There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Run Run Run Rap

Friday afternoon STEB got a text from her son
Seems he was 'on' the Paul Finebaum show at AU - how fun!
I spy...PGoodz behind Paul Finebaum's laptop!

Saturday morning Jodie, David, and STUR rolled out just at dawn-
We're ready for the Freedom 5k - come on!!!
Lincoln's House!
Got there so early there wasn't any timing mats out-
The start location was somewhat in doubt!
STUR got to experience a porta potty never been used-
Clean and with toilet paper- she was almost confused!
Finally other runners were milling about-
Her rabbit ears were getting many a shout!
The group did some stretching then they had to line up-'
Did they start out running together? Yup!
STUR and Jodie found the starting line!
Soon David took off and did his own thing-
Looking forward to what the course will bring!
First mile showed what the course will offer-
Still wishing it was flat? Don't even bother:)
A little off road and a narrow single track-
Jodie was powering up those hills- no turning back!
Around mile 2 there was a nice surface easy on your knees/
And to go along with it a very cool breeze.
The finish line in sight and the music blaring-
There was another hill but nobody was caring!
David came out to cheer them on-
At this point Jodie looked very strong!
She did it! She did it! Jodie met her goal and faced her fears!
She was crying happy tears!

Jodie, the Happy Finisher!

Saturday morning STEB tried to sleep in
But a certain little kitty wouldn't let that happen
She had plans to meet for a bagel and coffee
And listening to George Michael's 'Faith' from the movie Keanu was a treat
Once back home she had a list of chores
Basically rearranging the garage, it wasn't a bore
During the process she put her hands on something that was missing
Her favorite hat patch of course, won't keep you guessing! 
Team Rabbit is always happy to Embrace the Suck!
Now it's attached to her Glock hat of course
Looks forward to wearing it soon - there's no remorse! 
Next day STUR was up even earlier!
It was awfully dark, waiting for the sky to get swirlier!
The swirls of sunrise finally came-
Arrived at Carderock Recreation Area - she was in the game!
STUR had unfortunately woken up with a cold in her head-
She didn't think once about returning to bed ( haha)
They lined up on the tow path in no particular order-
The course is only closed to traffic that's vehicular.
C&O Canal Towpath Views!
So nice that every mile was marked on the trail-
For the first ten -STUR walked a minute at those markers without fail.
More C&O Canal Towpath Views!
Along the way she saw some familiar spots-
Running by Fletcher's boat house brought back memories- lots and LOTS!
Even More C&O Canal Towpath Views!
The turn around point was stationed at the key bridge-
Was her knee hurting? Just a smidge.
STUR figured she better slow down a bit-
She was doing the 20 miles - there was no quit!
Getting close!
Employing a 3 minute run one minute walk-
Goal was to make the distance, not beat the clock!
Saw the finish banner and she was psyched-
Got her cool orange finishing shirt then she felt wiped.
Sweet Swag!
Longest run she'd done since last November-
She did the tunnel hill 50 miler- remember?
STUR was surprised when she removed her shoes later...
Seems the new socks she wore didn't do her any favors!

Sunday morning that kitty again was her alarm
But she's so cute and doesn't mean any harm!
Hard to get mad at this cute little face!
Met up with RBug for a run at the park
Wakefield by the ball fields was the start
RBug and STEB, ready to 'Embrace the Suck'!
Did an out and back that included some walking breaks
As they reached the marina they got a nice view of the lake
Took their time on the second part
And have to say the walk breaks were smart
Later on STEB was meeting other friends
NanWa and Janet for the movies again
Apparently Bridget Jones had a baby!
Did STEB enjoy the story more than the first ones? Maybe!

Monday, September 19, 2016

All About the Half Rap

Sleeping in for STUR on Saturday was key-
But she had a nice long swim planned you see.
The last swim this year in the outdoor pool-
Since eventually  the weather will get cool!
Saturday morning STEB and RBug hopped a train
Headed to Philly for the RNR race - that's not insane
Finally settled on board the train!

Finding seats together proved to be a challenging task
If you must know it was kind of a pain in the @$$!
Finally two seats together were scored
And they settled in for a nice ride aboard
STEB thought she recognized this from a movie...
And she was right!

Made it to Philly's 30th Street Station right on time
Hailed Uber to the hotel - a shared ride? That's just fine!
Uber selfie!
Sort of...

Checked their bags and headed out for a bite
Sonny's for cheesesteaks, outta sight!
When in Philly...
Cheesesteaks? Check!

Next up? Packet pickup of course
Bibs, t-shirts, and some fun shopping - no remorse!
Packet pickup is the most fun!

Got a laugh out of the fitting rooms there
Gives a new meaning to porta potties, users beware!
These were a bit fresher than what you find on race day!

