There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Tune Inn Rap 2016

On Saturday STUR met the Beast at the pool - outside there was ice...
But thankfully the pool was OPEN - very nice!
The Beast walked over since she's one tough chick;
Scraping THICK ice off her windshield was STUR's only glitch.
She and the Beast practiced a lot of fly -
Feeling those shoulders a lot - of my!
In the end STUR busted out 5000 meters -
Lots of 100's her workout did feature!
Next up is one of her favorite nights of the year:
Yep! The annual STUR birthday celebration at the Tune Inn is here!
STEB, STUR, and JRab took the metro in together-
Looking forward to some beer with a bit of pepper!;
STUR's crowning moment!!

Got their usual table - same as last year...
And the SAME waitress who remembered them...oh dear!
THE waitress, post shot!

The party got going when the juke box played "Dancing Queen"
It's STUR's favorite song if you know what they mean!
There was a round of fireball shots ordered by the boys -
Having too many will bring nobody joy!
This year STUR cut the fireball number to just two-
I know you can't believe it but it's TRUE!
No shots here, though!
Just a selfie!

STUR enjoyed wearing her age 50 tiara -
Did she have drinks to choose from? A plethora!

Beer and fireball shots and wine? Oh my!

After much fun and laughter with the group STUR hit a wall -
She did turn fifty after all!
JRab and STUR discovered the magic of Uber-
It gets you home fast and cheap - it's not a rumor!

STEB did not get even one workout in
She was feeling sluggish and extra sleep was a win
She did manage to run some errands and do a project at home
And later that night she saw a shirt with the word gnome!!
At the Tune Inn two guys wore ugly sweaters
STEB thought the "I'll Be Gnome for Christmas" one was better...
Patriots Ugly Sweater...

After the real ABBA song played
There were more tunes the Rabbits sang, I'm afraid...
"Sweet Caroline" got the entire place in a groove
It was 'so good' and the Rabbits were in a swell mood!
Singing is the most fun!

STEB needed to leave but not before the Beast and Mike
The Beast had taken a 'trip' earlier... psych!
When the Rabbits gather its always a fun time
Just like when writing a rhyme!
It's the originals!

Sunday night STEB went to a Christmas concert sing-a-long
Her Aunt Shirley was in the choir and they were the bomb!
There was the choir and an orchestra!

They had a special guest, who is currently Mary Poppins
She sang Let it Go and it was amazin!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The 50 Rap 2.0

STUR woke up on her birthday in a brand new decade-
A day full of activity she did crave!
First swim she did was 2 miles-
6AM Swim - check!
It must be early - this picture is backwards!
Crossfit was not hampered by the wearing of a boot-
Manmakers are bad@$$; in a boot? Double bad@$$!!
The WOD and the 50 manmakers were really a hoot!
STUR hurried home to check on miss Tessie
Soon for swim number 2 she was ready!
Got in 2 more miles with the lunchtime crew-
Then she was hungry- what's a girl to do?
Meet her friend STEB for a little nutrition
Chick-fil-A you say? Yes- it's tradition!
But this time STUR and STEB got their Chickfila lunch for free-
"It's her  birthday!" to the associate STEB did decree!
One gift from STEB was a cool sticker: 21-15-9
STEB loves 21-15-9!
We did that WOD today- right on time!
Dinner cooked by Tim was the way the day ended-
STUR thinks this 50th birthday was splendid!!
December 13 STEB met STUR and the Beast at the pool
6am for Masters swim - not because they're fools!
The main set was a nice little ladder by 2s
STEB's lane only did one 400 though, but she wasn't blue
Then at 9:30 it was a CrossFit class
It had been a while for STEB and she ran out of gas!
CFK reminds them of KFC!
But the snatch work was fun as was the WOD for time
STEB was happy it was 21-15-9!
Coach Ali was there leading the crew
Thanks, Coach Ali!
She joined STUR for her manmakers, too!
STEB did a few manmakers - they were unweighted
Better than none at all she stated.
She enjoyed the Chick-fil-A meal later as well
Free order you say? That's swell!
Yay for free Chick-fil-A!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Kona Recap Rap

STUR hopped out of bed and out the door-
She was the first person in the pool on Saturday - score!
After 200 meters she was asked to leave-
Seems there was a biohazard-can you believe?
Headed over to another location-
Swimming at Lee District ended her frustration.
Later that day she couldn't wait for the rabbit gathering
Watching the Kona recap at BLUR's- that's what's happening!!
Watching the 2016 Kona highlights and getting excited to Sherpa KBun in 2017!
KBun is getting excited to RACE Kona in 2017!

