There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Kick the Dust Up with the Von Trapps Rap

Saturday morning STEB did a little brick.
Not a lot of time - so she had to be quick
A little time with Trixie on the trainer
Followed by her treadmill it was a no brainer!
After it was time to get prepared
For a fun b'day weekend - no reason to be scared!
First a stop at the airport for a pick up
Things were on time there were no hiccups!
Then started the night with dinner at Austin Grille
Did it include a fireball shot? Just one and they got their fill!
Four of them had a shot. Just one!!
It was STEB with a couple of her MOTR friends
And their guys went along too - the fun never ends!
RBug who is also know as L4 -
She was their ticket connection for sure!
The other MOTR is known as D1
She is also STEB's aka G5's hair twin, not to mention!
After dinner they headed over to Jiffy Lube Live
They were going to 'Kick the Dust Up' - it's no surprise!
With special VIP passes in tow
VIP rocks!
They were totally ready for the show!
With a special VIP entrance with bathrooms and a bar
To get to their seats they didn't have to walk very far!
The group had a blast!
The concert ended up being a total blast
With Dustin, Randy, then Luke the show went by fast
Luke Bryan entered with one of STEB's faves:
She heard "GDFR" and though, "no way?!"
After his encore you won't believe what they played:
"Turn Down for What," is all the rage!
Sunday was kind of a lazy day
But a good way to spend a birthday, wouldn't you say?
Meanwhile, STUR was headed up North for a race
In the end thankfully she did not lose her suitcase!
Getting to Vermont was a bit of a challenge-
But in the end STUR she did manage!
From her first flight STUR got the bump-
Didn't fly out 'til almost 10 hours later- humph!!
Met some other travelers who met the same fate-
Still tried to have some laughs at the gate!
Finally made it to Burlington on the same day-
Andy and Jeff to pick her up- hooray!
Didn't get to bed until 1:30 AM-
Alarm going off at 6- hmmmm.
But ring the alarm did and they were off to the race-
Von Trapp Family Lodge - that was the place!
Got all checked in and it was very low key-
STUR and friends ready to tackle Catamount!
The Catamount Ultra 50kers had already taken off you see!
It was the 25kers turn and they lined up on the grass-
STUR is ready to start!
Here's hoping this bunny won't fall on her a$$!
Heard one racer say to another- "see you on the MOUNTAIN!"
Huh?!! STUR wasn't sure she liked how THAT sounded..
But soon they said "GO!" and pretty much went straight uphill-
Seeing the beautiful scenery was quite a thrill!
Scenic STUR!
STUR realized pretty quickly no land speed records would be broken
On the rocks, grass, and mud she'd have to be focused!
There was much bunny love to be heard on the trail-'
Ultra runners are so friendly pretty much without fail!
"Hey there YOU  I finally found my pace bunny!"
She told him he'd be better go on his own way honey!
"You know catamounts like to eat bunny rabbits!"
She was hoping they wouldn't cause any havoc!
"Love the outfit, the ears and the hat!"
Kept STUR's mind busy- she was sure of that.
She imagined these trails all covered in snow-
Cross country skiing would probably be the best way to go!
At one point she thought she would never be done-
So she started singing "the hills are alive" in the sun!
The mud was so epic but she'd have to embrace it-
Her shoes were a mess but she just couldn't quit!
THE muddy shoes!
At one point she pulled over and sat on a rock-
There was no concern for the time clock- tick-tock!"
But before she knew it she emerged from the woods-
Now she was running as fast as she could!
Crossed the finish line and collected her pint glass-
Finisher's pint glass? Heck yeah!
Time for some pizza and beer at last!
Met up with Jeff and Andy who finished hours before-
They were enjoying the beer and company- score!
STUR thinks this was one challenging event.
But oh so glad that she went!
Next day was gloomy and rainy-
Planned bike ride was cancelled- just crazy!
Set out to a town in Vermont called Woodstock-they were motivated!
It's where the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller national park is located-
Unbelievable amount of history was to learned-
Since on an informational tour they took a turn!
Did a hike across a bridge to see a rushing waterfall-
Seeing it from up high made her feel so small-

Feeling small by the big waterfall!
STUR loves her trips to Vermont and can't wait until next time-
The newest race adventure there  she'll work hard to  find!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Trail 5Ks and a Marathon Rap

