There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Make-Up Half Rap

Silly Rabbit was feeling better so wearing her ears she set off on her own!
The Alexandria Running Festival Half Marathon was not far from her home!
She missed her Rabbit partners but they were otherwise occupied you see;
One was recovering from Ironman Texas and the other was with family!
So very close to home she could even run to the start,
In and out of traffic she would not have to dart!
Once there she waited with the 900 others for the green light;
A small group and perfect weather so there wouldn't be a fight!
The course was varied and really never a bore;
Even the few hills didn't seem like a chore!
Silly Rabbit even got to run around her favorite dog park;
She knew she was close 'cause she heard the doggies bark!
So she kept on a running until she saw the finish line!
The US Patent Office was what gave her the sign!
Silly Rabbit crossed on over and did her four burpees!Would you like a medal? You don't need to ask - yes PLEASE!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Historic Half Race Rap

Last weekend the girls from Team Rabbit were all scattered.
'What’s Up, Doc' kicked butt at IM Texas; she wasn't shattered!
Sadly, 'Silly Rabbit' was down a little with the flu,
So what was the other Rabbit to do?
Well the plan called for 13 miles; no eating bonbons!
So 'Energizer Bunny' ran the Historic Half Marathon!!
Again up before the crack of dawn...
To meet her 5K friends for a ride; we all yawned.
Headed down I-95 to the race destination.
Fredericksburg, Virginia was the start location!
Once there we went our separate ways.
I stayed put while they were shuttled away.
A Howitzer was fired to begin the event!
It was loud and smokey and off we all went!
The first few miles went basically downhill!
I went my fastest then; it was a thrill!
Ran into IMMoo teammate Michele around mile 4,
We chatted a lot and I was not bored!
We kept up a pretty good running pace.
The miles ticked by in this fun road race!
Got to where they started the 10K;
Then I could sing because we were over half way!
Next it was where they started the 5K group,
And took a short break so we could re-group!
Next up was good old hospital hill...
Thankfully I didn’t need to stop for a pill!!
The road kept going up and up and up!
It was kind of tough; Suck it up, Buttercup!!
Finally it flattened with a mile to go.
Back under a huge American flag, you know?
The road curved and I could see the finish line ahead.
I started to sprint because there was beer they said!
Then I got my biggest finisher medal to date!
Didn't knock my rabbit ears off when they put it in place!!
Caught up with my 5K friends a short time after.
A visit to Krispy Kreme made the ride home faster!
The Marine Corps Historic Half was really well run
There was on-course entertainment too, so that was fun
So while the Rabbits were all spread about.
I sent lots of Bunnergy* to my teammates, no doubt!

*Bunny Energy

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cap2Cap Recap Rap

Team Rabbit went on a road trip again -
To bike 100 miles with 500 friends!
However the car ride wasn't exactly smooth;
Lots of traffic so we couldn't get in a groove.
After dinner we were moving faster.
But no packet pick up today - it's not a disaster!
Quick stop at CVS if you please!
Then to the hotel to catch some Zs!
Ride day dawned bright and early -
We were in a good mood - no one was surly!!
Short drive, easy parking, on time to where it would begin!
Ready to ride - it's a win, win, win!!
We stopped at all but 2 of the 7 feed zones -
Gave us a moment - just one - to rest our bones!
Of course when we hit mile 50 -
We sang "Halfway There" - it was nifty!
After the halfway point it was windy and dark out.
Would we have to seek shelter? We were in doubt!
But it seems the wind blew the clouds away.
And we peddled on our merry way!
Soon after we met a guy named Tom!
He rode in front and he pulled us along!!
The miles ticked away and we felt fine.
Before we knew it there was the finish line!
Had a beer and laid our bikes on the grass.
Then realized we kicked Cap2Caps Century's @$$!!
Next day the 100 100's put the Rabbits to the test.
We put our heads down and did our best!
It sure challenged our mental focus.
We sure couldn't use any hocus pocus!
The plan was for every time we got to ten
We would do a 100 IM!
And again when we were halfway there -
We of course sang "Living on a Prayer"
But we got it done though our arms were aching.

