There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Great Bark Rap

On Saturday STUR did a run that increased in speed -
Did the Beast and RBud run with her? Why yes, indeed!
Beautiful temps for a run - it was very nice -
They certainly went around the Ft. Hunt Park circle more than twice!
Now time to go dress Tessie in her 80's themed costume...
Would this make her doggie full of doom and gloom?
Aww - a great family photo!
(Photo courtesy of WARL)

Nope! Turns out Tessie was really at her best -
At the WARL sponsored Barktoberfest!
Tessie, workin' it!
So all the fun went to a very good cause -
There was even beer to taste and lots of cute doggie paws!
Once home STUR and her cold felt the need for some electrolytes;
Some Skratch Labs Lemons + Limes powder was out of sight!
On Sunday it was really time for STUR to nurse her cold...
Besides walking Tessie up some hills, she laid low, all told.
STEB got in a workout Friday night...
Manual labor moving furniture? It's alright!
Got a new / used china cabinet from Restore
Thanks to her dear friend NanWa for sure!
Time for the Great Pumpkin Ride!
Saturday morning was the Great Pumpkin Ride - option 30 mile
It was fun and was completed with lots of smiles
Ready to ride!
Waiting to start!

The GPR Start!
Ran into Coach Melissa and her husband
They were on a bicycle built for two - it was rad!
The pie and cider at the rest stop was yummy -
Saw several friends and of course took a selfie!
Iron Ride!
Of course she was hydrating with her favorite Skratch Labs mix
Lemons + Limes is also the one for this rabbit chick
The GPR was RBug's longest ride ever
Is a triathlon in her future? Never say never!
There was a nice finish party after the ride -
Music, food, beer, and a swim lane volunteer - what a great guy!
We did it!
Then there was a coffee stop on the way back home...
Thanks RBug, the Caramel Macchiato was delicious don't you know?
Once back home it was the big furniture change up -
More manual labor is really what was up!
But it was worth it as it all looks great...
STEB's very happy and getting the china cabinet was fate!
Sunday brought about more of the same stuff
And spending time with NanWa is never tough
WuDoc knocked out another Marine Corps Marathon;
Is she ready for IMAZ? Yes - next month it is on!  
WuDoc is IMAZing!
CBun spent the day at the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK ultramarathon
Helping out her Z peeps and a 'little' tired in the end - she might've yawned.
Amazing Tussey Views!

Monday, October 19, 2015


Saturday morning four met for a run...
Ft. Hunt Park is where they got it done.
It was a little sunny out!
STEB ran 3.6 with RBud at a decent pace -
Then tried to keep up with STUR but it wasn't a race!
Fell back and ran another loop like before...
Finished with a loop with The Beast and not one step more!
All in all she went six point five;
And actually listened to tunes so she could jive!
The run on Saturday was a perfect opportunity,
For Skratch Labs Lemons + Limes - it's STEB's favorite, you see!
Saturday night she cheered on the Caps
Rocked the Red and they won - she whistled and clapped
STEB was Rockin' the Red!
STEB also worked on a room-swap project in her home.
Doing manual labor is where she could be found!
Sunday night will be a rabbit dinner!
Yummy pasta - sounds like a winner!
For STUR, now that Can Lake is over, time to get back to the plan -
A 3 x 2 mile progression run? Oh man!
So glad she had many friends to meet -
RBud, STEB, and the Beast - it was sweet!!
Got the run knocked out and went about her day -
Miss Tessie felt better and wanted to play!
CBun did a marathon - Bar Harbor was the place...
Lobster claw medals were given to finishers of the race!
"Crusher Claw"
Sadly, WUDoc was not out doing IMMD, take 2...
But next weekend she's got the MCM to do!

Monday, October 12, 2015

41.07 Rap

31.07 miles (50K) + 10 miles = 41.07

On Friday morning 3 rabbits headed out of town
Going to do the Can Lake 50k. How does that sound?
Drove seven hours in the rain and the gray -
But luckily come race time it was a beautiful day!
It looks like Audrey, Betty and Sophie had too much to drink...
They were doing Fireball shots we think!