Saturday STEB left the house at 8:01
Heading to Reston to bike with Candy would be fun
She had another mission after her ride was done:
Supplies at The Bike Lane and packet pickup for the 5k run!
It'd been a while since she'd biked on the WOD
Because now WOD has a new meaning you see!
Had a good ride out and back
Lots of folks so company wasn't lack
Gave a shout out to her friend Kim
Who was finishing up the Women's Distance Festival 5k for the win
Had a nice ride out to Leesburg and back
And stopped over Goose Creek for a scenic pic!
Scenic view of Goose Creek on the way back!
When she finished the ride her timing was great
Because she walked right up to packet pickup with no wait!
After she got home she made a very strange discovery
Could she have biked with her shorts on inside out? No way!!
Saturday night there was a movie on tap -
Was it about running? Yes it was, as a matter of fact!
Sunday morning STEB headed back to Reston:
Run with Dad 5k first - it would be a hot one!
Met Coach Kelly from PR who announces all their races
Nice to officially meet her as she gives this Rabbit shouts out in most cases!
Coach Kelly the PR Announcer!
Standing in the shade pre-race was nice - as it was cool
Because after she'd be hot till she got to the pool!
Just before the start she saw Kim and her family -
Then they lined up after a pre race selfie!
It was great to see Kim again!
The race started right at 8 o'clock
300 meters on the track - and boy it was hot!
But soon they were on the path for the out and back part
Much more comfortable there than at the start!
Ran by a 7-year old girl in her very first race...
She wanted to 'catch the rabbit' for goodness sake!
STEB had to leave her on one of the final hills -
But after stayed to congratulate her - she's not a pill!
Got her cold bottle of water then  headed to her car
Headed to the OKM pool to swim LC meters which seems so far!
Had a really good practice outdoors -
This time it didn't seem like a chore!
After the swim she and RBud went to Starbucks;
It was nice and relaxing and a little of a pick me up!
Then in the afternoon a special movie with her son:
Jaws 40th anniversary screening - it was fun!
Hard to believe it's been 40 years!
For STUR  on Saturday the Mt. Vernon Trail was the place;
She ran a 5k but it wasn't a race!
Instructed to keep her effort at only 85 percent -
Then off in her car to CrossFit she went!
Faced with a WOD called "Fight Gone Bad"-
She must use all the strength that she had!
Got through it fine then did several running drills -
Hearing "perfect running form" from the coach was definitely a thrill!
Sunday's workout involved vacuuming her car seats...
Going to donate it away - isn't that neat?
She'll get a "new" car to her starting tomorrow -
Missing her old one will bring a bit of sorrow...
Finished the weekend off watching the Nats win-
That first inning really made her grin!
CBun was off on a weekend adventure where she took a ferry ride
To The Great Run Marathon up in Cranberry Isles!

The island was pretty, but hilly as can be
And that made it tough to keep up the speed.
CBun had only trained up to a mere 15 miles...
So she wasn't sure what she was doing on Cranberry Isle!
There she was anyway, the week after the Bay -
Thinking this Great Run marathon certainly isn't child's play.
The friendly island folk and pretty purple flowers
Pretty purple flowers!
Made up for the fact that it took her six hours!
The gleaming Poseidon medal was really first rate
And she left the island thinking:  The Great Run is great!
CBun finished!
WuDoc was rabbit-holed away...
For a very important test - and she had to study!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Slack Tides and Sawgrass Rap

