There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Rained Out Rap

This weekend STUR, CBun, and BLUR were supposed to swim in a river.
Even though the DownRiver Rip was cancelled, they weren't "too" bitter
STUR soldiered on and once again hit up the Chinquapin pool -
Got in a total of 4 miles so it was cool.
Saturday morning the rain proved to be too much
PBun and KBun opted to swim and run and such
They would regroup and instead ride on Sunday
There was supposed to be some sun that day!
So PBun headed over to masters swim practice
Did some IM along with free that was fast
It was the last Saturday till Fall at Audrey Moore
But her Tuesday and Thursday nights will still be on. Score!
Later that morning she headed out for a run in the rain
It went well – and the rain wasn’t “too” much of a pain!
Rain and wind was on tap up in Martha's Vineyard, too...
But RBug did not let that stop her half marathon, it's true! 
They were smiling before the race (what race?)...and after!

Knocked it out while her sister did her very first...
And for the next one in October no one will be coerced!
Sunday turned out to be a completely different kind of day:
Heat and humidity all the way - no way!!
STUR breezed on over to Capitol Hill -
To do a nice neighborhood 10KEH- no frills!
She gathered up her tech shirt at the Peabody School -
Did a warm up mile and that humidity was kind of cruel!
Nice course around the hill with the turn-around at RFK…
Back up to Stanton Park? You don't say!
The Capitol Hill Classic is decidedly not flat -
STUR ran up all the hills - how ‘bout that?!
STUR conquered the Capitol Hill Classic!

Meanwhile, did PBun, KBun, and Jeff...
Gather to head out for a ride – you bet?
It's time 'taco' for a ride?!

Ended up over at the park in Nokesville
Potomac Pedalers were also there if you will!
They got a bit of a late start it seems…
It was pretty warm already at 9AM – Mother Nature can be mean!
They hit the road for a 50 mile loop
And planned on at least 1 rest stop – that’s the scoop
Actually took a brief stop around mile 14
Then the official one at mile 20 – the Elk Run Store it would be!
Regrouping in the shade!
(And the 'official' bike helmet of Team Rabbit!)

Along the way there were lots of squished turtles, squirrels, and snakes
But…they did see a live snake slither on the road, for goodness’ sake!
Thankfully not any high water crossings though!

They also planned to take a third rest stop at mile 42...
But first a quick photo op of the bull – it’s true!
It was sunny and warm out - that's no bull!
The final eight miles were otherwise uneventful, thankfully
But the pizza place was gone at Nokesville and Fitzwater – sad to see
Made an alternate plan after they arrived back at the car
First everyone had to go on a run – but not too far!
Pizza at Tony’s followed by Duck Donuts - one each
The end of the training day was within reach!
Happy to be done!

On Sunday STUR went to masters and started off a new swim week -
4500 meters will help her get to the 16 miles she does seek!

Monday, May 14, 2018

100, 50, and a Half Rap

Friday evening PBun hopped out of town
The VCU Cap2Cap half century was going down!
Maddie, ready to hit the road with PBun!
This time PBun didn't bring any Good and Plenty
But her snacks included some cheddar bunnies
Bunny snacks rock!
Traffic on the way wasn't too bad…
Getting to listen to some of the Caps game was rad!
Got to the hotel and got settled in  -
It would make the drive to the ride start shorter even!
Saturday morning early, she was up
Ready to ride 50 in the heat? Yup!
Arrived at the start in plenty of time
This year they had bag check which was divine
50-milers, ready to roll out! 
The 50s rolled out right on schedule
In to the morning sun it would be hot - no bull
Did she appreciate shady spots?
She sure did - shade rocks!
Passed by a road called Hare Street
Anything related to rabbits is always neat!
PBun at the halfway point of the half century! 
Rode by a dude toting a cart carrying a dog
For a second PBun was like "oh my gawd!'
Was passed two times by large pace line groups
It's a ride not a race - let's not be rude!
Thought she was going to lose steam towards the end
But managed not to overextend!
Saturday morning STUR went for a little run on the track-
Been many months since she showed up there- that's whack!
STUR getting the speed work done!
PS - It's sunny! 
Doing 5 X 400 was the workout this day -
She'll keep this up during the summer- hooray!
Headed over to the pool and after a looong warm up -
She was joined by the Beast and Maureen - what's up?!
In the end STUR did 6000 meters or 3.5 miles -
The Beast finished up with a jog in the water - all smiles!
Later PBun got Starbucks and changed clothes for the ride home
Much needed for this bicycle riding traveling gnome!
Three cheers for iced coffee!
PS - It's still sunny! 
Meanwhile down in the Gulf Coast - Panama City 
KBun had a gorgeous view! 
KBun was doing a 70.3 - time to get down to the nitty gritty
KBun might have done a little shopping! 

