There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Chafing and Painting Rap

Early Saturday STUK and SRab hit the Carl Henn Millennium Trail  
At 6 am on the dot - nobody's gonna bail!
STUK informs SRab that she's going rogue...
It's okay - that's ALWAYS in vogue!
So 22 for STUK and 32 for SRab -
It was awfully early - but there was no time to blab.

Started off on what they thought was the correct 10 mile path-
But after a tour of Rockville's Town Center they had to laugh!
In the end did about 4 miles extra -
Good view of the business district? You betcha!
Just meant SRab only had an out and back with 2 full loops...
Managed to get lost again by herself - oops!
Rock star STUK finished up her 22 miles and stayed for some cheering!
SRab sent her on her way - the skies were about to open up they were fearing!!
Open up they did and for the last bit SRab was soaked!
The chafing she experienced was really no joke!  
In the end SRab got way over 7 hours on her feet-
Although very stiff, Bikram the next day was a treat! 

Saturday EBun ended up bagging the bike ride.
Took her pup for a nice walk, side by side!
After packet pick up for Sundays race
She was off to pick up a friend for lunch at a yummy place
Then Sunday morning was the South Lakes 10K 
Barely kept up with Nicolas who was going double the distance that day!
Later at home it was a painting frenzy
With a dear old friend to help her, you see!
They gave the wall a shot of color
Now to just avoid the clutter! 

Wheat Grass!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Feeling FABBAulous Rap

Yay for Recovery weekend - oh what a feeling! 
The number of running miles would certainly have a ceiling.
8 was the plan but ended up with more -
About 9.39 would be the final score!
Met up with WuDoc to run near her new place.
Some hilly sidewalks SRab would have to embrace!
Eventually they hit a bit of a trail;
And right by the zoo they would sail!
Then SRab had fun with STUK and EBun singing Waterloo -  
Why FABBA has to sing it in Swedish we have no clue!  
FABBA was fun and it gave us a Rabbit idea...
Maybe a theme party in the future is near?
Saturday EBun had a little pre-race brick
Got it done early - that was slick!
Not much else to do ‘cept an organization project
Till it was time for FABBA - what did you expect?!
Flashdance? I don't think so –that would be a scream!
But these girls couldn't wait for Dancing Queen!  
Didn't get much sleep because she was up before the crack…
But got on the road timely and the schedule was on track
GeneralSmallwood State Park was the place  
Because EBun was entered in the Sprint Tri race  
The swim wasn't wetsuit legal but that was ok
As EBun hadn't brought hers anyway!
So the swim was ok; EBun got it done
Then on to the bike - and it was kind of fun
A little hard sometimes with little climbs in places
But overall managed to hold a decent cadence.
Finally -- she was on to the run…
Which needs serious work - son of a gun!!
When it was a finished EBun got a surprise.
Third on the podium? That's no lie!
EBun's Podium Surprise! 
Since this was EBun's third Setup Events race this summer  
She got a bonus pair of socks - definitely not a bummer!
And SRab made it to Bikram and swam more than one lap -  

Then they both followed peeps doing IMMT - no time for a nap! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Long and Lazy Rap

Over the weekend EBun was actually quite lazy...
A super bad headache made things a bit hazy.
Needless to say her workouts didn't amount to much;
She got a Saturday run in but the rest? No such luck!
Instead of a ride on Sunday EBun did TRX instead
And puttered around at home and paint she did spread!
EBun's Paint Samples!
33.43 miles on foot??? Say it isn't so!
But for SRab it was the way to go!
At Prince William Park the day began dark and quiet...
Singing out loud to her music - what a riot!
A couple of loops up to the entrance and back -
For long winding hills she did not lack!
After one time around on the scenic loop
She waited a bit for her support group.
Did another out and back as they were stuck in traffic -
Kept herself busy - she wasn't frantic!
WuDoc arrived to run and Tim to bike.
It was getting warm - a little heart rate spike!
Finished up the mileage with her little crew -
Put some ice on her head was all that's left to do!
Went home to walk her doggie to make the total 34;
Turned off her Garmin then so she's sure she did even more!
Went out that evening dressed as the "Where's the Beef?" lady:
"Where's the Beef?" -- SRab, STILL on her feet!! 
More time on her feet? That's just crazy!
Sunday was definitely a day of rest.
Walking the dog and eating doughnuts was her only quest!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Rumble-Tumble Rap

EBun slogged through a 5 mile run but didn't tumble...
She tripped just once - what a bumble!
She started kinda late - 9:00 was the time
For the 2nd of August, the weather was mighty fine!
Later a retirement BBQ for some old work friends.
Sometimes the fun just never ends!

On A lazy Saturday SRab went for a brisk trail walk with her doggie...
It helped her to avoid feeling too groggy!
Later she took a little drive up to Germantown
To a hotel near the "Riley's Rumble" she was bound!
STUK joined her and all they really had time for was some Zzzzs
Since the alarm was set for 4:30 if you please!

Sunday morning was EBun's bike ride, zone 2 easy
A familiar course made things  totally breezy!
Got in 75 minutes, not too bad...
But when it was over EBun was glad!

SRab and STUK weren't just there on a lark-
The day began with a little run in the dark!
SRab ran the 4 miles to the race start and a little bit more-
Just about 7 miles total did not feel like a chore!
Time to get the race bib and don the bunny ears -

N2, SRab, and STUK - Ready to "Rumble"
The gun went off with lots of cheers!
At the beginning the terrain was pretty tame -
But would all those hills put them to shame?
Certainly not! Because hills are our friend!
STUK and SRab handled them fine to the very end!
The beautiful scenery and great volunteers made the race grand -
Especially when you had a yummy electrolyte Popsicle in your hand-
They gave them out at mile 8.5...
So many flavors - that ain't no jive!
For an August training race Riley's Rumble was heaven sent;
Love that the bib actually said "low key event!"
Once crossing the finish line STUK and SRab weren't quite finished -
Anyone want to run more? Any interest?
There were no takers, so we went on our merry way...
STUK did 2 more, SRab did 8 - what can you say?
Except this was training run for Can Lakes -
And we are determined to do whatever it takes!