exactly what BRab had in mind!
Found parking and walked up to the start corral
Were able to find a couple of their pals!
STEB and RBug were lined up and ready to go...
They both looked like cycling pros!
RBug had picked up STEB at the crack -
They headed over to the East Potomac
Easy access parking again!

Park that is - where they parked the car
And pedaled to the start - it wasn't too far!
First mission was to hit up the porta potties;
Next up they took a couple of corral selfies:
RBug and STEB are ready and waiting!

Ready to Roll...War Eagle!

Watched the area fill in with all the riders
Then here comes BRab with his STUR!
BRab is smiling before the start...

Spent a few minutes chatting and such
Was it raining? Not too much....
This got all filled in with cyclists!
Then BRab found his spot and before long cycled away-
"Have a safe ride!" STUR would say!
Next she ran up to the three mile mark-
She hopes that when BRab saw her it gave him a spark!
STEB and RBug were a little bit chilly
And STEB tried to forget she had to pee....
They knew once they got going they would warm up
And were thinking ahead to the hot Starbucks!
Some of the areas were a little tight and slow
But then it would open up and start to flow!
Running some more past the White House -
Here at mile 9 she was still looking for her spouse.
Got a glimpse of STEB and RBug-
They were going too fast to give them a hug.
STEB and RBug also saw STUR and they rode on by
They both shouted out a big, loud, "Hi!"
Then BRab came by and stopped for some aid-
Just to get some water - he wasn't delayed.

None of the riders fell down that STEB and RBug could see -
At one point they saw BRab and he was smiling with glee!
And STUR tried to see BRab again by the Air and Space Museum -
"He must have already gone by" she did reason.
Next thing you know STUR received a call -
He was done and told her he having a ball!
STUR ran back to meet him at the Canadian Embassy -
So cool to see that BRab did splendidly!
Hooray for BRab! All smiles at the finish!
STUR finished her weekend with her fourth swim day in a row-
She's still training for a long swim don't you know?
Another #ironride in the books!
After they finished STEB and RBug rode back to the automobile
Changed into try clothes - then that Popsicle stand they did blow!
Then - finally - they got their hot lattes,
And STEB was dropped at home you see.
She wasted no time headed to Home Depot for some grout
Then back to finish the kitchen tile project without a doubt!
Kitchen Tile Project - Check!

Later she and her son headed to RBug's for a meal
Yummy dinner then Cards Against Humanity was the deal!
Meanwhile, RBud did a 10 miler in Georgetown
It was almost like a Tough Mudder - but she didn't frown!
RBud in the mud!

The riders got a view of The Exorcist stairs there...
If you ever run up them - there's only 75 - beware!
The inaugural DC Bike Ride was organized and a lot of fun
Despite the bottle necks and crummy weather and lack of sun
STEB and RBug would do this ride again
Maybe make it an entire Rabbit affair then?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Half Cap Rap

