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Monday, May 14, 2018

100, 50, and a Half Rap

Friday evening PBun hopped out of town
The VCU Cap2Cap half century was going down!
Maddie, ready to hit the road with PBun!
This time PBun didn't bring any Good and Plenty
But her snacks included some cheddar bunnies
Bunny snacks rock!
Traffic on the way wasn't too bad…
Getting to listen to some of the Caps game was rad!
Got to the hotel and got settled in  -
It would make the drive to the ride start shorter even!
Saturday morning early, she was up
Ready to ride 50 in the heat? Yup!
Arrived at the start in plenty of time
This year they had bag check which was divine
50-milers, ready to roll out! 
The 50s rolled out right on schedule
In to the morning sun it would be hot - no bull
Did she appreciate shady spots?
She sure did - shade rocks!
Passed by a road called Hare Street
Anything related to rabbits is always neat!
PBun at the halfway point of the half century! 
Rode by a dude toting a cart carrying a dog
For a second PBun was like "oh my gawd!'
Was passed two times by large pace line groups
It's a ride not a race - let's not be rude!
Thought she was going to lose steam towards the end
But managed not to overextend!
Saturday morning STUR went for a little run on the track-
Been many months since she showed up there- that's whack!
STUR getting the speed work done!
PS - It's sunny! 
Doing 5 X 400 was the workout this day -
She'll keep this up during the summer- hooray!
Headed over to the pool and after a looong warm up -
She was joined by the Beast and Maureen - what's up?!
In the end STUR did 6000 meters or 3.5 miles -
The Beast finished up with a jog in the water - all smiles!
Later PBun got Starbucks and changed clothes for the ride home
Much needed for this bicycle riding traveling gnome!
Three cheers for iced coffee!
PS - It's still sunny! 
Meanwhile down in the Gulf Coast - Panama City 
KBun had a gorgeous view! 
KBun was doing a 70.3 - time to get down to the nitty gritty
KBun might have done a little shopping! 

KBun is ready! 

Time to drop off her trusty steed!
PS - Anything is possible!
She ended right in the middle of her age group pack
KBun and Laura ready to swim! 
That's a solid race effort,  how about that?
KBun and Laura were successful! 
Sunday PBun started the day with a rainy run… 
Got her warmed up for what was to come.
Run check! And a Riley photobomb!

Rolled out of her driveway around 9:00AM
Headed to get STUR for the annual rabbit tradition
Betty and Maddie - ready to cheer! 
They were ready and excited, not going to kvetch
This pool is fab! 
Started their swim at 10:23…
Time for the 100 100's you see!

At the bottom of PBun's lane there was a bee -
She said, "glad he's dead so he can't sting me!"
They took a break after number 41 -
BLUR had arrived to join in the fun!
They were halfway done at 12:17 -
Broke out “Living on a Prayer” if you know what they mean
Took their second break at 1:08
7000 in and they felt great! 
All of a sudden, they were 3 hours in -
Close to 8000 yards for the win.
When 10,000 rolled around
The mission was over – they did not frown!
The rabbits are always glad to swim this far -
For their final time - they tied a PR!
Every time PBun adds one more -
This year 104 was her final score.
STUR decided to do an extra one –
101 and she got it done.
Time to celebration their success!
After the epic swim it was time for celebration
Chipotle was the place for the hungry rabbits satiation 
They were famished!

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