KBun is ready! 

Time to drop off her trusty steed!
PS - Anything is possible!
She ended right in the middle of her age group pack
KBun and Laura ready to swim! 
That's a solid race effort,  how about that?
KBun and Laura were successful! 
Sunday PBun started the day with a rainy run… 
Got her warmed up for what was to come.
Run check! And a Riley photobomb!

Rolled out of her driveway around 9:00AM
Headed to get STUR for the annual rabbit tradition
Betty and Maddie - ready to cheer! 
They were ready and excited, not going to kvetch
This pool is fab! 
Started their swim at 10:23…
Time for the 100 100's you see!

At the bottom of PBun's lane there was a bee -
She said, "glad he's dead so he can't sting me!"
They took a break after number 41 -
BLUR had arrived to join in the fun!
They were halfway done at 12:17 -
Broke out “Living on a Prayer” if you know what they mean
Took their second break at 1:08
7000 in and they felt great! 
All of a sudden, they were 3 hours in -
Close to 8000 yards for the win.
When 10,000 rolled around
The mission was over – they did not frown!
The rabbits are always glad to swim this far -
For their final time - they tied a PR!
Every time PBun adds one more -
This year 104 was her final score.
STUR decided to do an extra one –
101 and she got it done.
Time to celebration their success!
After the epic swim it was time for celebration
Chipotle was the place for the hungry rabbits satiation 
They were famished!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Indy Sprint Rap

This weekend STUR and KBun hopped, hopped, hopped out of town!
It was time for the Indy Mini Marathon to go down!!
Pre-flight they snacked on some Five Guys fries -
With these rabbits that should be no surprise!
Both Rabbits had a small TSA mishap-
No peanut butter or toothpaste allowed? Perhaps..
Flight into town was super easy-peasy -
Even though the day was rather breezy!
Met up with Jeff, Andy, and Mark for lunch -
For the upcoming race they were an excited bunch!
All headed over to the race expo…
Small stop at the solutions desk don't you know!
Got all their stuff sorted out and off they went -
A rest in the hotel room was heaven sent!
Next up it was definitely time for dinner -
"Carbs on the farm" at Traders Point Creamery was certainly a winner!
After dinner they visited with the resident cows
Cows are so cute!

Then they all modeled their free chocolate milk- wow!
Indy Mini runners rocking their chocolate milk!

During the night both rabbits were awakened by a mighty shake -
Their hotel the Crowne Plaza used to be a train station for goodness sake!
Seems trains still run very close by -
Good thing they were warned about this oh-my!!
Saturday morning started for PBun at the crack
Coffee outside with her pup as a matter of fact
Then she headed over to the pool at Audrey Moore
For 50 minutes of masters swim and not a minute more
The calm before the swim storm!

Next up she had a pre race brick
Including transition practice, tried to make those quick
Candy 2.0  needed to do at least one race!

A 10 minute bike and a 5 minute run
She was happy to get it done
Let's go run a half marathon this morning!

In the morning STUR and KBun met the gang for a walk to the race start -
Grabbed an extra Gatorade before they depart.
STUR and KBun had to head to the 5KEH banner-
Later it was going to be sunny-they would probably get tanner
The rabbits are ready to run!

After negotiating all the walkers- the rabbits were finally free-
They ran at a reasonable pace- whee!
Followed the signs for the Mega Mini Challenge -
Finally in the half marathon corral with lots of grins!
The first part zips along some of the neighborhoods of Indianapolis-
To the "Cow Bell Lady" STUR blew a kiss!
Huge crowds line Main Street before you enter the speedway-
They'd be running inside for a 2.5 mile stay!
Ready to hit up the speedway!

At 8 miles total, the runners encounter the ‘yard of bricks’ -
Where have we seen this picture before?

KBun even got down low to give them a kiss!
KBun got down to kiss the 'yard of bricks'!

