There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Thrusters Rap

Saturday morning PBun got up to swim
Even moved up a lane for the win!
Got in a solid 2600 then skedaddled over to STUR's box
After a stop for some coffee which rocked
This weekend STUR felt extraordinarily lucky-
She got visits at her CrossFit box from not one but TWO bunnies!!
Cheering at the Open is the most fun!

PBUN and BLUR came over to cheer;
They saw a fast and furious 7 minutes - never fear!
STUR was paired up with Stephanie
They cheered while counting for each other - woowee!
STUR and Stephanie really rocked 18.5!

18.5 was an ascending set of thrusters and jumping pull-ups
So nice to have PBUN document the last open workout-aw shucks!
STUR also did skedaddle but to the Chinquapin pool -
Meeting the Beast to do a workout was cool!
Near the end, both rabbits did an amazing thing:
All the way down the pool in butterfly no breaths- zing!
PBun was back home - she had more work on tap
Was there a run involved? Natch!
But STUR's performance inspired her you see
And 21-15-9 thrusters and kettlebell swings is what was to be
Later there was a rabbit gathering over at BLUR's new pad
The view from the windows was pretty rad!

They celebrated an upcoming birthday bunny
With candles on brownies - how funny!
PBun thinks candles on anything is good...

Got to meet cute little Jelly Bean
And photo-bombs are always a scream!
Jelly Bean just turned 2!

Sunday morning dawned cold and windy -
STUR met BLUR at Fort Hunt park and here's the skinny…
BLUR broke another personal cycling record-
Her bike training fierceness can't be ignored!
And 12.7 miles was her final tally -
Feeling good on the bike makes her happy!
Meanwhile STUR did a solid 5 mile run -
Afterwards 84 burpees - always fun!!!
Meanwhile PBun was back at the powerlifting place
Squats – lots of them were on tap in this case!
Hakuna Masquata! It means great booty!!

Back at home she did a recovery spin
Just 90 minutes of this discipline!
On Sunday afternoon STUR did skedaddle again back to a familiar place:
Just masters swim at Chinquapin- it's not a race.
She got in a solid 4000 with a nice 4 people in her lane-
Big race coming up this summer- she's not training in vain!
PBun later headed over to the Capital One Arena to see the Wizards
It was the 40th Anniversary event of the 1978 Bullets Championship. Word!
The Wizards lost, but halftime was still neat
And seeing the Bullets name on the jumbotron couldn’t be beat!
PBun has #BulletsFever

STUR starting 18.5!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Deadlift Rap

Friday night STEB did part one of her powerlifting meet
The 100% RAW Potomac Open can't be beat

The meet was held at the Tyson's Playground -
You know, that's where on Sundays STEB can be found!
Strict curl is what was on tap
She had three tries with the easy bar - that's a fact

STEB had fun with the ladies from the team!
Her first two curls were spot on
But on the third her form was wrong
In the end it was a success
And STEB and her teammates all got crazy trophies for this quest!
#GirlsWhoCurl and their Coach!
Photo credit: Sara!
Saturday morning was the PL meet part two
That meant lots more lifting to do! 
Happened to fall on St. Patrick's Day
Were folks in the spirit of things? You might say! 
For squat, bench, and deadlift she again had three tries each
This time she went 3 for 3 and two PRs were in her reach
STEB ready to squat!
Photo credit: Laura
STEB ready to bench!
Photo credit: Laura
STEB deadlifting!Photo credit: STUR
STEB was inspired by all her bad@$$ teammates
And the other strong lifters for goodness sake 
Happy to have STUR there to support and cheer
And other PL teammates - never fear!
The coach coached his mom to some world records - how rad!
And the chalk can leave funny hand prints - understand?
Hand prints on the new world record holder / coach's mom!
All in all it was a successful day
STEB is now PBun - Powerlifting Bunny - you don't say?
STUR had a blast watching STEB power lift -
Impressive form and strength - get her drift?
Before she did this she got in 6.9 miles running...
Did it in her 'hood - there would be no hill shunning!
On Sunday, STUR didn't have to rise too early for Open Workout 18.4
Deadlifts, push-ups, and bear crawls - that was the score!
Arrived at the box in plenty of time to warm up...
Were lots of peeps there for the workout? Yup!
Set up and it was time to start - quick!
All the deadlifts she wanted to stick!
Once the timer said go she went to work!
She really likes push-ups - that's a perk.
Got in 133 various reps in the 9 minute cap:
That was worth a great big hand slap!
She then got to the pool 30 minutes early...
It was too crowded to jump in, but she wasn't surly!
She eventually got in 4200 meters;
Even though her energy did start to peter...
Meanwhile PBun tried to sleep late....
But that didn't happen, so up early was her fate
Ended up doing an easy recovery ride and run
But it was mostly a lazy day for that bun!
STEB's deadlifting video is below - this one is from teammate Laura!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Mad Open Power Rap