What can we say - it sure was interesting!!
This year Silly Rabbit got a new PR!
Pretty good for swimming that far!!
And Energizer Bunny got a PR, too!
She missed it last year 'cause she kind of had the flu!!
So The "100" themed weekend put deposits in the Ironman bank!

On the list of great training - very high it does rank!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Almost 1300 Miles to go 13.1 or the 500 Rap

(An Indianapolis Mini Marathon Recap)
The three of us left Energizer Bunny's place mostly on time.
Sure we have lots of luggage! So what, is that a crime?
We stopped at a Subway and Silly Rabbit had a feeling of déjà vu…
Happy, Happy, Pain, Pain started here the first time she trained for Moo!
Headed off to our hotel to get some needed rest.
GPS says we are on the road to nowhere, surely you jest?!
Next morning two of the crew made the most of the pancake maker!
While Silly Rabbit did 
FitDeck cards; any takers?
Back in the car Rabbittear learned Team Rabbit are singing fools
Radio volume at a certain level - that's one of the rules!
Silly Rabbit will tell you the weather whether you want to know or not.
Energizer Bunny and P-Diddy say, “Oh Lord, make it STOP!!”
The Rabbit girls had both acquired swollen fingers.
P-Diddy said, "Use this ice or the pain is gonna linger!"
But they didn't listen and hopped on their merry way…
And continued to complain for the rest of the day!
At the expo Silly Rabbit couldn't wait to see the Newton man!
She got her new shoes, a FREE hat, and then off she ran!!
What's this? A Rabbit head that contains PEZ candy!
Thanks P-Diddy, the Rabbits think it is dandy!!
The rabbits went to bed and had an early night.
So the 35,000 runners wouldn't be a fright!
Race morning on our head we wore boppers sporting checkered flags!
The race photographer got our pic as we dropped off our bags!!
We dropped Rabbittear off in her corral – it was “V”.
So she wouldn't be late for her wave, you see!
Finally the announcer said, “Runners please listen:”
Next thing we heard was, "Ladies and gentlemen start your engines!"
Then the Indy Mini Marathon race was underway!
Team Rabbit and the Rabbittear were going to run this glorious day!
P-Diddy tried to keep up with all the entertainment groups.
But there were just too many to count; oops!!
The "Wizard of Oz" cheer station was all the rave.
But sadly it's not Energizer Bunny's fave!
Silly Rabbit met a dude whose wife's name was Bunny.
“Is your name Rabbit?” he asked. Isn't that funny?
Along the course we saw a lot of PITAREA banners?
But no pitas were served - just water with nice manners!
Halfway through the race we did a loop on the Brickyard track!
kiss the bricks for good luck before we go back!
One of the PIT AREA stops had a “Star Wars” theme.
A sign with "
May the Fourth Be with You" could be seen!
Team Rabbit and the Rabbittear finished along a rowdy final mile.
It was time to have some fun and celebrate our victory with a smile!
At the race party Priscilla got called out by a guy named Elvis!
We were sure glad that he didn't gyrate his pelvis!!
Remember the song "Lady Willpower" by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap?
Well there's an Indy car driver named 
Will Power - how ‘bout that?
The group was dragged to the NCAA Hall of Champions Museum.
There were pictures, stories, and interactives; you had to see 'em!!!
For restaurants and directions Andy and Jeff were our excellent hosts!
Since 24 Indy Mini Marathons between them they boast!!
Then we met a man who is 75 years old!
And he's done 35 Indy Mini Marathons as he told!!!
There was Diet Coke, Starbucks, and gluten galore!
That's how we celebrated even though we were sore!
We acquired a fan in our new friend named Mark.
He received a KICK @$$ Team Rabbit water bottle on a lark!
The 500 Festival runs in Indianapolis throughout the month of May.
Team Rabbit and the Rabbittear were glad we came to play!
The One America Mini is the largest half in the nation.
We were very impressed with the amount of organization!

For your reading pleasure: IMS Fun Facts!