STUR was happy it was the final stretch -
Getting hot - lots of Gatorade to fetch!
Finished and wandered through the post race party to get her bling-
Three medals for the day made her sing!
Is it hard to stand up straight with all that bling?!

Here comes KBun and she got her bling too-
Six medals all together- it's true!
All the cool bling - fun stuff on both sides!

Meanwhile, for PBun next up was a quick lift workout
Some light bench presses without a doubt
Then she was off to meet BLUR at Cub Run Rec
Packet pick up and bike course preview? Check!
Packet pickup, check!

They are in the same row but on opposite sides
And an uphill bike start would be taken in stride.
They will see YOU tomorrow, finish line!

PBun hopped away to head over to Sport Fair
New goggles and got the Team Rabbit suit and that's all. Swear!
Yes, it's the 'official' suit of Team Rabbit!

A quick catch up chat with i*g2
Then PBun headed home to relax, it’s true!
Later KBun really wanted to get a ride on a bike-
This one was pretty much stationary - psych!
KBun can't get enough of the bike!

Showers and naps were next on the agenda-
Cause they were stinky and sweaty- duh!!
Team Rabbit rocking their bling haul!

Hopped up and took a nice recovery walk around -
The day’s total was 21 miles – how does that sound?
Dinner was at a familiar place for STUR’s Indy travels:
Some Bazbeaux Pizza before they unravel!
Pizza is always a good thing!

KBun and STUR actually shared a beer-
It was called 5 Rabbits – so cheers!
Went for one more cocktail at the Yard House-
Andy and Jeff had a super early flight - don't grouse!!!
In the morning it was time for the two rabbits shuttle-
Through their post-race tiredness they would have to muddle.
Sunday morning PBun, BLUR and David were all up well before the crack
The Westfields Sprint Tri is the reason why - it’s not whack!
They all met up at the venue in transition
Back at Cub Run Rec where setting up was their mission
The rabbits are ready to tri!

There might have been a Candy reunion
With the Original and 2.0 it was of course fun!
THE Candy reunion (post race, but...)

REV3 has these cool bike rack boxes
Put the back wheel in and the bike stands free, which rocks
These bike rack stands and cubbies are pretty sweet!

PBun help BLUR with her area and it looked fine
Only one shoe change to get done this time!
BLURs first transition area!

Ran into Joe from the ‘kickASTtri
It was good to see a familiar face and say "hi!"
Looking forward to the kickASTtri again this summer!
BLUR had forgotten her pre-race waffle in the car
Trusty Sherpa David went to get it - it wasn't too far!
Everyone funneled up to the pool
Line up by predicted 100 yard time, that's cool.
The lead off swimmer had a crazy smooth stroke
Didn't even look like he was moving fast but was, no joke!
PBun got a high five and a thanks for being here before jumping in
PBun was excited and ready to swim!
She seeded herself in just the right place
Passed one guy then was passed once by a gal in this case
Short run out to transition and pushed the wrong watch button
Got it corrected and only lost 9 transition seconds
T1 went smooth enough she thought
Getting mounted going uphill? Maybe not!
She stayed upright and went on her way -
Two loops around traffic free roads? Yes way!
Saw BLUR finishing her first loop as she was finishing her last
She looked strong and reported she made the T1 hill her b!tch - natch!
Then PBun cruised on in to T2…
Time to put on her bunny ears and running shoes!
Wasn't worried about what pace to hold
But hoped to run as much as possible truth be told
Took a walk break at the water stop at mile 2
And again at final turn around, and pushed on through
The rabbit ears got a lot of love which is always fine,
And even got a shout out at the finish line!
Met up with Joe again at the finish!

A guy came up after to thank her and said they kept him moving along
As those who've seen the ears on courses before know that isn't wrong!
Before long BLUR came running in
She finished her very first triathlon for the WIN!!
She did it!!!!!

Happy rabbit finishers giving two ears up
BLUR, are you are a triathlete now? Yup!
Happy finishers!
Photo credit: Al!
BLUR had three goals for the day -
Did she meet them? Yes way!
Post race celebratory brunch with Al at the Blue Iguana
Tacos and pancakes? Yes but no pizza.
At the Blue Iguana!

Got that later with her friend NanWa and fam...
And Duck Donuts for dessert? Oh man!
Duck Donuts are the bomb!