There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Animal Rap

For the Rabbits a trip to Culpeper is never a bore.
Even though the hills work us to our very core!
A newly paved road, a turtle, and a dog that nips at your heel?
Last long ride before the big day? Very surreal!
Last long run for Energizer Bunny really went smooth as glass.
So on race day the rabbits know they surely will kick @$$!!
Sunday Silly Rabbit and Energizer Bunny met for a brick.
Talked to some friends and learned of a new hill - how slick!
The sun was out and the temps not too warm.
Things went well on the bike - and there was no rain storm!

There was almost an incident with Sammy squirrel.
But he got out of the way and his life wasn't in peril.
And we did take a trip up the hill on Foot Lane!
But only once. Do you think we are insane?
Wrapped things up with a one mile run.
In less two weeks it'll be Moo time - what fun!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bib Numbers are Up!

You know your Ironman race is REAL once the bib numbers are posted. Well, the bib numbers for Ironman Wisconsin (IMMoo) went up on Sunday! Team Rabbit's lucky numbers are:

Silly Rabbit (Carol) 849
Energizer Bunny (Gina) 865
What's Up Doc (Pamela) 954

We will be racing with others from Team Z that weekend as well. Our friends racing are:

Dave 303
Megan 493
Shanda 556
Timra 857
Michele 860
Linda 891
Becky 897
Douglas 2584

We should have a fun group up in Madison! We have some great cheerleaders also heading up there to support us. Three cheers for great friends and family!

We will post the actual tracking link as it gets closer to race day!

Go, Team Rabbit, GO!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Rain Rap

Rain on race day? Team Rabbit will be ready!
This weekend - a ride in the wet stuff with the pace nice and steady!
Then a short run before we took a break -
To celebrate What's Up Doc's birthday with chocolate cake!
After a 24-hour trip to Alabama, Energizer Bunny was wired!

She had a hard time getting going - turns out she was tired…
We dried off and looked up our bib numbers for Moo;
Good golly, Miss Molly! Team Rabbit is going to race - it's true!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Vacation Rap

One rabbit went to the beach while the others stayed in town -
Let's count the "home rabbit's" disciplines - how does that sound?
Two bike, two run, one swim equals five -
Mostly recovery - it ain't no jive!!
The closest to "the" distance was a swim of 2 miles -
The big day on our minds - all the while!
Monday at the beach involved a super-short ocean swim.
The darned jellyfish made things kind of grim.
A 5K on Thursday? Sounds good to me!
Runcations are great, even though I was the only bunny.
Saturday was the long run for the Slurpee; it was hot.
During the last mile that icy-cold beverage really hit the spot!
So now the 'big day' is just 27 out...
We are gearing up so we can hear Mike Reilly shout!! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Epic Ride Rap

Last Thursday in the rain Silly Rabbit ran long
She had to take cover when the rain got strong
Friday Energizer Bunny took her turn at the long run
She saw a fox and then a teenager ride a unicycle - it looked fun
Saturday was the day we had been waiting for
At 5:15 AM we were outside my door
With coolers, bags, and bikes it was quite a carload
Just 118 miles of epic riding to do on the open road
But let us not forget Team Rabbit
They're the ones with this crazy habit
With Cue sheets at the ready
We'll take it slow and steady
But first we thought a lady was swiping toilet paper!
That's okay cause soon we're on taper!
At the beginning we saw a bunny along the way
We knew then it was going to be a good day!
A truck passed us by, and what do you know?
Snoopy and his doghouse were on the go!
A guy on an Elliptigo went cruising by -
We all said- we should give that a try!
An epic bike ride is never a drag
When you've got your very own personal sag.
In the end we were very happy with our finish pace-
It's going to help us the day of the race!
Sunday another early start to the day-
A detour almost took us the wrong way!
Arrived at the park for the Purple Swim and what did we see-
A purple porta potty in which we could pee
Unfortunately there was a bit of a glitch-
The potties were locked - we thought we'd have to ditch-
But at the last minute the potties were unlocked-
Silly Rabbit made it to the one mile start - and that rocked!
Next P-Diddy and Silly Rabbit lined up for the two-
With all the chop - would they make it through?
Cheers and encouragement from a kayaker named Dave -
Redemption P-Diddy no longer would crave
After the finish the swimmers went on a search for some food-
A Slurpee from 7-11 put them in a good mood!
All in all the Purple swim was a friendly, laid back event-
For epic weekend it was heaven sent!
Monday morning Energizer Bunny went for a swim in the ocean
Turns out she needed some jelly fish potion
But she still managed to have some fun
As a short open water swim is better than none
Team Rabbit is ready for a recovery break
Just 31 days till IMMoo - we can hardly wait!