Saturday morning STUR had a run that was easy-
It was about time don't you agree?
Then later she met up with some Bay Swim peeps-
CBun and The Beast for dinner at Carlyle's - sweet!
Bay swim day she didn't have to get up at the crack-
Race start 12:15 to enjoy a tide that was slack.
The Beast picked her up and they jetted off in her car-
Across the bridge to catch the bus - it wasn't too far.
Settled onto the bus then lickety split-
Heading to the start!
They were at Sandy Point State Park looking for a shady place to sit!
Grabbed their caps and of course the timing chip -
They were really going to do this - what a trip!
"This bridge is MINE!"
Chatted with CBun and took care of last minute details -
Get that sunscreen on without fail!
Listened to the pre-race briefing -
Must stay within the bridge spans - no cheating!
Pulled on the wetsuit and said their good-byes -
Headed down on the HOT burning sand - STUR almost cried!
Hoped that would be the only suffering of her day -
Well. Not exactly...you don't say?!
Next thing you know they must have shouted GO!
STUR had her ear plugs in so she didn't know!
But she figured out it was time to start swimming -
'Cause everybody's arms started a'spinning!
Headed toward the bridge and two round beach balls -
She couldn't wait to get under the bridge spans y'all!
The first mile went down just like that!
Compared to the rest it was positively flat!
Somewhere between miles one and two she felt a familiar twinge...
Seasick already? Just a smidge!
They had told us to stay to the left in the first half -
But she kept finding herself WAY over to the right - she had to laugh!
So in order to survive she'd have to swim diagonally -
Didn't want to be an "out of the bridge spans" casualty!
Next what's this? She sees a feed boat!
Done two miles she could gloat!
Took one saltine cracker but maybe that was a mistake...
Because soon after she got the worst bellyache!
If YOU have a weak stomach maybe it's time to turn away -
You might not like next what she has to say...
After leaving the boat she had to stop abruptly -
Because yes she threw up to put it bluntly!
But hey momentarily she felt much BETTER!
Finally swimming hard would be her pleasure.
Next thing you know here came the waves of nausea again...
To make it to mile three she'd have to pretend -
That she felt okay to keep moving forward -
Then wouldn't the finish be around the corner?
Mile three brought another "rest" on the feed boat...
She took a 'Nilla wafer in tote!
But once again her stomach was a mess -
Throwing up again? Surely you jest!
But again caught a brief window to swim like hell -
Her ARMS were fine she could tell!
But then all she could do was count 50 strokes -
Then take a break and vertically float!
Had no idea what was around the bend -
Once past the mile four marker into a washing machine she was penned!
Time for a serious freak out moment with a kayaker volunteer...
Of this mess she wanted to get clear!
Finally she pulled like crazy and was free -
Walking the last little bit it would be!
In the end the Garmin said 4.94 -
Almost swam five - that was the score!
Collected a Pepsi and her finisher shirt -
"That was hard!" to anyone she would blurt!
Found the Beast and headed for some shade -
4.4 Mile Swim - check!!
Then saw that CBun finished - hooray!!
She and the Beast drove back in a torrential downpour -
Stopped at Wendy's for burgers - score!
Will STUR do this race again? She'll have to think a sec...
But for now bucket list item - check!!
While all this Team Rabbit bay activity was going on,
STEB and RBug jetted off to take Jacksonville by storm!
They were going to the Florida Country Superfest
On a work junket of RBug's we must confess!
They met some new friends from Connecticut
Were they headed there too? You bet!
Found out they'd be in section 141...
If they could meet up with them it was sure to be fun!
Landed on time and headed to this AUsome resort
Sawgrass Golf Resort and Spa - it was the fancy sort!
Made a beeline right to the pool...
Ordered some beers and nachos - it was pretty cool!
Later that night was an icebreaker dinner:
Enjoying the icebreaker in the heat!
Got the concert tickets and bonus gift cards - a winner!
Saturday morning started the day with run miles of four
It was already hot as blazes at 6:45am you can be sure!
More time later at the hotel pool
Meet the bus at 4:30 - don't be late, fool!
Destination was EverBank Field

With access to the Touchdown Club the tickets revealed!
First night shows were totally fun
We were in section 236 right in the sun
Decided to make it way down in the stands
Ended up in section 140 - understand?
Keith Urban rockin' the house!
Realized we were near our friends from Connecticut
So did we head over and surprise them? You bet!
Finally headed back up where our actual group sat
Zac Brown Band closing out night one!
Closed out show one - as a matter of fact!
Headed back to the Sawgrass on the bus
It was nice and cool and really no fuss
Sunday morning they got to sleep in
And had a late breakfast for the win
Decided to take the shuttle to the beach
Ponte Verde was just within reach
The Cabana Club was pretty sweet
And the views from the deck can't be beat!
Lovely view of Ponte Verde Beach from the Cabana Club!

Next an early dinner and had a really good meal
As their junk food consumption was kind of unreal
Next it was time for night two of the Superfest...
Would they have as much fun? Would it be the best?
This time they were first for the bus
Proper time planning is a must!
Day two didn't seem quite as hot
Wondered if they get down to the same spot?
Took more work, but guess what?
Section 140 right in the row at the top!
Brantley Gilbert's turn to rock out!
Saw their friends over in 141
But just stayed where they were because it was fun!
Finally decided to head up to their group
Put in some face time and stay in the loop
Kenny Chesney was fantastic, as always!
They didn't want to miss the bus back
Because that would surely have been a drag!
Monday morning it was back to reality
But STEB was thankful for the fantastic opportunity!
RBug's company and supplier hosts were truly amazing
As this trip was really fit for a king!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Aca-B-lievable Rap

