There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Treadmill and Track Rap

Saturday morning STUR left her house before it was light-
Going to the track to start her run- that's right!
It was cold and dark but she got warm fast-
Hoping for at least 5 miles she would last!
She ran out on King Street to get time on the hills -
And she got in exactly 5 miles - she was thrilled!
The Beast came too and burned up the track -
Her legs are getting stronger - she'll certainly be back!
No time to rest for the two had a swim date -
A couple of hours in the pool was their fate.
In that time they did 3 miles back and forth -
Did they break it up into sets? Of course!
STUR still had energy left to dance later at a concert -
A little more exercise surely wouldn't hurt!
BLUR invited her and JRab to see Morris Day and the Time
First they'd have dinner - it ain't no crime!
After feasting on some yummy Eastern European fare-
They skipped over to the Howard Theater without a care!
Got set up in their private booth,
Nice place for dancing- it's the truth!
STUR and BLUR ready to boogie down!
At one point, Morris Day asked for some ladies to come on stage...
He invited them to shake their behinds a bit; nobody seemed outraged.
It made some of the audience a bit uncomfortable they must admit -
Some of the @$$ shaking just wouldn't quit!
Finally they played their big hit "Jungle Love"
Fun to be grooving on the balcony above!

Sunday morning STUR took Tessie to Huntley Meadows -
Dogs love to be in different places and use their nose!
Tessie, ready to go exploring!
She later went to the pool and got in 4200 meters -
In the fast lane - she was definitely not the leader!
This weekend STEB got in a run and a spin...
Her shoulder was bugging her so she opted not to swim.
Trixie and Riley!
She had a little cheer section while doing her workouts
It was Carmen and Riley without a doubt!
STEB's cheerleaders keeping her company on the treadmill!
She also did a bit of furniture rearranging
Including components which can be a bit frustrating!
Some rearranged furniture. And a cat!
Sunday morning she and Goods took a run to the landfill
Had to ditch the old loveseat because it was way over the hill!
During the lunch hour she had a massage on tap...
And that will put a wrap on this rap!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Park to Park and a Palace Rap

Saturday morning STUR sprung to her feet -
She was going on a run - SA-weet!!
Headed over to the Mt. Vernon Trail -
She's hopefully been freed from her boot jail!
Decided to run to Jones Point Park -
Yes it was kind of on a lark!
Longest run she's done all year -
But she can't go too crazy- let's be clear.
Decided to follow a couch to half marathon training plan
Not trying to get injured anymore, MAN!!
After the run she went to Chinquapin for a nice swim -
Was happy to use her upper body limbs!
Sunday morning  she did her 30 minute run scheduled for Monday -
Since it was predicted to be very rainy and grey.
After this she and JRab did something together for a change:
They spent some quality time together at the range!
STUR ready to shoot it up!

Shoot up targets that is!!
After the traditional Five Guys and a long nap -
She went to masters practice for more than one lap!
Meanwhile, STEB was a traveling gnome...
She went to Michigan though – not Rome!
Visited RBug for the weekend
With a basketball game and some bowling for the win
First Saturday afternoon they visited Stoney Creek Metropark
There’s lots of activities to do – even on a lark!
There’s a 10K loop that you can bike or run
And hiking and disc golf, among others – how fun!
Then the Wizards were at the Pistons on Saturday night
Over at “The Palaceand no malice was in sight!
Pretty good view of the Palace court!

The game started off with a bang!
Then, the Wizards fell behind… Dang.
Hard to take a selfie when one is so short...or tall!
But then they were winning in the final minute...
But lost at the buzzer – oh SH!T!!!
The next morning was a high school bowling tournament!
T-man is on his Varsity team and it was a pretty cool event!
T-Man (aka "Galli") waiting for his turn!
STEB had never seen this type of game before -
But in the end it is ALL about the score!
Watching the action from the bleachers.
Yes - bleachers - lots of them! Set up in the middle of the alley! 
She headed back home on Sunday night-
It was a bit of a bumpy ride, but not too much of a fright.
Got to watch the AFC Championship game while in the air
Now Superbowl LI is set - should be a wild affair!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

All Kinds of Workouts Rap

This weekend STUR was 100% sure she'd be under the weather -
But by Saturday morning she was feeling mostly better!
She decided to meet the Beast at the pool after all...
They did an easy swim and had a ball!
Saturday evening she was also up for a movie with her bunny friends -
Seeing Patriots Day with CBun, JRAB, and STEB made her weekend.

Sunday morning she did a run walk pattern -
She ended up with 3.6 miles in this manner!
Her foot was a bit off still so she needed a swim too -
Got in 3800 meters with BLUR and the L4 crew!
STEB actually got in no real workouts at all…
But Saturday morning coffee with old friends was also a ball!
Coffee with friends discussing their upcoming 35th(!!!) HS reunion!

Back at home she had lots of indoor tasks to do...
Prepping for a new couch if you want to know the truth!
This involved moving the old couch down to the rec room
Then she got to take a break. Boom!
STEB enjoyed the movie with her rabbit peeps -
Afterwards eating at Nando’s was yummy and pretty neat!
Nando's Selfie - check!

Of course they did!

Sunday morning she had another coffee date...<
This time with RBud – and of course it was great!
Then she had to go swap out her vehicle for a truck -
She got to do this at work – what luck!
Then she and her son were off to CBun’s house
That’s where the couch was without a doubt!
That sucker was really heavy, O-M-G!
But the three of them got it in the back of the truck, woo-wee!
Truck bed rail aka balance beam yoga? Yes!