Finally it was time to get their room, on the 8th floor
Feet up for a bit then headed out the door
Uber again for a ride to the park
Citizens Bank Park and not on a lark
They were there to cheer on the Phillies team
Beers and dogs were consumed it seems
RBug spotted the tribute to Jackie Robinson!
The deck behind home plate gives a nice view of Lincoln Financial Field and Wells Fargo Center!

Left the game after the 7th inning stretch
Another Uber ride they would soon fetch
Xoxo with a random stranger!

STEB had a little fun with the Xoxo sculpture
Their first day in Philly passed in a blur!

Sunday morning STUR was in a lot of luck -
JRab drove her into DC in his truck!
You see Metro was not open early enough -
Getting to the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon would have been tough!
She donned her ears and hung out by the monument -
She would finish the race - this Rabbit was confident!
Very very easy to slip into her corral -
A rousing National Anthem rendition boosted her morale!
She must admit she felt amazing up until the halfway point -
Then it got hot and sunny up in that joint!
She slowed down A LOT to no surprise -
Started off too fast she did surmise.
NAF Half - check!

After collecting her medal, she was approached by a dude
Who said, "Thanks for wearing those ears!" - it's true!
He said they kept him going when he wanted to quit -
I told him about Team Rabbit - it's legit!!!
All in all STUR was glad to have the motivation.
Compared to running on her own - so much fun!!
Sunday in Philly dawned dark and early-
But it was race day so STEB and RBug weren't surly!!
A quick trip to DD for a couple of bagels-
After coffee and bananas they were off to their corral!
Just an easy mile and a half walk...
A nice warm up to the race they thought.
STEB and RBug are ready to rock!

Bag drop and porta-potty check
Jump in the corral, they were all set!
It wasn't too long before it was their turn to go
The announcer gal was fun and friendly don't you know?
Initial plan was to walk the water stops
But around the halfway point they added more walks
It was a pretty hot and humid day
But the scenery was nice along the way!
STEB thought one of the coolest things of all
Was the Eastern State Penitentiary wall!
It looked like a run down castle from the street
Turns out it's open for tours 365, how neat!
STEB plans to get back to check it, out
She'll be sure to report about it, without a doubt!
The race had a couple of bands that really stood out from the others
Like the Eagles drum line and the one with the three bagpipers!!
While running along the river between miles 5-8
Thought they saw a sculpture across the way
Got to the other side, and to their surprise
It was a giant blow up rocking runner, my oh my!
Surprise! Not the 'sculpture' they were expecting!

One DJ liked STEB's ears and took a picture
Of her and RBug - thanks so much, mister!
Before you know it the race was nearly down to the last mile
When there was one tenth left they reminded you to smile!
They crossed the finish line and picked up their bling
And like most races a few other things!
Nice race themed medals!

STEB snagged two bottles from the chocolate milk stand
That chocolate milk really hit the spot, man!
Picked up the gear bag and trudged back to the hotel
A great 16 mile training day in the end, it went well!
They had to say goodbye to Philly for now
Thanks for the hospitality, and till next time - ciao!
Meanwhile, RBud was doing her own half race
But hers was the 70.3 Atlantic City for goodness' sake!
She might have had a nutrition fail but she was still pleased
All in all a successful day of rabbit racing it seems!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

East-West Means no Rest Rap

STUR was happy that on her long run she didn't melt -
Luckily it wasn't the worst humidity she had ever felt!
Two stops at the newly found PWFP bathroom -
Although the place did not smell of perfume!
And 16.5 miles was the final tally...
She kept it going well - she didn't dilly-dally!
STUR and the Beast meet on the scenic drive!
The Beast and RBud were going around and around too -
Fun to have a little rabbit crew!
Sunday was another swim in the outdoors -
The 50 meter pool is never a chore!
STEB's weekend actually started quite early
Were talking Tuesday night, so she wasn't surly!
Started with the MTRAIN concert at Wolf Trap
Stilt and Kerri came down from PA as a matter of fact
Meghan Trainor was FAB!

Then early Wednesday she hopped into a cab
She was headed from DCA to SAN, how rad!
She would spend time with her godchild / cousin
Do you think they would have any fun?
First up on Wednesday afternoon she did a WOD drop-in
At CrossFit 858 Uptown for the win!
CrossFit 858 was very welcoming!

Starting early on Thursday morning with a laid back day
However after that it was all play,
Got acquainted with Roberto's bean and cheese burritos
They were delicious, don't you know?
Later that night hit up a Padres game
Final score 14-1 Padres, how insane!
Petco Park was nice! So was the win!
Petco Park was STEB's 10th ballpark visit
She'd forgotten the bonus one from Minneapolis when she was in it! 
Friday morning they were off in a flash
To go snorkeling with the Leopard Sharks, natch!
These sharks swim in waist deep water in La Jolla cove
Dozens surrounded them, they flock there in droves!
All pregnant females hang there during gestation
It was fun to get a lesson on this cool sensation!
Snorkle with the Leopard Sharks? Check!
That was one of the highlights of her trip
Hopefully the disposable underwater camera took good pics!
They met a friend for lunch for some very authentic cuisine
Las Cuatro Milpas was the scene!
Authentic cuisine - yum!

