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Monday, March 12, 2018

Mad Open Power Rap

STEB had a bike fit with a guy named Smiley
Getting ready for her 10/14 meeting that won't be with Mike Reilly
Afterwards she headed out to uke club
Grabbed the Beast on the way - it was fun
They had so much fun they didn't take a break -
Played some new songs, too. It was great!
Uke Club is the most fun!
Saturday morning STEB had a swim run brick on tap
Did a lot of IM - it was 24 laps!
Next it was a lovely day for a run – her longest this year …
She ran the lake in reverse and appreciated the sights, never fear!
She got a glimpse of a bald eagle nest high in a tree
Had to stay 300 feet away you see
This was cool to see!
Maybe next time STEB'll get a glimpse of the eagles!
She got a glimpse of signs that Spring is near
She is happy about that - let's be clear!
Spring is near
When the snowdrops appear!
That afternoon it was all about rest
She was a complete slug, no jest!
STUR was a little unsure of CrossFit Open workout  18.3 -
She didn't really do pull-ups you see
This workout was 14 minutes long-
She hopes she would be feeling strong!
The workout included jump rope, pull-ups, and overhead squats-
For the pull-ups her stomach was in knots!
You see there was no scaled option-
So she approached the rig with caution.
To her surprise she was able to manage six-
Holding a reverse grip was the trick.
They were told it didn't matter how they got "upstairs"- 
As long as your chin went over the bar- all fair!
After judging a teammate- she scurried to the rec center-
She had a lane to herself for 3600  in all its splendor!
Sunday morning STEB went to the Playground
Time for some squats - three different rounds
Back, front, and back with negative pause
And practiced with commands for the meet - just because!
Sunday morning was a gorgeous day-
STUR met BLUR at Fort Hunt Park to play!
BLUR planned to bike and STUR would be on her feet-
The goal would be to go about an hour- sweet!
Round and round the park they went-
The sun and little wind was heaven sent!
BLUR once again got her longest bike ride to date-
10 miles of excellent biking skills she did demonstrate!
A run and a bike ride - check!
After STUR's shortish run she got to work-
Her burpee commitment she couldn't shirk!
BLUR did planks while STUR went down and up-
They took the time to talk to a very cute pup.
Back at home she jumped on Trixie on the trainer
She did a 2 hour steady state ride – almost a no-brainer
To help pass the time she watched a movie
What kept her entertained? Part 2 of The Mockingjay
After a short recovery she had another workout to do
Sunday afternoon swim with STUR, it's true!
STEB kept up much better than she expected
And there was a little more IM at the end!
When it was all over and done
She and STUR went to BWW for fun
Hoping to see the March Madness bracket reveal
Turns out the sound was turned down for real
STUR and STEB still had fun of course -
They will complete their brackets with no remorse! 

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