STEB with more balance practice!

They drove home though the city to avoid the highways
The scenic route was nice on a morning that was sunny
Once at home they got it in the house on their own
All without mishap, but maybe a couple of groans
The retro couch is a perfect fit!

Later that day she had some down time, too
A pedi with D1 was the perfect thing to do!
Happy toes and good conversation!

Monday, January 9, 2017

First Snow of 2017 Rap

When STUR woke up Saturday she looked out the window-
No snow overnight- say it ain't so?!
She was glad so she could meet up with Maureen and the Beast-
Their chance for getting in a swim increased!
Getting their pre-snow swim on!
The Beast ~ STUR ~ Maureen (bravely taking an in-pool selfie!)
As a group they decided on their workout set -
Did they get in 5000 meters? You bet!!
Turns out she had already set up her bike trainer-
She was going to ride it Sunday AM - use that to her favor!
How many minutes did she ride?
That would be exactly ninety - two.
It had been about a year since she did that - it's true.
On Sunday, BLUR, the Beast, and STUR gathered all in one place!
At Chinquapin where the masters swim practice kept them on pace!
Meanwhile, STEB had a girlfriends’ weekend planned
So early Saturday she got her weekend workouts done, understand?
She headed to Audrey Moore for the 7:30 swim
Caught up with Leanne in their lane, for the win!
STEB: happy to see Leanne and make the 7:30 swim!
Headed home after because there were things to do:
Just a little bike / run brick – that’s the truth!
She got in an indoor triathlon it seems
Which was kind of fun, you know what that means!
Then there were some calls and emails abound
Couldn’t figure out if the snow was going to hang around
So the girls decided to bag the Saturday activity
And see how things looked early on Sunday
You see, they had a reservation at the historic Jefferson Hotel
For the Sunday Champagne Brunch made six months in advance, swell!
But in the end, Mother Nature did not win out:
STEB (G-Wham) and Cool-Breeze hit the road around 8:30 without a doubt!
Cruised down to Cat-tay's in Richmond on clear some roads
The decision to wait was smart, as down there it really had snowed!
Jefferson Grads posing with Jefferson!
Cat-tay ~ Cool Breeze ~ G-Wham
The brunch was really a marvelous event
And the time spent with friends? Heaven sent!
About to go down to the Rotunda!

Brunch Selfie!

Scenes from the Jefferson!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Year, New Rap 2017 Edition

On Friday STEB got packet pick up knocked out -
Saw the Pacers new location without a doubt!
On Saturday STUR had an afternoon date at American U -
117 X 100's with her L4 swim crew!
Picked up the Beast and coach Taryn and they were on their way -
Got there in record time you don't say?
Had to ask the campus police for the exact location of the pool
He got them there and that was cool.
Once on the pool deck things happened pretty fast-
A warm up set of 12 X 100. Would they all last?!
First five minute break they were at exactly forty-four -
Just keep swimming...
Yay for smiley swimmers!!

Had some yummy snacks on deck - score!
Back in the water, many sets and no break until eighty-three -
Only STUR and Taryn were remaining now in their lane - oh gee!
Found out they only had 50 minutes to get it all done -
Started flying through the 100's - one by one.
In the end STUR got in one hundred twelve -
And that’s a PR – STUR thinks that's pretty swell!

STEB was excited and nervous on New Year's Eve...
She was going to run a race if you please!
She had hardly been running at all...
To run four miles seemed an order too tall!
BLUR arrived timely at STEB's for pre-race preparations
Riley tried to help before it was time to leave for some fun!
Arrived on the scene and parked with ease
A short walk to the staging area where bag drop was a breeze!
Saw a few folks from Team Z -
Then BLUR saw a friend, too. Woo-wee!
BLUR and STEB - ready to run!

A pre-race selfie then into the corral
STEB ran into Greg - that was swell!
View from the start!
Love the purple light on the Old Town Hall!
After some brief announcements and the Anthem it was time to roll
It’s different to run in the dark, so staying upright is a goal!
Early on STEB got a shout out from some other Z peeps
You know, wearing those rabbit ears can be pretty neat!
There were some dogs out there running with their humans
The poodle wearing a neon pink glow collar was getting it done!
The lollipop course has a nice mix of hills and flats
STEB was happy to have run it all - how about that?
The finish is nice, it goes downhill
STEB was glad she didn't take a spill!
Here comes BLUR to the finish line!

A short time later BLUR came through
And she got a PR in the race - it's true!
Pos-Race 'Selfie' with BLUR's friend Al. Thumbs Up - all is good!

STEB met up with Greg and they went inside for a slice
Of pizza from Paisano's and a box of Yoo-hoo. How nice!
Nice to see you, Greg!
STEB met Greg at a race 8 months before!

On the way to the car she saw another friend -
It was Kim which meant another selfie opportunity again!
It's always nice to see Kim at at a race!
And she's always smiling, too!

The Fairfax Four Miler is fun way to end the year -
And the sweatshirt swag is always great - never fear!
The last time STEB did this race (2014) soda was served with the pizza!

New Year's Day started not too early but warm -
A good workout on this day is the norm.
On Monday some rabbits saw a documentary called "Embrace" -
The AMC Theatre at Mazza Gallerie was the place.
STUR was on the panel and was going to speak -
Since her rabbit friends were there she tried not to freak!
STUR holding court!!

In the film the attendees learned about an important topic -
Being kind and positive about ourselves is the logic.
STUR knows her stuff!
(And she kicked @$$ getting out of
her comfort zone!)