Friday evening STEB picked up RBug 
They headed to Richmond they weren't going to be slugs
Had a bit of traffic but it wasn't too bad
Got a good night's sleep of that they were glad! 
Packet Pickup - Check!
Saturday morning was the Cap2Cap half ride
Century that is, or 50 miles to take in stride 
The Cap 2 Cap Half Map!
They arrived in the morning and parked at the satellite lot. 
Then rode to the start to give it what they got! 
Not too windy!
There they ran into RBug's co-worker's spouse
They conquered the cobbles with her last fall then went to an alehouse
A little back light!
Finally it was time to get lined up to go
Went with the C group don't you know 
STEB and RBug ready to roll!
After the first two miles they opted to jump on the trail 
Always amazing knowing they used to house rails. 
Rest stop one was around mile fifteen 
Parts were a muddy mess from all the rain it would seem
You can't see the mud from this angle!
There STEB spied a sign with one of her favorite sayings
She took a picture because that's what rides also bring 
Appreciate the scenery, dammit!
She and RBug kept a steady pace. 
Which was good cause next day STEB had a race! 
Bikes need rest, too!
Rest stop two was at a church
Having to use the bathroom almost put them in the lurch 
The nice lady at the church kept them out of a lurch!
Then a nice church lady offered the ones inside 
Then they replenished for the rest of the ride 
Several times they were passed by century pace lines
Those peeps were really flying on by
The last part of the ride brought out the wind
Just had to put their heads down and be thick skinned! 
The last five miles put them back on the trail 
And the finish was up a steep little hill, oh whale! 
Hey, this monument looks familiar!
After they got settled they had a cool photo op
In front of the old courthouse where the race stopped
Finish area fun!
After that they got their BBQ and beer
STEB recognized the location when she did the Century with STUR, never fear 
Flashback to the 2013 Cap2Cap Century!
The ride scenery really was quite nice
STEB was happy to not have doubled the distance to be precise. 
WUDoc and STUR took a rabbit road trip - mini version!
Were they doing a running race? For certain!
It will be the Historic Half in Fredericksburg town -
It's not THAT far to travel - they didn't frown.
Hospital Hill = YIKES!!!
They left on Saturday in the middle of the day -
Managed to mostly avoid I-95 - no way?!
Made it to the expo - lickety split!
Next stop would be VA Runner - they just wouldn't quit.
Fun motivation!
And what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! 
But first they posed in front of some vans with cool sayings-
Would they have a good race? Hoping and praying!
Once at the store three pairs of shoes were purchased...
Would WUDoc wear her new shoes on race day? She was nervous!
You'll have to keep reading to find out what happened...
For now you'll just have to imagine!
Next they checked in at the swanky Super 8 -
A room on the third floor was their fate.
Headed to dinner at Ledo's then a trip to Target -
Where they each bought a new garment.
Bedtime and a movie Pitch Perfect 2 -
WUDoc hadn't seen it yet - it's true!
The morning dawned windy and chilly -
Going to be interesting on a course that is hilly!
WUDoc and STUR ready to run!
Nothing left to do but get in their corral and take off-
Starting off nice and easy- don't scoff!
Highlight for STUR was running through Fredericksburg's heart -
The cheering and crowds was off the charts!
Also at one point they ran right by the  Rappahannock -
Just a little more than two to go - nobody panic!
Nobody panic - it's just the Rappahannock!
But just around the corner is good old Hospital Hill -
For the seventh time STUR has paid for this thrill!
Made it up said hill with zero problemo -
You must tell yourself no walking then GO!
But what did STUR see with  about one mile left-
A person with a scythe and as the Grim Reaper was dressed.
The sign he held said "The end is near."
Seems that the finish line soon would appear!
Patriotic start / finish!
She finished and got her shiny sharp bling-
Time to have a snack and sit down - that's the thing!
Found WUDoc and they settled down on the pavement...
STUR asked if  her feet were in torment.
Smiley finishers with big bling!
They weren't and she DID wear her new shoes -
This was certainly excellent news
However turns out the bottom of her shoe had somewhat torn apart!
Especially right along the heel part.
Was their store policy only ONE race per pair?
That certainly wouldn't be fair.
Alas she was able to get a full refund -
The people at the store were stunned!
Time for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel -
Even though they wore sweaty apparel.
Both WUDoc and STUR had a solid race experience-
So glad the weather was sunny and glorious!
Sunday morning STEB had a little 5k
The Annandale Atoms race again? No way! 
It was super windy out but the temperature was great 
Would her ears stay out? What would be their fate? 
It was windy everywhere on Sunday!
STEB lined up at the start feeling chilly 
But she knew she'd warm up fast, really 
With the Atoms marching band sending the participants off running 
After the National Anthem first and STEB wanted to sing!
She remembered the course from a few years before -
There were hills but not like Hospital - score! 
The main loop took them back by the school...
For another smaller loop then back. It's cool.
The finish brings the runners onto the track
Just 3/4 of the way around to the chute - it's not whack!
Ears intact!
In the end her ears stayed put with the help of pins
At times she had to hold her hat on but in the end a win! 
Ann in all it was a super fun weekend 
And a great way to start her staycation 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Derby Hundreds Rap

On Saturday STUR got up early to get her run done -
She was also excited to see a bit of sun!
STUR conquers the hills again!
She got in 8.5 miles all in all -
On those hills it was quite a haul.
STEB spent the the day hanging with her son
They may even looked at some guns!
STEB's new hat!
Saturday night all the rabbits gathered at Running Buddy's
To carb load for the swim and watch the Kentucky Derby
Those horses can run fast! 37.1 mph - wow!
They feasted on yummy chicken and stuff 
Chocolate chip cheese cake too! Did they get enough? 
Yummy cheesecake!
There were mint juleps going around for sipping
And Kentucky Derby Cabernet for the imbibing
Perfect wine to drink during the Derby!
Team Rabbit also enjoyed watching the antics of Mildred and Marvin -
They were eating lots of greenery - they must have been starvin'!
Team Rabbit watching the bunnies, Mildred and Marvin!
They gathered round the TV to watch the horses race
No one had a preference but it was a fun couple minutes in any case! 
Cheering for the Derby!
Sunday was Mother's Day and Team Rabbit did it again -
100 100s at the PG County Sports & Learning Complex for the win!
STEB, RBud, and STUR were the initial crew...
Don't worry, WUDoc joined them later, too!!
The first three rabbits jumped in the pool and got down to business;
This task before them would test their mental and physical fitness!
For STUR the first fifty felt the hardest -
So the halfway point became her target!
To keep it interesting she decided to "push" the sevens and nines -
However, the "push" became much slower over time!
But after fifty she discovered some magic:
The Coke and GU she had nearly made her manic!
100s 51 through 80 felt almost like a breeze -
But this second wind was only a tease...
The last 20 gave STUR more of a fit -
Getting it done would take some grit!!
The 2016 edition brought to you by swim toys!
STUR was grateful for her swim toys and her rabbit friends -
It all helped immensely to get to the end!
STEB really wasn't up to swim form.
Would she be able to make it through as the norm?
She took it by groups of 10...
Her fins were quite useful in the end!
She attempted to use her own hand paddles
But a little dry rot on one was not helpful.
STUR loaned hers out so STEB gave 'em a try -
Freestyle specific - STEB felt like she could fly!
She made through 60x100 in various ways
Then she dropped down to 50s for a little break
STEB also did a number of underwater 25s
She's not training for The Poseidon Adventure, we can't lie
Every 10th was a modified 100 IM
Because if you must know - it's tradition!
In the end she did a total of 8650 -
More than she expected so that's pretty nifty!
Hooray! Once they were done, time for a treat -
Some time in the hot tub and the curvy slide can't be beat!
Smiles after all that swimming!
Another treat after and also tradition:
Chipotle on the way home - that was their mission 
All that swimming works up an appetite!