They were really missing their friend Maddie and EBun -
Who were sorry they were missing out on the fun.
Took many breaks on the drive to stretch their bodies -
It was a squat, lunge, and push-up party!
Arrived at Can Lake in plenty of time -
To take a nap and into bed they did climb.
Woke up and headed to the pre-race dinner...
Also got their race shirts and numbers - winner!
Great to see a familiar place - the FLCC -
It's where they'll meet in the morning you see.
Headed back to bed for a full nights slumber...
How early would they have to get up you wonder?
Not too early since race starts at 10.
Could take their time in the morning and grin!
Next day got back to FLCC to catch the shuttle to the start -
Getting there early they thought was smart!
Waiting for the CanLake50k Bus!
As they waited had to listen to a real "Debbie Downer" -
Apparently the sleeveless race shirts made her a frowner...
Team Rabbit thought the sleeveless race Ts were A-ok!

Shuttle bus was on time and ready to go -
All 3 were excited to start the 50k show!
Got to the start line in time to get warm -
Did some squats, lunges, and push-ups again with good form!
Push-Up Party, Part 2!

Their friend Tom was there with the starting "gun"-
It would be awhile before they were done!
All three bunnies started off at their own pace -
The rule is to always "run your own race!"
For STUR the first five miles went by lickety split -
But at the out and back she said "this course is legit!"
Was able to give the other two Rabbits a high five -
Soon onto the Middlesex Aid Station they would all jump and jive!
Next up Vine Valley and she would hit halfway -
Took a selfie to commemorate that part of the day!
STUR is halfway there

Then what do you know up and up a hill she went -
Being at the top felt heaven sent!
Made the marathon mark and she's just going along -
Thinking nothing of it and singing a song!
When all of a sudden up beside her comes a running boy -
What he told her brought very little joy...
He said you missed a turn and STUR said "holy F^)&!"
Apparently she had been running amuck..
Got back on course with almost a mile added
But "No harm no foul" thought that Rabbit!
Now she's thinking "let's just finish this joker"
Since the finish line was getting ever closer!

Made the last right turn into this cul de sac
So grateful this time it wasn't pitch black!
But uh-oh part of the grassy knoll is now gravel?!
STUR went down on her butt - she didn't unravel!
Stood back up and headed for that medal...
Faster and faster her feet began to pedal!
Hearing the "roar" of the crowd she knew she had made it -
Soon on the curb she could finally sit!
Found her new friend Joanna who did the 50 miles -
Couldn't wait to see CBun's and WuDoc's finishing smiles!
Here they came, right on cue...
Take a finishing pic was all that's left to do:
50K Success!

Back into FLCC for some post race snacks -
For subs, chips, and cake they did not lack!
Holiday Inn Express for showers they sped!
And it was not quite time for bed...
The Rabbits were in search of pizza and beer:
Wegman's and Mark's Pizzeria to the rescue don't fear!
Ate in the room and took in a flick:
The movie, "Wild," was perfect for those chicks!
But, before the night came to a close,
Was there any more drama do you suppose?
WuDoc was bothered by a bug on the ceiling...
It was going to attack her. She had that feeling!
So she called for back-up from the front desk;
In came a woman with bug spray - could you guess?
She sprayed and it landed right on that poor lady -
All four girls screamed like crazy!
Once the laughter died down it was time for rest -
Tomorrow they wouldn't quite be at their best.
In the morning they had some things to do:
Breakfast at Bob and Ruth's and a stop at Monica's Pies - it's true!
Lovely Scenery at Monica's Pies!

One more stop for ice cream at Weaver's;
Those three deserved it - they were Ultra achievers!

STEB had a nice weekend and it was fun -
Saturday was the Riley gotcha day and they went on a run!
Happy Riley on 'Gotcha Day'!
The rest of the day was spent doing some cleaning,
Or sitting with her feet up and relaxing!
She was remotely cheering for her Team Rabbit friends
They were up running 50K at CanLake again!

But first on Friday afternoon it was packet pick up time
When STEB arrived there wasn't any line!
Nice afternoon to head to packet pick-up!
Once inside she got her stuff and RBug's
Did 10 push-ups for an Army goodie bag on the rug!
10 Push-Ups for an Army Goodie Bag? Yes!

