There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Short & Sweet Rap

PBun hit they hay pretty early Friday night
She had a Saturday bike-run race rehearsal – all right!
She hit the road at 5:55AM –
And headed over to Cambridge, Maryland
Arrived and got right down to biz
She had a 7 hour ride to get in!
Excited to get this race rehearsal underway!

The starting weather was cooler and overcast
Which PBun embraced – that is a fact!
There were no children in this corn!

She had several stops, but kept them to a minimum
And after the ride, she headed out on her run
Just 40 minutes at her ‘race pace’ to do
She was pleased after she was through!
PBun headed out on her brick run!

STUR once again woke her dog up for a long walk-
Doggie needs his exercise- don’t balk!
Lazlo likes his park walks!

Off to CrossFit for lots of pull-ups and deadlifts then a 2 mile “cash out” run –
STUR loved that part but others thought not so fun!
KBun got her long training in
She is sort of tapering for August for the win
Sunday morning STUR picked up the Beast-
It felt early to them to say the least!
Made their way over to Old Keene Mill –
Last outdoor swim – they would get their fill!
The rabbits opted for a long distance set –
400’s and 800’s – is it over yet?
STUR and the Beast were happy to get the last outdoor swim in!

Sunday morning PBun tried to sleep in a bit,
She did a short run but swim she would skip
Tried to spend as much of the day off her feet
But had lunch with an old friend, which was pretty sweet
CBun made a fast and furious trip to run 21 miles in Bucks County -
Lots of flat trail to be had - there was a bounty!!
Lovely views and trails!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Trainer Parks Rap

Saturday morning STUR woke Lazlo out of his puppy slumber!
Why are we up so early? He did wonder!
He ALWAYS loves to ride in the car -
So at the park they walked pretty far.
Later STUR headed over to the box for cardio and lifting -
Bike, run, row, wall balls, pushups and hang cleans - not much missing!
PBun started Saturday up on her trainer with Trixie
She needed 6 hours and 35 minutes of spinning you see
She had some intervals to knock out in the first half
Finishing up all in Z2 as a matter of fact
She took a short break with a visit from NanWa
She was in the area and wanted to meet Meowser, aww!
After the spinning was all said and done
She followed that up with a 20 minute brick run
STUR was excited on Sunday to run a race in her old hood...
It’s the Parks Half Marathon, it’s all good!
Happy to pick up PBun in the dark –
Headed to the Shady Grove Metro, which was the place to park.
Hoofed it to the start area for packet pick up
Then back to the car, it was still dark but it wasn’t too rough
Once back at the start, they soon lined up to go
It was such a beautiful morning, let’s start this show!
STUR and PBun are ready to roll!

After a few miles on the neighborhood streets,
Turned in to Rock Creek Park, which was pretty neat
The route took them over streams and by lakes
With a bridge over a road for goodness sake!
Happy to report the both STUR and PBun stayed upright!

Someone had a shirt with an interesting quote:
A strong butt is the key to a happy life,” don’t you know?
Waiting at the Grosvenor Metro to go back to Shady Grove!

After the race they wished they’d dropped a pin for the car location
Seems they had a bit of trouble determining the proper direction!
That afternoon STUR and PBun met up at Angelika at Mosaic...
"Brittany Runs a Marathon," y'all, and they wanted to see it!
It was cute and inspiring and they're glad they went if you want the jist
And PBun even has the NYC Marathon on her bucket list!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Flocking Busy Rap

STUR woke up Saturday motivated for a run-
She got started on mt Vernon trail after the arrival of the sun.
The trail was super busy with large packs of runners-
What race are they training for? STUR did wonder.
She set out towards her favorite fort hunt park...
6 miles out was the plan and she did embark.
Did a loop around the park and a bathroom break-
It’s getting hot for goodness' sake!
Running crowd was much thinner on the way back-
Made it to her car- trying not to be slack.
All in all 16.4 miles on her tortured feet-
All in the Can Lake bank - SA-weet!
Meanwhile PBun, KBun, and Jeff returned to Cambridge M-D
Planned to ride on the IMMD course you see
In town, they stopped at the McDonald's per the usual
PBun ran into her cousins who were on their way to get coastal!
Getting excited to ride!

The ride plan was two times around the loop
But since it was flooded one full time through would have to do
Riders are ready to roll out!

Next up was a modified loop with a stop at Harriet Tubman museum
Then two more out and backs to get the required time done
Trixie, taking a little rest...

Finished things up with a short brick run
By then it felt pretty hot under the sun
Refueled when they cruised on the way back through Easton
And were thankful for no traffic on the way home, yeah man!
The Beast, getting ready to do beastly things!

During this time, down in Columbus G-A
The Beast jumped in the river to play
The Beast and her Sherpa!

That is she Chased the Hooch
It's a 2.4 mile open water swim to boot!!
She did it!