STEB had a bike fit with a guy named Smiley
Getting ready for her 10/14 meeting that won't be with Mike Reilly
Afterwards she headed out to uke club
Grabbed the Beast on the way - it was fun
They had so much fun they didn't take a break -
Played some new songs, too. It was great!
Uke Club is the most fun!
Saturday morning STEB had a swim run brick on tap
Did a lot of IM - it was 24 laps!
Next it was a lovely day for a run – her longest this year …
She ran the lake in reverse and appreciated the sights, never fear!
She got a glimpse of a bald eagle nest high in a tree
Had to stay 300 feet away you see
This was cool to see!
Maybe next time STEB'll get a glimpse of the eagles!
She got a glimpse of signs that Spring is near
She is happy about that - let's be clear!
Spring is near
When the snowdrops appear!
That afternoon it was all about rest
She was a complete slug, no jest!
STUR was a little unsure of CrossFit Open workout  18.3 -
She didn't really do pull-ups you see
This workout was 14 minutes long-
She hopes she would be feeling strong!
The workout included jump rope, pull-ups, and overhead squats-
For the pull-ups her stomach was in knots!
You see there was no scaled option-
So she approached the rig with caution.
To her surprise she was able to manage six-
Holding a reverse grip was the trick.
They were told it didn't matter how they got "upstairs"- 
As long as your chin went over the bar- all fair!
After judging a teammate- she scurried to the rec center-
She had a lane to herself for 3600  in all its splendor!
Sunday morning STEB went to the Playground
Time for some squats - three different rounds
Back, front, and back with negative pause
And practiced with commands for the meet - just because!
Sunday morning was a gorgeous day-
STUR met BLUR at Fort Hunt Park to play!
BLUR planned to bike and STUR would be on her feet-
The goal would be to go about an hour- sweet!
Round and round the park they went-
The sun and little wind was heaven sent!
BLUR once again got her longest bike ride to date-
10 miles of excellent biking skills she did demonstrate!
A run and a bike ride - check!
After STUR's shortish run she got to work-
Her burpee commitment she couldn't shirk!
BLUR did planks while STUR went down and up-
They took the time to talk to a very cute pup.
Back at home she jumped on Trixie on the trainer
She did a 2 hour steady state ride – almost a no-brainer
To help pass the time she watched a movie
What kept her entertained? Part 2 of The Mockingjay
After a short recovery she had another workout to do
Sunday afternoon swim with STUR, it's true!
STEB kept up much better than she expected
And there was a little more IM at the end!
When it was all over and done
She and STUR went to BWW for fun
Hoping to see the March Madness bracket reveal
Turns out the sound was turned down for real
STUR and STEB still had fun of course -
They will complete their brackets with no remorse! 

Monday, March 5, 2018

PR Barbell Rap

Friday night STEB got down to business with a barbell
Deadlifts were on tap with almost all her plates - swell!
STEB needs more plates!

Saturday morning STUR headed over to the box-
Since the CrossFit Open at CFK rocks!!
Warmed up and settled in with her judge-
Once they found a barbell spot they wouldn't budge!
She had 12 minutes for lots of burpees and dumbbell front squats -
Then a barbell clean PR Is what she got!!
STUR was happy with her 18.2...
Sure she'll be sore tomorrow through and through!
STEB started Saturday with a run on her treadmill
It went well and 6 miles was her fill
Then she headed to the Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center
The Albatross Open swim meet was a winner
Caught up with CBun pretty quickly
Then they staked out some seats in the balcony
That dive platform was really high!
But CBun and STEB would have gone down the slide!

Warm ups and practice starts were up next
Then was it time for the meet? You bet!
STUR scooted over to pick up the Beast for a quick swim-
Pool not open at Chinquapin- very grim
Lee District had power and was open for business-
Yay! Neither Rabbit will lose swim fitness!
3000 yards was enough with some emphasis on fly-
Laps of freestyle were also not in short supply
Albatross Open, here they come!

After a nice rendition of the national anthem the meet got underway
STEB and CBun were in event 2 heat 1 - yay!
Between them they did 8 events in all
Including a relay for CBun, y'all!
They were both inspired but a couple of senior women
Who killed the events for fly and IM
CBun really got into the back stroke groove
And her flip turns for that were really smooth!
The both received one 'white' bling for third
And a 'red' for CBun's relay was earned
CBun ready to swim the 100 backstroke!!

Sunday dawned chilly and breezy-
STUR headed over to Reston- it was easy.
...and apparently a little  breezy!

For the Reston 10 Miler was the reason-
Great way to start off the "almost" spring season!
The course was very familiar- follows the Reston Tri bike course -
Even though hilly, she has no remorse!
She did it!

Glad she signed up- nice race with sweet  bling-
And some good post race food made her sing!
STUR ran eXactly 10 miles!
And of course this made her smile!

Afterwards she had a little visit at CBun's condo-
Saw some of her new furniture and home projects- bravo!
Sunday morning STEB went to powerlift at the gym
Bench press was on tap for the win
In the end STEB got a PR
90 pounds total, including the bar
Once she got home there was no rest for the weary
She had a 135 minute session on Trixie
Later on she went to the Wizards game
They lost but celebrating G-Wiz's birthday took away the pain
G-Wiz and his friends ready to cut his birthday cake!