There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Open Hill Rap

STUR took to the streets on Saturday before it was light -
One long hill back to her house wasn't too much of a fright!
She spent most of her weekend around other personal trainers
It's the IDEA East PT Conference - she's no stranger.
She went to 8 classes over 2 days…
After which her brain was in a haze.
Back in the classroom!

Learned new moves and ideas to share -
Her clients will try it out- if they dare!
STEB started the weekend off with a swim run brick
The pool was a tad warm but no one got sick
Even warm, it was nice to get a swim in!

She is happy to report she did a total of 6 x 100 IM
She is super happy she can do butterfly again!
Afterwards, she suited up for the run
There would be hill repeats and that is always fun
She did a nice warm-up on the trail
Then into the neighborhood without fail
STEB headed away from the marina though...

Be sure to stay on the established path
Don't want to be part of the deer thinning aftermath!
Don't want to be a casualty!

She headed over to her favorite bike hill repeat streets
For that, Ellet and Foote can't be beat!
Hello hills!

As she neared the top she picked up the pace
Hopefully this training will help on her hill climb race!
Sunday morning she had more hill climbs planned
But this was on the bike, understand?
She met up with bunny friend CBun and Jeff
And then they were off to Prince William Forest!
Almost ready to rock 'n roll!

CBun actually was going to run the loop
While STEB and Jeff would bike. That's the scoop!
Shadow shelfie!!!

Before they got going STEB took a tumble while standing still
She was more worried about her water – out of the bottle it did spill!
It really wasn't THAT much water!

They all decided to go in reverse
STEB thought the first big climb she would need a hearse.
She made up just barely and then moseyed along
STEB kept focused by singing some songs
A guide to cycling at PWFP!

They went on the same direction the second time around
Thankfully this time the hill wasn't as bad but STEB might've frowned...
They made a pit stop at Turkey Run
For the restrooms silly, not just for fun
This direction...

This time when they got over halfway
They got a glimpse of CBun - yay
She was crusin' through her loop on her own two feet
And her shirt had these cool mitten sleeves - how neat
The riders gave a shout and went on their way
Needed to finish up and get the brick done you don't say?
Yes, a short run was on tap
A little over a mile, how about that?
A little out and back on the bike lane!

The drive back might have included at stop at DD
But there's no picture proof you see...
Sunday morning STUR arrived at her Crossfit box-
Time for the open and that ROCKS!
The 17.1 workout was going to be a beast-
She'd have to muster up some courage to say the least!
Box Jumps!

Dumbell snatches, burpees, and box jumps were part of the plan-
STUR felt good about her performance - alright man!

 Dumbbell Snatches!

STUR then met up with the Beast before masters swim started -
Doing extra meters beforehand is not for the fainthearted!
But they got the long swim done -
Only 6000-plus meters of fun!
Sunday night STEB went to see the #WizJazz game
A bummer the Wiz lost but still fun all the same
G-Wiz had a birthday celebration that night -
Did all the local mascots came to play? That's right!!
G-Wiz and his friends!
Halftime featured the Fox Ropers team
They were a cool jump rope group it would seem!
They had some cool moves!

Monday, February 20, 2017

SwimRunGun Rap

For STUR this weekend's schedule called for a run to mile six-
She started at the TC Williams track just for kicks!
Did a crazy loop all around the area-
Upon finishing- she couldn't be merrier!
Rushed to meet Maureen and the Beast for a dip-
Seems 5500 meters was done in a blip!
The Beast made it all the way to 6000 meters-
Training for a long distance swim- we are believers!
Later that day she and CBun met for movie and dinner-
Italian food and Hidden Figures was a winner!
Sunday morning - She spent some time with JRab at the range-
Not sure why he's giving STUR a look that is strange!
Range selfie - check!

They went to Five Guys and ate outside-
This winter has been amazing- she is mystified!
Post Range Five Guys - it's tradition!

Then even though it was hard to go inside-
She and the Beast swam 4000 meters with pride!
STEB headed out to the 313 as planned
For a meet up with RBug…understand?
Saturday morning brought a run at the park
It was beautiful out there, too, this was not a lark!
Ready to run - it was so nice outside!

Ran an out and back next to a l lake
A view of  Stoney Creek Lake!

And even saw a beaver dam, for goodness’ sake!
But sadly, no beaver sightings! Only the dam...

That afternoon they headed to The Joe

To cheer on the visiting Capitals, don’t you know?
Darren Helm - no relation!

Had to walk from the garage through a crazy tunnel
Later when they left it was like going through a funnel!
This tunnel was crazy!

They Rocked the Red with lots of other Caps fans
But those danged Red Wings won in a shoot-out, man!
Lots of Caps fans were at the game!
Including people from Alexandria Virginia in the row behind!