Sunday morning PBun was again up super early
She had 85 minutes of running on tap - whoo wee!
She also wanted to get to OKM to swim
That would make her day a win!
She noticed that someone had a prank played on them, oh dear!
PBun exclaimed, "get the flock out of here!"
This was flocking awesome!!

The run went well and included 7 minutes at marathon pace
After that she finished up easy in this case.
Sunday morning STUR felt a little slow...
But time to swim at OKM, don’t you know?
PBun, STUR, and Betty were ready to start swimming-
For some really nice water the pool was brimming!
Don't these fins make good bunny ears?

STUR was happy to get in a solid two miles-
Kicking, pulling, and IM - all kinds of swimming styles!
BLUR and STUR had a mission on Labor Day-
Going for a bike ride on Rock Creek- no way?!!
Busy busy but at least the road is closed.
Lots of cyclists, dogs and toddlers all told .
Both rabbits got in the mileage they desired-
In the end they were a good kind of tired!
As STUR was just finishing up her ride -
There was KBUN walking towards her - what a nice surprise!
Biking bunnies!

Had a nice chat then STUR did a tiny brick-
She really hopes the training will stick!
PBun did not sleep in on the holiday
She was headed for her fourth in a row swim day
The water was so fab!!

Followed the workout for the most part as written...
But might have skipped the warm up kicking
Thanks for being on deck, Coach Fred!

Did not make it all the way through before required to stop at 9
But swam a bit more on her own,  it was fine
That means she didn't partake in the relays
It was ok, but maybe next time. She'll see!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A10 Orange Rap

Three rabbits and one rabbit daughter planned to jump from a plane at Skydive Orange -
STUR was there but to her the concept was foreign.
Excited to fly!!

After a shockingly quick tutorial the participants were suited up and ready to go!
HRab and daughter Catherine went up first while the rest waited for the show.
HRab is on the way down!

The two made it safely back down to earth -
Everyone was very excited- so much mirth!!
CBun and JRab were now sent up into the sky-
Both were so brave and did not ask “why?!”
There goes CBun!

Can you believe in just 20 minutes they’d be back on the ground-
Front and center to watch is where STUR could be found!
Saturday morning PBun was up at her normal time - early
Was she ready to tackle a long indoor bike session? Surely!
Some hard intervals in the first 90 minutes
The just Zone 2 all the way to the finish
It was a Pitch Perfect marathon from beginning to end
And of course her crew was along to cheer, understand?
Diego, wondering when PBun is going to be done!

That is when her cousin Stilt arrived from P-A
Next PBun got her brick run out of the way
A couple quick errands then they settled in
To see what happened in the Crimes of Grindelwald again
Dinner that night with the Goodmanator
Then it was early to bed - see you later!
KBun headed out in the afternoon for her bike ride
Trying to get it in before the night sky
Sunday was another early morning on tap
KBun arrived right on time and they left -- almost in a snap
Headed over to get STUR? You don't say!
Then the whole group was on their way!
STUR was pretty happy to be up at the crack on Sunday morning-
For a ride to the A10 race she would be scoring!
PBun, KBun, and Stilt came to pick her up -
Beautiful day for a race was their good luck!
Arrived there so fast her head was spinning-
Also got their numbers and hats quickly - winning!
These rabbits are ready to run!

STUR did two laps around the stadium pre-race -
Just getting more time on her feet - no worry of pace.
Post-race potty selfie!

Stop at Bobby’s Pottys as the race starts soon-
Ready to get this thing underway - singing a tune!
Rabbits are almost ready to roll!

PBun hopped off the course before mile one…
She hit up Bobby’s again – on the run
Re-entered the course from the same spot
Then continued on her way – because, why not?
Just up ahead she spotted the Juggler dressed as Forrest Gump
He really encompassed the character and then some!
Running Forrest and wearing a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company hat
Juggling with a ping pong paddle wearing an Alabama football jersey how about that?
She also noticed his jersey sported the number 44
Could it be because it was that anniversary of the Annapolis 10 miler?

For the spectators the bunny ears were a great topic of conversation -
Telling STUR they had seen another bunny up ahead seemed to be their obligation.
After crossing over the Naval Academy Bridge they turned right on Route 648
PBun noted that she lives off the same road – but in another state!
Saw Stilt and PBun running strong-
Toward the 7 mile marker she was moving along.
Once she finished she was so surprised to receive a medal!
The amount of swag you get is monumental!
The group reconvened just past the finish line
Happy finishers!

Got their premium finisher's jackets then it was selfie time!
It really was a lovely day for a race -
No heat or humidity, just hills in this case!
What an amazing view!
So lucky to be able to run from this venue (the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium)!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Moon Rabbit Rap

Saturday morning PBun had a ride on tap
But it was a recovery week so it was shorter how about that?
Decided to take Trixie over to the W&OD rail trail
Where she also wanted to test out the new wheels
Trixie got new handlebar tape, too!