Once they arrived- BLUR had a fantastic spread of food-
And it was Sally's birthday-all in a good mood!
CBun's cake was fab!

Saturday morning just before the crack
STEB went on a little jog, seemed a little whack
The scene of the run / swim morning!

Then right after she got into the pool
She was happy with her 2100 yards, It was cool
Nice pool view from above!

On her way home she stopped at the store
She got stuff for cucumber crackitizers and a few things more
Later the rabbits Kona watch party was the place to be
So excited for the Kona qualifier - woo wee!!
Kona watch party - that's a wrap!

The Beast made lots of fun earrings for the rabbit girls
Some of the choices even had pearls! 
Sunday morning she did her bike run brick
Not as long as she'd wanted as she felt a little sick
Bricks are the sh!t!!

Happy she got done what she could
Had a great afternoon with friends and the food was good!
BLUR and STUR represented the rabbits on Sunday afternoon -
In the pool for 90 minutes, they looked like a prune!!
STUR participated in the reindeer relay -
She had to drag someone attached to her ankle? No way!
Later, STEB and friends watched the Caps seal the deal on a win
Then another cake - can you say dessert after din?
Sinfully delicious cake from Costco!
Thanks, NanWa and DWah!

Monday, December 5, 2016

KBun Rap

After STUR slept in on Saturday - over to CrossFit she did scurry -
It was to be a fun partner WOD - don't worry!
What's this? STUR's partner will be CBun?
Can't deny that THAT would be tons of FUN!
Power cleans, rowing, and box push-ups split between the two...
CBun did the bulk of the rowing - it's true!!
STUR wanted to save some cardio strength -
Since she'll swim in the pool that night - a couple of lengths.
She and the Beast were competing in the "Winter Solstice" swim meet -
Had to get there quickly - since STUR was almost in the very first heat!
Later on she actually missed her heat for the 50 fly...
She got to jump in with some faster peeps, but she didn't cry!
STUR got a ribbon in all three of her events
With all of her finish times she was very content!
Ribbons and medals for bling? YES!

The Beast also got her share of the bling -
She powered through that 400 IM - zing!
Afterwards, these swimmers were ready for some dinner -
Don't you know that Chick-fil-A is ALWAYS a winner?!
Sprung up early Sunday - she needed to "Jingle All the Way!"
STUR was able to Metro in - to this she says "hooray!"
Walked/ran a mile to get to the monument -
But first a quick stop at the bag check tent.
It was a chilly day so she wanted warm clothes for after -
Got in her corral and listened to all the runner chatter.
The course was an extremely familiar one -
Kennedy Center, Hains Point, up the mall and she was done!
Bling is the best!

The bling was very festive - perfect for the season!
And she made it through the race without totally freezing!
On Saturday STEB only did a run
Between two pools there was a craft fair and a swim meet going on.
She also did some climbing around on her roof
She was putting up Christmas lights, here's picture proof!
STEB was happy to get the roof lights on!

Later that day she decorated in inside the house
Carmen and Diego helped with the boxes then played with the ornament mouse!
Cats and boxes!

Sunday morning early she got in her bike run brick -
Then some deadlifts, cleans, jerks, and presses. Pretty slick!
In the afternoon some Rabbits gathered to hear WuDoc's scoop:
She now goes by KBun and her story made them let out a whoop!!!
KBun holding her huge 1st place age group trophy!

WUD aka KBun sneaked off to do Ironman Cozumel
It was her 12th finish and she won her age group, isn't that swell? 
You see KBun has qualified to go to Kona!!!
You know, the Super Bowl of Ironman? Duh!
KBun's IMCZ bling! There's a coin that's her ticket to Kona on the table!

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