The Joe is in its farewell season –
Next year they’ll join the Pistons at Little Caesars Arena!
But maybe the new arena should be called Little Caesar's Palace...

On the way home they got a glimpse of ‘the arm
Joe Louis that is – and back in the day his fist could do harm!
THE Arm! It's HUGE!

They started Sunday off with a fabulous walk in their ‘hood
Then breakfast followed by errands and coffee – understood?
Finally, STEB had to jet back home…
For now she is done being a traveling gnome!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Love Run Heart Rap

STEB's weekend fun started on Friday night.
It was a bit 'darker' but not a fright 
Met up with NanWa then went to dinner -
Uncle Julio's was the place and the guac was a winner!
The movie was kind of a wild affair
Lots of rowdy ladies - better beware!
Thanks for a fun evening, Heather!

Saturday morning STEB finally made it to the pool
Got in over 1.2 miles so that was cool!
After she got home she wasn't quite done -
Just a little spin followed by a walk/run.
Saturday morning views!

STUR declared Saturday to be just a swimming day -
She was glad the Beast was willing to play!
They had a plan of specific sets...
Did they get in 6000 meters? You bet!

BLUR hit the streets early Sat morn, with David in tow,
The two of them had a grand run - don't you know? 
They got in four miles including through Georgetown
The weekend was born as they ran around!
Saturday late morning, STEB met RBud for coffee
Can't go wrong with a coconut milk latte! 
Sunday morning STEB was up early.
Plenty of time to get to her race, surely
Thanks for a fun race, =PR=!

She made it to hers well before the gun...
And got the Run Your Heart Out 5k packet pick up done!
Pre-Race Selfie - check!

Chatted with Meredith of CRM  -
They get the race results up quick at the end!
The hot cocoa was delicious!

Dunkin' Donuts was there with cocoa and coffee samples
STEB had one before and after and a heart cookie that was ample!
There were also some fun themed M&M candies
STEB got a packet to go, isn't that dandy?
Fun themed M&Ms!

On Sunday STUR was up at a reasonable hour-
Going to run 6 miles including a 5k race - she has the power!
Trotted up to the king street metro just fine -
But when she got on the metro platform there was quite a line!
Seems trains were stopped only at the airport -
So she went to Reagan National and ran to the race start!
Thankfully she already had her bib since the runners would soon depart.
Sure enough when she got there the gun had already gone off -
And she had already run 4.6 miles - so don't scoff!
Not gonna lie - she had fun passing some folks in the back -
But for hills this race did not lack!
STUR made it and kicked @$$ with all the extra running!

"Love the Run You're With" was a success in the end -
STUR is very happy to still be on the mend!

And after a nap STUR met the Beast over at the swimming hole...
So for the weekend 9700 meters - just 300 short of her goal!
Swimming, too, for BLUR? You don’t say!
Of course, 2500 meters makes for a great Sunday!

Sunday afternoon STEB met up with NanWa again
They took a little trip down memory lane
Davis's General Store is a bit different these days, but they sell lots of cool stuff!

It's so much fun to visit old stomping grounds
Funny how different things look when you're driving around!
Fun sign inside!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Super Rap 17

Saturday morning dawned very cold -
But out of bed STUR did roll!
She was meeting the Beast at the track -
They both had A LOT of layers on their back.
Got warm with about 35 minutes of moving time-
Next into the pool they did climb.
Stayed in for a 6000 meter set-
Were they happy to be done? You bet!
STEB was at home riding on her trainer
Her crew was of course there to cheer her!
Afterwards she headed out to a fun ‘little’ event
A baby shower for her cousin – lots of family there to represent!
Sunday the First Down 5k and and Pacers Combine had a good Rabbit showing -
STUR met up with STEB and the Beast - let's get this party going!!
Parked easily and took a selfie with Albert Einstein
Thanks, Einey!

And then a monument selfie in front of Abraham Lincoln. He didn’t mind!
There was a sunrise, too!

Next they met up with David and BLUR -
Did BLUR have their race numbers?! YES SIR!!
Ready to run!

Chilly standing around - they could not wait to start,
The excitement was going off the charts!
The took a walk through the combine area
Push-ups, jump squats, walking lunges, and sit-ups – yeah!
20 Push Ups

20 Jump Squats
20 Yard Walking Lunge
20 Sit Ups

Finally it starts and everyone runs on their own -
STUR began to get into the zone!
Happy to run the thing relatively pain free -
On the out and back on Hains Point - whee!!
STEB ran the entire thing with just one stop
She grabbed a cup of water – and did not spill a drop!
The combine after was really the most fun
It was all for time, too, so in between it was good to run
The walking lunges made STEB’s quads burn
But a little football for her troubles she did earn!
Happy finishers with bottle opener medals!
(Perfect for a Super Bowl party!)

The other rabbits did the combine, too –
A really fun way to finish a race, it is true!