Later Friday night she carb-loaded with RBud!
It rained some but thankfully not enough to flood.
If you can't be fast...

Sunday morning was time for the ATM
She was hitching a ride to the start with the Beast and friends!
Ready for the ATM!
They got to the start around 7:30...
Mike dropped them off - they weren't in a hurry!
Met up with two of RBug's coworkers - it was selfie time
Then the six of them maneuvered over to the starting line
Party of Six - Ready to Run!
They were all going off in the fifth waveTook a while to walk to the start - it was kind of a maze!
And involved going over a guardrail among other things...
But they were ready to see what the race day would bring!
STEB ran into an old friend from her Hechinger days
Katy had spotted STEB's rabbit ears - they are all the rage!

The girls all stuck together once they started
Then before they knew it off RBud darted!
A couple miles in the Beast dropped back;
And RBug and STEB hung together in the middle of the pack.
Mile 6 was lots of fun and inspiring:
High fives were given while the PVI Pep Band was playing!
STEB saw a familiar face from her IMAZing days
Was it Dennis aka Barbie? You bet - he was doing great!
STEB really appreciated all of the shade,
Because once on the bridge it was full on sun most of the way!
The course was different from the last time she'd done the race...
The last mile was kind of in an odd place:
2015 ATM Course Map
(Courtesy of Army Ten-Miler)
Took a turn out of Crystal City...
Onto a somewhat  'deserted road' - it wasn't very pretty!
But now they were close to the finish line,
Time to pick up the pace and sprint to the finish? Sounds fine!
Got their finish coins and picked up some food -
And meandered to the reunion area - it was all good!
Finisher Coin and Happy Finishers!
Reconnected with the Beast and RBud - finally!
Then met up with Mike for the ride home you see!
Shadow Selfie? Check!
It was a fabulous day for a 10 mile race
In the end STEB was happy with her pace!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Joaquin Rap

STUR had fun singing some songs on Friday night -
Can't go wrong when STEB, BRab, and the Beast play the uke, right?
Next morning was a meeting at Ft. Hunt -
There was the Beast waiting for her right up front!
STUR and the Beast - ready to run!
Did one lap around the park;
Then out on the trail where they saw a shark?!!
Ack - a shark!!
Not the best day for a swim so they continued on two feet...
The cool and cloudy day was kind of a treat!
Finished strong with a 6.5 mile total -
Did her 75 minutes - made the quota!
Sunday morning she decided to hit the pool…
Hadn't been in a month so she decided 2300 yards was cool.
Next she went to a kind of yoga called yin -
Felt very stretched out for the win!
Friday after work STEB went to the CrossFit gym
Can you believe she had never gotten a Tabata workout in?
First Double Unders for time, then four exercises to get done
Guess which move STEB is still feeling?
She might still be feeling the effects of one…
STEB enjoyed the Friday night uke festivities, too
It was fun to play and sing for Ms. Stephanie, it’s true!
After, they had a fun dinner at Ramparts, “people”
Because dining with Team Rabbit is never dull! 
Lots of laughs, people!!
Saturday morning, STEB actually slept in
And her shoulder was happy to skip the L4 swim
Decided to postpone the run till Sunday
Then she could run up and down a mountain, you see! 
Down the mountain! Pretty vineyard!
Cute cows! Up the mountain!

Because Acme, Pennsylvania is where she headed with Riley
Fun times with family and Bingo was the place to be!
Cool sign at Yough River Park!
Saturday night went with Lynn to a little beer tasting event 
Fun event!
Selfie with a cop? No worries – he is also family and was guarding the beer tents! 
He is our cousin. We swear!
Sunday before Bingo there was basketball practice to observe…
And a selfie with a Heisman? Yup – from 1947 and it’s well preserved! 
John Lujack - University of Notre Dame - 1947 Heisman
Bingo after was for a very special reason
STEB was happy to take part in the action

On Saturday, WuDoc and CBun hit the trails...
Last long run before the CanLake Ultras, after which they'll have some tales!