Afterwards the girls headed to the zoo
Cheetahs are STEB's favorite zoo animal, it's true.
Bakka the Cheetah has a dog buddy!

Saturday began with a hike at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
Up and down the trails that have been carefully preserved!
The views from Torrey Pines are amazing!

Then took a Segway tour that included the old Gaslamp Quarter and waterfront...
The guide talked to the riders using a one way radio - no one had to fight for the front!
The radios were seriously cool! The guide could speak to the riders during the entire tour!

The tour included another bonus ballpark site
Little things like this are out of sight!
The Gaslamp Quarter and Lane Field Ballpark Site - Home of the 1936-1957 PCL San Diego Padres!

Later that night there was a Bluegrass Festival
After some free food and beverages, they were totally full!
The band was fun and took requests!

Sunday morning started off again kind of laid back
Pedis, then early dinner with family was on tap!
The second best highlight came on Sunday evening...
The Lion King musical was amazing and left them beaming!
One can see why The Lion King is the World's #1 Musical!

Monday morning included a quick trip to Old Town San Diego
And a fortune from Zoltar, don't you know!
Who remembers seeing Zoltar in the movie 'Big'?

STEB's cousin lives in one of the 'neon districts'
Normal Heights was the one that STEB got a good pic!
The neon signs are very cool!

There's a bar in Normal Heights that Team Rabbit needs to check out
The name is The Rabbit Hole and sports is what it is all about!
Looks like a fun place, but STEB ran out of time!

Sadly all things must come to an end....
STEB vows not to wait 15 years before returning to San Diego again!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Movie Montage Rap

Friday night STEB and her pup had an adventure
It was a dog swim at Providence RECenter!
Riley had a ball and played nicely with the other dogs
Even actually swam a bit so she got a little water logged!
One dog accidentally dropped a Baby Ruth in the pool
Just like in "Caddyshack," everyone out, that's one of the rules!
Riley, getting into the swim of things!
She did not leave HER Baby Ruth in the pool!
Saturday morning was questionable whether or not the rabbits would ride
They thought it was going to rain but it didn't. A nice surprise!
So STEB, RBud, and the Beast headed on out
PWFP is what it was all about
Ready to ride!
It was the Beast's first time there,
She conquered those hills, we do declare!
There, a bit of good news was actually discovered:
A bathroom on Turkey Run Road? Prayers=answered.
Restrooms? What?!
Two loops in reverse on the scenic drive, check!
Dunkin' Donuts after seemed heaven sent!
Time to get the donuts!
Then later that day STEB visited Dick's
For a new kettlebell, it's shiny and slick.
Kettlebell, belted in safely!
She's gearing up for a kettlebell challenge
She'll do it with STUR, and they're sure to manage!
STUR's goal on Saturday was a run of some middle distance -
She kept going to 10 miles at her body's insistence!
The Mount Vernon Trail was the place to be seen -
Many groups training for MCM she would run between.
Later that day she and JRab headed to a birthday celebration -
The rooftop at the Watergate Hotel was the perfect location!
Saw an amazing sunset...
Did not see"All the President's Men"
Sunday morning STEB rounded up some friends,
She picked up STUR and the Beast and headed to the harbor again.
Took a quick time out at the Mermaid chair
Will she help the rabbits swim faster? Better beware!
This mermaid is not Madison,
but the rabbits might have made a "Splash"!
Some others were there, too, to practice open water swim
WUD and RBud; and Jodie brought her sister for the win!
Put your right hand in...
The WaveOne open water swim practice is a pretty cool thing
Lots of swim opportunities this organization brings!
We met a gal who is doing her first Nation's Tri
She took a selfie with the group - she's on our right!
Thanks for the like! And good luck in your race!
Then the rabbits headed to Succotash for brunch
They weren't suffering - they're a real fun bunch!
No 'sufferin succotash' here!
What do you think was on tap after that?
A quick trip to the Tanger Outlets, natch!
The Under Armour store was the place to be
They all got some good deals you see!
Meanwhile WUD and RBud went on a run
Got in a nice five miles in the sun!
Later on CBun, STUR, and STEB met at Arclight
"Ghostbusters" on the big screen, thankfully didn't cause a fright!
"We ain't afraid of no ghosts!"
Lots of familiar faces in cameos from the original
They even found a way to fit in Harold Ramis, don't you know?

Labor Day meant some friends met at the TC Williams track:
STUR , STEB, the Beast, RBud, and RBug to be exact!
"Remember the Titans," the football team...
Took over the track if you know what we mean!
"You're killin' me, Petey!"
Kicked off the track at 9 'o'clock sharp?
That's okay they just continued running around Chinquapin Park!