The weekend started off right at Wolf Trap with the B-52s!
STUR, BRab, and CBun danced the night away - it's true!
We forgot our claw headboppers!!
Saturday morning STEB was up super duper early!
RBug came over and what  did they do? Went for a run surely!
It got a little warm but they had a good time -
And happy to wait a little bit for the 'walk' sign!
STUR slept a bit then popped over to the track...
While running her intervals she was still singing "Love Shack!"
Then sped over to the CrossFit box -
Did they do wall balls? Yes! A lot!
Pull-ups, toes to bar, and overhead lunges all with a partner;
Some DOMS and pretty sore muscles it would garner!
Then what a treat! "Pitch Perfect 2" was such a hoot!
Lots of fun songs and singing to boot!!
After STUR and STEB headed to Silver Diner for dinner...
Then aca-wiedersehen - the day was a winner! 
STEB got up early for a bike-swim brick -
Was happy with her bike pace for her it was quick!
Swam outdoors in a 50 meter pool:
The OKM Pool is OK!
The water was 75 degrees - nice and cool!
Afterwards she was off in kind of a flurry...
Lunch with NanWa she had to get ready in a hurry!
Fun lunch with an old friend!
Uncle Julio's was the scene of the crime:
Uncle Julio's table side guac rocks!
Later came home and worked on this rhyme!
STUR slept some more then she and BRab did some laps;
Were they biking at Fort Hunt? Perhaps!
Yes they were and as soon as they were done...
To swim practice STUR would have to run!

Monday, June 1, 2015


Way too early Saturday morning Team FBG headed out to Rock Hall...
They were going to do a relay - don't you know y'all?
On Sunday the individual Sprint would be on their plate;
Two races in one weekend for heavens sake!
They rolled into town at just past the crack...
Getting up at 3am is totally whack!
Rabbit Fuel!
Packet pick up went smooth as a breeze -
Not much to set up in transition if you please!
Team FBG is relay ready!
Team FBG has a certain requirement
It's Specialized bikes - now don't get bent!
Specialized bikes rock!
Next thing you know Savage STEB was off on the swim;
Fifteen hundred meters then she could come in!
The ears make you swim faster!
STEB got caught up with some swimmers off course -
She corrected herself - there will be no remorse!
Before she knew it she sprinted all the way to transition -
And the Beast was there in her position!
STUR was there to help exchange the chip...
Then the Beast ran out with her bike lickety-split!
The Beast returned with a report of lots of wind -
Then off on her run- Killer Carol she did send...
Getting hot and STUR started to develop a blister -
Did this stop Team FBG? No way mister!
In the end the girls came away with the 2nd place prize -
It was nice to try on those trophies for size!
FBG Relay Bling!
Sunday Team Rabbit got to sleep in a bit... 
Less distance to drive and a later start was it.
Arrived nice and early - check in again was smooth;
Organize transition - they got in a groove!
Team FBG ready for the individual Sprint race!
On the way out of transition - STEB thought she saw wheels like her own...
But wait! That's not right - it's HER bike - hold the phone!
Wave number 5 went off at 8:16...
But the silver caps? They weren't too keen!
The water temp was awfully nice for a swim:
It's 79.8? You've got to be kidding!
STUR was just ahead of the Beast and STEB -
They cruised into T1 - three abreast!
The Beast was the first one out on the road...
Followed by STEB and STUR - that's no joke!
STEB enjoyed the time on Trixie her bike -
Was she happy with her split as well? Yes - outta sight!
After T2 she wheezed her way through the run -
But had a negative split when it was all done!
STEB also ran into some old masters swim friends...
And hopes to see them on July 4 for the free triathlon again!

STUR's transitions left a bit to be desired -
Under her butt someone should put a fire!
She was relieved to make it thorough the 14.6...
Hopped off her bike after she unclipped!
Felt pretty good on the 3.1 -
Even though not much shade from the sun!
Found the rest of her FBG team -
Just waiting for the awards ceremony it would seem!
Sprint Check!
Margie the Beast kicked @$$ again...
And defended her podium spot from last year - a win!
Made a new friend Judah who is into white rabbits -
Remembered STUR from last years bay swim! Is this becoming a habit?
Have a Coke with a Superstar?!
Ken the announcer loved their relay team name:
And had fun announcing Fat Bottom Girls, not ashamed!
The Beast with Ken the announcer!
Spotted the Rock Hall vice mayor dancing...
To 'Turn Down for What' - no misunderstanding!
On the way home the Beast treated them to some tunes on the ukulele -
Sounded great for only playing a month - just crazy!
The Rock Hall race weekend was a grand success -
Thanks to everyone at VTS/MTS!