Did some intervals on the way out
Turned around just past Smith's Switch Station without a doubt
The bike turnaround!

More times than she could count she said, "on your left"
But that was no reason to kvetch!
After she finished she laced up to run
That's when she saw Joe and Mike,  son of a gun!
The run turnaround!

Got another invite for Sunday masters swim practice
So PBun will take him up on the offer if you had to guess!
JRab and STUR were the first to arrive in the mitten...
To relax and have a good  dinner was the decision!
After a good night’s sleep, they were ready for the day...
Three more rabbits coming into town? No way!
After a family visit they headed down to the lake-
Initially STUR and JRab went to the wrong place for goodness sake!
Look at that lovely water!
What a great rabbit  crew!

Finally found packet pick up and the crew was reunited-
The lake looked and felt wonderful - they were delighted!
Next up a great dinner at an Italian place-
Did one of the rabbits EAT rabbit? What  a disgrace!! 🤪
Early morning coming - time to Swim to the Moon!
They better get to bed very very soon!
Sunday morning PBun went out for a run
Only 50 minutes with 10 minutes at marathon pace - what fun!
Made it back home with plenty of time
To get ready for JCCNV masters - all right
Got in a nice workout with lots of fast 100s
Happy to keep up with the swimmer in front of hers bubbles
Afterwards did a smidge of work in her yard
But then decided to get out of the heat, that decision wasn't hard!
Next day CBun and STUR met at the race site in the dark-
Feeling grateful they won’t see one single shark!
Time to line up for the one at a time start -
Each swimmer was about one second apart!
Strong, steady and no dawdling was the mantra -
Since there’s no magic to get across the lake - no abracadabra
Two aid stations, a bridge, and a tunnel later...
STUR was on the beach - no signs of an alligator!
Time to swim back the same way she came -
So glad there ended up being no rain!
For STUR the last mile was long - her brain was sore...
Especially since she is thinking about swimming some more!
STUR popped out of the water – a 10K CHECK
Now swim another 1.2 miles you say?! What the heck?!
She dolphin dived back in - swimming by herself –
Although with a lot of paddle boarders - there was a wealth!
Finally reached the turnaround buoy...
A couple of those SUPers weren’t too helpful about its location - phooey!!
She was so, so ready to be done
So she could enjoy the post-race fun!
Photo courtesy of greg sadler photography

BLUR was having THE most fun swimming in the lake
Look at that smile, it just takes the cake! 
Overhead medal shot - it's tradition!

Grabbed TWO medals and a cool towel –
There was CBun who had finished long ago – WOW!
This race was epic!

BLUR and HRab were waiting on the beach too –
It was a successful day for the rabbit crew!!
The 1.2 mile participants agreed their course was a bit long –
Doesn’t really matter as they all finished strong!
Happy finishers!

Cleaned up and celebrated at an Irish pub –
All rabbits feeling water logged – blub, blub, blub!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Bikes and Barbells Rap

PBun hit the road at 4am, what a thrill…
Picked up KBun and they headed to Walkersville!
They were psyched for the Tour de Frederick…
And best of all the weather was perfect!
KBun kept singing the Bob Marley song, “One Love.”
Perhaps it was because she only had one glove?
KBun and PBun - ready to roll!
The century group rolled out at 6:30
They started towards the back - no hurry
A really pretty church!

Covered bridge #1

They made sure to hit up every aid stop
Covered bridges, fire stations, a church, and a random yard, what?
Inside the Vigilant Hose Company in Emmitsburg, MD!

Covered bridge #2

At each, PB&J was always on tap
And Bruster's ice cream was at the last, how about that?
How far would YOU bike for Bruster's ice cream?
PBun biked 91.55 miles for it!
Two locations had fabulous watermelon
They wanted to just stay and eat – it was heaven!
Watermelon is a bikers heaven!
Covered bridge #3

KBun playing in the flowers of sun!

Rolled back in but weren't quite done
Because they both had to go on a transition run!
They did it!

Finally they were ready to head back home
Thankfully there wasn't any traffic don't you know
CBun and STUR did a last long Reston Saturday swim-
It’s almost time for Swim to the Moon – they are all IN!
Sunday morning PBun went on her long run, all easy pace
Sunday run view: pretty creek

Sunday run view: runderpass(?)

Afterwards was the best part, she went to the massage place!!
Around the house she managed to get a few random things taken care of
And her mailman will probably be happy about one of them
Once again STUR is swimming on Sunday morn –
The air was cool but the water was warm!
STUR with the other Barbell Babes!

Next at the CrossFit box she attended "Barbells, Babes, and Brunch" –
The workout was fun, no worries about a time crunch!
It was a nice group with lots of yummy grub to eat –
Sitting on the gym floor eating – what a treat!